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Marriage is fun but an open marriage where both the people sleep around in the friend group is better

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I'd only got back from work to find my wife on her knees waiting for me
"good morning Elle" i cooed at her as she moaned back at me, she was clearly feeling her lust but I'd tease her first.

I asked her to stand up and she did but her legs were trembling "aww, is the little kitten needy and horny today?" I walked up to her and gently rubbed her neck, this caused my wife to hold onto me and whisper "please don't tease me, I'm not in control at the moment".

I licked my lips at her and elle pushed me down onto the sofa and straddled me instantly going for my neck then straight for the jackpot.

Elle whispered seductively "oh what are you hiding baby, you're not gonna deny your obedient kitten her treat are you?" she immediately dove in and wrapped her lips around my member and took as much as possible causing me to moan and thrust gently into her mouth.

A couple of days later elle and I had gone to the beach house with our friends and as I went to the toilet, our nymphomaniac friend Jasmine waved a blue tablet at elle and winked at her as she put the dissolving blue tablet into my drink; I came back from the toilet after washing my hands and downed my drink in one.

Half an hour later Jasmine came and sat next to me "so stud, how are you doing in your department" she whispered in my ear while running a finger down my waist
"I-im ok jasmine, j-just a little stiff" I replied
"oh no" jasmine said while smirking "we can't have that, can I see it? "

I don't know what came over me but I showed Jasmine my penis which was throbbing and sore. Jasmine gasped and her hand immediately went to her crotch "oh my goodness, it's so big and beautiful, let me taste it" jasmine begged and of course I let her. As I was starting to enjoy it, I heard elle moaning softly behind me and she wraps her arms around me and started to push jasmine's head deeper so that she gagged and looked up at me and elle.

Elle told jasmine to give me a good time so they both took me upstairs and tied me to the bed and began undressing, they both saw me spring to attention and they began making out with each other which led to elle riding my face while jasmine rode me.
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