a Sultry Land

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Master Dane


Meridian thought the master of the manor made her nervous, but his sheepishness was the same as hers. She had just as much attraction to Dane as he had for her, but did not know it. She thought he smelled nice and looked good, but never said a word to her after their introduction. Besides a nod, Dane did not interfere with her work, and she could see that Dane was a busy man. He worked worldwide agriculturally, even making his town a better place, and Meridian could not slip without Dane to catch her fall, and Meridian felt that Dane was watching her.

He liked the way her hair, and body made his house smell, but little did she know, he always knew when she was around. Unbelievably, Dane was shy, and finally realized Meridian was not just a friend to Gordon, or Enid, but his housekeeper., and did not want to distract her. Meridian’s beauty said so much more than their awkward silence. The way she carried herself smote him, and he wasn’t aware that Gordon was helping Meridian succeeded. He thought Meridian’s choice of studies good, complimenting how well she, and Enid pulled the mansion back together.

It gave Meridian the confidence she needed, making bank deposit after deposit. In that short amount of time, the d’Anise pay was enough to live on that year. Gordon went with Meridian on a day to retrieve jewelry from her safe deposit box, and he saw that Meridian too, had a substantial amount of money. Her amount of jewelry to sustain her for an above modest lifetime. In the back of his mind Gordon saw why nothing at the mansion was missing. Meridian did not know what the future would bring, and . sought to tie that money into her future as best she could.

Meridian had to stay afloat while finishing her degree, so locking in her dreams for as little time, and money would make the start of her business possible. Meridian did not stand still, or grow lonely handling her life now that she, Enid, and Gordon could be friends, since they were all she knew. Outside the manor, she hadn’t yet created friendships, or bonds yet, why she was so happy for Gordon’s help, friendship, and then she kept up with her studies. Her house keeping job helped her to unwind from emotional depression she was suffering from the death’s of all her parent’s.

On the days at home when she felt alone, had no appetite, and spoke only if she had to, were night’s she cried silently, and hoped she could survive her loneliness. Meridian knew she had to sink or swim. She did the best she could to stay afloat, or in the game, and felt lucky to come across Miss Enid and Gordon. Dane kept his eyes on Meridian the entire time he’d seen her, and thought she’d been jovial in passing, but couldn’t help it. Dane was very attracted to Meridian who carried herself professionally, and a respectable young woman. She never knew he thought her beautiful, or caught his gaze upon her.

Dane certainly didn’t stare, and had to avoid her as well, but she fascinated him.Meridian was proportionate, and stood at a wonderful height of five feet nine, or so, and Dane stood almost six feet six inches tall, and had a thick muscular build. When he returned from his leave of the mansion after the funeral, he didn’t know if the welcome changes in the manor came about from a one time crew, or maybe even a few. Meridian was introduced as Meridian, not as his new housekeeper. Dane saw the lovely woman who kept his brother’s widow receptive, and stayed distant.

He didn’t want to come in between Enid’s happiness, knowing she’d been cooped up in the mansion many months, otherwise, Dane couldn’t take his eyes off Meridian, and favored his house in tiptop order, and she’d only been around the better part of six months. When he got back, it took more than just a few days, but finally did see Meridian, who he thought was a sight for sore eyes. Dane could not, should not, and would not have much to say to Gordon’s new friend, and was polite to the newcomer, and didn’t know who, or how his home was so together.

For years, Dane stated any concerns he had of their basic living to Enid Rae. Enid in turn would pass any of Dane’s messages to the staff, in concern was making sure the mechanics of the manor stays in one piece for everyone’s welfare, and to Enid, he’d made clear, any new help not fuss over his suites. Enid understood his request, and subtly made his message clear, his rooms are a part of a master key. Meridian left his suite undisturbed, and after a few weeks, greeted each other with a nod, and she a curtsy, since they seldom passed each other in the huge house.

Finally Meridian saw Dane had a dimpled smile. He never had anything to say to her but hello, and by then, they were fully aware of each other’s presence. Would the ice break, since that one day they made friendly eye contact? Dane tried to calm himself, smitten with the color of Meridian’s eyes. It was as if the first time they’d seen each other, the second time they passed on the first floor. Dane had never seen Meridian anywhere else, but at Enid’s suites, or the first floor talking to Cook, or Gordon. She smiled back at Dane, and then focused on her tasks, after all, that was why she was there.

Dane had a thing for Meridian, and thought her attractiveness daunting, but in a good way. Meridian worked hard, and as little as Dane knew about her, was of the little time he was there. Dane got used to Meridian in the manor, and actually liked coming home again. He felt badly he liked her, she was Gordon’s girl, and added life to their worlds. The mystery between Meridian, and Dane made her nervous to the point of butterflies. She liked working at the mansion, but sometimes felt his presence, and since he never mentioned she worked well for him, so she maintained to work harder.

With Meridian there from time to time, Dane felt a warm glow all over. She, and Dane would nod passing by, and in separate worlds, and possibly different reasons, their heart’s raced, and both of them were glad she wore musical headphones. Dane thought Meridian was remarkable, and different from the people who lived in the town all his life. He was skeptical because he did not know her, and couldn’t place her face to a family. Dane, knowing Gordon, would not have time entertaintaining romance, so what was it between them? Dane was protective of Gordon.

Despite her beauty, Dane wanted to know her background, whose family was she from? If he struck up the nerve to casually ask about her, he wondered if the butterflies in his chest would explode in front of her, for how he felt. Unknowingly, what it was, or why, Meridian too, had a fair amount of butterflies fluttering too. She, and Dane danced around each other ever since they met. Autumn finally started to breeze in when Dane, Ruben, and Gordon were out days, organizing fundraisers, and other charitable events, and Dane felt unusually tired.

He sat down in the foyer, and fell asleep on one of the new chaise loungers. He slept peacefully, having ideals on his mind, and his head stirred. Meridian came down the staircase and walked all the way to the front parlors to turn on the new timers she, and Gordon went to have installed the other day, leaving the manor later than usual, and thought to shout into Gordon’s rooms, goodnight, since she didn’t know he returned from his business trip, his lights were on, she heard music, but sang a cheery good night anyway, and then headed forth to the parlor rooms.

Meridian heard no response from Gordon, so he must have been back in his suites. She went to set the timers on the tealights they bought, because she would not return to work until three days, and would let herself out any side door, she parked under the shelter. The house alarms were set, and the doors self locked. She hadn’t realized Dane, and he hadn’t realized Meridian was in the house, that early dusky evening. Dane woke up, with his arms laid folded across his chest. His legs were crossed over the other, iand when he opened eyes, he saw Meridian.

