Darkness within

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We all have a dark side. Some of us more so than others. A power with in us, driven by fear, anger, or hunger. Mine was driven by all three. Man kind was in constant chaos living in the darkness of sin. I had been thrown into such darkness by a man so evil even the devil himself would question his ethics. I was young an naive, he was handsome and charming. Like a real life Cinderella story he swept me off my feet. Pulled me from the pits of La, set me high on a pedestal in New York where he spoiled me with riches. For a long time I turned a blind eye to the notorious crimes that made Alexander Orlov one of the most powerful Russian mob bosses of New York. Love is a fickle thing and happily ever afters rarely happen for people like me. Warning: This story contains strong sexual violence. It is not for everyone. Viewers discretion is advised)

Romance / Thriller
Shelly Gray
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Ch1: Haunting memories

We all have a dark side. Some of us more so than others. A power with in us, driven by fear, anger, or hunger. Mine was driven by all three. Man kind was in constant chaos living in the darkness of sin. I had been thrown into such darkness by a man so evil even the devil himself would question his ethics. I was young an naive, he was handsome and charming. Like a real life Cinderella story he swept me off my feet. Pulled me from the pits of La, set me high on a pedestal in New York where he spoiled me with riches. For a long time I turned a blind eye to the notorious crimes that made Alexander Orlov one of the most powerful Russian mob bosses of New York. Love is a fickle thing and happily ever afters rarely happen for people like me.

For the most part he kept me separate from his dirty work. A lot of it had to do with keeping me safe, mostly it was to keep unwanted attention off of me. He despised other men looking at me. He had even sent one of his own men to the hospital with a few cracked ribs and a broken nose for walking in on us in his office. All the man might have seen was a sliver of my bare back as I rode Alexes cock in his large luxurious leather office chair. But that was more than enough for Alexander to beat the guy to a pulp. I was his and he made sure everyone knew it. After a year together he even talked about marriage and family. Things all seemed too good to be true, and they were. As per usual the truth always finds a way to show its ugly self. Fredrick the employee Alexander had hospitalized took me to a club I had never been before to expose Alexander’s darker side.

Clubs were Alexander’s forefront for gun running, that much I knew, but behind closed doors, in the VIP rooms for the wealthy hid the secrets. Sex slaves. Woman from all over the world as young as 17 being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves. I had lived in the dark for too long. This was something I could not ignore. My mother had been a sex slave, and even though she had found a way out the damage was already done. My first mistake was thinking I had any sort of authority over Alexander. When I confronted him about the sex slaves and asked that he stop, he simply laughed, but when he asked how I found out and I refused to tell him he threatened to kill my 8 month old Shepard puppy Cisco. He had gotten her for me a few months ago as a Christmas present to keep me company while he left for long business trips. She never took to Alexander and he knew it. So any excuse he had to get rid of her he’d take it. How could I chose a dog over a person. That’s what most people would ask, for me how could I not. I had yet to meet a human with the fraction of loyalty my Cisco had. Alexander took care of me, maybe even loved me in his own way but even as naive as I was I knew he could never be 100% loyal to me. Or to anyone.

To prove a point, to drive fear into me further, Alexander took me to a warehouse near the Hudson and made me watch as he put a bullet between an already almost unrecognizable Fredrick. It should have effected me more, but this world was nothing new to me. That didn’t stop me from wanting out. My first attempt to leave him landed me a black eye, not because he purposely hit me, but because I threw myself between his fist and Cisco, who had lunged at him when he grabbed me as I tried to leave. My second attempt was more humiliating than painful. He showed me what some men do to their sex slaves when they try to escape, or refuse to submit. He took me back to the club Fredrick had taken me. The Russian Doll. He lead me to one of the private rooms where he stripped me naked, tied me to some sort of contraption in the center of the room that stretched my limbs out making me look like a human sacrifice.

He watched from the dark corner of the room as other men touched me everywhere, like checking out produce before buying it. That’s how they’d sell the slaves, but after several degrading minutes, Alexander couldn’t handle it anymore and roared for them to all get out. He had a sadistic way of showing his love or rather his obsession for me. I submitted to him, made him think he had broken me. My third attempt came at a high cost. Reaching out to the Santinos, the god father family of northern New York and known enemy of Alexander’s was dangerous, but they were my only hope. I had met Rylee Santino’s at a piano concert once in Manhattan. (Actually they took Dante’s moms name Murphy when they married but everyone who was anyone still knew and associated with them as the Santinos). We hit it off really well despite finding out who our other halves where. Rylee had informed me how things were now that her husband Dante and her had taken over and tried to warn me about Alexander. At the time I wasn’t ready to see the truth, and Rylee wasn’t going to push. She simply offered me a way out if I ever needed it.

After months of torturous submission, waiting for the right moment when Alexander let his guard down, I reached out to Rylee. She knew all about being a ghost and laid out a plan for me with a back up plan just incase.

The memories haunt me like nightmares as I squeeze the leather covered steering wheel of my black Ford ranger with trembling hands. So consumed by my past I hadn’t noticed the red and blue flashing lights behind me. My heart immediately jumped into my throat as I scramble to remember why I’m sitting here on the side of the road. I catch sight of a deer in the meadow and it flashes before me. His jumping in front of my truck, my swerving to avoid him, nearly sliding off the road. The slight shock of it sent my mind spiraling into the nightmare of a life I left behind.

