A World Beside Our Own

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Ever have that feeling that someone is watching you? I woke up to that feeling this morning. As I come to wakefulness, I can feel her presence, Luna. I open my eyes with a smile and there she is, floating above the bed, just out of arm’s reach.

“Good morning.” I say affectionately. “What are you doing, nettinya?”

“Practicing my levitation.” Luna gives me a loving smile.

“Above the bed?” I query.

“You look so angelic when you sleep, I couldn’t resist watching you.” Luna replies.

“You are such a romantic.” My smile returns.

“Takes one to know one.” Luna grins. “Can I do something?”

I can feel her intentions, and my smile changes. “Depends on what it is?” I say, playfully.

Luna lowers herself, and I gladly return the kiss that she starts. This is a pleasant way to wake up. As pull my arms out of the covers, I wrap them around her shoulders. I whimper and let go a soft moan as our kiss turns passionate. She releases her spell, putting her full body weight on me. I tighten my hold on her and push up against her as our passions rise. I don’t know how long the kiss lasted, but it probably ranks as our most intense kiss yet.

I open my eyes and play with her hair. “That was a pleasant way to wake up.” I say lovingly. “We probably shouldn’t do this, you know.” I say with a touch of worry.

“Emmya’s still in meditation, she won’t be waking soon.” Luna says, suggesting she wants the intimacy to go further this morning. She pushes into my hips, feeling the hardening that our morning passion has created.

My expression changes. “I won’t have that in a month nettinya, please don’t let me get attached to the pleasure it can bring.” I frown. “I need to pee….” I say, changing the mood.

“Very well”, she says mildly disappointed and climbs off of me.

I slide out of bed, give her one quick kiss to let her know I’m not so upset, and dash to the bathroom.

Going to the bathroom like this is uncomfortable, but fortunately the act of mother nature returns it to its flaccid state. I’ll be so glad to get rid of this offending organ. What do boys see in this inconvenient piece of flesh? I never wanted this part of my body, and will be glad when it’s finally gone!

I then take a shower to wash the dirty thoughts out of my mind that our morning passion had created. I wish Luna wouldn’t push for our relationship to become more than it is. I can’t have an intimate relationship with my sister. What would our mother think? Just because I’m adopted, doesn’t mean we can have this.

I come out of the bathroom, wrapped in a robe, drying my hair. Luna is still sitting on the bed, doing something on her phone. When I come out, she gives me a guilty look.

“I’m sorry nettinya, I shouldn’t have done that.” She says sadly.

“You may be older my lovely Luna, but I’m only 15, I’m not ready for that type of relationship.” My brow furrows in worry. “Specially not as a male.” I reply looking down, trying to control my feelings.

“That excitement bothered you this morning, didn’t it?” Luna catches on, and I nod, still looking down.

“I know you might not understand where I’m coming from, but I’ve never liked that part of my body, all it’s done is get in the way, I can’t wait to get rid of it and be a girl.” I say earnestly.

“Oh, nettinya! I’m so sorry!” Luna says worriedly, gets up and pulls me into a hug. I don’t hesitate and wrap my arms around her. “I’ll not do that to you again, I promise.”

“Thank you.” I relax.

“Let’s grab something for breakfast.” Luna gives me one last squeeze and I nod.

We walk downstairs holding hands and head to the kitchen.

This is how Emmya finds us, in the kitchen, eating bowls of fruit salad with yogurt, holding hands. She frowns at our display of affection and shakes her head.

“What am I to do with you two? You are sisters now, you shouldn’t be romantically involved.” Ashanna scolds Luna.

“I’m sorry, Emmya.” Luna says and lets go of my hand.

“I know you’ve always loved Simiathlas, but she has a girlfriend now, and you really shouldn’t interfere with their relationship.” Ashanna continues to scold her daughter.

“And you!” she says looking at me. “Quit encouraging your sister’s affections. A relationship takes two people. Returning her loving touch is half the problem here.”

“I… Yes, Emmya, I’m sorry.” I say putting my head down.

“Hopefully this will keep you two behaved for at least today.” Ashanna sighs as she goes to the fridge for a bowl of fruit salad for herself. Luna and I give each other a guilty look, but I can still feel her attachment underneath. Yeah, this guilt we feel won’t last long.

Ashanna sits down with us and eats. “I received a message from Angel this morning. Lyric arrived late last night and would like to meet us for lunch. “

“Is she coming here?” I look up from what’s left in my bowl.

“No, we’re going to meet her in Fallcrest, she’s travelled enough to get to the mortal realm, we owe her this much to meet her someplace she feels more comfortable.” Ashanna replies.

“She doesn’t like Blightwood.” I say catching on.

“Simia, you are the only non-vampire that lives in this community, most people find our neighbourhood… unsettling.” Luna replies.

“Oh.” I say with a touch of surprise. “I’ve never really gone outside much since I started living here. The house comforts me, so I’ve never felt out of place.”

