a Sultry Land

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Beryl Blitz


Dane’s new housekeeper, Beryl, ended up living in the mansion, because she thought the opportunity was nice. She’s unqualified to cook alongside Cook, but was given duties to look after Enid Rae, they were close in age, could reminisce outdated activities, and talk. Beryl was attractive for her age, yet a little too garish, and used to having good times, and as a servant, Beryl stood out of place, as Charles Scott suffered a slight heart attack the week before, so Enid had a bad hospital scare. She had an eye for the very wealthy too, which included tall, wealthy, handsome Vernon Shelby, another widower, and she made no disguise that she would be interested.

Since Enid Rae’s card game was bridge, Vernon was polite in asking Enid Rae if it was okay to include Beryl on her off days, and the invitation proved her to be an excellent card player. They had fun two Wednesday nights in a row, and from there, Vernon showed his appreciation for her. Beryl was a great card player partner. Vernon never went to Beryl empty handed. She liked wine too, so he brought that, and the coffee she mentioned. Beryl received two bouquets of flowers, two elegant dinners out with him, Enid, and Charles, three boxes of candy, two chocolate, all in the time before best behaviors failed. Vernon thought he, and Beryl could get along.

Beryl thought Vernon was too slow making moves, so she pushed, hinted, and prodded, and extorted the fact, but Vernon moved on his own time. Another two months, and two more dates, was way too soon for Vernon to say to Beryl, he was in love, and had a sense of her angle. Dane, and Gordon were happy for Enid, and Charles’ companionship, and how their ages kept them happy, so Dane kept the bar filled with Sherry. He included Brandy, and imported Scotch for the nights Enid, and her guests played cards. Gordon liked that everyone seemed content, doing things they haven’t done in a while, and barely saw him come, or go.

Beryl wanted intense sexual activity, or any excitement from Vernon, but he was just not into her that way, and could tell she was a bit of a wildcat, managed to smile through it, and not lead her on. Beryl is a healthy woman of five feet seven, a shapely medium build, big bosoms, shapely legs to match, joked of sex (too much), and came with a past, and her disposition was off. Relying on mansion life, Beryl needed to get out, and by that time, should have saved money to buy a vehicle. Beryl had at least two days off. She looked well out of her work clothes, and into her frilly frocks.

Her body she carried well, yet, seemed impatiently, and too worldly, although stuck in one town most of her life, and dressed to work, too flamboyantly. By the time Dane went out on business, and Meridian was home, caring for her home, and studying, about a month before Vernon had enough of Beryl’s company, it was just Gordon and Beryl alone in the mansion. Enid Rae was asleep, or at the doctor’s. Beryl wore bare legs, a shorter than usual skirt, rubber soled shoes so that she could not be heard, and her robusts, busts popped up out of her blouses. Beryl had not needed to work the whole day, only five days weekly, but Cook lived in the mansion too.

He only went to his home a few times a week to change. Cook’s hours were four to five hours each day, unless his food took longer, or had special occasions. In Cook’s preparations, he’d been paid generously for his taste in food. Winter season or not, the weather in the sultry lands was mild, or at worst, dew chills. Cook was allowed to take plenty of leftovers of food home to his ever changing family. Beryl would not confine herself, and so, she, and Gordon sometimes popped in out through the kitchen, or since she was not Meridian, she was not allowed the pool, or deck.

Gordon would return back in the direction of his suites, but since Beryl was so comfortable with people, whether they’re comfortable with her, or not. They became used to crossing each other’s paths. Beryl had charm, sex appeal, and chatting with her, Gordon got off, watching the older woman in her over-the-top outfits, just to clean, dust, and a few times, on her day off, she, and Enid Rae actually hit the brandy with Gordon’s Enna. He’d listen to Beryl laugh with freedom, and must have brought spice to conversations. Gordon felt she thought her life twenty again, and could imagine what she wanted him to do, if he had a chance with her.

Beryl always had something to say that would cause emotional response, and her full golden hair #9, looked as nice as she smelled, very seductive to Gordon. Beryl didn’t smoke, but no secret she’s a drinker. Beryl was a loose cannon. On the day Gordon wanted a soda bottle out of the refrigerator, Beryl was in Cook’s way, and so they addressed each other her position, while she was preparing something for herself in the kitchen on her day off, though all the servants quarters had a kitchen. They have a bedroom, living room, bathroom, outdoor areas, with a stove, oven, kitchenette, and she clashed with Gordon, so they bumped into each other by accident.