Dane thought he heard her voice, and went about things with her the wrong way, but she squared instantly. The washer, and dryer ran all day with what not, and she stayed late because she, and Miss Enid were talking about the upcoming holidays, spoke about the past, and what they could change that year. Meridian entering by way back at Gordon’s suites was something he’d never seen her do, and he said something. He thought she’d been waiting in his room sleeping. Her voice echoed from that part of the house, and he heard her footsteps approaching where he laid half asleep.

In reality, had she been sleeping with his brother for money, what? Dane had become fully awake, and impulsive. She, thinking of her own laundry that needed doing, and her school assignments to get started. Moving through the main floor, she was informed of the season, Miss Enid said customary. Meridian began turning on switches to dimly timelight the exterior, and entrances to the manor, and all of a sudden, Dane chimed in, and Meridian was startled. She reacted both to him being there, and also to the tone of his voice, and accusatory.

In that split second, Meridian wondered if he’d ever spoken to her in that way unknowingly, since she wore headphones, cranking out at work.

“Young lady.,” He said, “You don’t have to pretend you’re my younger brother. I just can’t see the attraction.” Startled, Meridian spun around, and thought she felt something peeking at her, all along, and now she knew. Meridian moved away from the wall. She had to get to the bottom of his tone, and he scoped her out like that? Frantic and annoyed, Meridian did not know Dane d’Anise was in the house.

Aside from that once passing, they had never crossed paths shoulder to shoulder like that again, and so now they would become face to face, practically alone, and in the dark. Meridian thought she shook, but certainly felt heat rush through her. Sitting up, Dane leaned forward, so she could get a glimpse of him through the skylight, in what will soon turn into moonlight until a point was made, on either side. Dane wanted her to know, he was serious.

“I’m sorry,” Meridian offered, “But what do you mean? I don.. I don’t understand.”

“Oh, you know good, and well what I’m talking about Missy,” he said in a matter-or-fact kind of way. As if Meridian, who was tired, and wanted to go home, could read his mind, responded in kind, and fired back off in annoyance, innocently, and in defense.

“I apologize for any offense, but I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about.” Meridian felt as if she was in some sort of bad situation unlike any other, and resented him for what she thought he insinuated. To Meridian, Dane throwing his money clip onto the expensive cocktail table slid, speaking louder than words.

Dane offered Meridian a sum of money, more than equivalent to what she received so far, and by his actions, Meridian was insulted, he was trying to buy her off, and figured if he wanted to fire her, then just do that, because she would go.

“Are you trying to get my brother to fall for you, or something, because I could tell you, you’re not his type. Is it the money you want?” Meridian laughed, and with a sharpness, and was by no means impressed with his statement no matter how good he looked, what he offered, or how good he smelled. Sweet Dane could tell he might have made a mistake he’d be sorry for when he saw Meridian’s eyes flash.

They kept their voices low even though out of range of anyone’s earshot. Not Gordon, or Enid Rae, could hear them, and it was Cook’s day off.

“No sir, not that I know of,” she said, as if reciting the girl scouts honor. Dane knew he teetered on disaster, and should have thought before he spoke. Meridian poked, “Mr. Gordon, and I are just friends.” Meridian couldn’t count to ten in her head before she replied, “And for the most part, I have my own money.”

Meridian stood arms folded, and head held high, and in modern terms, Dane pissed Meridian off. She huffed slightly firm in stance.

“Gordon helped me get back into school, and I’m grateful for his friendship,” she spilled, and Dane just wanted her to slow down. He knew he got her upset, and almost didn’t care.

“School, really? Is that so?” Meridian raised an eyebrow at the man she didn’t know, or care if he was the master of the mansion. The mansion was where she’d base her interior designs for classes.

“Yes. He helped me stay focused, re-enter my studies, and we have become like family,” she said, “We are like family,” and since she’d thought she’d been fired, she smiled wryly, and said, “That is... before you came.” Dane thought, what a @*&^%$# pistol! He totally saw how clearly offended she was. and said nothing more. Meridian was beautiful. She looked at the wad of cash he threw on the table, and asked Meridian to take it, and she asked the handsome man what the money was for, and why he wanted her to have it? He seemed lost for words, and then realized her perplexity.

Meridian did not know what to call the master of the huge mansion, unknowing his intentions. She couldn’t care less if he laid what looked like five thousand dollars on the table, but for what!?

“What is that money for? I can’t take your money Mr. d’Anise.”

“It’s Daniel, but you can call me Dane, remember Miss?” No one calls Dane, Daniel. All right, she thought, but Missy? Hm. Dane did not hear a word, but it struck him, the way she tossed her hair away from him, she could’ve done without his crass remark.

Meridian was blatant, and he noticed she was in defense of her honor in response to Gordon, and as for the money, Dane realized she’d become very angry.

“And with that Mr. Sir, my name is Meridian,” she shot back, pivoting her thumbs in the directions of Gordon, and Enid’s chambers, adding, “Miss Enid and Sir Gordon call me that.” She was direct, but did not mention her last name as anything of his importance, as threatened as she felt. Meridian didn’t want him to know her full name, because she didn’t know him either, and didn’t know if he would spoil her name.

She thought he would find a reason to fire her, and then added, “They care for me as much as I do them, and for your home.” Her nose flared. She stood her honor. Dane focused squarely on her eyes when they met his. He looked good, very healthy, smelled divinely, and the sweet smell of her jasmine oil lingered. Meridian looked good, even as she got over, having to tell Dane off. She hoped the gorgeous man would not be a foe like she was to him, before understanding why his home was so afflicted, but asked herself, am I right about him after being so wrong?

Gordon laughed at Dane because he didn’t realize Meridian was actually their housekeeper, unknowing it was she, and Enid who redesigned the house. Dane assumed Meridian was hired to maintain upkeep, and rarely had anyone who worked for them visual. Meridian composed herself from heaving when their eyes met. Now she, upon approach, could see Dane felt badly, and hadn’t meant to be as much of the beast he was, although concerned on both their parts.

To Meridian, Dane was handsome, huge, intelligent, and loved by all, and Dane really looked so sorry. They were uncertain how the conversation would transpire. Dane knew he threw her off, and snapped rather gruffly out of his sleep. He felt guilty for finding fault with the young beauty, otherwise, he’d finally only heard the last thing she said.

