Come back, Officer

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Sequel to Cuff me, Officer —— “You’re leaving me again aren’t you?” He picked me up placing me on the counter kissing me, “Yes.” —— He’s back and with a surprise, how bad can it get? Again. A smut and action little love story.

Romance / Erotica
Paris Gill
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1~ Nellie

Ahhh welcome back!!
- -
!Warning!- this novel contains sexual descriptions and strong themes. Reader discretion is advised!


I set my box down on the counter looking at the empty room. There was a knock on the door and I turned back to see Neven, “Hey roomie.” He clapped his hands together, “Nat and I need you downstairs to go over some rules.”

I chuckled, “You and Nathaniel have house rules, can’t wait to hear them.”

Neven walked off and I sighed stuffing my hands in the pockets of my jacket. I walked over to the full body mirror tapping the small necklace. I smiled taking it off flipping it to the back.

N ♡︎ G

11 months ago...

“Nellie can you go check the mail, I have a document coming in!”

“I don’t come home from college every weekend to be your slave Steven!”

“Please! Dinner is on me!”

“Deal!” I took another spoonful of cereal before heading out of the door to the mailbox. I opened the tin can up looking through the mail. I closed it walking up to the front door.



I scanned the envelope sent to me, it had no return address. I went into Steven’s office handing him his mail. I kept my own eyeing it once again, “Is that for you?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I’ll be in my room.”

“Nellie.” I briefly looked back, “You know I love you right.”

I faced him fully clutching the envelope, “Yeah of course Stev, I love you too.” I cocked my head slightly, “Is everything alright?”

He shrugged, “You only ever come home on the weekends, I miss you.”

I turned around walking away out of his office, “Stop being a father Steven.”

I took the stairs by two anxious to read the envelope. I sat down in my bed and my phone buzzed. I swiped the video chat with Nat, “Yooo Nellie...are you home?”

I propped the phone on the bed tucking my feet underneath me, “Yeah I come every weekend, are you still with your roomie Neven?”

Nat nodded, “Yup your brother is actually not that bad.” He took a sip of his drink pointing, “What’s that?”

I reached over for a pencil to open the envelope, “I don’t know this came in the mail for me...” I opened it unfolding the paper, “It’s a letter?”

Dear Nellie,

It’s been what, a year and 7 months since I last seen your dimpled smile. I’m sorry I haven’t texted or called but I’ve been keeping in touch with Steven, he says you’re doing well. I’ve missed you so much, my red nose little Nellie. I missed the way you drop kicked me in practice, the way you laugh, the sound of your moans when I-

“So what’s in the letter?” Nat blurted

I bit my lip my face turning red, “Shut up Nathaniel.”

I think it’s best if I don’t finish that sentence in case Steven opens this. That will be a very concerning conversation. But overall I really do miss you Nellie, all of you baby. I love you Nellie Roberts.


I wiped a tear smiling at the letter, “Okay you’re crying now, what’s in the letter Nellie?”

I sniffed, “It’s from Gale.”

“The piece of shit who hasn’t talk to you since he left?” I glared at Nat through the phone, “I don’t like him.”

I untucked my knees my joints stiff, kicking the envelope to the floor. A small clattering sound followed and I went over picking it up. I reached into it pulling out a silver necklace. I gasped holding it carefully in my hand. “Aww.”

“He’s wooing you with money.”

“Seriously Nathaniel shut up.” I hissed and felt something bumpy on my hand. I turned the necklace around to see a small engraving on it.



I placed the necklace back on fixing my hair and going downstairs. I sat down in the living room in front of Nathaniel and next to Neven. Nat pointed at the necklace, “He ever sent you another love letter?”

I brushed my finger over the pendant, “One is enough.”

Nat sighed, “Nels how long are you going to obsess over this guy. He left you.”

“Hey.” Neven started, “We are here to talk about house rules not boyfriends.”

I scoffed shaking my head at Nathaniel before turning to face Neven. It’s been more than 2 years, I still loved him...but does he love me? I rubbed the pendent on the necklace once again, he does.

“So rule number one, no food upstairs.”

I leaned back on the couch, “I’ve heard enough, you two not eating upstairs?” I chuckled, “Yeah right.”

Nathaniel smiled, “We never said the rules are in place for us, our dear sweet Nellie.”

I threw a cushion at him and Nat caught it throwing back. “Can we have a civil conversation without throwing pillows at each-”

I threw a pillow at Neven mid convo, Nat and I laughed hysterically. “Sorry what were you saying?”

Neven got up and quickly reached into his pocket cutting the pillow throwing the fluff on me. I yelped standing up covered in pillow fluff, “Neven!”

Nat held his stomach laughing and I kicked him storming off, “I hate you guys!”

Neven shouted, “Then go back to your dorm!”

I turned, “I can’t because it was burned down!” It’s true there was a fire in the dorms and it burned my floor. I hated the dorm rooms anyways, my roommates would either never talk or talk too much. I opened the door to my empty room slamming it shut.

I placed my back against the door sliding down. My phone buzzed and I reached over swiping the incoming video chat, “Do I even want to ask?”

I chuckled at the shaggy haired boy, “Three words Neven and Nathaniel.”

He smiled, “Did you settle in nice with them?”

I began to pick the fluff out of my hair, “Yeah, just have to fix up the room.” I looked over at the unmade bed and the boxes lying around, “When am I going to see you again?”

“Soon Nels, I know it’s been longer than I said but don’t worry I won’t leave you like he did.” He sighed, “I got to go, love you Nellie.”

“I love you Ryker.”

I hanged up getting up from my position on the floor. I heard a quiet thud behind the door and I opened it to see Neven. He had a knife and a pillow in his hand, “Seriously Nellie?”

He set the things aside and my eye brow rose, “What?”

"I love you Ryker?” I rolled my eyes, “You’re dating that fucking dick? He does not care about you.”

I scoffed, “Like you know who cares for me or not and we aren’t even dating, we’re friends.”

He chuckled dryly, “Friends? He didn’t care if you lived or died! He worked for Dad to get to you Nellie!” He slightly hit his head, “How dense can you be?”

“That was more than 2 years ago.” I turned around heading towards a box, “Grow up.”

“Grow up?” He huffed, “I wonder what Gale would think about this? You know your boyfriend that Ryker tried to kill, the one who bought you that necklace.”

I clutched onto my necklace biting the inside of my lip, “Funny, I remember that you almost killed him.”

“You know what?” I looked back briefly to see him picking up the pillow and knife, “Do whatever the hell you want to do.”

I walked over to the door slamming it shut. Ryker was different now, he was there for me...

My phone began to ring and I picked it up, “Yeah Stev?”

"Hey hon, I got some great news!”

I put the phone on speaker setting it down sorting through the boxes, “Oh cool what is it?”

“Gale’s coming back.”

My heart thumped in my ears my hands feeling clammy, “Really, why?”

"He’s getting married, him and his fiancé are having their wedding down here!”

My whole head began to spin and my throat went dry, “He’s what?”

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