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Baby, a name so innocent that when you think of the word nothing but cuteness is filled with it. That was until one tainted man ruined the name with his sinful ways with women. A woman who wanted nothing more than to become a good reporter as that was her dream. Giving the perfect opportunity, she was offered a story that she couldn't give up. She has to do a story about him, about this 'untouchable' man. But how far will she get without catching the eye of the monster?

Romance / Thriller
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The dirt underneath his heavy black boots brought small pieces of wet dirt upwards and they fell graciously back to the ground once again. Splashes of water were their reminder of the cops behind them.

Baby could feel his veins run with adrenaline, its bouncing pulse spiking his heart. His hair covered the back of his neck, his wet shirt clung onto him like latex. His cheeks slightly flushed from all the running. Or escaping.

Thunder boomed, and a sound erupted to the left of Baby. He had nearly forgotten why he was running from the police, Alex was their target. Alex let out a gasp when the thunder boomed at him for his bad doings.

Baby heard the tune of the cop’s sirens coming closer with every large step they took, a human body could never compare to the speed of a car of course. But they had the advantage as they were in a rocky landscape. Well, if they even used it to their advantage.

Reaching for the back of his waist, Baby felt nothing. His face dropped. He dropped his gun somewhere along the depths of the forest. He silently cursed, he couldn’t shoot the tires of the cars and that was his only plan.

“Alex, I’m fucking killing you,” Baby said deathly to his panting partner, they soon stopped behind a big tree that hid both of their hunks of bodies. The rain had the pleasure of sculping both of their bodies as it also bounced against their broad shoulders.

“Before you try to bash my head, let’s be civil about this--” Alex stopped talking as he saw the police cars stop and the officers soon got off with search dogs at hand.

“Civil?!” Baby yelled but then noticed the warry look Alex had on his face, taking a look as well he saw the police officers begin to approach them.

“This is commander Toch...” The police man started presenting himself with multiple officers surrounding them. Some of them keeping the dogs in leash, in precautions of anything happening.

Baby grabbed Alex by the collar, “follow my lead, you fucktard.” Alex wide eyes read Baby’s angry expressions and just nodded on the spot. Baby raised both of his hands, the tattoos on his forearms and arms were flexing against the rain drops.

He began to move front behind the tree to in front of it. Confronting the squads of officers pointing their guns at him. Alex soon appeared from behind him, arms behind his head as well.

“Keep your arms where I can see them!” The commander, Toch, said with authority in his crude voice. One police officer went behind the two suspects and kept his gun up towards them. Taking precautions. But, Baby was waiting for such measures.

With a blink of an eye, Baby’s elbow made a crushing impact against the officers vest. Even with a vest, the officer hunched over and dropped his gun, making a free way for Baby to grab it and take the officer as hostage and now he was the one pointing the gun.

“Run, Alex.” Baby said as he kept a deathly stare with the commander who had raised his palm to stop his squad form shooting.

“Are you nuts? How can I--”

“Go before I blow your brains out next!” Baby yelled and it left no space for arguing.

“Shoot my guy and your b*tch is dead,” Baby said as water ran down his face and pressed the pistol against the terrified officer further against the side of his head, nudging it forcefully.

Alex made a run for it and went for the hills, he knew the dogs were fast. But the hills will erase his scent and the rain helped. The dogs weren’t much a of a worry anymore.

Once Baby could tell that Alex was far away, he pushed the officer away from him and dropped the gun to the side. He went to his knees and brought his hands behind his head once again. Officers rushed in and pushed him to the ground forcibly.

His head hit the muddy floor and was now covering half of his face. Baby felt the cold feel of metal against both of his wrists. Making them prisoner to one another. The group of officers brought Baby back to his feet, he was willing to everything. That was until one of the police officers pulled out his baton and hit Baby across his stomach.

“That’s for my colleague,” the police man said.

Baby spat on the cop’s face, “your wife also likes it kinky, fucker.” His lips turned into a smirk as he saw the police officer about to swing again but the commander stopped his actions. “Do not waste your energy on people like him, officer Lopez.” Toch said, his lips tight as he glared at Baby.

“You’re under arrest, anything you say--fuck that. This time you’re going down.” Commander Toch said as he gripped onto the front of Baby’s wet shirt.

“Just like I went down on your wife last night? And I suggest you remove your hands from me,” Baby bit back, his thoughts now clouded with rage. Commander Toch tried to maintain cool.

“You have the right to remain quiet--”

“I said that to your wife last night, but she wasn’t as quiet.” Baby said before the commander has yet again finish one of his sentences.

He gripped onto the collar of Baby’s shirt even tighter. “You’ll enjoy your time in prison, you piece of sh*t.”

“Not as much as your wife enjoyed my Toch on her last night,” the commander swung his fit across Baby’s face and fixed his wet suit soon after.

“Take him away.”

4am is my bedtime.

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