“I hope you’ll call me by my name as well.” Meridian didn’t like being called, young woman, or lady, and had a special dislike of being called Missy. Dane paid Meridian’s, Mr. Sir remark no mind, and there, they paused, unrealized, they were in a much needed, face to face.

“Well, Mr. Dane, why do you want me to have this money?” She waited.

“Well, it’s for all the hard work you’ve done around here.” Meridian must’ve calmed.

“This place looks 100 percent.”

“Oh. Good,” she smiled less wryly than she wanted to.

“It’s so much better looking than when I left.” In better focus, perhaps she startled him. Dane offered the money, and compliment, and then seemed truly kind, she knew he’d been a reasonable man. His tone was changed, coming out of his sleep, and would naturally always be concerned for Gordon.

Dane was confused, and spoke to Meridian wrongly, and she, no longer a daydream, so Dane interjected quickly with truth when he replied.

“We had some relatives, and they swept through the place like bears, and I did not know it was you who fixed it,” he paused.

“Oh,” Meridian blinked.

“I’m glad we don’t have them for the holidays,” Dane added. Upon sight of Meridian, his heart ran as fast as his mind raced, and said, “And also on the account that I think you are as beautiful as the job you did here,” he stopped. Dane stood handsomely, and rubbed his chin in thought.

“I see,” said modest Meridian.

“Would you plan to stay?” What a relief to Meridian’s ears after all, and until then felt disappointed, and now, she was speechless.

“Oh, well..”

“We could use your great help around here.” Dane winced, and hoped he didn’t stumble his words when he spoke.

“I hope the pay was fair, and up to date?” His easiness made Meridian smile, and despite holding back their attractions to one another from the start, they opted to speak kindly.

Meridian figured that knowing Gordon, Dane was protective, and a coincidence Meridian was just as protective of Gordon, and Miss Enid from the start. She liked the way he, Enid, and Gordon regarded one another, but Dane never thought to regard Meridian as keeper of the house. Dane thought she was an estranged new friend, because their meeting each other was very few, and far inbetween.

“Oh. You think I’m beautiful, but you also think I’m trying to make moves on your brother?” Meridian raised an eyebrow as she paused, shook her head, and sighed, said, “I don’t get it.”

Dane was curious about the confident, and fascinating young woman. Meridian stood strongly before Dane, and now that he knew she was not just a friend, but employed by Enid, he should not have told her of her beauty. Meridian calmed, Dane changed his tone, and they broke the ice. Dane was a great beauty too, and wanted to know how often she came to work for them, and later when Gordon informed Dane, Meridian was his housekeeper, and who else did he think she was, he flushed a little, because now, he knew that she probably knows more about him than he expected. Dane was Dane, but he was breath taken.

He tried to hide his emotions of what could be a horror, or delight. Returning to a friend, and asking Meridian to remain, was to her delight, as she’d gotten over the beautiful part. Meridian was used to being called beautiful so far, all her life, so that in which wouldn’t faze her, but it had come from such a wealthy, and refined man for his age. Meridian recognized the gaze of a man who looked like he could be in love, and so she softened, because after all, she was innocent.

Meridian couldn’t even lift any marble art, and hit Dane over the head with it, so she had gotten calm, and settled.

“What do you do?”Dane noticed when they were in the house at the same time, Meridian stayed clear of him. Nonetheless, he might have thought she occupied a different position, bookkeeper maybe? Ah! No. Dane knew that she had to be his housekeeper, Cook would not withstand any hired intrusions in his kitchen, and he smelled Meridian all throughout the mansion. Her scent was even in places Gordon hardly frequented.

Dane swam at night, and relaxes in the hot tub, and noticed a week ago, clean towels were stocked in the cabinets of the pool house, with soaps, and lotions in the showers. The indoor, outdoor pools, are connected by the pool house. Every slate wall, and floor tile scrubbed into a shiny finish. Meridian felt better that the master of the mansion would like, or even hear her. It would make her life a lot simpler. Meridian was unsure what Dane was meaning, and so sort of shook her head, as if letting the last seconds scatter into the distance, and hoped she answered his question as best she could. Dane knew right away what a silly question it was to ask.

He had nothing to come up with to detain her, but he needed to, communication seemed now, or never.

“I come at the same time a few days a week, by eleven, and usually gone by four-thirty or so.” They coasted in each other’s eyes. That explained to Dane why their lives hardly crossed. Dane is out of the house most times at seven in the morning, and returns after dark. He travels usually midnight flights, and returns mostly late afternoons, those few times they might have met.

“I stayed late today, because Miss Enid is planning the holiday ahead, and yes, the pay has been more than fair.”

Dane’s business affairs have been for the good of people, and believed the right to happiness. Meridian didn’t know what exactly his businesses were, and to an extent, had neither Enid or Gordon, but as per always, Dane, and Ruben took care of everything. Coming down off the tone of his voice moments ago, Meridian realized why he treated her abruptly, and as he started speaking, felt his warm retrieval, and he was himself again. Now, she took his inquiries politely,in hopes he realized she’s a better person than he insists. Meridian did not play a game she might get herself fired.

Dane saw he’d clearly ruffled her feathers to the point of annoyance. He felt badly at the way he made Meridian feel, but his opposition had only been in concern for Gordon. Dane did not think Meridian could get anymore angry, so he became friendly, and even flirtatious enough to calm her before she left for the evening. He did not want any static between them, and was glad the air cleared before either Enid, or Gordon concerned. Gordon was certainly private, and had the kind of innocence not to taint. There was no use pressing the issue. Gordon is eccentric, and so attracted to a specific type, and with that, Dane, and Meridian shook off any innuendos.

Dane knew that Enid Rae and Gordon spent many lonely days in the mansion together, and he wanted to make sure they’d been cautious. Dane, and Meridian’s eyes coasted back and forth at each other, and he clearly saw Meridian as a friend. Gordon, and Enid had broken hearts as well, and lately, not enough dreams of their own. Boredom was the reason they ate, slept, and did not use the work-out room on the second floor. Meridian compassionately had a remedy to all that, played the giant flat screen television- before its time, to keep them company.

Meridian had gotten them out to shop for the bedroom ensembles, and the new items purchased for all the suites, and ran some of Cook’s errands.

