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Selena is trying her best to fight emotions for her boss, once they spent a night together. He changes his view of her and is determined to get her. She knows she can't succumb to such desires, but love is a strong emotions. They go through a very thrilling love trial filled with drama, crime, passion and betrayal. Dare join them? WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT 18+ ONLY

Romance / Drama
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Chapter one: The Idiot

I would have started with a prologue of some sort, but damn I was too excited to start writing.
My name is Selena Watson, am not so good at introductions but here are the things I can tell you am 25 years old, I work for some snobby rich business man who owns many corporate business, and as much as I hate my job, it has too much of a good pay even if am just a mere PA.

I wish I could wrap my hands round his neck so he could stop speaking, I made little gestures closing one eye so his image could become small, imagining him choking out breathlessly.
Luckily I did all this because we were the only ones in his office and he spoke while he gave me his back, giving me orders on what to do that afternoon, that's all he ever did order, order, order blah blah blah.
You learn how to do it yourself prick, I squinted my eyes pushing back my spectacles to the bridge of my nose as they began slipping.

"Don't forget to get my dry cleaning then take it back to my house, and please inform Angela I will need her to drop by my house around 18:30" he turned around and gave me a dismissive smile.
My reaction was cool and complacent without answering or asking, I trotted out of his office almost slamming the door. At first sight you would think he was a nice guy, but some of us were way past that.
I went to my office slumped into the leather chair, rubbed my temples my head throbbing reminding me of what my optician said. *come on Selena get with the times and get yourself a pair of contacts, change doesn't always hurt you know*
As much as he might have been right I always never fancied the idea of getting contact lenses, first the fear of putting them in my eyes just made me shiver I told him I would think about it.
Grabbing the telephone and dialing the number it went through to Angela.
"yes" her voice snapped in a faint British accent that I knew all too well.

"Miss Angela, this is Mr. Edward Collins office calling he wanted me to inform you to visit his home at around 6pm this evening."
"Ouuu Eddie wants to see me tell him I'll be there"
"Of course" I cut the call to avoid any more hurt in my head. Why do I have to be the one to call up his whores for him, doesn't he have the guts for it himself. Worthless idiot I grumbled on, I reached for my purse fumbling for my phone amongst the many different note pads I had. Eureka found it I said to my success.

