Alpha's Revenge~ #1

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Book #1 of Revenge Series. Well, well, well, you know what hurts the most? No, its not when your boyfriend dumps you. Betrayal. Betrayal hurts the most. Why? Well, the irony is that it never come from your enemies and you never expect it from your loved ones. **** What happens when a werewolf, waiting for so long for his mate, finally finds her. But lost her due to some misunderstanding? But what happens when his mate loose her memory? What happens when a Rogue claims her as his due to his psycho obsession? But was actually their relative? Will he be able to save his mate and bring her back to him? Will they get their happily ever after? Let's read to find out where fate takes them. Copyright @Parul's Pen

Romance / Thriller
Parul's Pen
5.0 3 reviews
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Main characters: Ryan Jade and Milly Guide.

Ryan’s friends:

Cole Jade ( boy )

Nick Jade ( boy )

Milly’s friends:

Anna Carter ( girl )

The book will involve some side characters too.



*Swearing and foul language

*A little mature content

Plus, if you want to know more about the book’s characters, then please check them out on Wattpad. There you can find the pictures of the characters and it will be easier for you.

My Wattpad ID: Parul’s Pen or @parulspen

This is part 1. Part 2 will be Luna’s Revenge~#2 which will be published as soon as this part finishes.

We will continue this story in part 2.

The Revenge Series:

Book#1= Alpha’s Revenge~#1

Book#2= Luna’s Revenge~#2 (coming soon)

And many more to come.

Follow my profile for more information and to get notified if I make any changes.

Please pardon me if you find any mistakes regarding the language. My first language is not English but I tried to make as few mistakes as I can. Excuse me in advance. I hope no negativity will be spread regarding this.

Happy reading!!!


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