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A ruthless boss. A giving heart. One love they never saw coming. Caretaker Gemma lands the job she needs. Working as an assistant at Lawson’s Legal. But her boss isn’t stunning on the inside, he’s cold and cut throat. Billionaire Drake Lawson is a lawyer. He’s the best there is and everyone knows it. But he has a heartbreaking past that lures her in and she can’t escape. Gemma finds a hidden side to Drake that nobody sees. One she wishes to unravel with an attraction unfolding. But there’s a secret he’s hiding. Can she guide Mr. Drake Lawson to find love again? Copyright © 2021 Breanne Bergie All rights reserved.

Romance / Drama
Breanne Bergie
4.7 10 reviews
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Chapter ONE

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Mister Lawson - Book 2

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It’s a bright and sunny day in the city as people bustle on the sidewalk. Carrying briefcases and purses as they scurry to start their Monday morning. Looking eager to start their busy work day and make another day’s pay. Unfortunately, I don’t feel in the positive Monday mood because I know where I’m headed and that’s straight towards hell. At least that’s what I’ve heard about Mr. Drake Lawson, the famous billionaire lawyer who’s cut throat and ruthless.

“Come on... Come on...” I sighed with frustration as my hands gripped the steering wheel. “I can’t be late for my first day.”

The traffic is backed up and has been for fifteen minutes. I’m glad I left early, but I feared I might still be late. I couldn’t afford it because I’m counting on this job to help pay bills. I needed this job more then anything and couldn’t let a traffic jam ruin it for me.

Rolling down my window and waving my hand at the driver ahead of me as my horn blared. “Would you get the fuck moving already? The light’s green!”

The driver ahead of me gave me the middle finger as I gave it right back and finally the traffic moved forward. Breathing a sigh of relief as I gazed behind me and moved into the other lane. Looking down at my GPS to see that I’ve almost arrived at my destination. Just another right turn up here and the parking garage should be right there. I watched as tall city towers passed by overhead and a huge sign caught my eye in the near distance.

Lawson’s Legal

My stomach fluttered as I turned my wheel and watched closely for the parking garage to appear. Keeping my eyes on the road ahead of me as I went and knowing my nerves were getting the best of me. Feeling my tummy flip flop, but knowing my nerves would be my adrenaline to survive. I’m going to need to bring my best to impress Mr. Lawson and I’m willing to do whatever it took to keep this job.

Suddenly, a man ran out in front of my car as I pressed down on the brakes and laid on the horn. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Putting my hands up into the air as I barely missed him and he didn’t look back. Probably in shock and to embarrassed to look at the person who’d almost hit him on a Monday morning. Pressing on the gas and moving forward with my day. It’s not like it would’ve been my felt, but it’s one thing I didn’t need right now. I had other things to worry about and hitting a man with my car wasn’t one of them.

What an idiot.

The parking garage came into view as I put on my turning signal and waited for my turn to go. Stepping on the gas once I saw the opportunity arise and gazing about for the nearest spot. The directions given to me were pretty simple and I knew where I needed to go from here. Gazing at the time and seeing that I’m still early for my shift. Feeling accomplished about it as I smiled and found the nearest parking stop. Cutting the engine, grabbing my purse and the small box of my personal belongings from the passenger seat. Making my way out of the car and clicking the key fob until my car chirped that it’s secure. Turning on my heels as I headed inside towards the start of my day and hopefully a job that I could keep.

I strutted with confidence through the doors of Lawsons Legal, but still felt my nerves running wild. That’s one positive trait about me that helped push me forward. Never letting my nerves run the show and using them to my advantage to succeed. An classic looking desk came into view as I walked up to it and gazed down at a middle aged women with greying hair.

Her friendly brown eyes met mine and a sweet smile lit up her face. “Welcome to Mr. Lawson’s office. How can I help you?”

“Hi, I’m Mr. Lawson’s new assistant, I know I’m early...” I said as I gazed around at my new surroundings and took everything in. “But I wanted to be on time for my shift.”

“Well, that’s good because you’re going to need that positivity around Drake.” She sighed as she raised her eyebrows and looked down at my attire. “You must be Gemma. I’m Mindy, Mr. Lawson’s secretary and it’s so nice to meet you.”

“Likewise, Mindy...” I said as I smiled and pointed towards my belongings. “Is there somewhere I can put this because it’s starting to get heavy?”

“Oh, yes, dear, of course, right this way.” Mindy said as I followed her lead behind her secretarial desk and around the corner. “Your work space when you’re not assisting Mr. Lawson is right in here.”

She opened the door to a enormous office space with luxury furnishings throughout and my mouth dropped opened. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I gazed around and took it all in. Big bright windows stood before me with a classic looking wooden desk with an expensive computer and all the technology I’d need. A mini fridge stood in the room with my own microwave and coffee maker for those tiring days at the office. I never imagined this would be all mine, but it was and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

“Well, Mr. Lawson may not be so bad after all...” I whispered as I laid my belongings on the desk and gazed out the window. The view perfect of the city street’s and I could get used to this.

“Oh, don’t give him to much credit until you meet him.” Mindy muttered as she leaned against my desk and I glanced at her over my shoulder. “You should start a pot of coffee because Mr. Lawson likes black coffee every morning on his desk when he first arrives.”