“Oh, good,” Dane replied to Meridian working there. She was now standing closely to Dane. It seemed both minds went blank, and all of a sudden Meridian tilted her head, and Dane added, “I think you have done a wonderful job to the old place. It lifts my spirits, and I can tell Gordon, and Enid, are happy too. Thank you, Meridian. I can’t tell you how much you’ve done for us,” and then there was an awkward moment of silence.

Meridian made a move to dim the lights on, and Dane stood speechless, and stroked his hand down his goatee. In the dim din of sundown Meridian returned from the other ends of the parlors, off the foyer. She was setting low tealights.

“Is there anything else you want to discuss with me before I may leave, she asked?” Dane’s eyes had literally been a window mirror of his soul, captivated by Meridian’s lonesome beauty, and to him in that moment, nothing was in the spaciousness but her, setting the light by the farthest stand. Meridian could see Dane snapping into reality, as she waited for an answer.

Walking towards him, it was unlike Dane to feel jumpy, and realized how closely they stood again. Dane could not stop staring at her gaze, and thought her, and her eyes, most beautiful. Meridian for some reason, was Dane’s truth. She watched him shift his eyes off hers, and gave him slack, used to being stared at, and called beautiful. Dane felt awkward, and was disinterested in bickering.

“Oh, I apologize for holding you. Were you going to leave?”

“Well, I usually leave a lot sooner than this, and I don’t want to be in your way, so if there is anything else?”

Meridian could see Dane didn’t want to detain her, and was truly sorry for his actions, and didn’t know how he could make it easier. He couldn’t place her, and now Dane’s body language came into itself, and I was far less threatening.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to snap at you so hard a moment ago,” Dane said. Meridian stood beautifully, and understandingly. Dane still felt he owed her an explanation, stuttered, and tried to explain himself.

“It, It’s just that, I felt I was just sitting here this afternoon going over some things in my head, and I, I must’ve fallen asleep, and I, I have to admit, I haven’t seen you in a while, so I knew I thought I heard a voice it’s getting dark, so I realize I must have been sleeping. I’m sorry. It’s been a very long week.”

“No. Don’t be. It seems, we were startled by each other.” Meridian seemed consoling at that point, and granted, she rarely stays that late. Dane thought he’d babbled, trying to communicate, dusted back his hair, and stumbled a few words. Dane stepped forward humbly to Meridian and asked with a wince in his eye.

“I heard a voice, and then you appeared out of the shadows, or did you, and yes, yes, I’m concerned with Gordon, but now I know you’re not like that, well, will you forgive me if I insulted you, and accept my apology?” His asking for mercy made Meridian smile. Because he was so handsome, rich, and powerful, and asked for her mercy, Meridian, she thought a bit cute. Dane truly complemented her work, and took a chance to let her know how he felt. He did not take his eyes off her. He tried to avoid her since they first laid eyes, but this time, they met. They really met.

Dane was truly glad Meridian cooled off, otherwise, he didn’t want to risk disturbing her, who he considers a Goddess, standing before him. Meridian carried herself well. Dane placed both his hands on her shoulders as though trying to explain what he could not, and she captured him. Something transpired between them. Dane was smitten with the young woman more than he thought, and wanted to know all sorts of things about her actually, but the lump in his throat, his chest caused him to calculate everything he would say.

What would Dane say if he could? He was too tongue twisted. He heard Meridian speak, but was not listening. He’d never been that close to her more than a second. Their standing together felt longer than the period of time they’d not known each other after they met, filling all that dark matter of space, now as close as two atoms radiating in space. They would either rotate, collide, or join together. She still demanded eye contact, and Dane’s only thought was to grab, and kiss Meridian, with passion. How could he take her away from Gordon, or Enid, or them?

They just stared at each other, melting apart, while Dane stood there, and fell in love with Meridian’s voice. Her voice in the mansion soothed him, and her giggle, the same as when she, Enid, or Gordon hung out.

“No. Really, please accept mine. I apologize for startling you. I don’t usually stay this late, and this is your home...” Dane appealed to Meridian apologizing, and in the way he reached for her, and touched her in that instant, and she felt a stir inside she never felt, besides being on her own alone all those months, realizing Dane didn’t mean to offend her.

Both of them were lacking a human’s gentleness, and the lack of love hurt. That moment became intense, as if two people shared the very same secret. They weren’t angry anymore, and attracted sure, but was it good chemistry? It was. They were focused, and despite their age differences, were nice, and could flirt, they should. Against no odds but loneliness, Dane, and Meridian would make an attractive couple, but they neither would think their attractiveness was what life was about. It was more than that, they kept looking back at each other, and could not shake those butterfly feelings.

Meridian, and Dane were surrounded in sheer beauty, and the grounds on the outside of the foyers blew cool, and beautifully intoxicating fragrant flowers in the air. They wanted for nothing, and were stuck, and their gazes while they spoke were something neither of them could explain, but warmth surged through their bodies. They both felt they needed a little more to talk to. Dane was lonely for a long time, and dreaded Meridian to simply walk away. , because he would have no rights to her emotions, and wanted so badly to be there, as Meridian almost held a tear in her eye.

It would be the last they should have to speak, and again like two ships passing in the lonely, lonely nights. Meridian was no fool. She saw Dane liked her, so she tried to step away, but Dane stepped towards her, and she didn’t move. Meridian stood within two inches of their paths with her face looking upwards towards Dane. He took another step, and reached for the back of her head, and neck, and Meridian panted, unsure if he was a madman, or not, and in a split second, glanced in the direction of Gordon’s rooms, and then each eye laid intensely on the others, searching.

They were looking for something, and found nothing but each other. They did not resist what came natural to do, feeling that hunger, that love, and that want went with it too. Who could stand a breath of Dane without swooning? Meridian was any man’s dream. Naturally, Meridian’s bosom heaved with his, and Dane wanted to encompass her. She could not move, and didn’t want to. Dane’s love was on the rise, and the manor was a beautifully romantic place, and Meridian fell into Dane’s embrace. With no fight in them, and after many months of Meridian feeling alone, they warmed.

The manor, and its surroundings are lush, green, and beautiful, and if nothing else, Meridian, and Dane could be friends, but they had to know more. Together, neither one of them could deny liking the feel of their fit., and in time together. They didn’t take their eyes off one another, and Meridian felt that Dane wanted her to feel safe, and he saw the wild look in Meridian’s eyes had completely faded.

“I apologize. I had to know, and I didn’t mean to put you through it like that, and wasn’t sure if you were the one working for us, or if so, how?”