Looking into my side view mirror I come face to face with the outline of a very defined very large bulge! His navy blues hug his masculine thighs tightly. A large palm relaxes on the butt of his gun while long fingers strum the outside of the holster. My imagination runs wild as I picture the Adonis abs hidden under his button shirt and vest. Alexander was big all round at 6’1, but this guy is a behemoth in comparison. Even with my “all terrain” tires his waist line meets my face as he stands at my window before crouching down captivating me with his sparkling hazel, spine tingling smoldering eyes. I roll down the window as he leans in further on his massive forearm. His large kissable sweet lips turn up into a smirk. His square sharp jaw line bares a slight five o’clock shadow leading into short black thick pull-able waves.

Adonis cop: You alright Miss. Levingston?

His deep husky voice sends a pleasurable chill down my spine.

Sky: I’m sorry?

Adonis cop: Are you alright, looks like you skid a little.

Sky: Oh right. Yes. A deer.

He looks towards the front of my truck and back at me.

Sky: I swerved to miss him. He’s ok.

I pointed out to the meadow though the deer was long gone. I eye the man leaning a little close. So close I could smell the subtle hint of gun powder mixed with a little oak like he had been out chopping wood and shooting. Smells I find much more appealing then fancy expensive cologne.

Adonis cop: You’re very lucky. Those guys tend to cause a lot accidents and damage. I’m Cole by the way.

He reaches his large hand through the open window. I place mine in his and watch as he pulls my knuckles to his lips.

Sky: I’m sorry how do you know my name?

I say suspiciously yanking my hand back quickly. His chuckle vibrates, pulling me in even further to him.

Cole: Hayden’s a small town.

Sky: Right of course. Well I should get.

Cole: What’s your name.

I squint at him.

Sky: But you just said my name.

Cole: Everyone in town only knows you as Miss. Levingston. It seems so formal when we’re practically neighbors.

Sky: American flag draped over the balcony across the lake from me?

I questioned, as he smiles and nods. I’m not one to trust easy, not even some one wearing a badge. I’ve known my share of crooked cops but Cole! There was something different about Cole.

Sky: Rey

His eyes squint, as he raises a brow like he’s not sure if I’m telling truth. I was always taught to never stray too far from the truth. The further from the truth the harder to keep up the lie. Skyler Rey Levingston was my birth name. Alexander only ever knew me as Sky Levi. I knew it was risky using my middle name and full last name but it was my best option for situations like this.

Sky: I’m sorry I should really get going. There’s a storm coming.

He steps back and looks up to the sky just as the first drops of rain fall. He looks back down at me with great curiosity and a look of lust that had my thighs clenched together, and my teeth clamped down on the inside of my lip.

Cole: Drive safe Rey.

Sky: You too.

I let out a breath and drove off as he stood there watching. I couldn’t deny the obvious attraction, the strange pull he had on me. A ping of fear crawled up my neck as I pulled into the small cabin over looking the lake as the rain had started to pour down. What if he searches my name. What if Alexander discovers my real name and I’ve just given it up, put it out there on display. He’ll know I survived the fall and be at my door step ready to drag me back to New York. The cry of a Juvenal raven caused me to jump as I climbed out of my truck.

Sky: Jesus Raven you fucking scared me.

The big and still growing raven decided to take up residency, when I made the mistake of taking him in after he flew into one of my windows a couple weeks ago. I don’t actually mind so much. It can get pretty lonely out here. The closest cabin is half a mile down the road and the next one is across the lake. A slight chill hit at the thought that Cole was the one who lived in that house. The juvenile black bird hops further into the garage out of the rain pulling at my boot lace like a two year old tugs at a mother’s dress.

Sky: Alright you can stay in the garage till the storm passes.

He chatters his beak and hops up into his box next to the dryer as I close the garage door. After filling a small bowl with some cat food, hot water and tossing a few bites of my left over salmon, I take the mixture out to Raven. Yeah I know how creative naming a Raven, “Raven”. What can I say It just kind of stuck. I stroke his beak and the top of his head before turning out the lights and locking the door. I double check all the doors and windows making sure they’re all locked, while I boil water for tea and throw another log on the fire. I sit on my small love seat facing the fire with a blanket over my legs, tea in one hand, my new phone in the other, reading the newest story from Willow Grayson on her reading app. The erotic scene in the current chapter I was reading had my mind swirling with thoughts of Coles massive hands wrapped around my waist. My fingers pulling on his thick waves. The fact he was a cop made it even more erotic for me. I was use to being around criminals. Being mixed up with a cop was turning me on because it was dangerous. I know I could never actually be with him though. It would be selfish of me. If Alexander ever found me he’d probably just humiliate me again. Put my body on display while he has his way with me. But to find me with another man would mean their death. Cole Black is a genuine, small town raised, all round good guy. A big giant teddy bear with a heart of gold. At least that’s how Betty down at the general store describes him. Truth was I could sense it too, and a guy like him would never deserve Alexander’s wrath.

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