Mr Pretty

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Love Never Dies Series Book 1 Mr Pretty A Model Named Lucas Long. He was looking for a real love but he did not find one. He had had an ex girlfriend named Karen Watson. Lucas thought she was her dream girl but unfortunately she wasn't. Nancy White is an artist she has an art Studio. She loved to draw. One day Nancy saw Luca in a birthday Party of Zoe Evans. Nancy was in love with Lucas. But Lucas hadn't interested anyone of the Girls. Because of her ex-girlfriend because she hurt a lot. One afternoon Lucas saw her he was afraid it would happen again. That's why Nancy tries to win him over and trust him.

Romance / Drama
Aysenur D
Age Rating:

Character + Dream Cast

Dream Cast

Jerome Mathew - Lucas Long

Ruben Visser't Hooft - Dustin Smith

Christoffel Mesman - Ethan Carter

Fabrice Mathew - Jayden Long

Jacob Nawka - Simon Eastwood

Toni Mahfud - Josh Jordon

Xx - Nancy White

Xx - Jack Weston

Xx - Stella Long

Xx - Zoe Evans

Xx - Karen Watson

Xx - Scott Wilson

Xx - Olivia Moore (Long )

Xx - Thomas Long

Xx - Camila Eastwood

Xx - Liam Mason

Xx - David Matthew

Xx - Chole Greene

Xx - Angelica Hunter

Xx - Nora White

Xx - Emilia Addison

Xx - Iggy Johnson

Xx - Daniel Gordon

Xx - Jeremy Hill

Xx - Nathan Brown

Xx - Grace Thompson

Xx - Lisa Hayes

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