Wilted Love

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Chapter 7

I turned forward, I didn’t want to look at Night’s face any longer than I had to. He didn’t say a single word. We stood in the car for a few more minutes, the silence becoming louder and louder, until he decided it was time to leave. I continued to look forward, looking at the trees in front of me starting to slowly disappear as the main road came into view.

The suffocating silence just continued to grow, neither of us wanting to speak. Was this going to be the end of us? Most likely. A part of me wished he would fight for me, however, deep down I knew that was just that, a wishful thought. I knew very well me and him are two worlds apart; no matter what I do, we just keep growing apart. Love isn’t supposed to hurt, not like this. Then again, was there any true love between us?

We used to be madly in love, or at least I thought so. He was everything I’ve always wanted... but was I everything he wanted? We were so good until that fateful night, the night where he changed completely.

March 18th, 2017, both age 20

‘Baby, I love you so much, don’t forget that.’ I passionately kissed him. He held me in his arms tightly, and lowered his lips onto my neck, leaving sweet kisses down my neck.

‘I won’t, my little flower.’ His voice being muffled by my sweater. I couldn’t believe he was going to be leaving for a whole year... As much as I missed him, I knew this was going to help him grow his business, even if it meant I wasn’t going to be able to be with him.

‘I’ll miss you so much, Night.’ I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, but I couldn’t help the tears that shamelessly felled down my face at the thought of how long apart we would be.

‘I’ll miss you too, my baby.’ Night gently wiped my tears, planting a sweet kiss on my forehead. And with that he was off on his business trip, across the world, all the way in New York City.

Present Time

I remember when he went onto that business trip four years ago. The calls slowly started to decline, and so did the text messages until one day they all stopped together. I kept telling myself ‘Be proud, be supportive. He’s just busy!’ But how could I be happy when tabloids seemed to know more about my man then I?

‘Night Anston seen with another woman?’

‘New year, new girl! Night Anston seen with stunning, mysterious woman.’

And so many more headline titles. I was alone, in a world where everyone knew what was going on apart from me. The joke that everyone knew, and me being the punchline. I felt as if I was put in a slab under the microscopic social media world, where everyone could see the flaws of our relationship, the darkest secretes we tried to so badly hide.

The world knew our relationship was over before I ever could comprehend what was going on. Our relationship became a daydream, an untouchable relationship where all physical affections were just mere illusions created in the desperate moments, the darkest parts of my life, in hopes to feel the love we once had. A love so fiery and passionate that would burn down anything in its way. How ironic, the a burning love that would end up burning itself.


After driving in silence for another hour or so, it had finally occurred to me that we weren’t going towards my favourite café... I shook my head, taking a deep breath, ‘where are we going?’ I turned to look at Night, his face fixated on the road. ‘Because I’m sure as hell this isn’t the way there.’ Night continued with his silence a few more minutes.

‘We’re not going there.’ His deep, husky voice ate away the silence. I looked at him with a shocked expression plastered upon my face. ‘We’ve spent too many days apart, I think we both will benefit from some bonding time.’ He calmly spoke, as if my outburst an hour ago didn’t happen. I wasn’t going to let him off so easily.

‘Listen Night, one day or should I say half a day that we spend together won’t make up for the four years of misery you put me through.’

‘I understand that, however change doesn’t happen over night, my little flower.’ I looked at him in disbelief. I couldn’t believe how calm and almost sincere he sounded. If he truly meant this, I wouldn’t want to ruin the moment.

‘What about-’

‘Don’t worry about Francis and Alosia.’ He let out a small laughter. ‘I’m sure they’ll enjoy their little lunch date.’ And with that final sentence, silence fell upon us once again. A comfortable silence.

After driving for a while, Night stopped at the side of the road and told me he had a surprise for me. He turned around, reaching for something at the back seat. Once he retrieved it, he slowly moved towards me with a silk like fabric in his hand.

’I can’t have you see the surprise just yet, he smirked, raising his hands up with the fabric. He gently placed the cold fabric onto my eyes, wrapping it around my head. I couldn’t help but smile like a child on a summer day. ‘Turn back around, we’re almost there.’ I nodded my head and turned to face forward. Wherever he was going to take us, I knew it will be a magical place.


Night made a final stop, telling me to wait in the car with my blindfold still on. I felt a gust of wind blow on the side of my body, indicating that he has opened the door. I felt one of his arm slide underneath my thighs, and the other behind my back. He picked me up then gently put my feet on the ground. I head the car door close and lock, and once again I was held bridal style.

‘Wh-where you taking me?’ I held onto him for dear life, although I knew there was no need with his muscular arms around my body. I felt his chest vibrate as he laughed lowly.

‘You’ll see, my little flower, we’re almost there.’ The only thing I could hear was our breaths, and a few street cars zooming past. Then came different voices from all directions.