“Black coffee? It’s kind of bitter don’t you think?” I asked as I frown and headed for the coffee maker.

“Yes, not my taste, but that’s how the boss likes it and you don’t want to get on his bad side.” Mindy mumbled as I started the pot and grabbed a white mug from the cabinet.

“No, I definitely don’t want that.” I sighed as the coffee finished and I poured Mr. Lawson a cup.

“Come on we should get that on his desk and to the elevator before he arrives.” Mindy instructed as she waved for me to follow her once again and we exited my office.

“Already? It’s only 6:20 in the morning...” I sighed with confusion as I thought my shift started at 6:45am, but I could’ve been mistaken.

“No, you’re right, but Mr. Lawson likes to be greeted at his elevator upon his arrival.” Mindy giggled. “You’ll soon fall in step with his many demands.”

We headed down a long hallway towards a door at the end and my eyes read the label upon the door, Mr. Grant Lawson. My breath caught and my hands felt clammy as Mindy opened the door to his office. My eyes grew wide as I took in the dark room and Mindy turned on the light. Everything about his enormous office looked classic and dark. The darkened wood colour of the furniture, the black coloured couch and chair. Even a statue stood in his office made with black stone that sparkled with the light. Tall bookshelves laid behind his desk that would be any book lovers dream, but I wouldn’t take Mr. Lawson as a reader.

“What’s with all the books?” I asked as I laid his coffee on the desk and walked over towards the books.

“It’s all law books Mr. Lawson had collected over the years.” Mindy answered as she watched me admire his collection. “He’s the best of the best and some of these books helped him achieve that.”

I turned around and looked at his desk next. Everything neatly laid out and organized that I would think a cleaner came in here everyday. Wiping my fingertip over the soft wood, only for it to come back spotless. Wondering if he’s a clean freak or if it was a cleaner.

“Mr. Lawson doesn’t like anyone coming into his office, so make sure there’s no u expected visitors and be sure to have the blinds opened for him every single morning before he arrives.” Mindy explained as my eyes laid upon a picture of a woman staring back at me. Her eyes smiled for the camera as the scene of a beautiful day laid in the background. The woman had the most softest features and her eyes sparkled with the sunlight. “We better get going because Mr. Lawson will be arriving soon and we have a lot to discuss on the way.”

I frowned at the rush, but I didn’t want Mr. Lawson to be displeased. Following Mindy out of his office and clicking the door shut behind me as we made our way. I caught up to Mindy who’s very quick for her age as my black dress flowed at my ankles and my heels clicked on the tile. I’d pulled my long brunette hair up into a messy bun for the day because I didn’t need my hair as a distraction.

“So, here’s the basics of your job, but be prepared for more. Mr. Lawson runs a tight ship and expects all his crew to be on board. There’s no room for failure and if it happens than you’re pretty much out the door. We already went over black coffee on his desk first thing in the morning along with his blinds drawn because he enjoys the morning sunset. You must greet him at the elevator at 6:30am sharp to debrief him on his schedule for the day.” Mindy explained as she grabbed some paperwork from her desk as we passed and handed it to me. “Here, you’re going to need his schedule for today and look it over before we get to the elevator. Mr. Lawson doesn’t like any mix ups so make sure you get it straight.”

“It sounds like Mr. Lawson expects too much...” I whispered under my breath as I glanced over his busy schedule.

“That will stay between us, Gemma.” Mindy giggled, but tapped me lightly on the shoulder. “Mr. Lawson can be a real hard ass around here and you’ve got your work cut out for you. No assistant has lasted around her and are fired within a week. He goes through them like he does the women he sleeps with.”

Wow, Mr. Drake Lawson sounds like a huge asshole, but I don’t have time to get on his bad side. I needed to do everything possible to keep this job because my mom’s medical bills depended on it. I’m willing to sacrifice everything for her and if I have to work for some billionaire jerk who has everyone bowing at his feet than so be it.

“Well, it sounds like he’s quite the character and I look forward to meeting him.” I teased as I rolled my eyes and we came towards an elevator.

“Well, at least you have a sense of humour because we could use that around here.” Mindy giggled as we halted and she looked over at me. “Here’s your stop and I wish you all the luck, Gemma.”

“Thanks, I think I’m going to need it.” I chuckled softly as I reviewed the schedule and Mindy walked back down the hallway towards her desk for Mr. Lawson’s arrival.

Time appeared not to stop until the elevator doors dinged and I gazed up. They opened to reveal a tall man dressed in a dark blue business suit with a briefcase at his side. His eyes locked with mine and my breath caught. Hints of colour laid inside them that created a shimmering hazel that made my heart pound wildly in my chest. Feeling like it might explode as his eyes never left mine and he exited the elevator. Walking towards me as my body stepped forward with a mind of its own and I’m drawn to him. Feeling the air sizzle as his wavy dark hair shone with the light and I felt lost for words. Mr. Drake Lawson’s drop dead gorgeous and I’m melting at his feet.

“You must be Gemma, my new assistant.” Drake said huskily as my heart fluttered with every word and I knew this could be trouble.
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