Trained for sins

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She caressed my cheeks, lightly brushing her fingers, careful as if I was some porcelain. “You’re making me feel things I’m not supposed to feel.” She stopped before continuing; “it’s going to be hard to leave.” I felt a kissed place on my lips, before she turned around to sleep. I rolled over, kissed her and whispered right into her ear. “Jesus Christ, you’ve wrecked me, baby” She is mine just much as I’m hers. I can’t let her go, I won’t. I’ll do anything in my power not to let that happen. ~ Veronica Wilson meets Cruz Walker on a cruise while they are both trying to escape their reality. Cruz tries to make her overcome her darkness while showing the little seductress how to live. Veronica who thought her heart turned into ice have found itself beating. Cruz fell into her prey and wants to make her his, but there’s one thing stopping him. Cruz’s secret might be the end of her. ~ "The phrase you're looking for is 'yes sir'," he continues, "or daddy, whichever you prefer." *originally posted on Wattpad, thought to give it a shot here

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Hey ya, this is my first story and English is not my native tongue. The first few chapters might be bumpy, but trust me the story gets better (i have been told). thank you and happy reading.

I sat at the bar and drank the burning liquid that was in those small glasses one by one. It burned my throat, but it had a not enough feeling to it, making me want more with each shot that I took. The music was loud enough to drown my thoughts.

Neons colored lights were all around the dance floor. Everywhere was dimly lighted not showing too much but enough to give the place a nice sexy glow to it. It gave the place a mysterious vibe in a good way.

There were many people on board. Some were lounging on the sofa either chatting with each other or flirting. Others were busy drinking and smoking cigars, some were blowing out the smoke of the Shisha, and if you looked closely you would see a group were sniffing some coke. There were a few girls laughing at what their partners were saying. And the rest were dancing, grinding on their partner's body.

I have been sitting here for the past half an hour drinking away my life problems. To say I was a lawyer, a divorce attorney more precisely. I guess it was karma, for preparing so many divorce papers. I wasn't even that drunk, maybe a little tipsy.

What's the best way to escape problems? Not going home right? Or even taking the longest way home, that was what I decided.

"Can I have some more of these, please?"

I always need to be the perfect daughter, but tonight I'm curving the rules a little bit.

"Of course, darling" the bartender nodded. And went back to making the drink whose name I have forgotten about. I could hear the sounds of ice and other things. Then shaking the metal bottle back and forth. He then poured the gorgeous liquid into those tiny little glasses.

"Your tab has already been set, Honey," He said as he handed me the drink

I looked at him confusedly.

"The gentleman over there" he smiled at me and pointing towards a man across the table.

I look over at the end of the long glass bar table. I couldn't see his face but he sure was wearing a tuxedo. A tuxedo?? Who wears one on a cruise? But then again it was for the higher class people. One where people with deep pockets would come when they do not want paparazzi trailing on them.

He looks really tall compared to my height. I saw him approaching me. I watched as he walked to me. He had a devilishly handsome grin on his face.

I bite my lips unknowingly, not breaking eye contact.

"Don't you think you drank too much of that thing already?" I heard his voice before I could see him completely. My eyes followed as his long fingers pointed towards my shot glasses. His long fingers wrapped around a glass of what I would have guessed would be scotch neat. I could definitely be wrong.

His gaze was intense taking every bit of me slowly and slowly.

I wondered what could the fingers do. Just thinking about it made me shift a little bit on the bar stool. I thought he might not see it. His lips curved up in a little smirk confirming my doubt, He knew he had an effect on me.

Oh fuck, get your composure, Veronica. You have a boyfriend for fuck's sake. less than two minutes since he walked in and you are already imagining what his fingers could do to you. I scolded myself. But at the end of the day, my boyfriend was not good in bed. I never really enjoyed having sex with him.

"Observant, are we?" I asked once I could get myself straight.

He chuckles, "I have been watching you for the past half an hour ever since you walked in here" he stated.

