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In October of 2020. Halloween to be exact. I was rushed to the hospital, dying of a stroke, within a few days I tried to die again

Romance / Fantasy
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Code Blue, Code Blue Elliott heard from the fifth-floor hallway of Mercy General Hospital. Elliott had been to Mercy four times since the worldwide pandemic started ten years ago. Trying to keep an eye on all the chaos going on in the world, channel fives Lisa Kidman was making it sound as she had everyday since the world had gone sideways.

Saying if I were you, Mr.Hostetler, I’d read it carefully. This is Elijah’s last offer. I was turning and rushing out, nearly knocking a nurse to the floor. Her portable computer and workstation spin across the floor as they crashed into the wall. As Elliott gets up to help, another nurse rushes to her aid. Hi, I’m Emily from the ER. As Aerial composes herself. I’m Aerial thanks for the help. I wonder what the hell his problem is. Covering her mouth, saying, oops, I’m sorry; I forgot I was at work for a minute looking at Emily and Elliott Hostetler. Both Aerial and Elliott laughed. Elliott said, that’s my boss’s dad’s lawyer. I’m trying to sue both and their company.

Aerial finished his vitals, fluffing Elliott’s pillow and filling his water. Adjusting a few items on the hospital side table and saying my name is Aerial and I’ll be your nurse for the next twelve hours. Please don’t hesitate to ring for me, as she handed him the paging cord.

Hey, there, I’m from the Emergency Department, and my name is Emily. You were a patient down there a few years ago, not long after the whole Covid thing started. I just came up to check on you up here; you’re a legend down there in the E.R. department. It seems like you’ve captivated some attention up here as well.

It looks like your not sure what I’m saying, patting Elliott’s arm. Tell you what my shift is over at elven. How about I bring you something to eat, something other than this stuff Mercy likes to call food.


This the fourth time today. Laughing Elliott said I’m trying to be funny looking at nurse Aerial. With a soft hum, Nurse Aerial says she’s seen funnier things down in the morgue. Now that’s funny said Aerial. All your vitals are good. You must be a fortunate man. From what I’ve heard, you have had a brush or two with the other side—now surviving an accident. You’re pretty lucky. Aerial winked and asked if he was some sort of spy or muscle for a mob boss. Just continue to get some rest, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Starring out the hospital window, Elliott starts to question his life and this choices he had made, especially since the whole pandemic started. Hey, there your awake. As Emily walks in carrying a brown paper bag that said PINE STREET DELI.

I hope you enjoy this, this is one of my favorite sandwiches from Pine Street. Handing a foil covered sandwich to Elliott. Pulling a bottle of soda out of her purse. Unwrapping the sandwich. Elliott said he loved Philly’s.

So nurse Emily tells me how we know each other. I’m not too sure that I remember you, sorry for that.

It was Halloween night the year the pandemic started. Emily stated telling Elliott. It was your standard night. A stabbing, car accidents, people coming in for sniffles. It was about eleven-thirty. When we got a call saying that they had a stroke victim with apparent symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. So the five of us went into gear when the medic said that the patient had stopped breathing and with a faint heartbeat.

I stood in trauma bay four as you were brought in. Doctor Mansfield with us started trying to save you from dying and bringing you back to a normal heart and breathing rhythm. As soon as the Doctor started to call your time of death. You grabbed my arm screaming for help, she’s chasing me, she’s chasing me.

With suddle yet a considered smile, asking Elliot if he remembers anything. All I remember is being chased by a girl and a tall black man singing and dancing around a Christmas tree. A tall guy pushing my head to the ground.

Emily looked at the floor deep in thought. We Elliott you did put up a good fight while we were trying to intubate you. You would not let go of the arm till you were put under. As far as it goes I do believe there a plastic or rubber tree in front of your room. The tall guy would have been the doctor. And singing the probably be the janitor Dwayne, that man started singing Christmas song early to early if you ask me. But as far as you being chased it must have been the paramedics. If I recall both were female. I was also one of the nurses that took you up to the Intensive Care Unit.

Replying to Emily that he remembers waking up to an older shaving him. Not sure who that would have been. Elliott said just my luck, but I think we talked about the show Law and Order.

