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This is a collection of short stories and incomplete work that I thought would be worth sharing with my readers. Please feel free to comment and review with ideas and honest opinions as some of these are in limbo to become full books. Each chapter will be its own story and unrelated to the next.

Romance / Drama
With Love, Carrie.
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Let Me Care for You

I couldn’t get my fever to go down and my chest burned from coughing. I knew I shouldn’t have babysat Connor the other day. Lisa, my best friend really wanted a night out to herself and she warned me he wasn’t feeling great. He definitely sneezed in my bed while we snuggled and watched his favorite movie.

My cell phone beeped with a text as I poured the hot water over my teabag. I nearly dropped the kettle when I saw who it was.

“Of course, I’m sick as shit and he wants me to come over. I literally cannot say no. Last time I changed plans on him he punished me so badly.” I muttered to myself and added some honey to my steaming cup as I debated on how to respond. I wrapped myself a little tighter in my robe to combat my chills. Despite it being July and nearly ninety degrees today, I was freezing.

I waited too long to reply because my phone rang now, his caller ID appeared on my screen.

“Alexandria, we talked about you leaving my texts on read.” I swallowed and my throat screamed for a sip of the tea. I quickly drank some and all I managed to do was burn my top lip and the roof of my mouth.

“I’m sorry Sir. I was making myself some tea and I nearly spilled the kettle of water.” He seemed to buy the excuse and hummed in response.

“You still haven’t answered me. Can you come over tonight?” I bit my lip and it stirred the pain. I hissed in response and a deep, sinister chuckle came over the phone.

“So eager you can’t even say yes? Just hissing? Interesting. I’ll see you at six then. Come ready to stay the night. Be downstairs in our bedroom, ready for me.” With that, the phone call ended.

I sipped the rest of my tea until it went cold and decided it was enough to fuel me through my shower and packing my overnight bag. I didn't have an appetite but perhaps sex will work one up. We usually ate together afterward anyway.

Denzel and I had an agreement, a Dom/sub relationship. We were both romantically involved as well as immersed in the lifestyle. Our two-year anniversary was coming up quickly and he still made me shiver to my very core when he was in the zone.

I was eager to agree to the lifestyle but it was a challenge to let go and give up power in different areas in my life that I had always had total control over. Like how I’d dress when going out to dinner with him. That changed and I was more modest now. But it was for him. To respect he and I’s relationship. To be less tempting to other men and to have a present for him to unwrap each night we went home together.

I hopped in the shower to see if the warm water would ease my aching muscles. Maybe this was the flu after all. All the boxes were checked. Fever, chills, aches, congestion in my chest, and a killer cough. Great. Tonight would be a long night no matter what he had planned for us.

Five thirty rolled around quicker than I had expected. I was working on a deadline for a freelance writing job. Editing was tough with an aching back. I was glad to have to leave it to another time.

The sun beating down on my neck and shoulders any other day would have felt amazing but today it just sucked the energy from me. So I ran up to Denzel’s front door and let myself in, he always left the door unlocked for me.

I locked the front door behind me and it was loud. I knew he could hear it upstairs, even in his office.

My nerves peaked with anticipation and dread. Then I felt guilty for not looking forward to our time together. It was fewer and farther between recently and it made me upset.

So I swallowed all my negative feelings and pushed the door to our room open. The sheets were fresh and the room smelled faintly of his cologne as if he had been in here earlier today. It made me smile and I took my bag to the bathroom to change into my lingerie and blindfold.

This was on the preapproved list for playtime attire and I quite liked the black lace set. It made me feel sexy and ready to obey.

My feet crossed under my bottom while I sat on my knees, hands flat against my tights while I waited for Denzel.

The room had a slight breeze and it made my chills wrack my body. I shivered so hard, my muscles ached again.

The bedroom door swung open as I shook and another sinister chuckle left his lips. His steps halted in what sounded like the doorway as he took in my sight. I was facing away from him as he asked.

"Shaking in your boots for me?"

I could feel the tired set into my eyes behind the blindfold and I was suddenly glad to be wearing it.

A slam of the door caught my attention and made me jump. His footsteps approached, echoes of his dress shoes on the hardwood floor made my goosebumps rise. Even sick he could turn me on by just stalking me like prey.

“You look so beautiful tonight, Alexandria. Hold your position, I have something new for you tonight.” I swallowed my sore dry throat and responded respectfully.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” My posture was becoming harder and harder to keep but I did the best I could.

“I thought we could try the fire and ice tonight.” I listened closely and kept composure as he fumbled around gathering his supplies.

