SCARS- The Rise Of A Queen

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Sometimes life is all about scars!!! Scars that redefine you and make you the person you are.. it's not the scars that are devoid of beauty but is the pain that you endured to get those scars. When we look beyond the voidness of these scars we realise that they were not void altogether, they were actually the beauty of the being you became. ****** Saud clutched Ruhana's hand and for the first time in those 8 years, she felt safe. He whispered," it's gonna be alright " and she knew it was gonna be alright. When she looked towards the high court, she realised even though she might lose the case but the fight within her would remain alive. She would fight back again. What happens when the people who were meant to keep you alive, leave you abandoned on a dark lifeless road where there is no one to help, but suddenly there comes a glimmer of shine and reaches your heart lightening the darkness around you with the light within you ? Check out scars to find out the journey of Ruhana from Ruhana Salar Qureshi, "the lifeless " to Ruhana Saud Raza Mir, "the tigress" . ****** Age Recommendation - 16+ Contains mature content Pls beware

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 The Interview

The stages were set,
She was ready to play with her fate.

Third Person's POV

"Hello Miss Ruhana, It's an absolute pleasure to have you here. You have been an inspiration to a lot of women here.", Said the interviewer sitting before Ruhana.

"I don't know about being an inspiration to women sitting here, but I know that I am an inspiration to my old self, and that's what I would always want to be."
Replied Ruhana.

"People say that behind every man's success there is always a woman . However, in your previous interviews you have stated that it is your husband who made you successful."asked the interviewer

Ruhana looked at her husband Saud and said, " Yes, he is the one who made me what I am today, if it was not for him I might not have done what I did and I would not have changed for the better. He had his own struggles but he took it upon himself to re-join the broken pieces of my soul. Even when those pieces were ready to pierce through him."

"Wow!! You have a beautiful relationship with your husband. Your son, Zaid and Mr Saud share a strong bond. During the start of your relationship, did you ever think that they might not be able to cope up with each other? At last they are not real blood."

"It is rather ironic to say the least , that it was not him who had to cope up with Saud, but he made me cope up with him and the beginning of our relationship was indeed Zayd." Said Ruhana.

"The next question might seem a bit rude to you, but this question has been nagging the mind of many people sitting here. Even though Zayd does not look much like him and is a completely different man. But wasn't it hard for you to raise him knowing what he did to you?"

"Honestly a lot of people ask me this question. I wouldn't say it was easy. At the very start I didn't even wish to look at Zayd. For me he was a constant reminder of his atrocities. However soon I realised that Zayd was not at fault and punishing him for his faults would not be right. Rather he is more a part of me than him."

"And now my final question for you tonight , which is basically the reason of this conference,
What would you like to say about the NGO and your book ?"

"My NGO "Raahat" is a part of my soul and looking at it I feel like at last I was able to do something right. Raahat has been providing legal and financial help. However I still believe that until you stand up for yourself no one can. That's what my husband taught me. Speaking of my book , it was my son's idea to write my journey down for people to know the tale of my rise, as he like to call it." Said Ruhana

"Would like to inaugurate your book and read the chapters of your life to us Miss Ruhanna?"

Ruhanna smiled and said, "I would love to. She held the book in her hands and read the title,

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