Good Morning Aerial said as she entered room 562. Doc. Edens thinks we can get rid of the IVs. Bandaging his arm, Aerial asked if he’d like to be cleaned up or take a shower as long as he was careful.

It’s a nice warm day out there. How about a walk, or I’ll walk you ride patting a wheelchair. As Emily wheeled Elliott out of Mercy General. A warm breeze hit them as they turned onto the hospital’s river patio. So, may I ask what the reason for the interest in me is.

Well, the minute I saw you after you came too, I just knew I had to kiss you. Elliot laughed, asking. Isn’t there a rule about nurses and their patients? There is, but you are no longer my patient. Leaning in, kissing Elliot on the lips and a small flick of her tongue meeting his and taking the breath of both of them. Emily looked down, catching her breath, feeling the heat of either passion or embarrassment. Gripping Elliot’s hand, say I’ll get some for us to drink. Looking at Elliott, she knew she had more than just one kiss. Elliott watched the water flow. He knew that Emily was something special.

Elliott took a deep sigh; I was in research and development for the Breedlove Corporation. They mainly invest time, energy, resources in other countries. Mr. Breedlove sent me to Wuhan, China, for a research project. I asked my wife to accompany me along with four others. One of which was Mr. Breedlove’s wife.

Not long into our trip. Nancy and my wife started getting sick, so both Nancy and Courtney came back to America. Shortly before our return to the United States, both Nancy and my wife had been brought here to Mercy General Hospital. With breathing and flu systems. After nearly twenty years of marriage, she really didn’t care who I was with, what I was doing, or when id be home. As long as I brought home a paycheck, she was fine. You can say we put on appearance for appearance’s sake.

Within two weeks the world was heading into a full-blown pandemic. Within a month I started feeling sick. But by then my wife and Ms.Breedlove were dead. That jackass Breedlove blamed me for Nancy’s death. After the security guard found my wife dead in our front yard from 6 gunshot wounds. I knew Breedlove had, had her killed.

After he fired me of embezzlement and selling a business idea to the companies rival. I’ve been trying to get him on false termination. I once again caught the virus, and I guess that’s where we met.

Your dinner is severed said a nurse. Elliott chuckled asking if it looked better than breakfast did. Lifting the plastic lid, Elliott says I think I’ll pass to what looked like a cross between something Chinese and dog food on a bed of something that looks like rice but with a reddish-orange color.

Elliott hadn’t seen Emily in a day or two. A tall redheaded woman walked into Elliot’s room. She sat in our briefcase on the foot of the bed. She was introducing herself as Sahara Douglas of the Douglas and Douglas law firm. I’m here to inform you of your case, and we have settled. Here is a check for seventy-five million and if you’d sign here and here. Our business is done, and by the way, you now have twenty-five percent of the company. Turning around at the door, she said congratulations; you’re a wealthy man.

The good news is the doctors say you can go home as soon as tomorrow afternoon as long as you follow his orders. He wants you to pursue physical therapy and have someone to aid you till you are a hundred percent. Smiling Aerial mentioned that she’d bet his wife would be happy to get you back home. I’m no longer married. Ah, Ah, my wife passed away two years ago of a COVID-related death if you would happen to need anything or just someone to talk to, handing Elliot a blue post-it note and saying Aerial Hudson 533-7927. You have been an excellent patient. Elliot looked at the post-it again. Saying he’d keep that in mind. As she left, Elliott thought how sexy he thought she looked, just a bit young for a forty-seven-year-old man. Aerial couldn’t be more than thirty.

I hear you had some good news today. So going home tomorrow, are we. Smiling Elliot, you bet. I can’t wait for a beer and hot tub.

Standing by the hospital window Emily sighs saying she thinks maybe Elliott should stay with her. Turning around leaning with her back to the window. You know Elliott I think you do need some sort of in-home care or you could come to my place. I have a magnificent view of the city skyline.

Looking out over the city Elliott tells Emily how beautiful her top-floor apartment is. Elliot curiously asks Emily where he’d be sleeping. Well, Emily said leaning in and giving Elliot a kiss that sent both of their blood boilings. Or you can have the fold-out and watch the city all night. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision by rubbing Elliott’s upper thigh. Kissing him once again with even more fire than the first. That was something Elliott and Emily haven’t felt in a long, long time.