Dane sensed he scared his housekeeper out her wits, Meridian was doing well, and a matter that Enid, and Gordon made a positive impact on her life. Meridian still cried herself to sleep alone, for the fourth time really hard, just the night before, and at home just recently, all she wanted to do is scream! She wanted to scream at someone! If Dane knew how lonely, and sometimes really scared she’d been, and so, so afraid that those feelings wouldn’t change, yet when she looked up at Dane, he saw it all. Meridian needed someone, and so did he.

He looked seriously into her eyes, and Meridian squinted a lashed lid away. Dane just wanted to comfort her. The way he looked at Meridian, she knew he was something she needed. She knew what he felt, and only wanted peace, and then Meridian teased Dane for his humbling honesty, placed her finger on Dane’s thick moustached lip, and shook her head, no.

“Shhh, I’m no real bitch. It’s okay, and I get it,” Meridian said. Dane could not believe they could be that close.He met Meridian’s finger with his lips, kissed it, and she felt something, smiled, and he did too.

Dane brought Meridian’s hand to his lips, and kissed the back of it, even pulled her close, and did not really take his eyes off her, nor she, him. Dane turned more passionate after the first breath. Could there really be a woman on earth who cannot see when a man is in love with her? Meridian saw no beast in Dane, and the fervor which welled in him drew them close. Dane loved the way Meridian uplifted his home, therefore his spirits. After Meridian realized that Dane was the master of the manor, and with all that he did, she knew he wasn’t a bad man.

All of a sudden, way back in the manor, Gordon’s music blared and he was singing rock at the top of his lungs. Dane, and Meridian’s connection was fast, and rare, they had to question one another, is this real, and do you mind? Dane held a serious look at Meridian, and she felt like he had a lot to share with her. They chuckled at Gordon singing at the top of his lungs. Dane turned Meridian into his embrace, and with her in his arms, liked the loss of her in his huge, strong shoulders, and body, and in their perfect world, Dane looked at Meridian, and kissed her cheek.

“Because of you, it’s good to be home, and I’m glad MIss Enid took the initiative, and chose you,” Dane said. Meridian was happy their little spat was ridiculous, and over, it wouldn’t be the first time Gordon had been robbed. He’d been taken advantage of once, or twice before, and as the music played, Dane pulled Meridian towards him, mocked Gordon’s music, and they swayed, chuckled, and thought the music too upbeat. Their eyes squared, and Dane’s heart pumped hard, and Meridian’s faster. Dane kissed the back of Meridian’s hand, thanked her for the dance, and she curtsied.

He gave Meridan a peck on the cheek, gave her a spin, and pulled her closely. Just leaning against the chaise lounge that time, eyes leveled, their eyes told a story they hoped to hear, could it be the happiness they found? With that, after a few moments of disagreeing with Gordon’s choice of music that early evening, what were they going to do about each other? Now they were locking hands, and Meridian let Dane kiss her. She caught every gaze he gave, could feel his heart beating almost as fast as hers, and he put her arms around his neck, as if, you tell Daney-Waynie, all about it.

They never lost eye contact, and if they didn’t make any moves there, then, there would never be any. Meridian didn’t reject Dane. She knew she could love Max, Dane was different, and happened to be at the right time. Meridian allowed immaculate Dane scooping her up, and though she was as light as a feather, skipping her up three spiral steps at a time, on three flights of stairs, and into his chamber rooms. He passed through his living spaces, and into his bedroom suite where the lights dimmed, and laidt her deep into where he slept.

Dane’s room was another world, and a person could get lost. Laid on his majestically huge, ultra king size bed, Dane looked deep into her eyes. Dane stroked and petted Meridian’s hair back.

“Yes. You are beautiful.” He made Meridian comfortable laying with him, and they had not said a word. They just laid. They were staring at one another, lost in admiration, breathing, living, loving. They started kissing gently at first, and then more deeply, silently getting along. Looking into one another, their feelings swelled, and they were feverish.

Dane stroked Meridian’s cheek, and they began to explore their similarities, and differences, and tickled by Dane, Meridian nuzzled him, he cooed at her, and she liked his touch, and held onto his huge arms, and parts of his body. Dane touched her in love, and Meridian closed her eyes. The more he touched, and kissed her, the farther she threw her head back, comfortable in their positions, it felt real, and could be everlasting. Energy! In less than twenty minutes, Dane kissed Meridian’s lips, and searched her body, moving slowly, and she felt sensations, and urges.

Meridian gripped Dane’s full head of hair. She loved the intensity he had for her, and he grabbed hold of her body, downward, and kissed her slowly, savoring the flavor, kneading her thighs, and begged eye contact, but Meridian threw her head back, panted, and Dane wanted her.

“You smell good enough to eat.” She did not know what she was getting into. Meridian was feeling a euphoria she’d never felt, and wanted whatever Dane was ready to give. He was lost in the moment, as literally, as he was lost in motion.

Meridian thought Dane smelled good enough to eat too, and also stayed clean, and fresh. His thick wavy dark brown beautiful hair stays in place, he’s always shaved well, and his suites are remarkable! In so much of it all, she let him touch, and kiss her like that, and then swatted his hands with the guise of playful annoyance, and Dane chuckled. Good. He thought Meridian, not a prude, and their eyes twinkled in disbelief that they were there, touching, pecking, and kissing quietly, until only a few else to do, she’d long been unbuckled, and he reached into her coveralls.

Dane popped the side buttons.

“Whew!” He pulled his shirt over his head, he didn’t want to move to adjust the air, Meridian seemed too overheated, so eye to eye, they unbuttoned a few buttons of her Beaufort sea cotton blouse. They moved slowly. Dane grabbed Meridian around her thighs, and thumbed her wetness in circles, and she practically lost it. Dane went down, to taste the whiff of her sweetness, and in his nibbling, she felt his thick mustache, smiling, tickling on her, as if something the two of them had coming, and he approached her as it was her first time.

Dane could not help himself, and kept nuzzling. His mustache dipped, tickled and enjoyed her. Meridian never knew what was coming. She could feel the way Dane pulled her close, and guided her body. It was bazaar.

“This is your first time?” His mouth danced all over her bottom half tenderly, and she laid, eyes closed, to keep from losing her mind.

“Yes.” Meridian hoped her first time to be beautiful, and the best pages in her diary, and so Dane proved she could write that book. Meridian felt such in another world that she would let the world know what they’ve missed.

