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When Zaira's ex-bestfriend turns to be someone she falls for, can she try and change the way she feels about her?

Romance / Erotica
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Heya bitchessss.
This book is going to be a hell of a ride because it is nothing like I ever thought I would be writing.

So this book includes a lot of smut, curse words, abusive language and nsfw contents. It is definitely a mature book so read at your own interest. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM READING IF YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE.

This is a mafia story and no, I dont romanticize it.

This is a girlxgirl story.

There are sentences in Spanish, a lot of Italian and teeny tiny bit of Russian, which all include english translations in a bracket.

That's it I guess.

Again warning you, a lot of violence, a lot of hotness and a lot of girl sex.

Imagine whoever you want for the characters, I'll just describe them to you.

Meet my bitch Zaira Vinci(20). She is the main character. Member of the first mafia family. Very much of an alpha. She is a bad bitch. She has straight silver hair that is till her waist line. She has 7 piercings on her ears(5 right, 3 left) and 12 tattoos. She is a mixture of heels and sneakers, a bodycon dress and hoodies but definitely not a softie. She has green eyes just like her mom.

Next bitch is Imilia Vero(20). She is the second main character. Member of the third mafia family. Also an alpha because her father treated her like one, until he sent her away after her mom died. She has brown eyes and straight black hair that falls till her shoulders. Her mother was an asian and she definitely has her features. No piercings but has 3 tattoos.

Zaira's family:
Martin Vinci(Dad)
Isabella Donatta(Mom)
Enzo Donatta(Brother)

Enzo leaves his family behind as he didn't want any part in the mafia. He changes his surname to his mother's last name and moves away when Zaira turns 17 and he turned 19. He never calls.

Imilia's family:
Daniel Vero(Dad)

Her mother and grandfather die in a shootout and hence her father sends her away when she was 13. He changes her name to Mia Costa before sending her off.

The five families(This is just in the story. It is completely fictional.):

Other characters:

The grandchildren of the founders of 5 families who are very close to Zaira and hang out everyday;

Rosia Amante(18), Alessia Amante(18) and Lucia Amante(18); The Amante triplets.

Marcel De'Luca(20) and Nicci Emara De'Luca(19); The De'Luca siblings.

Xio Accardi(18); The only Accardi grandson.


I would like to thank my bestfriend for this. She was the one who told that there were not many mafia stories with lesbian romance and that I should write one.

That's all. I will shut my mouth. We are going to Italy. But lets make a pit stop at Mexicoooooooooooo

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