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Rowen is currently the Omega of the Terra pack. She came to this pack to be with her human twin sister that was separated from her when they were kids. She is abused and beaten by everyone in the pack including her Alpha. Though she lives in fear she doesn't let it deter her or break her. One day everything changes. Her alpha starts acting strange and her sister is attacked. What will she do now? Will she be able to protect everyone she cares about and will she find happiness in her life?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The air was cold outside but I really could care less. It’s not like I hadn’t felt this cold before living in New England. Besides, winter was always my favorite time of year. The snow that had just fallen on the ground was starting to crunch under me as a thin layer of ice formed on the top of it. The tree line to the forest was just up ahead. I wanted to just take those final steps and run through the waking forest to get some exercise. “Get inside you fool!” a voice called from the direction of the house.

I tensed; terrified for only a moment before I realized that it was only Hannah the pack’s house keeper. A human, she was kind to me and always looked after me. I quickly listened to her command, which made my wolf frustrated that we were complying with a human’s wishes. We obey everyone here, but a human can I at least have one person that I don’t have to listen to. She whimpered in my mind. I answered her sighing “I’m sorry, but she did it because she was worried about us. I know this is hard for you but we’re not staying here for us; we have to behave.” She huffed in defeat just as I was coming to the sliding door leading into the kitchen of the pack house.

“What were you thinking going out there in only a bed sheet, and bare feet none the less!” Hannah lectured pushing me further inside the house. I was silent I really didn’t have an answer for her. I just wanted to go outside to enjoy the snow; my clothes were all torn yesterday. The memory of yesterday flashed in my mind and sent a shiver all around my body. Hannah took the shiver as a sign I was cold and pushed me towards the already lit fire in the living room. She ushered me to the couch, but I knew better and sat on the wood floor.

I sat there in silence looking into the fire, wondering what to do about clothing. I didn’t have any others here I had traveled all too lightly when I came here. Just as I was lost in my thoughts loud steps came billowing through the room. I shot my head in the direction of the stair case, where my alpha was. He looked around almost worried for a moment before he spotted me. Hannah who had been brushing the tangles out of my hair on the couch greeted him cheerfully. His gaze never left me and he abruptly ordered Hannah to leave the room. She listened; by the looks of it his alpha powers were strong enough to have an effect on even non-wolves. She quickly scurried out.

“Where were you?” He questioned me. “Here” I said as I kept my head low looking at his feet. He slaps me across the face and I fall to the floor. “I can smell the outdoor air and fresh snow on you. Now where did you go!?” He booms making me quiver. “I....I” I tried to stutter out, my sore cheek making it a little more difficult to answer than I would like to admit to myself. My wolf is snarling in my head wanting out so that she could tell this man off. “Answer me” I can tell he’s becoming more frustrated as the moments tick by. “I was just outside to looking at the snow, I didn’t go anywhere. I was right by the pack house. Hannah called me in and then I sat by the fire.” I finally managed to spill out picking myself up.

I was stronger than this. I begged for a place here, I wasn’t giving up. I may be an omega here but I will not give up my pride. The alpha gene inside me grew to power and I did something very stupid, I picked my head up. Alpha Chase’s eyes and features darkened at the presence of my eyes on him and I quickly shifted my head back down. I was now terrified of what was going to happen and there was no chance that my Alpha didn’t know about it. I could tell Hannah was looking in on everything that was going on. Hopefully whatever he was going to do wouldn’t scar the poor woman.

Swiftly he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I squeaked and wrapped my arms around his back for a moment afraid that I may fall before I remembered my boundaries and quickly released him. He simply grunted tightening his grip on my waist now making it very uncomfortable for me. He climbed the stairs almost two at a time; I tried to stay as still as possible. The last thing I wanted was to squirm and make it worse for myself. Or cause a ruckus and wake the rest of the pack up to add to the torment. He walked promptly down the hall and even from my upside down view of the world I knew where we were going. My stomach began to churn and ache, I was in for it now. Didn’t he do enough last night? My wolf whimpered also afraid of her Alpha at this point.