The couple had simply been impulsive, and in a magical world of their own. Who would want less? Meridian, and Dane were out of control. Their moaning, she kissing Dane on his neck, and face, holding his shoulders, gripping his back, and making sounds deep in love. They clung to the sensations they shared in magnitude, and when Meridian wriggled, Dane could feel her pulsating, he spoke gently, and she giggled. Dane was a playful lover, and loving the moment, Meridian giggled again,

“Don’t try to get away beautiful, I’m keeping you right here,” Dane teased. Within moments, they became serious, very serious. Meridian didn’t want to seem unfeeling, and stuffed crazy thoughts out of her head about them, and knew no good reason for turning back, and Dane’s feelings were true. Meridian was unused to being handled that way, but liked it. His touch was unrushed, loving, and not at all savage. WHAT was that fragrance he was wearing?! Dane made Meridian curious about what was next. They were gripping, kissing, and feeling her places she’s never been.

She accepted his fondling warmth, maneuvering, and did not want him to stop. Meridian looked deep into his eyes, as if he would go away, but he did not, would not, and may never let her go, and she was in no hurry to leave. He explored, touched, and loved Meridian, and she was in something she never did. She touched his mound. They’d engaged in French kissing, and it must have tasted good. Dane took both bottom halves of Meridian into his hands, and they said, “Yes.” She got warm down there, and he was cool. Kissing Meridian, she pants, and tries to grip at Dane’s bottom half.

Meridian was a mirror of Dane. He turned to his side, and began to stroke her, and she lost it! The more she shifted, the deeper Dane took her, and Meridian, who wanted to scream in ecstasy, went with Dane’s motion, and dared not pull away.

“Go with it,” Dane advised. They kissed, and hummed in pleasure.Meridian held her head back. She enjoyed the raptures of she, and Dane, going to make love.

“Ah,” Meridian heard herself panting aloud, and had a handful of Dane in the palms of her hands. Meridian wanted all of him. Dane did not want to let her go, and she loved that he never stopped.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “The room is soundproof.”

Oh my gosh! Meridian liked the feel of his body starting to fit into hers! Meridian asked, begged, and stroked his cock to perfection, pulling him towards her, and Dane too, threw his head back, handling, and then suckling her. He returned sweet kisses on her face, neck, and body, as his body said, yes. He lightly thrusts their two bodies just slightly into one. Meridian jolted, accepted him, and as he moved into her slowly.

"Hey, are you married?” Meridian laughed.

“No. Heck no. Have you no wife under your bed?”

“No. Hell no. Nope. I’ve never been married.” “Hm,” Meridian said.

They smiled, and kissed, and exchanged hugs, and while Dane made masculine moves, Meridian unconsciously played with his hair, and hers. Oh! That’s it baby, Dane thought to himself. Mm, Baby do it. Come to Papa. Meridian did not object to the way he French kissed her there, and she heard the sounds of them making love.

“Ooh!” Meridian chanted. She squiggled, became more relaxed, and Dane better handled her while she gripped, and pulled him towards her by his huge, strong shoulders. Dane’s movement into Meridian a few times, caused her grip, breathing heavily, and in a world of their own.

Dane cared for her happiness, and within pleasing every bit of Meridian, had never been with anyone in his home, and they got lost in the moment, and experienced the meaning, behind closed doors, and liked it. Daniel Wayne d’Anise made Meridian Gwen Michel’ experience the best, first time. She felt wonderful afterwards, and could tell Dane meant her for keeps. He would spoil her with flowers, jewelry, and all sorts of sweet things. Nothing could be said of the echo in his bedroom, it could not be heard anywhere, as when Meridian was his fillet.

Dane suckled Meridian from one end to the other, gulped at her tenderness, moaned, kissed, and tickled her with his lips. The taste and smells of Meridian captivated him. He liked her body, and as a steak, he could eat it. Meridian, young, and fresh, liked the sound of Dane’s voice, and his pleasure. They heaved, and loved, and neither hearts, nor minds had returned to earth. Dane came up to lay his head on Meridian’s belly, and she petted him, and he listened to her pulse, and then surrounded her, and they cuddled.

Meridian laid her head on Danes chest a while, and he stroked her hair, smelled it, and kissed her brow. Dane performs tenderly, and glad he could not consider Meridian some loose girl he could have his way. She smiled up at him, felt good about that moment, and would do it again any day. Meridian squeezed into Dane more closely, and could feel him breathing. Human contact with another being made them feel so good to be alive. Dane could make it possible, she stayed so. Meridian knew Dane had a hell of a cross to bear, quite industrious, and had a lot going on in his life for the good of others.

What Dane did most people respected him. In the way Dane indulged life, leaving his home, and the possessions he had in magnitude, she felt certain that at any time his businesses could be at stake, just as the Derck’s, and so Meridian also knew that some people could be as crabs in a barrel. Sweet Dane had still not fallen in love with any of the locals, girls from high school, college, or from just trying to date around, and started to feel he’d never be the one to settle down.

His last excursion was eighteen months ago in Tibet, but he was all work on agricultural assignment, and didn’t want to risk boredom again, and needed to stay content, so he worked. Earlier, when Ruben, Gordon, and Dane went to dinner. Dane had his customary glass of wine, while Ruben argued, because Dane was too fed up to listen, no matter Nathan’s threats or otherwise. Dane could buy back the mansion, but had a lot to lose, and after that night with Meridian, he had plenty to think about. It seemed to Dane that Enid Rae, Gordon, and Meridian, received a grand opportunity to recreate a good, meaningful life for themselves.

They explored the newness of that great opportunity, and Meridian admired Dane for his strength, intellect, his maintaining home, positive attitude, especially since he’s been through a few tragedies himself, his character. Meridian had the master wrong for the most part, and learned he had strength, and integrity. Dane’s moral approach to life was more than reasonable, and he was not the marauder Meridian had thought. Neither one of them truly had a relative they could say, and though Enid Rae had siblings, they lived far away, and have had their own families for years.

No longer had Meridian to dream of the day she would be loved by a man, Dane loved her, and she was sure to write in her diary about it. Her first experience of love was lovely, and Dane treated Meridian as the decent woman she was. He wouldn’t have mocked her, in the mist of quiet in Dane’s soft room. She saw masculine designs, his grand furniture, another gun case, and out of nowhere, he lifted her chin, and moved her jaw to square his. In realization, with both of them blissfully in their love, Dane just needed to assure Meridian he would like to be there for her.

“Don’t ever be afraid of me,” he whispered, “I will never hurt you, or ever let anyone hurt you.”

