The Runaway Soldier

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A soldier was asked to make a tough decision. Either he goes for the war or stay with the woman he loves so much. A promise was made to her, that he wouldn't go, but he lied. He ran away. Now he's back, after six years.

Romance / Drama
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"Please don't go. I can't loose you" Marley sobbed, holding him tight and so close to her refusing let go of him.

"so does that mean you accept my proposal" he asked huskily raising her head lightly leveling his gaze on her so he could stare into those crystal green eyes.

Drawing him close for a kiss she tried to smile "yes oh yes I will marry you but on the condition you will not go there"

He was still. He loved her but then again he loved his country. He knew this was what he was getting into when he went into the military. He made a vow to his country. To love protect and defend it, even if it means to die for it, he was ready to do so. Gosh! She made it so difficult for him.

Kissing her slightly on her lips he sighed and use his thumb to wipe the tears which fell from her eyes.

" don't worry, I wont to go."

Feeling so relieved, she hugged him and whispered into his ears.

"Promise me Stephan, promise you won't go"

After a slight hesitation, he replied calmly.

"I promise"

Holding his hand, she smiled at him this time it was a full smile one that show she was truly happy and satisfied.

"come on let's go to the room so I will serve you a desert"

She flashed him a wicked smile. Of course he knew what she meant he was going to the room for a frantic lovemaking, fearing that their being together may not last.

she kissed his neck and pressed her heavy breasts against him. He needed her then as he'd needed her so many times before. He kissed her with a little gentleness and she responded with hunger that quickly ignited his own. When he could have stopped she pulled him to the bed and drew him close. Marley deserve a much better man than he would ever be. She deserves someone who will love her completely for herself, be with her and grow old with her.

The light rays of the sun pass through the curtains reflecting inside the room. She laid on the bed with her clothes scattered on the floor and a blanket covering her naked body. The rays shone on her face forcing her to wake up but when she placed her hand where stefan had laid, he wasn't there. Maybe he was in the bathroom, but it was quiet.


She called out but there was no response. She quickly got up, wore only her shirt and began to search for him. But didn't find him. He can't be gone. He promised he wouldn't go. She stared at the drawer and noticed the envelope which contained a letter written to her by Stephan. Her hands began to shake as she opened it to read.

'I'm so sorry Marley but I can't stay. I love you but I also love my country too and I have to fulfill my promise to her. You deserve someone much better than me so don't wait for me, I may not come back. Live your life but know that I love you.
P.s. wear the locket I kept inside the envelope so you'll remember me.'

No!! Gosh why? why did he have to leave? she angrily stared at the locket. she will never wear it. she was going to move on and make sure she forgets about loving a man called Stephan Davenport.
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