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After losing her parents in a tragic accident, she finds out she'd been adopted. Alone in the world she (Rebekah) is handed an envelope with instructions to an heritance her biological parents left, and travels to a place unknown specified in letters that include her birth name. She mourns the death of her adoptive parent's, and finds employment to filter her grief. Although she meets a great group of characters, will she find where she belongs, or will she let her life end in bitter sadness, and utter loneliness.

Romance / Adventure
Literally Lisa
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For the Love of Rebekah


The child of Bernard, and Gwendolyn Michel’ was kidnapped in infancy, and recovered, but by the deaths of her parents. During the process, her nanny fought at gunpoint, but hit on the head with a pistol, before the men in question threatened to kill her and the child. With the love of her unconsciousness, they took the child, and left the nanny left on the park bench bleeding from the back of the head, and awakened by police. She woke hazily, and prayed no one would hurt the child. For hours in Central Park, New York City, people passed her by.

People thought that the older woman slumped asleep, or entertained her freedom to live, and left her alone, but she was reported missing, and the police called an ambulance. Her report hours later, shows she came to herself, but could not remember much about the thug’s that had gone with the baby, and ran screeching away, in what sounded like a van, and then the doctors tranquilized the nanny, for how upset she’d been. Bernard Michel’ phoned the police over three hours ago, before they found their nanny from his description.

Her description of her attacker’s, the authorities were convinced, no harm would probably come to the child of the Forbes couple, Gwen, and Bernard Michel’, who had already been going insane over their daughter’s disappearance.

“Ma’am, it’s kidnapping. They took the infant of a prominent couple, and hadn’t asked for money. Yet.” They awaited a note of ransom as the police suggested, but their missing child tortured them. They told Bernard that the crime felt like an inside job, but who? Was it a third man, middleman, what?

For a kidnapping, all they could do was sit, and wait, and in New York, Bernard, and Gwen had nowhere to turn, and were determined not to run, but luckily he, and his wife were unfollowed in the Sultry Lands to secure their baby’s future. When the child was finally located, and seized, both parents Michel’ had already been killed. Bernard’s trusted lawyer solidified his childs trust funds through the charity organization Bernard financially supported, to seal for her future, and protection since birth, and before she was set for adoption.

With the investigation, and the case was solved, the headlines read: Baby Girl born to wealthy man killed. Business partners sabotaged, and embezzled large sums of money…” All over the news Bernard, and his wife’s names smeared, and the reporters stated: “Their associates gained access to his holdings in a plan to take over his empire, and capital shareholders were killed...” Bernard waited too long to tell his wife that their financial enterprises were tampered with. He’d been too distraught to inform her of what the total losses could be.

Bernard Michel’ went through his paperwork until the very day their baby was kidnapped, and accounting, his books evened out. Bernard Michel’ would have received all his losses in assets, but with his daughter held for ransom, the money they knew he held in stocks, and bonds were also demanded, and the sum was too much to liquidate in time. They meant to return the child, but Bernard could not lose his funds as quickly, so he begged for more time, in which they agreed, but did not say at what cost a percentage.

Bernard went to the police, and said he could still hear his baby girl gurgling in the background. His daughter was still alive, but he was fraught with the threats they made for more money they wanted him to deliver, and it seemed he’d never catch up. Bernard Michel’, and the authorities tried to find his daughter to spare her life, liquidating as much that had not been embezzled through several partners in business. He put his home in the Sultry Lands up for sale, and the studio, and loft in Manhattan.

The news of their demise made the culprits think he snitched. They went to his Manhattan home where his wife worked, and stored her famous artwork, and paintings. since the intruders didn’t appear to be people that could afford the property, they pretended to be workers from pest control, even though they weren’t due. Gwen was suffocated in her penhouse art studio, and Bernard lost his mind. He woke each day in grieving misery, and heard nothing of his daughter until two weeks later. Bernard received assurance via telephone, she was alive.