That accident, turned invitation, that caused a flirtatious innuendo, and a stir of attraction. Gordon didn’t fake noticing her softness, caught Beryl around her middle, apologized for being so clumsy- as if, and she slowly slid his hands out from under her robust breasts. Beryl almost badly slipped, while Cook was preparing dinner. Cook smirked, after the flesh of Beryl bounced. She, and Gordon caught a glimpse of each other, and he noticed her nipples’ rose, as if their little laugh was nervous.

“You can bump me anytime.” Gordon tried ignoring the coy remark, but certainly not that she winked at him.

Gordon was not too far gone to notice the woman was hitting on him, and for a time, she itched for interaction, and occasionally, Gordon saw that Beryl had her eyes on the likes of him. She even noticed he brought no special girl home as far as she knew, and was busy running businesses, and his social life was mostly through telephone, or computer. In the sultry lands, although still in the dead of winter, until she got what she wanted, Beryl paraded around Gordon during the day in short dresses, open blouses, tee shirts, and even low covering tank tops, and soon, Gordon could not resist meeting her in the kitchen for snacks, and did things behind Enid Rae’s back.

Since she invited him, Gordon got tired of only looking at Beryl, as if either of them were high school ages, surely she dressed that way on purpose. The day she heated up delicious tempting delights, she asked Gordon to “taste her treats,” Gordon couldn’t pretend she didn’t say that. Beryl messed with Gordon through Enid’s doctor appointments Cook drove her to, while Beryl welcomed Gordon in the western tearoom, the farthest rooms from the main areas of the house, in “her spare time.” Gordon, “enjoying” his afternoon’s too, watched Beryl kick off her shoes.

She’s a schemer, and complained, how her shoes made her feet soar. Gordon played her game that day, and suggested a certain cream to soothe her feet during her tea times. Gordon asked her to wait, and he went to get lotion, and offered to rub Beryl’s fragrant feet. As forward as she was, and thought he was not, Gordon surprised Beryl, as he massaged her feet to legs, until high on her thighs, without waiting for a response. Once Gordon smeared a generous amount of lotion in his hands to warm it, and was vulgar with his massage, which Beryl could not deny felt good, and someone Vernon swore he would never touch. She moaned a little with Gordon.

Beryl was saying something about the seductive way he did things, and swatted his creamy hand slathering too close to her vagina, and he knew he could be with her. Over a short few days, she let Gordon move his hands farther, and farther again, up her legs. Jokingly, she mentions his actions, and when Gordon pretended innocent, they looked forward to the times Miss Enid slept, or had that doctor’s appointment. Having forgotten Beryl’s “sore feet,” by day three, Beryl did not protest anytime they could warmly massage onto her thighs, and she growled.

Beryl would take a deep breath, and another sip of tea, laced with Sherry, or rum, and let Gordon fondle her, as she lay herself back comfortably to experience the rush, in which Gordon had an upper hand. Checking his watch, and leaving her feeling good, but wanting more, eventually she had gotten determined he grazed the fat of her panties. Gordon’s mounting between her thighs, not losing his touch upon her, was more than she’d bargained. Gordon watched her reaction, as he opened her as wide as her steel gray eyes while his body parts grazed on, underneath her voluptuous breasts. Gordon looked upon her having richer thoughts, and he’d only be a tease.

“Is it over already?” The woman was forward on the day Enid went for a visit with her sister a few towns away. Her niece just had a baby, and she would stay a few days, and be happy for a change of scenery. Beryl bared breast’s all Gordon could see when she rose from the couch where they sat. Gordon didn’t resist touching her, tracing his finger along the outer ridges of her rosy bosom, and turgid nipples, and as if helping her to stand, he stood, and she sat, and became satisfied when she licked his mound. Beryl liked the way his hands drifted when he rose to his feet. Her breasts hardened at the sight of him looking.

“Well go for it. I’m just starting to get warmed up.”

Gordon looked at that as a go, and thought of a clever response to the nonsense, and just wanted to tease her.

“Well no. I just thought you wanted to get back to something is all. Did you want to stay?” Beryl had her eyes on him, she had a sass about her that said, yes.