His heavy sexy British accent rolled out of his mouth. He had a handsome face. Nice pair of brown eyes, not too big or too small, but intense? Yes! He also had a little subtle beard which I like on a man. Dark not too long but not too short either hair. He could easily be one of the most gorgeous humans I ever laid eyes on.

The way his pupils were dilated signified something like desire, want. I could not quite really put my finger on it but He wasn't trying to hide it, he was not giving anything away except the clear indication that he had some of the thoughts of the devil.

"British accent, brown eyes. I'd run away with you." I said looking into his eyes, his eyes are beautiful. Intimidating yes but not in the way that I should be scared.

"Observant now are we?" he fired back, the very first question I asked him.

I didn't realize that he made himself comfortable on the seat next to me. The black suit he was wearing fit his body perfectly, restricting some of his muscles even. To say the least he was the epitome of hotness.

"So tell me, love, what's your name?" He asked

"My name would be poison on your lips" I take a sip of the liquid. It still burned my throat but it was a good kind of burn. Pleasure in pain they say.

He looked in deep thought. Observing me, I pretended that I didn't notice, but I was growing hot every second his eyes roamed my body.

"Scarlet" he said after a while.

"Excuse me?" I asked perplexed

"You're basically wearing red blood nail polish, short red dress, and red sole heels. So tell me what I'm supposed to call you when I don't know your name" he explained

"oh," I understand now

"So tell me, Scarlet, why are you alone in a bar drinking on a cruise ship?" he asked

"Life happened." I kept my answer short and simple.

"Mysterious, Aren't you?" He smiled

"Maybe" I look at him, he was already staring at me. I felt that what would happen if my heart skipped a beat, maybe it did skip one. Looking into his eyes I end up telling him the sad story of my life. It was as if he could lure me.

"Basically I running away from life problems. My boyfriend sucks, I have to pretend to like him. I tried to love him, but unfortunately, I could not. Wow, my life is perfect. And right now I cannot believe I am telling a stranger my life story, but I guess it's OK cause we are never going to meet each other" I shake my head looking down.

"So sure we are never going to meet again? I pretty sure we've got one month on this ship" He said

"Well, my bad" I replied, "why are you on this ship?" I asked

"I'll tell you that when we meet next time," he said confidently

"what is your name?" I asked hoping he tells me

"Cruz" he replied simply giving me chills, goosebumps formed on my skin

"Oh how romantic, Cruz traveling on a cruise" I laughed.

" I'll show you who's traveling on who" he smirked. Damn! I crossed my legs.

"That long legs of yours wrapped on my waist, your fingernails scratching my back and you screaming my name so loud that the whole cruise will hear what we are doing, and everyone knowing my name by dawn" He confirmed what I have been doubting from the time he walked up to me. That made me smile internally.

"Confident much? I am pretty sure I told you that I have a boyfriend" I raised an eyebrow

"And I'm pretty sure you said he sucks and you don't love him" he stated the obvious

I brought the glass to my lips and took a sip. I seriously needed to stop, I was not much of a drinker and I did not like the feeling of my throat burning.

"Stop, I want you to remember every little detail of tonight. I don't want you forgetting this evening," he stopped me from drinking.

My core is already throbbing by the looks he's giving me and the dirty talk is a bonus. And now his revelation, if possible, he made my already pulsing area out of the threshold.

I really looked at him again this time paying attention to the things I did not earlier. His strong jawline could cut glasses with. The perfect white skin tone, with a little bit of tan none of which American men have.

His perfect brown eyes. The plumb lips that were screaming 'kiss me'. I wondered what those lips could do to me. The places where it would be on my skin.

He was tall compared to my 5-foot 6-inch self. The perfect height. I reached just above his heart. I would hear his heartbeat if I hugged him.

His shriveled hair signifies he had been running his hand through his hair many times. It looks soft, I want to run my hand through them. I want to grip his hair hard when he fucks the living daylight out of me. He looks like he works out a lot. His dress shirt took the form of his abs perfectly.

"And what makes you think that I going to sleep with you tonight?" I bit my lips

" Your body is calling me Scarlett, give in to me love," he said

"How can you tell that?" I asked him instead.

He stood next to me touching me lightly with the tip of his fingers.

