The Queen's Conquer

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After the eruption of a civil war shakes the peace between the packs, rogues, and human kingdoms, the King of Wolves--Samuel Knight--finds himself facing a greater predicament than the disappearance of the princess of Mylithia, Anastasia Fawn. Despite the threat his title makes him out to be during such perishing times, Samuel continues to search for the only woman that can complete his shattering soul--his mate. And while he has always struggled with running from his past, Anastasia fights to uncover more of hers as she learns of new secrets her disloyal parents kept from her since before her birth. Yet, the more she explores her history, the more she endangers the lives of those she loves most. Both will devote their lives to fighting for each other's protection during this earth-shattering sequel to The King's Prey. Except this time, she is key to his serenity and he is the Queen's conquer.

Romance / Fantasy
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꧁ Author's Note ꧂


Hello Reader!

Thank you for choosing to read:

~ The Queen’s Conquer ~
(Book 2)

For those of you who don’t know, this is the sequel book of The King’s Prey. The Queen’s Conquer is not a stand-alone, unfortunately, since major details will not make sense unless you read book 1.


Informational warnings before reading:

1: This is a mature book, meant for mature audiences. Meaning there will be sex scenes/explicit content, gory/gruesome scenes, and cussing/swearing. PLeAsE for the love of everything holy and unholy READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

2: As always, I reserve all rights to everything written. It is all original content, so please don’t steal it.

3: My posts always vary depending upon my own life. Given that this sequel is being written during quarantine, I’m likely going to be a lot more active. If school interrupts with my schedule then it’s not my fault but I will always let you know roughly when the next post will be and if anything comes up!

Please don’t forget to vote, comment and let me know your opinions (I appreciate ALL feedback, it keeps me motivated), and share this with your friends if you feel like it!


Started : ( 8 / 7 / 2020 )

Completed : ( / / )

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Enjoy <3

Pegasus xx

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