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She was free like a butterfly, beautiful, free and delicate. like one wrong Move and she will be broken into pieces And he was the ruthless lion who gets want he want, by the snap of fingers he can make the whole world kneel in front of him. What will happen if he wants her now Elina smith a 24 year old doctor who can do anyhing for her family. A pure soul who thinks that world runs by laws poor thing doesn't know that world also can be run by a sinner who doesnt know what love is. Nicolas Black. He is the ruthless, cruel and killer who torture his enemies with this extreme tactics that the person begs for death himself. He is forbidden to have her he knows that but she become his possession and obsession

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Chapter 1

No one's pov

As soon as she reached her aunts house she sped up to the door stopping in her traks when the cab driver said that she didnt pay him for the cab.
She turned around and asked for how much it was while searching in her bag for her purse. She gave him the money without even taking the change. " keep the change" she said running in the house again stopping dead at the sight infront of her.

Her brother whom she loved more than her life was sitting on the couch of the big haveli with bruises on his hands and legs. the cuts on his cheeks and the swollen eye. Her legs took her near him without even thinking. Her eyes started burning. He gave her a weak smile "oh! You are here".

"Brother this..." she stopped couldn't complete the sentence. A tear rolled down her eyes then another and another.

"Its nothing...its...its not hurting trust me...."her brother didnt know what to say so he said the first thing that came in his mind.

Her hand came near his face touching the cut on his cheek receiving a low hiss from him. "Liar" she said so silently that he couldn't have heard if he was not close.

"Who did this?" She said not before taking an long exhale.

Only then she saw how her whole family was. Her aunt sat in the corner of the room tears evident on her cheeks. Her sisters sitting beside her consoling her and her uncle was nowhere to be seen.

probably her uncle was still in his office he will be angry if he gets to know what happened to his beloved son and will definitely beat the shit out of him for falling in love. This really made her think that is falling in love a crime? Was it that big that her brother has to go through thus much suffering just because he love someone? If thats the case she really doesn't want to take the risk in falling in love.

"Her brother" he said making her head turn in his direction.

"Wh-what?" She asked forgetting what she asked him.

"Sophia's brother. Who was in Canada all these years came back and as soon as he came back the first thing he saw was us and found out that we loved eachother and this happened". He completed motioning at his body.

"Lets go to the police" she immediately stood up taking his hand in hers in an attempt to get him on his legs.

"Do you think that that will solve the problem?" He said adding a chuckle at the end like nothing happened.

"Ofcourse it will"

"Do you even know who he is?"

"No. And i am not even interested to know"

He let out a troaty chuckle making her confuse.

"He is the most powerful mafia. The leader of 'the cursed mask' even the cops are scared of him and it wont solve the problem but make it worse. So dont be stupid". He said in an warning tone knowing that she would go to the police no matter how much he warnes her.

"Ok so...we cannot go to the police..." she paused a bit "but we can probably go to the doctor right?".
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