Newspaper headlines had a field day with Bernard’s story, and television further exposed him, and all his businesses, of his wife’s death, and not only detectives, but the police had hunches. Sooner or later her paintings would surface, or someone would crack. There was an ongoing investigation of suspects, and then a colleague ratted out the incident upon the death of Bernard too, after his wife, never thinking that their criminal acts could go so wrong, when he heard that the baby was resold, and Pete Derringer, although guilty, could take no more.

He demanded the location of the child, and knew he had to strike another deal, because although he wasn’t a thug, he was a criminal, and easily made a deal to keep their names out of the situation, and then informed the police when, and where to pick up the child. The entire story earned the front press, while protective agencies went with the solution for the child, foundationally, who moved as fast as possible to get her a new home, and a stable environment, and the remains of Bernard Michel’s estates were auctioned.

His brother Caliche West had to forgo any investigations given his line of work, yet accepted the proceeds, and transferred it to the child’s funds, and the authorities kept the incident quiet, once they knew who most of the culprits were, but too late for the child’s parent’s lives, in which citizens from all over felt saddened. Whoever caused Gwendolyn’s death, caused Bernard’s too. His oppositions back stabbed each other, and told who cut Bernard’s throat from the seat of his office clearing files. There was blood shed since it was a heist gone wrong.

Alive, or dead, the mystery of the crimes went through the process of elimination, a few weeks later was solved, and the baby was retrieved unharmed. Although tragically vast, the ruckus of Bernard Michel’s demise faded into memory, and the child arrived at the Derck’s. In the two days given for the child’s return, she was badly neglected, never to hear the sounds of her loving parent’s voices again. They were gone forever. While kidnapped, she woke to different faces, heard unfamiliar voices, and the dank wet atmosphere subjected to was vague.

There was nothing to her understanding. As an infant, the reality of her world was a blurry haze, and she became feverish. Her original assailants who knew Bernard Michel’, said nothing about having them killed. With both the Michel’ dead, shit hit the fan, and his associates became very nervous and wanted to return the baby, but she was sold. Too many hands stirred the pot, and the child was gone seven weeks, and very used to better love and care. Bethany, and Darren Derck happily adopted the infant who they named Rebekah Arlana Derck.

They were independently wealthy, and unable to produce children of their own to love, and paid well for her education, in which they would have it no other way. They weren a plain, lovely thirty-two, and thirty-four year old couple when she arrived. Their house-keeper Naomi, happily overwhelmed, attached to the beautiful bundle. Her captors kept her asleep most of the time with medicine so she would not be in too much trouble, but in a short time, her temperament had changed, which gave her the low fever.

The memory of Rebekah’s parents would have returned if she was able to hear their voices again, though when she arrived at the Derck’s home, sleeping from fever, she was a vision of beauty, and Naomi helped give her name.Everyone called Rebekah beautiful, and as she grew, she bonded with the Derck’s as her parents. Darren Derck cried the first time she mouthed a slobbery fistful, daddy. They, wanting something to love, tickled, and cooed the baby back to health from her trip, a never ending roller-coaster ride before the Derck’s adoption.

Some of the Derck’s colleagues, and a few of their neighbors, and friends expressed skeptism of the newcomer, most having children of their own. The Derck’s didn’t take their skepticisms to heart. Some of their peers felt as though a child might ruin their success, or had it been their success’ they thought? Bethany and Darren had never considered most of their employees or associates as superficial, and eagerly topped the recipients list for child adoption cases of that magnitude, and welcomed the chance to love a child

The Derck’s loved, and took good care of the baby, and she did not want for anything. Rebekah was such a good child that after her college graduation, the Derck’s were waiting to surprise her with a new car, money, and gifts. The Derck’s would have saved over one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars for her success. The money collected upon her parent’s death, traveled with her in a sealed envelope until her twenty- second birthday, but the Derck’s will never see that day, and were proud their daughter had not been superficial like most children.