Meridian felt all wrong for thinking she disliked, even feared Dane at first, with him being so kind. Dane will treat Meridian well if she’ll have him, and lays quietly with Meridian. Dane pet, and smoothed her hair, kissed her forehead, made sure her clothes were straight. Dane is simply very kind to Meridian, after he discovered she had not been, and will not be, a threat to Gordon. Dane protected Gordon’s honor in the way he had, she felt, since Gordon seems a bit aloof, and need not be teased. As many women were after Dane, and his family fortune, Meridian understood every concern for Gordon.

He was vulnerable, and Dane needed to be concerned about him, and ever since uncle Nathan was gone, it took no time for word to get out. Dane was the sole heir of the grand d’Anise estate, and with all its holdings, since Denim was gone. Gordon, and Enid Rae had always been fine living in the mansion, having full access to their dowries, from the d’Anise since twenty years ago, unrealized their increases. Gordon, on principle alone, is building wealth. He’s interested in many things, but has no real ambitions before Dane started excavating for the plaza he’s building.

Sure, Gordon knew all about electronics, computers, and business, but he’d been taking things easily, and going with the flow. A few things seemed to change in the sultry lands since he returned, so had Gordon’s ideas for utilizing property spaces been accepted and his success was a go, and his ideas well thought. Electronics, and toys that move, Gordon’s favorite thing. Where his life’s interests lie, he will be successfully well involved.

Dane’s, and Enid’s only request of Gordon, that he not listen to music at such loud capacity, threw every speaker embedded in the mansion, but everyone prefers him to use his headphones, even in his quarters most of the time. Gordon, was the computer whizz of his time. He possessed every electronic gaming, model, and musical device sold. His computer was even before its time, and state of the art. Gordon owned three large screened televisions before its time too.

His suites rocked vibrations from his rooms and of the entire north-western wing, except the greenhouse, where he housed his two iguana’s he’s so very passionate about. He plays video games, watches sports, and chatted with others like him through his computer. Upstairs, Meridian, and Dane could still hear the faint sounds of his music, and it was time to go. When Dane went to help her smooth her clothes, Meridian said she’d manage. She tossed her hair behind her ears, and tousled her freshly cut bangs into place. Dane poured a sip of wine in front of a giant nine foot mirror after Meridian dressed.

She went to Dane glowing behind him, and he handed her a glass, and he made a toast to, “everything,” and Meridian said, “to everything,” and Dane wanted them, and moved her closer into him, kissed her, and smoothed her hair back, and clasped her head in between his hands, and she looked into Dane’s eyes as well. Meridian saw a seriousness meant for her, as passionate as they were, and out of their minds in the perfect place for love, and the chime of lead crystal glasses sounded a toast to good things to come.

They took a sip, and then Dane grabbed his woman as she delighted to swing in his arms, and their hearts went all pitter-patter with love. Dane didn’t want to spend another moment of his life alone, and now, especially with Meridian, she will be the sanity he needs.

“I had better get going.” Meridian said, smiled, fumbled, nervous, anxious, and so full of tingly feelings. She put her top back on, and Dane his bluejeans, looked at Meridian as though she had to know how he felt. She could tell by the look in Dane’s eyes, he was in love with her. Dane loved her, and their affair would not just be a one night stand, and Meridian knew she’d be okay.

On the main level now dark, with just the tealights set, Meridian went around as she’d formerly, and turned all the wall sconces left to do, into dim amber. Dane stood thumbing through his mail, fascinated at the way Meridian moved in his home, smoothly, confidently, and like clockwork. Downstairs. Meridian collected her weeks pay from the mantle drawer, stored in an envelope at the base of the western staircase as ordinarily, each Friday, and then turned, with purse, and car keys in hand, to Dane.

She worked for a few days, at only six hours if she chose, for six hundred fifty dollars, each week, more than the going rate, so she did not complain. Dane had no idea where she collected her pay. He walked back over to the cocktail table in the meantime, and then went to hand her the bill clip.

“Here. Please take this,” Dane said. They knew of each other’s existence for a long time. The money Dane meant to give Meridian meant nothing to him, he thought she deserved it. “But I want the money clip back,” he said gingerly, “It used to be my father’s, and well, hey.”

Dane assured her he was no nonsense, and their were no underlying clauses.

“This does not pay for what just happened between us, or even if we’re together. I think you’re worth much more than that.” Meridian understood what Dane meant, and then he said, “I don’t want you to look at things that way with us. I’m just really grateful for what you’ve done all around here,” Dane gestured to the space all around him, and Meridian just looked around and smiled. The manor looked very good. it’s colors, and placements rocked!

“You really did an immaculate job. I could see a mass of creativity, this place has changed, and you accomplished it.” Three hours later they tiptoed down the spiral staircase, snickering past Enid Rae’s floor, and at the spiral especially, until they could reach downstairs, and slip through onto the front parlors again. Standing in the dim of the room, Dane seemed to never finish with Meridian, and pulled her close. He kissed her, and she was truly feeling a chemical rush. Meridian went to work at about eleven in the morning, and enjoyed her job to a huge degree.

Dane waited for Meridian to finish with all the evening lights, as she was doing priorly that night, and all along, and he smiled gently to himself. Dane’s heart warmed, and when she smiled too, he kissed her goodnight, and happy he realized Meridian, an innocent girl who had not intended to use Gordon, on top of her laundry duties, or whatever Dane thought she hired to do, arriving home from a leave, surprised at what he saw. He liked that Gordon, and Enid were happy again, and it really pleased him.

Dane was there for the best interest of all, and hoped Meridian stayed around so that he could take care of her too. Driving home, Meridian hadn’t worried about the mail she had not opened in over a week, and her mailbox was filled with mail again, but felt exhilarated, and relieved, wanted, and loved by a stranger. Godon, and Enid were happy that Meridian always whistled while she worked. She accomplished plenty with a smile, and worked at a pace Enid never could, or knew how.

“Let her work,” Gordon would say to Enid. Meridian went to work to detail rooms that have, or haven’t been touched in too long, and polished the floors of the pool table, and weight rooms.

Meridian, and a few of her friends would clean the offices in the Derck’s building a few times a week, and happily earned enough money to buy the things they wanted. At the Derck’s building, and the d’Anise manion, Meridian dusted, cleaned and polished every, and anything she could see. She would sometimes wonder if Max would ever catch up with her, surprised how fast her days went. She even realized that in those six months or so she was in the sultry lands, she’d gotten over most of the smugness of her so-called friends.