He came to his door and opened it. I quickly ducked my head from the door frame, I already hit my head on that once and I didn’t want to do it again. He set me down on the carpet of his room, I stood there unmoving. No way was I moving without him telling me too, that will only piss him off more. All of a sudden my wolf started to freak out and take over control. Let me out right now! I need out! She started fighting me at every turn the more I tried to keep her locked in my mind the harder she fought. She was so frantic I didn’t even have time to ask her why, what Alpha was doing shouldn’t scare her this much by now. I gripped my head trying to gain control of her polemic fight in my mind. Alpha noticed and grabbed my wrist, “What’s wrong?” He asked in a stern uncaring tone. His touch caught me off guard and gave my wolf the moment she needed to take control.

She took full control of my body and pushed Alpha Chase back and reached for the door that he had just closed. Before she could make her escape we were grabbed by the waist and thrown into the bed frame. My head snapped back into the hard wood and I grabbed the back of my head as I brought my face to my knees. When Alpha pulled me back he forced my wolf back down and though she was still vigorously fighting inside me, I was now too afraid of what was going to happen if I didn’t have a lid on her. After fighting her for a little while longer all of a sudden she whimpered and sunk so deep into my mind that I couldn’t even feel her. What was going on? I called to her over and over again and she just didn’t answer me.

As I tried to comprehend what was going on with her my understanding of the current situation finally came to the forefront of my mind. I had just tried to run from Alpha, the last time I tried that. Oh god, oh no, this is going to be terrible. I hadn’t moved my head since I had brought it forward to my knees. I wanted to stay frozen and hope he would just leave, forget I was even there. But I was reminded that if I just own up to it then he may let me go easier. So I brought my head up from between my knees. He had sat down in his desk chair and was staring intensely at me. The anger was evident in every muscle on his body and face. “I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me.” I stated straightening up leaving behind the sheet that had once covered my naked self. He had seen it all anyway, what was the point in being self-conscious.

He glared at me as if trying to gage what exactly I was thinking. “Bed, ass up” was all he said to me. Here we go. My ass was probably already bruised from last night. God this seems so unfair I wasn’t even in control when I reached for the door. I climbed on the bed on my hands and knees and left my ass high in the air for him just like he had commanded. I was in the position for a few minutes placing my face so it was away from him. Before long I heard the sound of his footsteps coming towards me. I gripped the sheets in my hand preparing for what was coming to me. I shut my eyes so tight that I felt them begin to water, but it wasn’t tears. Never would I allow this man to see me cry. Of all the things I would show him my tears would not be one of them.

His hand came down on my ass fast and hard. My whole body jumped forward and I let out the slightest whimper. Without a hesitation the next hit came against my skin. He continued this treatment, smack after smack. After time I was so numb that I relinquished the sheet from my death grip. I knew the combination of my wolf missing to keep me supported, my body’s brutal treatment and forcing myself to keep all emotion out was going to shove my conscious into the darkness. I could feel myself beginning to fall into the dark corners of my mind when I realized the hits had stopped. I didn’t have the energy to do anything so I stayed there unmoving. I tried to focus my ears so that I could find where my Alpha had gone. With my wolf still buried deep inside my mind I couldn’t find the willpower to use my wolf’s abilities. Suddenly without warning I found my Alpha.

He forcefully shoved his entire member into me. I let out a shriek of surprise and pain. He didn’t pause for even a moment and only moved to keep me pinned to my spot when I had impractically tried to crawl away from him. I let him do what he wished and didn’t fight him. This wasn’t the first time and I can only assume that it wouldn’t be the last.

I had been in this pack for almost three months now and this was not the first time I was held by the Alpha. As an unmated omega I can say that it wasn’t even the first time being held by a male wolf cruelly. This is what it means to come into a pack from being a rogue. Dirt was more respected than this type of omega. But I had a reason for being here, and I had fully agreed to stay here knowing this was going to happen to me. There was someone in this territory that I wanted to protect.


I was once the daughter of a mighty Alpha from another pack to the north. Though I was his daughter I was hidden from the rest of the pack and father wanted nothing more than to keep me far away from pack life. He didn’t do it to be cruel. In fact my father loved me very much and took care to treat me just like a princess. He kept me from the pack because of what had happened to my mother. My mother was human, but had powers no one could explain. A power to heal wounds, this power is one that any pack or human would wish to take advantage of and study. My mother found my father and they were madly in love mates. This love brought my twin sister and me into this world. Twins were not as uncommon in wolf pups as they were in humans. Though, unfortunately, my sister and I were not as alike as we would have hoped for. My sister was complete human and had no trace of the wolf gene in her genetics. There is a decree that any child born without the wolf gene cannot be accepted into a pack and they must live with humans.

