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Karson Montgomery cold is ice doesn't take anything from anyone, but one girl with a not so kind history with. Karson one of the most powerful men with a big ego. Karson a soon to be owner of a mafia inherited from his family. Kennedy Remington a badass who doesn't care what anyone says doesn't let people step on her toes powerful woman with a powerful name. Karson and Kennedy only have one thing in common and that's owning a mafia. When two worlds collide will they make or break? His masterpiece is a storytelling adventure, with crimes, mafia man, friendship, love, and lust. And eventually, that will keep you on your toes, and something you won't want to forget. sometimes arranged marriage doesn't always the worst outcome. vera Karsons assistant or Ex lover, side piece. Blake, Kennedy's bother, work associated with a mean streak of revenge. both equal fears, both have more power than anyone could think about. with Karson owning the Italian mafia, Kenndy with the german mafia, how will two people find love in a hard, impossible situation?

Romance / Action
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Her kingdom

Kennedy Remington -

Between the naturally blonde curls in my hair, perfect oval-shaped brown eyes, pale skin like a doll. I had the "ideal sculpted face", cheekbones, sharp jawline.

I never have to wear makeup due to the fact that my skin naturally shines with the way the light, color freckles to last a lifetime, and perfectly pink lips, rosy cheeks. Precise shaped body.

I normally have guys who would flock over me, but I never had an eye on anyone. Most guys would say that they were astonished by my angelic presence.

Every guy I come in contact with would say they've been bewitched by my angelic smile.

but Karson...

He was different, he would "flock" of me rather than being mad by this, I allowed it.

Karson Montgomery was a special man but was feared.

with his presence, I couldn't help but feel myself being safe and protected, rather me walking around eggshells like I do most of the time.


I've been in the warehouse all-day taking care of unwanted visitors.

"I do just fine on my own, I've been on my own for a while. I don't need a man to tell me when and what todo. I've run a mafia for years without help, tortured people in unthinkable ways. Don't you dare try to tell me how to live my life?" I said with anger to the man I was torching.

this man had taken away millions of dollars from our business thinking he was gonna get away with it.

"oh hun, this is what I do best. You're sad little hopeless women who can't do shit."

I was at my breaking point, I wanted to kill the man, make it slow and painful.

"I don't let my dad, brother, any man tell me what to do... what makes you think your so special to tell me how to run this show?" I stated in his face calmly.

"oh, hun...."

before he could finish Karson had walked right in before I had even finished taking care of business when he walked in.

I rolled my eyes

Karson long, dark brown hair, blue eyes, tan skin, toned as can be. every time he came into a room he becomes equal maybe even more feared than 20 men together, thas saying a lot in a room full of criminals.

If I didn't have a history with him he would be attractive which at one point in time he was, but that's Over and done with.

Walking right behind him the bitchy Vera, I don't know why he still had her after all she's no good.

Normally Karson gives me the side-eye and tells me to point him to my brother due to us never wanting to talk. Today he meant business and he was headed right for me.

"KENNEDY" he roared out in his deep raspy Italian accent.

It felt like an eternity when the whole world stopped. One look into his eyes and all I wanted to do was take a dagger to his throat and slid it.

Karson Montgomery... He may be a feared man by many with a naked eye but to me he's my greatest enemy, who I would rather enjoy killing than being around. He has to big of an ego to see how any girl without eyes would fall for him and doesn't see the real prizes are the ones being smart about.

Ever since me and Carson were little our mafias have been in an alliance together so it was forced upon us as the two largest mafia's so it was a given to have completion while still being so close but me and Carson are anything but close.

getting out of my train of thought I noticed the face of anger on Veras face making me grin knowing she isn't happy meaning im gonna have some enjoyment taking in there anger.

"What the hell do you want? What crawled up your ass to make you king for the day?" I pointed back at him.

" our son of a bitch fathers set us up."

"What ever do you mean, they set us up when they thought we would be close friends?"

He walked close to me almost touching me at this point. looking straight in my eyes like he's pointing daggers at me, like am I supposed to feel intimated at this point? never give up on a challenge first thing my grandpa thought me.

" I mean they set us up for an arranged marriage."

I was shocked, it was like everything around me disappeared and I couldn't move. My father is making me marry Karson? now I know for sure he's gone mad...

I couldn't stand this man and he hated me just as much, without even having words could describe how much we could kill eachother in the up most violent ways. We never talked never made eye contact. I've never really had it in me to even look at him. I've always heard story's about him being the devil of the mafia, but I was... I was even worse at torture than him. He got his name due to his being a man.

"but...but G-Giovanni would never allow that." I studdered out my words I couldn't talk.

"oh he did more than agree to this he got the private jet sent over here and bought you a wedding dress and Karson a suit, for the courthouse." vera said with a roll in her eyes

what the fuck made her think she could talk to me this way? so help me I will reach other there and tear her eyes out without a hesitation

"he what?!?!?!" I yelled out loud.

"you heard me."

"oh I did more than hear you vera, why are you even talking aren't you supposed to be on your way to a whore house? or is that too nice for you?" while adding in "He can't make me, so you take your bitchy side piece and leave," I said with a smile.