Beckah worked hard, and appreciated the gifts they gave, and knew they loved her. She was more focused, smarter, and a lovelier child than their colleagues’ children, and sought to make something of herself that could possibly make the world a better place. The Derck’s owned their law firm for over fifteen years, and for their love of family, and people, two years into their law firm saw the needs of others, and built daycare, and playground facilities on the premises. Those facilities were used by their employees, and clients as well.

The front of the property commercial, but the back and sides of the premises extendable in which the Derck’s had reconstructed into rubber play areas, huge jungle gym, mazes, swings, sandboxes and for the older children to play. The playgrounds are enormous, with a sprinkler system for children to run through on the hottest of days. The firm provided a nursery for infants, a jungle gym, arts, crafts and games indoors. Their landscaped designated areas with trailing paths leading through grassy grounds, trees, and benched seating.

The three story, four hundred twenty-two square foot building, Darren’s grandfather left before he passed the bar. Darren, and Bethany were high school sweethearts, passed the bar together from college law school, married, and lived their life’s ambitions. Sharing responsibilities, and the care of their beautiful infant daughter, soon toddler, arrived years after they married. Meridian was almost eleven months old, and inevitably important she was placed as soon as possible.

Saddened by her story, but delighted at being able to care for her in time, they told her to be the most beautiful baby they ever saw. Darren, Bethany, and their nanny brought a nurse to help the baby back to health, and there, the Derck’s forever doted her, and they were a family. Rebekah was the Derck’s pride, and joy, and their blessing from the sky, and they, the parents she loved. Bethany, and Darren supplied Rebekah with love and all the comforts of home, secure and stable. They lived in one of the best environments a family would want.

The Derck’s had all a child could need, and felt they had a perfect child to love. She was a precious gift. Bethany and Darren for certain, could never be able to have a child of their own, for they had Rebekah who had no memories of her past, because the infant had not much history. Naomi was their live-in nanny for twelve years, and tearfully, she had to say goodbye, returning to her ailing mother in old age. Rebekah loved Naomi more than getting used to new help, she was the best.

Rebekah wanted siblings as other children had in their neighborhood, fared well witnessing rivalry between them, sometimes leaning towards evil. The Derck’s had a clean, loving, quiet peaceful home, and in the spaces of their law firm, and whimsically each year, the Derck holiday parties would include business associates from their law firm. Their parties included people who lived in their community, their children, and sometimes the playmates of Rebekah. They knew she was unknowingly adopted, and possessed a different birth name.

No one knew her birth name, or her biological parent’s existence. Rebekah was a creative and imaginative girl, who spent enormous amounts of happy times with her adoptive parents who knew she could not recollect anything that happened to heras an infant. The Derck’s were sympathetic to orphans, and it seemed they chose the perfect one, and their belief was that most were parented by evil people for the viciousness of money. Bethany, and Darren were lawyers, yet somewhat naive about the minds of the employees of their posh community.

People watched their Rebekah grow, and looked upon her in inappropriate manners, and made jokes about the type of girl they would like her to be, behind Bethany, and Darren’s back, and as she reached the age of puberty, she started noticing the changes in people, in reaction to her growth, became leery, yet lead a happy social life, and mold into a beautiful young woman. Her “friends” started to show their true colors of jealousy, but she remained indifferent, and focused, and a way to her salvation. Max opened her eyes to the world around her.

Many people, including the childless neighbor, and two work associates, had molesting minds. Rebekah wouldn’t have thought those people could be so cruel. Luckily she’d become untangled from Phelps that day, she might not have been discovered until later that evening. She imitates Mr.Bridger’s eyes back at him, and her adversaries hadn’t bothered her since she exposed Phelps. Not everyone who worked for the Derck’s was a friend,and Rebekah was a bright girl, and close with Maximal Indigo, whom everyone had an eye for.

Rebekah loved dance class, and acted in drama classes. She wrote short story plays for skit productions, and Bethany, and Darren adored her high spirit, she had a creative eye. Into the third year of college from winter break, she had not a lawyer’s instinct in her bones, majoring in interior, and exterior design, and minoring in business economics, and resources.

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