“You know I’ve always wanted to try candle wax on you. Today is your lucky day.” His fingertips grazed my chest on the bare skin from my neck to the tops of each of my breasts. I relished in his touch as his hands were warm and calloused. The perfect contrast against my skin.

“I’ll start here and you tell me how you like it. Don’t hold back anything at all. You have permission to speak freely.” I nodded as he approached again with cautious steps now. Surely trying not to spill the wax.

As the first few drops hit my chest, it warmed me through my whole body. I moaned softly and arched my back as he added a few more drops.

“That feels so good, Sir.” He hissed through his teeth and grabbed the back of my neck to hold my head back still as he trailed thin streams down my neck and chest.

Things halted for a moment and I heard him sit down the glass jar and take another in its place. My whole chest had a tiny thin layer of splattered wax now.

I could feel my panties now damp with my heat. This was really a fun new experience for us. I was suddenly glad I came over now.

My lips crashed into his as he licked my tongue and poured more wax, this time with more haste. I heard a splashing sound and gasped in shock as a large splash of wax fell from the jar and stuck to my throat, leaving a hot burning feeling behind.

“Oh shit!” I jerked back and couldn’t stop my hands from yanking the burning coal from my skin. As I did, it stuck to my hand and burned my fingertips too. Panic filled my chest and I pulled my blindfold to get the wax off. It stuck to my skin and embedded itself under my nails.

“Alexandria baby girl, I’m so sorry. Here I’ve got ice water and a cloth. Come here.” He sat on the bench on the end of his bed and took the bucket of ice and placed it by his side. His hands grabbed my hips and made me sit on his lap.

I took a shaky breath as I sat and held back a small cough. He placed the damp cloth on my neck and the stinging made me gasp. A fit of coughing followed and I could hardly catch my breath. I stood and put my hand on my chest and the other grabbed the bedpost for support. You could hear the congestion deep in my chest, it sounded like something rattling.

“Alex, are you sick?” I didn’t answer, just gasped for air as the fit finally passed. So I just nodded and sat on the edge of the bed. All my energy was gone. I was done playing for the night for sure.

“Yes, Sir. Denzel, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I just-” He stood and took the same damp cool cloth and patted my forehead and flushed cheeks.

“You lied to me, Alex. I asked if you could come over tonight to play, if you were sick you should have spoken up so I could have had soup ready. A hot bath. Essential oils to help ease your cough.” His large, chocolate brown hands pulled the strips of wax now hardened on my chest. His skin tone contrasted mine in the most beautiful way. I loved watching his hands run over my skin.

“I know. I’m sorry Den.” He closed his eyes and held back the gush of feelings that arose whenever I called him that.

“Well, playtime is definitely off the table tonight. I’m going to run you a hot bath upstairs and while you soak and breath in those oils, I’ll be making soup that you will finish before bed. Do you understand me, Alex?” I nodded and locked eyes with him. He wasn't upset, not even disappointed. He was full of compassion and nurturing right now.

“Go, upstairs.” I did as he asked, not questioning why after all our time together I was allowed in his private bedroom. He was definitely a man who kept to himself and even after declaring we were in fact exclusive a year and a half ago he still kept some things private. Until now.

His bathroom was pretty standard but his tub, the long claw feet, and the high sidewalls are what caught my eye. This must be why he brought me up here. A good deep tub to properly soak in.

He turned on the water and let the tub fill while he looked for the essential oils. Mint and lemon along with an oatmeal bubble bath gel were added and he rolled up his sleeve, mixing it into the water to help disperse it.

Once it was full he turned off the tap and came to me. He slowly peeled off my bra and panties and took me in for a moment before kissing me.

“I will be back in a few minutes. Don’t get out of the tub till I say so.” I nodded, too tired and horse to speak at this point. Catching a glance of myself in the mirror I nearly cried. My skin was pale, except for the redness from the wax on my chest. My eyes had dark blue and purple bags under them. I shook my head and tried to shoo away those self-degrading thoughts but it was hard in this state.

My mind drifted off into my work again as my body turned to jello under the heat and weight of the water. I closed my eyes for just a moment but when I opened them back up the water’s temperature had dropped some and I wanted to get out. I started to sit up and look around for a towel when I saw Den sitting on the edge of the vanity, admiring me from afar.

“Hey, you’re okay. I’ve got you.” He stood, towering over me like a large tree in the forest. Strong arms and legs scooped me up from the tub and placed me on the edge of the toilet to wrap me in a heavy fluffy towel.

It smelled of lavender and I buried my nose in its softness. I selfishly took several deep breaths and it caused quite the cough to follow. I rested my head on the wall behind the toilet took in a shallow breath. As my eyes closed a cold ointment was spread across my chest that instantly cleared my airways and cooled my aching esophagus.