I don't think that I have always had this hatred for this man it was more so I was scared of him at some point. yes, we hooked up one time, we were drunk at a bar and he was the only one there. what was I supposed to do? hook up with the bar tender? no, I was going through a re-bound and he was just Karson would to get into bed with any living thing with breast and a dumb enough bribe brain he comes across.

I cringed thinking about that night...

Three years ago...

It was my 21 birthday, I was all dressed up in nude heals black spaghetti strap, above the knee dress short dress. I wore my typical thigh belt thing that attackers your knives to your left leg, it may be my birthday but I still own a mafia.

I was looking in the mirror at my curled light blond hair, I didn't know if I wanted to cover my freckles or not, with makeup.

I decided to do a full glam look. rose gold eyeshadow, highlighter in the corner of my eyes, fake eyelashes, everything else. I decided to let my lips go natural due to the fact that there already done the way I love.

I was going out on the night in the town with my friends Sofia, Lucia, Megan, it was a girl's night just for my birthday.


we were in the car ride to a hotel to celebrate when out of nowhere a car crashed into me and my friend's limo.

I couldn't see or hear anything. there was a ringing noise in my ear making my head hurt, eyes blurred. I was having a massive headache and all I wanted to do was take a nap... but I had to fight.

I pulled a gun out of my chest, that I kept for safe measures.

I began to shot at any, and all moving objects.

"what the hell." I heard a deep voice call out, but something took effect, like I knew them.

I looked next to me to see a dark tan figure standing close to me.


"holy shit you're bleeding from the head," he said with a concerned tone

I looked up at him and the world went to peace and then I blacked out.

I could feel large muscular arms carry me.

I may have not known what had been happening to me, but I felt safe.

I wasn't one to have guys take me anywhere, to be fair I hated men. any and all men infuriated me.


Karsons memories (still on three years ago)

I was sittin with vera in my car. vera was trying to fix her dark brown naturally cury hair. she was putting on light makeup on around her emerald green eyes. vera never really wore that much makeup due to the fact I didnt make her.

vera was olive skin tone, brown hair, emerald green eyes, perfect straight teeth, freckle around her face. almost little to no acne. vera had perfect brows, sculpted face, check bones. vera smiled a lot and she had a fairly beautiful one to light up the room.

I only work vera so that her father, Giovanni doesn't kill me and my father.

vera is more of a one night stand than going to work together like nothing happened because I wanted to hold off for one girl.

a loud BAM took me out of my thoughts...

"Kennedy" I growled out in anger

she was the only car in front of me, its her birthday but I still keep an eye on her so she doesn't kill herself or get kidnaped she may be very hated among me but she's still my great to be soon ally one day when I take over the family mafia. she may be smart but she's still clueless and has a lot to learn.

I inmaitely start to run out of the car only to hear vera yelling "wait... Karson its not safe get back in the car and help me"

all I could do was save vera in that moment like I didn't have any other senses just going off autopilot.

then I saw her... laying there all bloody

"what the hell." I yell out in a calm tone to her, "holy shit you're bleeding from the head," I stated but with a hint of concerned in my voice.

she looked up at me like she was at peace for a moment before she soon blacked out.

then I did the only thing I could think todo I carry her to my car.

I may have not known what had been happening to me, but I knew if didn't safe Kennedy my dad would have at me.

Both flash backs ended, back to Kennedy's pov...

"for your information I work for Karson as his assistant and I am not a whore" she spat out at me, making sure to accentuate the word not.

"oh yeah because sleeping with your boss on the daily doesn't make you his personal whore." I yelled back at her.

she stayed quiet only to keep an eye on me then she spoke... "I'm going to the car if you need anything, don't be long with this bitch"

I rolled my eyes looking back at the poor excuse of I'm guessing now fiancé even saying that makes me want to throw up.

"Kennedy thats enough, we both know we can't get out of this and you need to stop referring to vera that way she's not that - she's no that what? ill wait you sleep with her all the time excepting me not to know and now you want to give in an marry me because poor old sick daddy can't do anything else but make your life miserable only to take what my family has worked hard for down too." we both argued at this point knowing there was no end to this other than one option, Marriage.

"I'm guessing you found out the plan then" my brother came in with a sickening tone

"YOU KNEW" me and Karson both started yelling back

"of course I knew everyone knows, well except this poor guy you got her man what the hell did you do to him" he looked at the man like he was gonna be sick

"you know how I always make sure I leave a another man ready for death right at the perfect tone tanned never back down. Just like now so I would choose carefully with your words"

"damn you sure know how to get them don't you Kennedy" of Course octavia one of my closest friends has always have some comment to come back at me with

"octavia, sweetie just because were friends don't mean you can talk to me this way when at work." I said with a roll me in eyes like I was talking to a toddler

"man you sure are the one with the tough today" Karson chuckled out

"no, I just found out I have to marry a one big pig man whore of a person in order to keep my greatest joy in life." I calmly stated back

"Anyway, just wanted to tell you, you have big man Pete in cell 7 saying he wants a better living quarters because he oh so needs it." my brother said changing the topic

"well i'd love to stay and chat with you guys but I have better to attended to" I said while walking away wanting to only beat the living shit out of someone or something, I'm thinking fire this time.

and that was the last of it as I could tell.

Last updated 05/28/2021
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