I called for Luka one of Edward's drivers to take me to the dry cleaners. Luka was a very kind young man he's the one I got most along with unlike some of the other drivers.
"Four eyes!" I heard Edward calling. I got to my feet quicker than I intended to, reluctantly moving my body out of my office I walked to his which was across the hallway.
What now idiot.
I opened the door poking my head through first then allowing my body to will itself in.
He looked up at me a stupid smirk creeping up on his lips. If only he were ugly it would have done some justice, but no even lucifer from the Bible was handsome.
"Have you called Angela?" he asked scrutinizing me.
"Yes, I did she agreed to it" I responded trying to keep the annoyance out of my words.
"Good, I want you to reschedule my meetings"
"to when?" I asked in disbelief that was the third time that week, I was sure people were growing impatient having to wait for him.
"I don't know figure it out" he gave me a coy smile. The words I wanted to fling at him, that's the problem with these rich people. They just leave it up to other people to sort there messes.
"For godsake Mr. Collins this is the third time" it was almost a plea.
"they have to wait, my company, my rules, my money deal with it" he muttered with a sense of pride lingering in his deep blue eyes, egocentric fool.
"Your schedule is pretty packed you know" I crossed my arms over my chest and cocked my head to one side to try and emphasize my point.
"listen here four eyes, there's a reason I hired you so be a good girl and do as you're told" he leaned forward looking at me. Fuck this shit.
"fine... Fine." I raised my hands in defeat.
"Anything else?" I asked hoping for a no sadly that wasn't the case.
"Yes I need you to have a look at this" he gestured to the computer screen on his desk, what does he want me to check I questioned myself, it was so odd.
I paced over to his desk leaned on it adjusting my specs before glancing at the picture.
To my surprise it was a Ruby diamond necklace set, a tear drop shaped Ruby was the center of the glamorous piece with smaller pieces crested around the neck straps. My jaw slightly dropping, as I glanced at the amount $65,000.
"It's beautiful, it's stanning" I kept on gaping at it, why was he showing this to me. Probably just to make you jealous my subconscious snapped.
"Don't drool all over my desk four eyes" he chuckled playfully.
"Argh, so why are you showing me this" I flashed him a quick look as I rose and stood on my own squaring my shoulders.
He whirled his chair so he could look at me lengthy. "I needed to see a woman's reaction" he said a wry smile on his lips. Sometimes I wondered why I still worked there, the money! my subconscious screamed.
"So then you got it, are you satisfied? " I asked
"well I guess so, have you ever removed those specs before?, I've never seen you with out them" I scowled at him befuddled by the sudden question.
"um I don't think so, I need them that's why"
"am not saying you don't" he spoke as he stood up, nearing me. He stood close enough so he could reach out for them, I wanted to smack his hand but instead I let him. He tugged at them sliding them off my face, my vision wasn't bad I just hard difficulty in focusing things that seemed far, but I got so used to them that I barely took them off.
"there how's that" he smiled at me an actual genuine smile, that smile was as rare as finding gold in the streets.
I blinked a few times before my eyes fully adjusted.
"different" I shrugged
"you should think about getting contacts instead" oh no not you too, I don't need this.
"won't be the first time am hearing that" I remarked.
"well then do it, you would honestly look a whole lot better" a ghost of a smile played on his then grim lips.
"I have to think about it" I told him, feeling awkward why wasn't he being his usual snob, am rich nothing you can do self, was he planning something I didn't trust him. He was too conniving, maybe he wanted a favour.
"you have beautiful eyes Selena" my eyes widened, what the hell... What am dreaming am definitely dreaming I repeated to myself . Did Edward Collins just compliment someone who is not in the same social status as him. That was even more rare in fact it was non existent, well till today.
"err. Are you feeling fine?" I blurted out shocked out of my wits
"why do you ask" he snapped
"um... Err. Um well you just complimented me" I whispered hoping not to sound rude, I had a habit for that.
He laughed
"four eyes am not all that bad"
"Edward Collins you never compliment anyone, much less your employees" I spoke up he looked down at me, reminding me of how short I am.
"you've been my employee for quite a while now, am sure I'm allowed to compliment you"
"um well I guess so" I quipped, I didn't even know compliments were capable of being made in his head.
"can I have my specs back" I pointed to them while they were still clutched in his hands.
"I want to see you wearing contacts, do you hear me" he ordered, his voice firmed up to show more authority.
"yes sir" I answered deciding not to argue, maybe I should get them, today day preferably I thought.
"was that all?" I asked as he got back to his seat, settling comfortably.
"get going" he snapped and he was back the prick I knew was back, annoying as usual I recovered quick enough and walked out of the office.

I grabbed my purse and phone, walking down the hallway to the elevator. I was sure luka was already there probably waiting in the garage. The elevator doors pinged open, I mouthed a thank you for the fact that it was empty I wasn't really social, so meeting other workers who I new didn't like me especially the women for the reason that I worked so close with Edward.
Honestly, what I would have given to switch jobs with them, surely they did nof know how that megalomaniac was.
The doors opened in the underground garage, luka in his usual black suit stood against the Range Rover velar, the sight of this car always brought joy to me, it has a musculine tone its glossy like look, complimenting the dark navy blue, the light beautifully extenuating its outline. Edward's taste in cars was impeccable I gave him that .
I have an immense addiction for cars I could look at them the whole day, just like I could look at John snow from my favorite HBO series.
A smile curled on luka's lips at the sight of me, as I approached the car.
"hey shorty" he teased. I rolled my eyes at his stupid remark.
"luka don't start" I threatened holding up a finger.
"hey am just stating facts here" he muttered defensively.
"dude just get in the car, and let's go am already late as it is, cause your stupid boss kept me in his office"
"ouuu what happened"
"let's go luka" I said reaching for the door of the passenger seat.
"Allow me madam" he toyed in a phony French accent.
"you're just as stupid as the idiot who hired you" I teased making sure my tone wasn't harsh.
"come on Selena, now, now don't be mean" he warned opening the door for me, my cheeks flushed pink at the sight of the inside of the car. Plush cream leather seats, everything thing down to the stirring wheel was absolutely breathtaking. I climbed the car with much deserved grace, closing my door he quickly came to the drivers seat and we were off.

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