“Come with me. I have soup for you in the bedroom.” He tucked the edge of my towel under my arm and kissed my forehead sweetly.

His bedroom was dark except for a small lamp on his bedside table casting a warm yellow glow to the room.

He pulled back the covers on the king-size bed and took my towel, offering me a silky set of pajamas I packed in my overnight bag. Denzel had seen me naked so many times and done dirty things to me that I couldn’t speak of in public but this was different. I felt so vulnerable and shy.

“Hey, don’t be like that. I’m just caring for what’s mine. You’re only as good as the care I can offer you.” I couldn’t find words to thank him as I crawled in bed. He drew the blanket up to my waist and sat on the edge of the bed with the soup bowl in hand.

He took the spoon and fed me slowly. Letting me set the pace. His lips expertly blew each bite cooler so as not to burn me. I finished half the bowl and held up my hand when I was done.

“I’m so full, I don’t want to be sick to my stomach.” He nodded in agreement and took the bowl back downstairs. I slid down in the bed and snuggled under the soft sheets.

The click of the lamp switch woke me and I sat up, having forgotten where I was for a moment. When my blurry eyes focused in the dark I saw him taking off his clothing.

His watch went first, which he carefully placed in a padded jewelry tray atop his dresser. Next, he rolled down his white dress shirt and unbuttoned the wrists and front, tossing it in the laundry hamper nearby. Then came my favorite part, he stretched and pulled off his white undershirt. The muscles in his back came to life and flexed. My fingers itched to run my hands over his dark, flawless skin. To feel the heat of his body in my hands. The sound of his belt made me literally clench in my pajama bottoms. The clanking of the buckle brought back a rush of memories. Mostly those from the early days of our relationship.

I didn’t notice my breath had quickened but he did. As he kicked off his wingtip shoes to the shoe rack aside from the dresser he threw me a sly glance over his shoulder.

“So eager for me to touch you even while you’re sick as a dog.” He shook his head as a chuckle filled the room.

Once he was in only his boxers he turned back to face me. I was still unashamedly drinking him in. He stalked closer to me and joined me in the bed on the opposite side. I froze, this was a new level to our intimacy and I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

“Come here.” He reached out for me and pulled me to his chest. My small shaky hands glowed in their milky complexion compared to his as I placed my hands on his chest. His long arms enveloped me in his body and he sighed a heavy breath before speaking.

“I don’t know how to proceed from here, Alexandria. You are genuinely sick and I didn’t know. It pisses me off to no end that you kept it from me. But you showed up today, ready to please me. I don’t know to punish you for lying or to reward you for your perseverance.” My mouth went dry as I didn’t have a say in the matter. I didn’t even know if I had permission to speak right now. He sounded like he was about to hand out my verdict.

“What should I do?” My eyes locked with his as he ran and hand through my damp hair. I felt like this was a trick though he had never pulled one on me before.

“I don’t know Sir. I should have told you. Before I got bad. I did want to please you and I didn’t want to be punished for changing plans on you like last time.” He sat up a little shocked at my honesty.

“You know this is not like last time. That was so you could ditch me for your slut friend for a club you’d never been to before, alone. Then after you were drunk as shit they left you and you didn’t call me. You called a cab and let some douche put his hands on you in exchange for sharing the cab fare. This is very different. That was disobedience. This is something else.” He sighed again, this was clearly troubling him. I couldn’t swallow the guilt from the past he recalled perfectly and the stress I put him under today by keeping this from him.

“I’m sorry, Sir. It won’t happen again.” My voice was barely a whisper and he closed his eyes, melting from my soft words. My sweet sincere tone was a weakness of his.

“I know. This is why I don’t think you need punishment for it.” He kissed my temples softly and I relaxed in his arms again.

“You will call in the morning and see a doctor. I’ll take you. You will stay here for the time allotted by the doctor and let me help you feel better.” My eyes went wide and I caught myself nodding as he listed off the requirements. His fingers laced between mine and I blushed hot red spots on my face.

“Alexandria, I don’t know if you understand how far my feelings for you go. How deep they run. How much I think of you each day. How you worry me with how much you work. How proud of you I am in your own career. How I wish you’d live here with me so I can keep an eye on you. How much I love you.” With each sentence, his adoration for me drowned me. My eyes welled with tears and one escaped. He caught it with his thumb and brushed it away.

“Denzel, I don’t know what to say.” He smiled widely and leaned in, kissing me until I was breathless.

When he let me breathe again I could only say one thing.

"I love you too Den."

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