As soon Elliott was on his feet, he suggested that he return home. Begging for a couple more nights. Elliott agreed knowing fully well what she meant. As the fire in the fireplace crackled, shearing their third glass of wine. Emily learned in for just a few more kisses, Elliott reach for the buttons on her blouse.

Waking to the sound of thunder. Emily woke Elliott saying she was lonely, and the storm woke her, peeling off her shirt, with nothing else on. Both the fireplace fire and fire on the couch roared through the night.

Looking at the date on his smartwatch. Elliott had realized it had been nine months since he had left Mercy General Hospital. Between Emily’s mid-city penthouse and his own mountain cabin. He was almost back to normal. Elliott took a sip of brandy. Looking at his cell was a text saying “Because of the snowstorm I’m pulling a douple her in the ER. See you soon”. Elliott looked out the cabin window, watching the snow falling Elliott picked up the phone punching 533-7927.

The winter sun shines through the window. As the morning turned afternoon, the snow continued to fall. The lights from the Christmas tree softened the harshness of the falling snow.

Elliott was leaning back in the hot tube as she tosses her top at Elliott. Streping into the streaming water, climbing onto Elliot’s lap. As both Elliott and Aerial make passionately make love.

The door opens to both of their surprise. There stands Emily; the cold winter wind and snow fallow her into the cabin. Aerial jumps off Elliott’s lap. Showing everything that she had, including her red Christmas panties. Grabbing Aerials long red hair and throwing her into the snow.

Emily turned, ready to let all of hell loose on Elliott. Elliott is standing there with nothing but a mischievously naughty and a sorry smile. Emily, how wonderful it felt to be with Elliott. Ascending down into the streaming water, gasping Elliott, pulling him back down into the water. Kissing and forcefully asking him never to see her again. Saying she is young enough to be your daughter of at least your younger sister. Kissing Emily back, saying I’ll try. She was smiling at Elliott, saying that a good boy. Grabbing where Aerial had sat moments ago.

As Aerial watched the two, wishing it was her instead.

Elliott grabbed a blanket off of the couch and letting Aerial in, sitting her in front of the fire. Telling Aerial he was sorry, and it was his fault.

Aerial wakes to the sound of Good Morning. As Emily hands her a cup of coffee and a plate of breakfast. Whispering me

Smiling kissing Aerial on her morning lips. Saying see you at the hospital. Sitting next to the blue and red Christmas tree Emily played with her so-called spinach casserole. Excuse me, may I sit here. Smiling sure I guess. Still toying with her food.

Hello, my name is Daniel Bryan; I’m new here at Mercy. She was extending her hand to meet his. There was a long pause as Daniel sat, saying he’d just started in the cardiac unit. Really you’re a cardiologist? No, I’m a cardiac nurse. However, I’m am still going to medical school. Impressive, Emily said as Aerial approached the table. Emily introduced Aerial as a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit, continuing saying that she worked in the Emergency Room.

Elliott sat comfortably in his new SUV outside of Laroys French Bistro. Aerial pecks on the window of the SUV, smiling. Opening the door, kissing Aerial saying that it has been too long since they’ve been together. Yeah over a year, returning the kiss.

Looking at her phone there’s a text message saying DONE all in capital letters. Aerial kisses Elliott, say she had a very important appointment she absolutely had to be at. Elliott downs his seventh Guinness Dark. Tipping the brunette a hundred dollars.

Yes, sweetness, I’m on my way. Pick you up at the emergency room doors. By the way Emily I brought you a little something. Looking at the red swede box he held in his hand. Wondering Elliott thought how much longer could he get away with seeing Aerial behind Emily’s back. Especially when he was going to ask Emily to marry him tonight.

Listening to the local 80’s station turning left to go down Tyler Mountain to go to the hospital. Ready to slow halfway down Tyler Mountain, The SUV wouldn’t stop going off the edge dropping to the valley below.

As two champion glasses clink. A voice call across the overhead This is your captain James Danforth. Your fight should arrive in Dublin, Ireland on time. Another click Emily said I can’t believe we got away with it. Kissing Daniel Emily laughed look at the diamond ring Elliott was holding as the paramedics found him. Moments later Emily gets a text saying HE’S ALIVE.
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