“I’m glad you feel comfortable living here.” Ashanna gives me a motherly smile. “Now, go get dressed, we’ll head out soon.”

I head upstairs and go into my half of the wardrobe that Luna and I share. I pick something warm, not sure what temperatures Fallcrest experiences. I have a cream-colour sweater and some stretchy pants on. The sweater has the face of a black cat on it, reminding me of our cat Ungo. With my long arms, it only looks like a 3/4 sleeve. Luna says that Elven proportions are thin and longer than humans, so it’s always hard to find clothing that fits. I do my best to add a touch of makeup. The breast forms help me feel more feminine, but by body is still more flat that I would like, despite the slight flare of my hips.

When I come downstairs, everyone is set to go. Ashanna has us all hold hands while she focuses on our destination. The transition between home and Fallcrest is long, I wonder just how far we’ve travelled, when we appear along the pathway leading to a small cottage. Angel is standing outside, waiting for us. She gives us a moment to get our bearings before coming in for a hug. I really love her hugs, they are so warm and affectionate. Like we’re old friends.

“Welcome to Fallcrest.” She says in that lovely song-like alto voice of hers. “Come, Lyric and Amethyst are just inside.”

We smile and follow her in. As we enter the cottage, this tall elf with autumn red hair gets up from the couch to greet us. She doesn’t hesitate in giving Angel an enormous hug.

“I’m glad you made it.” Ashanna says politely. “I am Ashanna Rasmussen, and these are my daughters Luna and Simiathlas.”

Lyric gives us a warm greeting with a half hug and a kiss on the cheek. “This is my travelling companion, Amethyst Lilly, I can never seem to get here without her accompanying me anymore.” Her voice is musical, I can see why she is a bard.

The girl playing on the phone looks up from her place on the couch. I can see that she’s Fae, with ivory skin, pastel rainbow hair, and purple eyes. She reminds me of Mrs. Rivers. I wonder if they’re of the same Fae race? She’s about the same height as Sala, it’s hard to tell just how old she is, Fae rarely look older than teens, regardless of their age.

“It’s the only time I get to play with technology.” The Fae says in a crystal voice, after she gives us a curtsy. “The Earthen realm is not kind on electronics, and I’ve not figured out how to charge the device on my home plane.”

Lyric looks at me. “As you look nothing like your sister and mother, I take it you are the reason for my being here?”

I blush slightly. “I am. I need to introduce you to someone who will explain this all better than I can.”

I pull Lairelindë out from under my sweater, I’m about to tap the gem, but my godmother’s watching this, so she manifests herself. Lyric steps back a bit.

As my godmother becomes solid. “My apologies if my suddenly appearance startled you. I am Lairelindë Laitaurë. Arch Druid of the 2nd age, high priestess of Tír na nÓg. With some effort, my descendant has pulled me from the Dream, and I’ll tell you why. Sit, this is going to be a long tale.”

“You are Fairë, bound to the gem?” Amethyst says. Her eyes are glowing as she’s magically analyzing the situation.

“I am.” My godmother smiles. “Please, let me explain.”

We get comfortable in the living room, there is just enough seating between the couch and two love seats for everyone. Amethyst summons a tray of cheese biscuits, carrot sticks and mint tea for us to enjoy.

We sit down with tea. Lairelindë, for the bard’s sake, tells the entire tale of how she got to where she is, why she has been watching my dreams, and what we wish to accomplish.

Amethyst is the first to speak. “So you wish to do a permanent polymorph spell? Why would you need blood to perform the ritual?”

“For a druid, the task is not as simple as it is for an arcanist. That, and this isn’t a simple polymorph spell. The ritual uses Simiathlas’s own body to reconnect her to her past Elven bloodline. The spell will evolve her to her true self, permanently shedding her of her human ancestry.”

“And in doing so, making her the strongest Druid on the mortal plane.” Lyric finishes. “And the first elf ‘born’ of the mortal coil. This is effectively a rebirth, not just a transformation?”

“Yes, it will be.” Lairelindë nods, “now you see why this task is important?”

“When the people of my realm discover the birth of the first Arch Druid in millennia, they will come back to the mortal realm. I can see what you have planned.” Lyric nods.

My godmother frowns. “Did Yàviersulë not make it to Arborea? I was sure that he had escaped.”

Lyric looks thoughtful for a moment. “Yes, he is there, but he is the only Arch Druid in our realm, there have been none that have truly reached his potential since. The others on the council are strong, but nothing like he is. He has no children of his own. If Simiathlas shares your bloodline, she is the first Arch Druid potent to be born in two millennia.”

“And so the council of seven is now down to two.” Lairelindë says sadly. “Three if they let me into the grove as an elder spirit.”