‘Ah, Sir Anston! What a pleasure to see you here.’ A man with a thick Albanian accent spoke. ‘And I see you brought...’ He trailed off.

‘My fiancé.’ Night finished the stranger’s sentence. I stayed quiet, too embarrassed to speak. At this point, I have no idea where he is taking me, or what will happen with me. Knowing the way Night can be, this will either be a disaster or a humiliating experience.

‘I- please put me down.’ I softly spoke, too afraid to speak any louder.

‘Sir Anston, I think the poor girl is afraid, hell I would too!’ The man came to my rescue. I smiled, in hopes he’d notice and see that I appreciated his comment. Night laughed, dismissing both our comments, as if it was the most ridiculous thing ever to be told.

‘She’ll be okay, I’ll take a table for two, make sure it’s the best table you have.’ Night demanded, and before I knew it, we were moving again. From what Night said, and the clacking of spoons, I had a strong feeling we were at a possible restaurant. Night gently put me down, whispering in my ears the direction of where I was supposed to go until Night told me to stop, ushering me to sit.

‘Take her blindfold off.’ Night once again demanded. I hate how he thinks he can do whatever he wants, but then again, with someone with that much power, anything he says people will comply even if it’s not a command.

Alas, the person took off the blind fold. The initial blurred, bright light became warm toned, as my vision started to adjust to the new environment. I looked at Night with a shocked expression, whilst he smirked. It’s been a very long time since we have gone out, yet alone at a fancy restaurant such as this one. I looked around in awe, taking in the breath-taking interior. There were warm lights scattered around the ceiling, with big white plants placed in around the restaurant. The décor was simple, yet elegant; white piece of cloth with black utility.

‘Night... I’m speechless.’

‘I know, my little flower.’ I looked back at him. He rested the side of his jaw on his fist as he looked at me intensely, with a sweet boyish smile. I couldn’t help but feel self-conscious under his watchful eye. ‘You’re beautiful, shpirt. I don’t tell you enough.’ (soul). I looked at him in awe, but still weary of what he could do... After all, years of pain can’t be erased with on lunch date.

‘Hello, I’m Sean and I’ll be your waiter for tonight, have you decided on what to order?’ The waiter’s, Sean, eyes lingered a little longer than supposed to, making me blush at the intensity. I quickly covered my face in hopes to not further embarrass myself any further, and for the green-eyed monster Night not to catch on.

‘Yes, me and my lady would like the chef’s special, thank you.’ And with that, the waiter went off.

- / - / - / - / - /-

The ride back home was quicker then I expected and thankfully, quiet. No awkward silences, no of us at each other’s throat, none of that, just a peaceful silence.

‘We’re finally home!’ I exclaimed once the view of our house appeared. I looked at smirking Night as he shook his head.

‘You’re always excited for the smallest things.’ He quickly glanced at me, smiling. ‘I love it.’ I blushed at his sentence, looking out the window. Too shy to look at him. Once we finally made it home, he opened the door for me, letting me walk first. As soon as I reached the front door, Night came behind me, intertwining his arm in between my waist and arm, unlocking the door.

He gently pushed me inside, and locked the door behind him. His arms quickly wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to his chest, as he lowered his face at the crook of my neck, leaving a trail of passionate kisses, occasionally nibbling at my skin. I felt my skin become hot with every touch.

Night’s left hand moved from my waist, down my stomach and underneath my dress. With every trail, leaving a hot sensation behind. My body was on fire, wanting and craving more of his sweet, addictive touch. I let out a gasp, throwing my head back onto his neck, as his hand moved inside my lace underwear. His gentle touch making his teasing just that much more pleasurable, yet torturous - I craved a lot more than he was giving.

‘You like that, my love?’ His husky voice mumbled against my skin. I let out a breathless yes, too consumed in the pleasure to properly annunciate my words. ‘You’re mine, don’t forget that.’ And with that, he turned me around, smashing his lips against mine, whilst one of his hands moved down my back to my ass, squeezing it tightly. I let out a small gasp, wrapping my arms around his neck, with one hand tangled in his perfectly done hair, and the other at the back of his neck.

Suddenly, he picked me up effortlessly, as we continued to show love and affections through locked lips. He moved up the stairs quicker then I could ever imagine. Once we made it to the bedroom, he threw me on the bed, as he crawled on top of me.

‘I want you so bad,’ Night looked into my eyes. I scanned his face, taking in all his beautiful features. I cupped his face, pulling him down slowly, and kissing his lips every so softly.

‘I want you too, lets do this.’ And with that, we tore each other’s clothes off. He laid me gently down on the bed, starting a trail of kisses from my face, down to my neck. He continued to down my breast, and in between. He continued down to my navel, before looking up at me once again. I nodded my head, as he smirked, looking at me as he slowly pulled my lace underwear down, discarding them with the rest of our clothes.

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