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The Billionaire's Decision (Sample Only)

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This is the sequel to The Billionaire CEO. Please read that book first so you will not be confused about the storyline. What happens when a mysterious woman appears with paperwork stating Danny belongs to her? Can Danny get out of this contract with this mysterious woman, and how will their life be when Danielle finds out she is pregnant with their child? Follow their adventures as Bailey's and Cory's romance becomes more serious and to light as the book goes on.

Romance / Action
Marie Hudson
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The Other Woman

This is the sequel to The Billionaire CEO. Please read that book first not to be confused about the storyline.


“Hello, baby! I am so glad you’re finally home. I have been waiting for over a week for you to return off your trip” finally, she is wrapped around him then kisses him on the cheek.

Ericka, what are you doing here?” Danny untangles himself from her.

“To cash in on our contract. We have three months before we will be married to each other, just like the contract says,” as she tries to reach for him again.

Danny has a scowl on his face now as he looks at her. “I don’t think so; I don’t know how you think that is going to work either. You are trying to pull something, but it is not going to happen.”

I look at him with my mouth still open. “Honey, you know this woman?”

She turns her eyes on me, then wrinkles her nose up. “You must be that skank that took my future husband without my knowledge. Too bad that you have to get a divorce now.”

“Don’t you talk to my wife like that! If you value your life, then you had better keep that smart mouth of yours shut” Danny steps away from her, walking over to me.

She follows, jabbing a finger in his back. “I can say whatever I want to. You will have to deal with me for the rest of your life!”

He moves so fast that he has her pinned against the wall before I can blink. She screams out in pain for a second then looks at him while groaning. “Oh, so your one who likes it rough, huh? I can handle that” as she runs her fingers down his chest.

“SHUT UP!” his evil eyes are focused on her fully now. “I don’t want to hear your mouth. If I do, it will be taped shut, and then you will be put into a place where you will never see the light again. Understand?” his voice is low and deadly right now.

“You can’t do that to me!” she looks at him with wide eyes. “I am supposed to be your wife here soon.”

He leans in close and looks at her with fire in his eyes. “I can do whatever I want. If you ruin my life, then I can also ruin yours. Have you forgotten who I am?”

“That is why I am here, to marry the man that everyone is scared of. I know I will be safe on your arm, and no one will ever try to do anything to me since they fear you so much” she smirks as she runs her hands over his muscular arms.

“They may not, but what says I won’t?” he has backed away from her a little but still holding her against the wall. “I can also promise you that you will never be on my arm. I have the woman I want on my arm, and it is NOT YOU!” he makes sure he says the last two words very slowly.

She laughs then locks eyes with me. “Have you forgotten? We have a contract that says I am supposed to. Not her” she points her skinny finger in my direction.

“That contract is dead to me. You left the county but now showing up just a few months before it runs out? Something is not right about all of this” Danny shakes his head slowly.

“I came back to collect on it. I was not ready to settle down yet, but now I am, and I’m here to be all yours” she has an evil smile on her face.

Danny smirks while dropping her off the wall. She coughs a little as her hands try to grab him. He moves away quickly as he holds me, wrapping me up in his arms protectively.

"DON’T touch me, you filthy whore” he growls at her in a deadly low voice. “I can not stand to be in the same room as you right now. Get out of my house!”

She regains her composure then takes a step towards him. “This is our house, honey. I will start having my things moved in here tomorrow. I hope your bedroom is big; I love big bedrooms.”

“Not one thing of yours will come into this house until I say so. It will sit out on the front porch, get rained on, and ruined if needed.”

She scoffs, looking around the house. “We will see about that. My truck will be here at eight in the morning. Hopefully, we can change this around some. It is too dark and dreary in here.”

She clicks her heels along the tile floor as she walks out the front door; he turns, slamming his fist into the wall behind him. I can feel the waves of anger coming off him. I walk up, touching his arm; he looks at me then immediately calms down. I grabbed my waist while pulled to his broad chest, holding me there kissing my forehead.

“I swear, this will not happen. She is not welcome here until we get this resolved,” he glares at his men that are standing around the room. “Do you understand me?”

He looks around the room at everyone as they all nod—servants, bodyguards, and all of us. We look at him, but I am very worried about him. He is raging in anger; his body is hot with sweat pouring out of him.

His dad steps forward, looking at the two of us. “I am getting mine out of where it has been sealed. It may take a day or two, but we have to have a court order to do it. I set it up that way to not be tampered with. Mine is the real thing and has not been looked at since the day we signed it; then it was taken to be sealed.”

“How could you do this, dad?” his body is vibrating in anger right now. “Arranging a marriage for a child like that?”

“It was a business deal back then” his father has straightened up to his full height now. “He had nothing to pay with at the time. He owed me a lot of money, so we came up with this deal.”

Steven steps forward, glaring at his father now. “This sucks, dad; it is not like we are pieces of property that can be sold off.”

“I know it was a mistake now” his father’s eyes are full of sorrow. “Then it was combining two families for more money and power. Now, I can see that it was a huge mistake. We will get you out of this, son, I promise” he lays a hand on Danny’s shoulder.

Danny’s eyes have tears in them as he speaks, “You had better. I will not leave her; I can not do that, dad. She is my wife, love, and soulmate all in one. It would kill me to have to let her go now.”

“You won’t; I promise you that. We will find a way out of it,” patting him on the shoulder lightly.

He grabs my hand drags me up the steps into the bedroom. My clothes are off me in no time, and so is his. He has me on the bed, burying himself deep inside me quickly. I know he is frustrated; he is pounding me hard and fast, no foreplay, nothing. Just our bodies are moving together rapidly. Soon, we both release as he puts his head to mine.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” his voice is soft with a hint of worry in it.

Smiling, I put my hand against his face and looked at him. “No, you were frustrated and needed to calm yourself down. This is your escape to be able to do that.”

He kisses me passionately then looks me in the eyes. “You understand me so well. What did I do ever to deserve you?”

I giggle a little as my eyes look at him. His hair is messed up, hanging down in his sexy face. “Put an ad in the paper.”

He burst out laughing then kissed me deeply. Laying down beside me, we lay there curled up in each other’s arms for a while. Finally, we get up, take a shower then head back downstairs.

Cory smiles as we appear in the room. “Well, did you work all that anger out of you?”

“Shut up; Cory” Danny gives him a look that is not very nice. “Keep your stupid questions to yourself, please.”

We all laugh at him then sit down to watch TV.

“So, what is your favorite” Steven looks over at me with a grin.

“I have a lot,” shrugging my shoulders, “Romance, action, scary, and comedy.”

“Wow, that is a big amount of movies that you like then,” Cory grins as he throws an arm over my shoulder for a side hug.

“I got one” Steven flips through the movie selection on the TV.

He puts on an action one. We grab drinks and snacks from the kitchen. I have fallen asleep on the couch in Danny’s lap when it is over. Bailey is asleep on Cory’s chest, and Steven is snoring on the floor.


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