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The Runaway Soldier

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Chapter 1

Six years later....

The hallway looks so narrow but actually it wasn't. Everything happens so fast first she found herself talking to Joshua, the next minute she found herself running from him, trying to find the bedroom. Looking back, she saw he was still coming after her with his belt in his hand. Immediately, she increase her speed that each time she looked back she didn't see any sign of him. She quickly entered the bedroom and locked it behind her. She didn't understand what was happening. what came over him? Why was he acting like a monster? She couldn't hold it anymore. She fell to the ground and began to cry.

It's been six years since Marley married Joshua Thorne. After stefan had left her, she moved on and got a job as a real estate agent. She met Joshua a year later and after dating for seven months, they got married. He showered her with all the love any woman you could ask for. what then happened? What actually went wrong?


She looked up and saw their four year old daughter, Masie sitting on the bed holding her teddy bear tight. Marley quickly wiped the tears from her face and when to meet her.

"What are you doing here Masie?"

She asked pulling her close. Immediately she heard the door trying to open. She knew it was Joshua. There was nowhere to hide now, she was totally stranded.

"Open the door Marley, don't make me force it open" he said as he tried his best to open it.

Fear tightened her chest. She stared down at Masiei who looked so confused.

"Mummy what is going on?"

She was just about to reply when the door flew open. She drew Masie closer as if to shield her from him. He walked into the room slowly and when he saw Masie, he dropped the belt on the floor and smiled at her.

"Honey could you leave the room mummy and I have to talk privately."

Gosh! Marley knew what he was doing but refused to let go of her. j
Joshua would never hurt Masie. He loved her so much and he would never do anything to hurt her.

"Are you going to hurt mummy with that belt?" Masie asked curiously.

Surprised at her question, he hurried to meet her. Going down, he kept the belt aside and placed his hand on her shoulders.

"No my dear, I would never hurt your mum. I love her but right now we really need to talk. Just go to your room or outside and play ok?"

Marley did not dare to speak. She knew the moment she open her mouth, she'd reveal the truth to her daughter. She held her tight at first not wanting to let go of her but with the look he gave her she released her grip and watch the door closed as she left. Getting up, Joshua walked to the door and locked it with the key to prevent her from running out.

"Marley Marley Marley. You really think you could use Masie to protect yourself for me. What kind of mother are you?" he gritted his teeth as he picked up his belt and walked towards her.

"Joshua please I'm sorry, please, I don't know what I have done to you but please forgive me" Marley pleaded earnestly with tears streaming down her cheeks. She tried escaping but he pushed her back and she landed on the bed.

"What you've done? Let's see, maybe it's because I found out you transferred all the money in the family's account to your own personal account and I don't have access to it!"

Gosh! He found out. Of course he would find out but she didn't expect it to be so soon. He lost his job about eight months ago and since then he's been misusing the money in the account. She had to do something since he wasn't listening when she spoke to him.

"Joshua let me explain. Since you lost your job you've been spending a lot of money getting drunk you know my job -"

He didn't allow her to complete the sentence when he gave her a very hard slap on her left cheek. His hand left an autograph on her cheek.

"You think you can intimidate me with your job? I'm still the man of this house Marley and you damn respect me!"

At once he pounced on her and began to beat her mercilessly with his belt. He got tired of using his belt and began to use anything he could possibly think of to beat her. He used his hand, shoes then went back to using his belt. Marley cried helplessly but no sound went out of the room. It was soundproof. The door was shut and the windows were shut too. There was no way she could escape from this. No one could come to her rescue. Just no one.

Joshua's rage could not be controlled. The only thing he had in mind was a perfect way to punish Marley for her insolence. He kept on hitting her till he dragged her from the bed to the floor. She cried out louder than before the moment he kicked her stomach. the pain she experienceu was excruciating and unusual. She kept on screaming loud as he beat her. He grabbed the reading lamp from the bedside drawer and broke it on her. At once she stopped screaming. It was then his senses came back to him. He got up and stared at her bloody unconscious body. His eyes widened. Realising what he had done, he quickly carried her and ran to his car.

"don't you dare die on me marley, don't you f****** dare!" he gritted but it sounded more like a plea. He got into his car and immediately drove off.


"how is she?" Joshua asked staring anxiously at the doctor who after some seconds of silence replied.

"she's stable now but unfortunately she lost the baby" Joshua stood, perplexed, what does he mean she lost the baby? The doctor was able to decipher that look and expression on Joshua's face and then he asked,

"You never knew she was pregnant did you?"

Joshua was taken back by that question. She was pregnant and she never told him. He just murdered his child. He sat down, placed his hands on his head and sobbed quietly. What has he done?


"Thorne, Joshua Thorne" Joshua murmured his reply but it was still audible enough to the doctor.

"well Mr Thorne, what really happened to your wife?"

Joshua looked up and made the gaze of the doctor. His mouth opens to say something but nothing came out. He breathed roughly then answered.

"She was attacked while she was on her way back home from the nearby store. It was our neighbours that brought her body to me and that's how I ended up here."


That was the only suitable lie he could come up with. He couldn't just say hey doc, I beat up my wife and now we lost her child because of me. Wow a great job well done by me right? Trying to avoid further questions, he quickly asked.

"Can I see her? Is she conscious?"

"Yes she is. You may go in and see her" the dr simply dismissed himself while Joshua walked slowly to Marley's room. his hand trembled as he reached the knob of the door. Praying silently, he went in.
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