“Are you ready Miss Missy?”

Meridian looked playfully at Dane. Missy, she thought. He could see her thinking about it.

“Yes Daniel, Mr. Sir,” she said.

“Sir?” Yep. He liked her. Daniel, Mr. Sir. In fact, after she left, Dane, and Gordon talked. Gordon said he was fully aware of Dane’s intentions for Meridian, yet he, and Enid had not hired Meridian for her good looks. Gordon, and Enid Rae had not imagined Meridian, and Dane, fall in love, but why not? Nonetheless their union was a good thing. Meridian, and Dane both needed love, and could really want for nothing, and Gordon could only hope for love himself.

Earlier, Gordon walked through his halls with his earphones on, and wondered why half the evening lights were turned on. It was his next chess move, his computer signaled, so he went back into his chambers, and didn’t give the deed a second thought, but thought that Meridian had gone home, and Dane was still sleeping. He guessed that if Dane needed light, he would turn it on himself, although it had not been like Meridian to forget to set the lights on the parlor fronts before she left for the day, but perhaps Dane said he’d set them.

His favorite sports show came on the television at the same time, that’s all he wrote, and hadn’t left his rooms, but after a while, wondered why Dane hadn’t called, or went into his suites by then, but he must have still been asleep, but earlier, he heard voices. Had Dane let a stray into the house? He’d never done that before, so Gordon shook off the idea. Dane, and Gordon were very close, and could talk about anything, and everything, but something was strange, and with Dane home, Gordon snapped out of it.

Nonetheless, could find out about his brother losing it later. So what, uncle Nathan threatened the homestead! Gordon would put his money up before anything elusive happened- Dane was not losing it. Gordon retreated back into his suites before he even left his threshold, and all that time later, thought Dane must have gone up early to bed. Now Gordon heard something out back, and when the lights went on, Dane, and Meridian were all flushed with laughter. They couldn’t hide themselves if they wanted to, and didn’t even know Gordon was there, looking out of his hallway window, and saw Dane helping Meridian get into her car.

What a relief Gordon felt. Has she come back? Oh, he thought. She must have forgotten her pay, it wouldn’t be the first time, but she’d never doubled back for it before then. Gordon couldn’t guess she would just be leaving, but was that Dane seeing her off!? Hmm. Very, very different, Gordon smiled to himself. Was this @#$% strange or what? Dumb for Dane to kiss Meridian again before he helped her into her car.

Dane returned into the house through the servant entrance at the kitchen, and of course, Gordon just happened to be there to meet him. Knowing he would startle his brother. Since it was Meridian, Gordon saw leaving the house, he felt better about the master, and his choice of women if that were the case, and even so, had to pry a little, after all, he knew he heard voices, and Meridian is a decent, and pretty girl. Gordon did surprise Dane when he entered the kitchen, and made him jump.

Gordon waited for Dane in a way Dane knew, Gordon knew something was going on, and felt like, Jeez...

“Oh. She likes you,” Gordon said in a very teasing manner. He was only kidding, but welcomed the reaction he caught from Dane, whom he’s very connected to, and Dane could read his mind. He knew with Gordon, how hard it would be to deny his feelings for Meridian, because Gordon knew him too well. Dane was found out by Gordon, of all people! He hid his emotions all going through him, and wrote all over his face, and answered Gordon with his cowboy impression, to save him.

“Well, yep. I reckon she does.”

Gordon lifted an eyebrow, smiled, and played along with Dane.

“Well Billy Bob, I’m impressed,” Gordon replied. “It seems the lass can be more at ease around here again, Hm,” and rubbed his chin. Dane did not know what Gordon meant by the, more at ease, remark so he asked.

“Well ah, what did you mean by that?” Gordon shrugged his shoulders, pretended not to care, and even started to walk out of the kitchen. Dane grabbed Gordon and wrestled him around. They scuffed in the kitchen as if two of the clumsiest animals on the planet. Over the counter, a blender went. That seemed fun, now the bread box.

The two adults were throwing wrestling moves all over the kitchen floor. With an arm and a leg in a pig tie, Dane handled Gordon until he called out.

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you!” With Gordon, out of breath, Dane helped him to his feet. Both on wrestling teams in high school, and two years in college for Gordon, it was obvious Dane still had strength, brawn and moves.

“Tell me what!?” Dane started coming for Gordon again, who started laughing, but needed to catch his breath.

“No. No, man,” he laughed, “It’s just that ever since you came home…”

Gordon was suffering at the hands of Dane, who insisted he talk.

“It’s when you met her, you, or she, well, you seemed to avoid contact with her. Don’t lie,” Gordon continued, still twisted in torture, and asked, “Weren’t you a teensy bit shy, trying to avoid her?” Dane looked at Gordon perplexed, but his observation was true.

Gordon was right, Dane in denial, as he raised an eyebrow, and did not know what that would mean for him. “I mean man, you’re both sort of shy,” Gordon tried to say that with a straight face, but he couldn’t, and kept laughing, and added, “And she probably shied away, like, you two were never in the same place at the same time. You always just miss each other. Really Dane?” Dane heard what Gordon said, and looked at him. Shaking his head in disbelief Gordon felt them, but his straight face was fading, and with that, he began to smile, into a laugh.

Dane tried to remain coy, since in truth, Gordon had seen him kiss Meridian, there was no denying it.

“Really?” Dane felt at a loss for words.

“You did, man. You’re all shy, quiet and nice. Me and Enid could laugh at you.” Gordon, Dane’s chatterbox kid brother, spoke loud, and clear.


“Yeah man.” Dane grabbed him again, and twisted his arm around his back. Gordon slipped off, and grabbed Dane in a choke hold. He got loose. Gordon laughed, why Dane was able to hold him in an arm lock.

“What else?” Dane was playfully demanding, and Gordon was yelling for Dane to let him go. He caught the giggles.

“That’s it?”

“That’s it, man. That’s all I know!”

“You sure?” Dane had a hold on Gordon, and had played with Gordon that way all his life. Dane wrestled with Gordon from the time he realized Dane was in the home, and the diversions they both needed. It was as if love at first sight, and Dane was pleased. With Gordon, all the love he received from the mansion members seemed to pay off. He became well adjusted, and just needed more experience with the ways of the world.

“You’ve been scared. Too scared to talk to her!” Dane put Gordon in a headlock.

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