“I know of two of the old groves remain in this world.” Angel adds. “The one here in Fallcrest, and the one in Wendenburg, though you would not want to use the later, it has become a tourist destination. Neo-Druids use is for seasonal festivals, but I doubt what they practice is anything like the power that a true Druid holds.”

“Then we shall re-sanctify the grove here as our new base.” Lairelindë responds.

“You don’t want to use the active grove in the Sanctum, or go to Arborea?” Angel raises an eyebrow.

“If we are to rebuild Elven society here, it is time for us to stop hiding in the outer realms.” Lairelindë responds. “Fallcrest is suitable. It is well wooded, and away from the major cities. We can live here in peace, with nature, as it should be.” She looks at Lyric. “Our first task will be the ritual, we will perform it on the Winter Solstice. I will need at least two of your most powerful Druids to lend a pint of their blood to reawaken Simiathlas’ bloodline. More if you can bring them.”

“Just how much of her humanity do you intend to drain from the child?” Lyric looks at me with worry.

“If I could safely remove more, I would say all of it.” Lairelindë says with conviction. “But that would certainly kill her before the ritual is complete. Three to Four pints would be a safe number. Ideally I would say five, but then that would put too much stress on her frail human body.”

“I can now see why blood magic was forbidden.” Lyric says thoughtfully.

“Blood magic rarely involves a sentient focus, this is entirely a unique ritual, and yes, it will kill her if we fail, so this is delicate. Only speak with those that you trust.” Lairelindë advises. “I fear some less ‘liberally minded’ individuals would take offence at what we are attempting here.”

“So, don’t mention this to the Arch Druid till it’s completed?” Lyric raises an eyebrow.

“He may be partial to what we are doing - if he knows I am the one leading it. If you speak of this to him, make sure that you mention my name, or he will deny your request for Elven aid.” Lairelindë advises.

“I take it he trusts you then?” Lyric probes.

“If my husband doesn’t trust me, then we definitely have a problem.” Lairelindë responds without hesitation.

Everyone looks at my godmother in shock. “So that is why he never remarried or had another child…” Lyric says astonished.

“Because he left his family behind in the mortal realm to never see them again. I can imagine that sacrifice broke his heart.” Lairelindë says sadly. “Our daughter was the one who closed the Fae gates behind the last of our people. I led those with family ties to the mainland. Then the isles sank, forever cutting ties to my kin.”

“Do you think he will agree with your request?” Ashanna looks at my godmother.

“My husband did not want to leave the mortal realm. It was upon the decision of the council that at least one of our order follow our people to the outer realms. He was to guide them and see to the rebuilding of our race where they would be safe.” Lairelindë replies.

“And in all these years, would it be possible he has changed his mind?” Ashanna looks concerned.

“There is a sad thought. It would bring division to our people, those wanting to return to the mortal realm and those not wanting to leave their new homes…” Lairelindë looks pensive. “How well have the Elves thrived in Arborea?” She asks, looking at Lyric.

“It took many years to find a safe place to rebuild our society.” Lyric replies. “That was before my time, I’m only three centuries old. I would probably be one of the few, those born on Arborea, who would come here. We number in the millions, our capital city rivals that of San Marino. There are more than enough of us who would welcome the chance of a fresh start. It’s not like we lack resources or connections here. It would be like moving to a new town and building your first house.” She smiles. “To rebuild in the mortal realm would not divide our people, as we can move between the realms freely.”

“Is it easy to get here from Arborea?” Lairelindë inquires.

“With the portals open in the Sanctum, it only takes a day or two to get here, depending on the point of origin.” Lyric responds. “Before Amethyst here helped rebuild the realm and help open new gates, it would take months to get here. The Arch Druid himself was present to open the Forest Realm gate.”

“With their help, we’ve rebuilt almost half of the Realm in the last five years.” Angel smiles. “Amethyst and her Fae are very busy builders, in growing or reconnecting the land mass. The druids follow behind them and sow the land. It’s amazing to watch them work!”

“With Sun crystals, we even managed to re-establish some sort of day-night cycle in the realm as well.” Amethyst says proudly.

“I’ll have to visit this realm you speak of so fondly someday. For now, we have other pressing matters to attend to.” Lairelindë smiles. "We’ll need those attending the ritual to arrive a day or two before the winter’s solstice, so that they have time to rest and prepare. This process will tax all of us."

“Very well.” Lyric says. “If the Arch Druid asks about you, what should I say?”

“Tell him you found me, but he will have to come back to the mortal realm if we are to meet.” Lairelindë responds. “Till the ritual is complete I dare not cross the threshold between dimensions, lest I risk tearing my bond and being lost to the Ether. Simiathlas cannot afford to lose me, nor can I lose her. Not after everything we’ve done and still need to accomplish.”

I smile at my godmother. I’m still not sure I’m ready for everything she wants to accomplish, but I’m willing to try. This is my life now. Gone is the dorky, awkward boy that had no future. I will be an elven , and I will meet my destiny.

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