Wilted Love

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Chapter 6

‘What a lovely surprise, Sir Francis,’ I bowed slightly. Francis looked at me with a weary smile. His golden brown hair glistened underneath the sunlight, as the nearby trees casted beautiful shadows upon his sculpted face. For a beautiful second, I stood there mesmerised by this man’s beauty. This didn’t mean I was attracted to him... just like to appreciate beauty. Of course, this peaceful moment was captured from me. The sound of Night’s authoritative voice brought me back to my reality.

‘Fancy seeing you here Francis,’ Night wrapped his muscular arm around my waist as he pulled me closer. I kept my eyes on Francis, not once bothering to look back at Night. Francis kept his eyes on me a little longer before moving them up.

‘Yes.. Wish I could say the same.’ He gave out a small laughter. What took me by surprise what Night’s reaction. He laughed back and let go of me, extending his hand to shake Francis. Just as I was about to slip out of Night’s reach, he quickly retrieved back to his position, his hand slithering back around my waist, evening tighter then earlier. The continued to chit chat for a few more seconds and just then Aloisa came in, interrupting their conversation.

‘Well hello there, Sir Francis,’ She purred. I tried my best to keep my eyes locked and fixated on one point so I don’t accidently roll my eyes to the oblivion; although I can keep my mouth shut, my face doesn’t always agree. Francis laughed, greeted her and turned his attention back on me.

‘I was really here to talk to you, Diora.’ I looked up at his big brown eyes, which radiated warmth and love. A complete difference from Night ice cold brown eyes. Just as I was about to speak, Night interrupted.

‘Why?’ He rudely asked.

‘Because me and Sir Francis will be going out.’ Francis looked shocked for a few seconds before a big smile crawled up on his face. I felt Night’s hand tighten around my waist as he further interrogated us.

‘So, a date?’

‘Two friends going out to grab lunch, Night.’ I rolled my eyes, which caused Francis to let out a small snicker. I couldn’t help but silently giggle as I looked away. Of course Aloisa wasn’t going to let an opportunity ever slip from her. She strutted to the front, standing between me Night, and Francis. She turned to face Night, with her hands on her hips.

‘Well, will you look at this?’ She laughed, tilting her head to the right slightly. ‘Sir Francis, me and you could all go on a lunch date!’ She exclaimed with excitement. I coughed to make her know I’m still her. She looked at me and quickly corrected herself. ’Oh sully me, also Diora.′

‘I think that’s a great idea Alois.’ Francis praised her. I smiled at Francis, and he smiled back so sweetly. This man deserves everything.

‘Hm, I have to agree.’ Night spoke. ‘Aloisa, go with Francis. There’s a café down town called Pegasus Cakes.’ My head whipped up at the towering Night. Pegasus Cakes is one of my favourite cafes in the whole of Europe. Their beautiful fresh roses and tulips would always be proudly displayed next to their famous cakes and sandwiches. What shocks me the most is the fact he suggested this...

‘Alosia, I’m sure you’ll love this café.’ And there he goes crushing my soul right in front of me. How silly of me to believe he would suggest my faviroute café, which I’ve begged him to go with me for months , to go there because he knows how much I love it. Of course it would be to please Alosia.


Night hopped on the car, and I followed suite. Francis went with Aloisa in his car. Night started the car and zoomed past out flowery neighbourhood. The silence ate away any noise, and I couldn’t help but glance at Night to see if he would look back at me. After a few minutes of looking, I gave up. The only noise was the car’s engine which silently roared in the background and my loud thoughts. The memories of last night kept flooding in, and no matter how many times I tried to think about something else, they would keep coming back in waves. I looked out the window, and quickly wiped the tears off my face. An unrequited love hurts, but it hurts 10 times more when you had a serious history with that person and in less then a month you’re supposed to marry them.

Sometimes I feel repulsed by him, and other times I’m deeply in love with him just like the first day. Why? I couldn’t answer that question. All I know is... I can’t legally leave him, not unless he breaks the rules of our contract, or I do. I couldn’t help myself but wander if I was ever good enough for him. I wouldn’t be shocked if he decided to break the contract for Aloisa or another equally gorgeous woman. Heck, I’m sure his mother would be ecstatic.

‘Why did you leave without me?’ Night’s calm voice brought me out of my hell. I quickly glanced at him, but his eyes were once again fixated on the road. I looked forward, sinking deeper into my chair. He started to tap his fingers against his steering wheel, I knew he didn’t like it when I don’t answer his questions.

‘After everything you said Night...’ I took a deep breath in, trying to stop myself from shaking. ′ After everything you did Night, you really think I will want to stay the night with you?′ Night didn’t say a word. He kept on driving straight, and my tears starting to stain my face.

He suddenly took a sharp turn, making me scream in horror as the cars screeched against the asphalt. ‘What the fuck, Night!’ I screamed at the top of my longs, holding slightly onto the door handle. ‘Are you trying to kill us?’ I continued to scream as he continued making sharp turns. After a few seconds he made an aggressive halt, making me jolt forward and backwards.

‘We’re not leaving this car until you speak, Ora.’ My heart sank to the floor, and my throat tightened when I heard that lock click. I wasn’t ready to speak to him, especially not in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees.

‘Listen, we can speak tonight, once we go home.’

‘I said, we’re not leaving this car until you speak.’ I knew that I stood no chance. His stubbornness and his need for control will always outweigh my brave attempts. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes and trying to collect my thoughts. If he wants to speak, we shall speak.

‘I’m thankful to your father.’ I started off, not looking at Night once, although I could feel his intense stare burning at the side of my face. ‘Yes, you’re father the man that helped my family.’

‘I loved you Night. I have loved you since we were kids.’ I inhaled sharply, as the memories of our childhood emerges. ‘I loved you so much, and though you teased me, you stil-ll were there for me in ways no one has ever been.’

‘We grew up, became closer and you were my everything, all I needed.’ I looked at Night, and saw him staring back at me without any sort of emotions. ’And then you changed... I don’t know what happened, but you became the asshole you are today. The man who’s words would once lift my sprit are the words that are crushing me today. The man who’s touch would spark electricity, its the touch that I’m repulsed by.

If I have made your life difficult, if I’m such a nuisance to you and your family, then leave me. Leave me Night!′ I screamed out loud. I could no longer hold it together, no longer pretend everything was okay.

‘If you love her, leave me Night! I said leave me! I’ve had enough of you treating me like a shit under your shoes, God damn it Night. I’m sorry for ruining your life, your love life and everything! I’m sorry I ever met you!’

‘I’m done, Night. I’m through with you!’

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