So my parents were forced to send my sister to a human family that was very close to us. We would visit often when we were younger, then suddenly all the visits came to a screeching halt. My mother went into a state of depression from not seeing her baby. My mother would lash out at me and blame me for being the only one born with the gene. My father separated us to protect me from her harsh words and treatment. I didn’t blame my mother, she was distraught with emotions and I truly believe that all the things she had told me she didn’t truly feel. But, either way my father separated me from my mother, and when I grew the same powers as my mother he kept me away from all others to protect me from prying pack members. My father did all that he did to protect me.

I had my own little house with trusted servants and my father would see me every day without fail. But, I had no friends of my own age, none, human and wolf alike. That was until the year when I turned 10 and a 13 year old boy wandered his way to the back of my cabin. I quickly rushed out excited to meet a new face. The boy was simply lost and was looking for a way back to his vacation cottage. I, excited for the company, showed him the way back and he promised to come back the next day to play with me. Every day for an entire summer he would come and we would hang out and talk. Then one day he just stopped coming. I assumed that summer was over and he was back in school. Then the next summer he came back. Every summer my one and only friend Jason would come and visit me, bring me presents and give me the friendship that I had always longed for. Our relationship was something stronger than love. We did love each other, but not romantically. We would hug and I would cling to him, sit between his legs, to anyone looking at us we looked madly in love, but it wasn’t like that we were just comfortable in each other’s presence.

My life kept moving forward and one day my father came to the house and informed me that my mother was pregnant again with a little brother. I was elated, though I held the Alpha gene I did not want to run a pack. I was happy my father had an heir that he could show to the pack without fear. As the pregnancy progressed I started hearing my servants making rumors about there were members of the pack outraged that the heir title had been stripped from me. That they felt it was going against all rules to take it away from the first born. I can assume that these people felt that I had not willingly forfeited my title, well it wasn’t exactly a hard leap they knew nothing about me, some had never even seen my face.

After my brother had been born I confronted my father about the fears I was having. He told me I was foolish and that everything would be fine. He effectively shut down any way for me to understand what was going on in the actual civilized part of the pack. That night after we finished our conversation I followed my father home. I was appalled to hear what all the pack was gossiping about and I made a decision that my presence, however little it was, was not a positive prospect for the pack. So I packed some things essential to me and left. I effectively became rogue for my family. Not that I regret it, never I know I made the right decision, but it was still hard to let go of my life thus far. I just told myself this is what life is about to move on and take new paths.

Only a few months after becoming rogue I decided to find my sister and reconnect with her. We were twins I felt like it was a necessity and a journey I was always going to embark on. After a month of digging around files and archives I found her. She was in a territory that was owned by the strongest pack in the north the Terra pack. In all the excitement of finding my sister I rushed to where she lived and spied on her for a day or two. This sneaking around unfortunately made the pack look at me as a threat and I was forced to leave before I was caught. I did find out about my sister though. She was married, she looked so happy. The man that she had married was Jason, because I guess it really is a small world after all. They had two small boys and I couldn’t wait to meet little Mitchell and Dyson.

I continued to gain more information on my sister and her husband from far away. To others it most certainly looked like I was a stalker learning everything about her next victim. But, sometimes when your alone you don’t really care what others think about you. I found out something though that made me scared for my little sister. Jason was a criminal, part of a street biker gang and apparently proud of it. I had followed them a few times when they left to take shipments of guns and coke, their “business”, to outposts out of the territory. I saw those two together and I knew she was safe with Jason, I saw the love they shared. But what about his life, would she be safe in that? The day finally came when I couldn’t take it anymore I had to show myself to my sister. I had to speak with her.

I thought I had a full proof plan. Run straight to my sister, the attackers wouldn’t come after me with humans around and simply stay with her until I got a chance to explain the situation. The only problem to my plan would be convincing the Alpha I meant no harm. So that’s what I did. The failure of that plan came swift and unexpectedly. I had made it into the territory and all the way to my sister. I got to her and she recognized me immediately giving me a warm embrace. What I hadn’t expected though would be the wolves that were chasing me to come barreling out of the woods straight to us.