"The way your body reacts when I touch you," Slowly torturing me. He swiped his fingers along my lips; "You have been biting your lips for quite some time since I walked to you"

He comes closer to me, bends a little to reach my height, he whispered huskily in my ears, I shivered because not only I was feeling that way, he was too, I had that kind of effect on him.

"You shifted when I was taking in you earlier" he retreated as if this tension became too much for him. He stood well and put his hands in his suit pockets. He clears his throat.

My body was screaming for him to take me right here right now in front of everyone.

A pool of heat formed between my legs, I tighten quickly them before he could see. On top of my eyelashes, I saw him smirking.

"Come dance with me," he said holding his hands out for me to take. I look into his eyes before giving him my hand.

Our hands fitted perfectly, his large one into my smaller one. He wrapped his other hand on my waist and one under my butt touching it. He smelled great, something unique, like something expensive you would not find anywhere.

His hands felt just like how I imagined. Strong yet firm, rough yet soft on my features. I wonder what else his hands could do to my body. Just the thought of it was killing me, there were endless possibilities.

Both of my hands laid on his hard rock abs, I could feel all the crevices.

"You smell so fucking delicious, I want to taste you" he whispered looking down at me, his eyes hooded. My cheeks flushed, I was embarrassed at his blunt statement. For one I'm not used to this kind of talk and two the way he said it sounded natural.

I could feel hands moving around my body, I would not lie, it felt good, my breath was on edge, not knowing his next move. Adrenaline pumping through my veins, I tried to keep as cool as I could.

I felt his hands moving along my thigh, inching closer with every second that is passing by, I could only look at him with what I assume were my pupils dilated. Inching closer more, I felt him touch my most delicate part, I suck in a breath. He kept on looking in my eyes to see whether there was some hesitation or that I would tell him to stop.

I knew I should have refused that dance, but as they say, curiosity kills the cat. Refused to let his warm hands slid under my red dress, inside my linen panty to find my dripping core over the fabric. He slowly moved his finger up and down.

I let out a moan. Soft but one he could clearly hear from our close proximity. He flipped us so that my back was facing his front, I breathed deeply when I felt his hard dick pressing against my ass. I moaned again.

His hands were now enclosing me to him, I pressed harder to his shaft, I could feel him smirk. He bent down close to my ears, his voice deep, "This is what you're doing to me."

I have never been so wet for anyone else in my whole life. Not just by the dirty talking to me and touching me in not intimidating places. Telling me what he's gonna do to me if only I agree.

He leaned down, his mouth to my ear. Again I shivered.

"And now tell me you don't want me" he whispers

I face his front so that both our fronts are touching, my boobs pressed to his chest. I once again look in the eyes, searching for something. His eyes became darker if that was even possible, darker with desire.

Making up my mind, I peep-toed, held his face in between my palms, breathing hard, I brushed my lips lightly to his, he stuck in on a breath and I smile

I then move to his ears and whispered, "I am yours for the night."

He leaned down and kissed me. Hungrily, passionately. He was hungry for me and I was hungry for him. It was safe to say we both melted in the kiss, like teasing for something that was forbidden to you, and only now you could have a taste of it. Just one taste and you're starving.

Our lips move in sync, he was gentle, and then slowly he started to dominate over the kiss. He tasted sweet yet a little rough if that was even possible. I could also taste the scotch he has been drinking earlier on. My hands rushed to his hair, running my hands through it, soft just like I imagined it.

He broke the kiss so that we could both breathe in, both of us were breathing heavily. My legs turn to jelly, he held me by the waist so that I do not fall.

He placed his forehead on mine, holding my waist so that I did not fall form the most amazing kiss of my life. He smiled once more before claiming my lips once again

As I said before tonight I am bending the rules a little bit, I might have lied, tonight's rules did not exist.

Not once even did I think about my boyfriend, I was lost in this man's embrace, his kisses, and his scent. The one whose presence brings chills to my bone. The one who kissed me in a way that shows how badly he wanted me

After all, it's just one night, there's no harm, right? Just one night full of passion, sins.
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