The Criminal's Rose

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“Mich... Michael! No, this is not right. Go away.” Rose shook her head while stepping back. Ignoring her words, Michael walked forward till he caged Rose between the wall and his hard body. “Mich...” Rose tried to say something but Michael put his finger on Rose's lips stopping her from saying anything. “Don’t talk. Stay still.” His tone was commanding. Michael held Rose’s hands on her either side and brought his face closer to Rose. “P-please.” Rose managed to say and the next moment her eyes widened when his lips touched the crook of her neck.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Rose wet her lips when she felt they were dried up. Though her throat was parched, it was the least thing she cared about as her mind was filled with only one thought. To finish the shitty work soon and go home. It’s already night still she was in her office working along with few of her friends. Her brown eyes were staring at the computer display in front of her while her fingers were on the keyboard typing. Her brown curls started to flow in waves when the cool breeze struck her with a sudden force.

There was an utter silence in the room in which she was working except the sounds of clicking mouse and typing keyboard. In addition to them, Rose heard a muffled cry but she didn’t dare to turn her head as she already knew who it was and she was not in the mood for unnecessary drama. Ignoring it, she continued her work but the sound was making her frustrated and her kind heart urged to look at the direction from where the irritable sound was coming.

She turned her head to her right side and saw a raven haired beauty with black spectacles letting out a dramatic cry. There was no proof of tears on her cheeks but she managed to sound like she was actually crying.

“Stop crying, Melisa.” Rose shouted looking at Melisa frustrated.

Melisa was Rose’s colleague and her not so good friend, who always pushes her work on Rose. She always asked Rose’s help in all the matters that sometimes made Rose annoyed. But being a compassionate one, Rose never said no to her pleas instead she started to escape from her before she opened her mouth to ask anything.

But this time Rose couldn’t escape as she had to work on her computer and Melisa started to annoy her sitting beside her.

“He will definitely break up with me.” Melisa said looking at Rose. “It’s time I have to go to meet him still I’m working here. I’ve missed our meetings many time and he started to think I don’t love him anymore.”

Rose let out an irritated sigh hearing her drama. She said “If he truly loves you, he will understand Melisa.”

Melisa held Rose’s hand and started to say in a pleading tone “I don’t want to lose him, Rose. Can you help me with something?”

Rose understood Melisa was about to give her work to her but before Rose opened her mouth to say anything, Melisa pleaded “I’ve finished almost everything. Please help me, Rose. Just a little work is pending.”

“Melisa! Doing my work is getting a burden to me. It’s already night I can’t work any more.”

Melisa looked at Rose with her innocent, convincing face that literally made Rose’s kind heart melt. Melisa spoke “Please Rose. Do this for me. I’ll do your works sometime.”

It’s not only like Melisa pushes her work and escape from there but if she says she would help, she would definitely do that.

“Fine.” Rose rolled her eyes after seeing the pending work of Melisa. It’s not that much so she accepted.

Melisa thanked her and kissed her cheek. She then gave her car keys to Rose that made Rose puzzled as she didn’t know why she was giving her car keys. Melisa said placing few files on the desk “After finishing the work, hand over these files to Linda. You know her address, right?”

“What? No way. I’ve to go home. You can’t just give me more works.” Rose shouted.

“Please. Please. She called me again asking for the files though I said I’d give her tomorrow. You know how she is particular in her works. Please Rose.”

If Melisa had not given her car keys then Rose wouldn’t have accepted it definitely. Rose had to reach the bus stop or railway station to reach her home but as Melisa gave her car, Rose shouldn’t have to wait for the public transport. Seeing the possibility, Rose accepted.

“How will you go?” Rose asked.

“I’ll ask him to pick me up.” Saying that Melisa ran out of the room.

Rose drank water to clear her parched throat and continued her work as well as her additional work. It became late night by the time she finished them. She then took the files, the car keys and walked to the parking area. She then drove off to Linda’s place and handed her the files.

While she was driving to her house, the car halted suddenly. She kept trying to drive but her trials went in vain that’s when she understood the car broke down. Cursing her fate, she got out of the car. She called Melisa but she didn’t lift the call as she was enjoying with her boyfriend in his room. Tired of calling her, Rose locked the car and started to walk. As the car broke down not on the main road but on the normal streets, Rose hoped nothing happens to Melisa’s car.

Taking out her bag and the flower pot that had a rose plant and a blossomed red rose on the plant, which she had bought the morning on her way to office, she kept walking towards the bus stop. At a certain point, she started to fear noticing herself in an dark empty street and she increased her speed. While walking she noticed a guy, whose face was unclear because of the darkness, walking fast. Her gaze followed the guy then she realized the guy was after a girl, whose back was facing Rose. That guy dragged the girl away forcibly that made the girl let out a scream.

Noticing it, Rose’ eyes went widened. She understood the girl was in trouble and without a second thought she decided to help her. She ran to them and saw the guy hovering over the girl while pinning her to the wall. His face was buried at the crook of that girl’s neck, probably kissing her neck.

Rose raised her flower pot and hit the guy’s head so hard that made him let out a low grunt. He held his head with his both hands shaking his head. Rose dragged the girl away and tried to ran with her but the girl pushed Rose shouting “You bitch! What the hell did you do?”

Rose was perplexed hearing her. The girl walked to the guy and held him. The guy fisted his palm clenching his jaw. He then brought his fist closer to Rose’s face to hit her that made shut her eyes in fear but to her surprise nothing reached her face. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a pair of angry deep black orbs. In the street light, Rose get to see the guy clearly. He seemed more than 6ft. Though he was in his T-shirt, anyone could feel the perfect abs and his muscular body. His left arm was filled with tattoos till the back of his wrist. His fist was still closer to Rose’s face but he didn’t hit her instead he was looking at her without even blinking. The wind made his messy black hair blow and his kissable lips parted a bit in admiration while looking at the beauty in front of him.

He released his fist standing straight. His head started to bleed and that girl shouted at Rose “Why the fuck did you hit him?”

“I... When you screamed, I thought he was harming you so...”

“Who the hell said that to you? How can you think he was harming me? If he was doing anything, my screams might had continued, right? But I was silent though he was closer to me. I shouted back then because I didn’t see his face.”

Rose looked at the guy with a guilt expression and she spoke “I... I’m so sorry. Let me take you to the hospital. I... I’m really...”

The guy raised his hand showing his palm, stopping her to utter any word further. He spoke in his rough tone “I’m okay.”

Rose stepped forward saying “Let’s go to hospital.”

That girl pushed Rose back shouting “Go away, girl. If you are here for even one more minute, I’ll kill you. You ruined our fun.”

“I’m sor...” Rose tried to apologise again. The girl took the half broken flower pot and raised it to throw on Rose. Rose screamed with her actions and she ran away from there.

“Are you alright, Michael?” Sasha asked.

“Yes.” His gaze then fell on the plant and the flower. He took it looking at Rose, who was running away from them. “Beautiful.” He mumbled.

“Mikey, let me take you to hospital.” Sasha said.

“I’m fine, Sasha.” Saying that he went away from there.


Hey guys! Thank you for choosing this book to read. I want to let you know that English is not my first language so there will be mistakes, and please do not judge the story based on them.

Also, if you like the story, do vote and leave your reviews. To know more about my works, you can follow me on my Insta - author_vrsh.

Thank you.

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