When I stopped being able to visit my sister all those years ago I was because the human family that she had been with was attacked by rogues and had taken my sister thinking she held the healing gene. According to my sister she was with the rogues for several months before the Alpha of this area destroyed the rogues and adopted her into his family. Henceforth making the current Alpha, who is her adoptive brother, very protective of his little sister and he would do anything to protect her and his nephews. The shifters that had chased me chained me down and started hauling me away even with the protest coming from Amelia and Jason.

When I was thrown in front of Alpha Chase I gave him my life story. I begged for him to let me stay for my sister. My sister had come to the pack house and had expressed her wish for me to stay as well. In retrospect I knew it wasn’t my pleading that convinced him to let me stay, it was Amelia’s. It was only when I was in the presence of both of them that I had realized that Amelia seemed to be Alpha Chase’s mate. The way he spoke and treated her was so different from anyone else in the pack and especially me. So I was allowed to stay but only as an omega. I was very aware of what happens to female omegas in packs and knew the shame that it was to be an omega, a position that is usually reserved for traitors and those hated by the pack. I was adamant on staying though, and my mistreatment wasn’t going to stop me from protecting my sister, Jason and their boys.

The first week in the pack were actually very warming and welcoming. The pack wanted nothing to do with me what so ever, but it didn’t bother me seeing as how I spent most of my time at Amelia’s house or Jason’s club house. I was getting to know my two nephews and I sincerely thought everything was going well. That was until I became too bold for my own good. I had grown curious to Alpha Chase’s relationship with my sister. I had never heard of an Alpha, or any wolf, letting their mate go and even have a family with another man. When I asked the Alpha in his office one night is when my hell began. He grew furious with me and told me it was none of my business. I had told him that I meant no disrespect and that I only wanted my sister and Alpha to be happy. Which was the truth, I wanted them to be happy and I knew that Alpha Chase wasn’t happy seeing her with another family. He raped me that night. He held me so cruelly and forcefully that as a virgin I knew I would never be able to look my mate in the eyes if I ever found him.

I passed out and when I woke up the next morning Alpha Chase told me that I was now my sister’s replacement and that I would stay with him. I kept his bed warm each night and followed his orders. He had a BDSM tendency so I was always covered in bruises and scrapes from his treatment. I spent more time in the pack house, which brought on more abuse from the pack. Alpha only allowed me out so that I could see Amelia and my nephews. He had told me countless times to stay away from Jason. There were times when my defiance got the better of me and I would see him, but I would always be caught. I would always be punished.


Alpha Chase finished and got off me he stood to his full height looking down at me. “Clean up the bed. Don’t leave the room until I come to get you understand.” “Yes, sir” was the only answer I could muster. My body ached everywhere and with the combination of last night and this morning I needed a shower badly. There was one thing that I did thank Alpha Chase for and that was he was always careful to use a condom and never finish inside of me. Even then, I knew it wasn’t for me; he didn’t want to have to deal with it if I got pregnant. I knew that but still I was grateful that at least that wasn’t something I would have to worry about. The door slammed shut and I tilted my head so that I could see the clock 10:13. I remember when I had come down stairs that morning it was around 6, so I can only assume most of the pack heard that morning rumble.

When my body finally came back into my control I sat up, sore and feeling disgusting. I removed the fitted sheet and blankets from the bed and put them in the hamper. Along the way I picked up the remnants of the clothing that was torn yesterday and threw it in the trash. After I was done making the bed with clean sheets I wrapped myself in the sheet I had worn outside that morning and headed to the balcony. I desperately wanted a shower but I knew that if I used Alpha Chase’s without permission I would need more than just a shower to fix myself. I looked out into the vast area that surrounded the pack house and longed to be outside running through the forest. “Don’t you agree?” I called out to my wolf. No answer. Was she still not going to answer me? “What’s wrong?” I pleaded with her trying to get her to give me any information. I was out on the balcony trying to come in contact or at this point even feel my wolf when a scent hit my nose that had me freeze. I looked down from the balcony and saw Alpha Chase staring up at me looking furious. GET BACK INSIDE THE GOD DAMN ROOM NOW! His loud authoritative voice smashed into my mind. I whimpered at the headache he had given me and rushed back into the room shutting the doors behind me. Sinking to the ground I kept trying to contact the other part of me.

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