“I will stay, if you will.”

“Alright then, let me get some more lotion.” Beryl’s sassy eyebrows rose, and she waited patiently for Gordon to come, poured them wine, and the games began. They sipped, and settled back on the couch and Gordon repositioned the ottoman, and sat, warming lotion in his hands.

Beryl set herself further back, and relaxed. Intentionally, Gordon took his time kneading pressure on her thighs., and watched Beryl spread her legs. Like a naughty schoolboy, he rotated his fingers there, until he liked seeing her squiggle, and the warmth he generated. Beryl felt warm lotion tingle on her skin, and so they were thoroughly aroused. Beryl let Gordon handle her, so how could he refuse? He took off his shirt, very careful not to remove his trousers, apparently his acting clueless, allowed Beryl to guide Gordon’s hands, to grab her by the hand fulls, while she helped him take off her panties, unlatched her bra, and it slid off.

“Oh,” Gordon said, “You like that?”

Beryl helped Gordon unbuckle, and groped his hang. Beryl stroked on him, and he began to get into her, not really seeing her, but felt the rise of pleasure he knew he’d endure. He took one of her legs up and away from the other, slid off his pants, had her body, and he liked it, and guided her until both his knees held her on the sides of him on the couch. Gordon wasn’t wearing any underwear. He didn’t waste any time or see if Beryl was ready, she thought his full muscular hairy body sexy, and Adonis, as he mounted her, Gordon stroked Beryl with the vigor of his age, did not stop to take a breath, and she thought it was love.

Until he heard her make a sound, had Gordon opened his eyes, and saw Beryl fully as he rode the woman. Gordon wondered if she liked such bucking, yet closed his eyes and lavished her body with the wildness of his imagination. Beryl became limp. Gordon flipped her over as if he was a maniac to this woman. She might have loved it, clung, gripped, scratched the couch, and lost her breath, ridden as if the bull stallion Gordon was. Gordon held onto her breasts, all he could grab, and humped himself stiff. When he was done he collapsed, with her on the bottom, fitting the couch as best she could. He squirmed, and began to massage him.

A few more minutes passed, and Gordon rose to the occasion. She thought their feelings were like pink squeezes, and blue jeans. Gordon laid back, and watched Beryl passionately enjoying the feelings she’s giving him, and guided her head. When he could not stand it anymore, at the end, Gordon had his way with Beryl, and handed her her clothes. He pulled on his shorts, gathered his things and then told her he would see her later. Beryl covered herself and gave him a nod, stayed on the couch for a few moments, and got dressed. Early nightfall approached, Beryl had a shower, blew dried her hair, and polished her fingernails. She watched one of her favorite television shows, and pampered herself for the rest of the evening.

Silently, she confessed herself a lot of activities for that day, when she returned to her room, she turned her lights off early that evening, and slept. Dane was happy back from his business trip two days earlier, on the trip Gordon declined. Dane stopped at the cottage to check on Meridian, and smelled roasted chicken in her oven, and gathered an appetite before she opened her front door. They wrapped their arms around one another tightly, as he squeezed her, as if he was gone forever. They went inside, and had a full whiff of the chicken seasoned in garlic and rosemary. She’d just finished slicing carrots, and let them stew in the same pot with onions, in the chicken stock.

The stock she'd thicken, and make a good gravy for the basmati. Meridian’s asparagus made tasty with sliced red peppers, roasted in chucks of butter, an aroma coming from her kitchen made Dane’s mouth water. She invited him to dinner, was very surprised to see him, and he could not have been more pleased. They settled in for an early dinner, and to his surprise, it seemed his fiancee, quite a bit of a cook too. Tired, Dane refused a late stay, and discussed how business went, delighted that his donation for people in need will turn out well. Meridian’s computer assignment in theory was due the next day, but she worked ahead, and finished her mid-term school project.

Dane knew he could be a distraction so he made sure he went home, and telephoned, after she put a dent in her studies, and shortly after the eleven o’clock hour, they wished each other good night. Gordon took off again after he, and Beryl hooked up, he went to look for someone he knew. Unsuccessful in inquiries, he ran into a guy named Richard, and Paul, having a pinball match in Paul’s garage, left hanging out after a while, and went home happy to see Dane’s car parked around back, and the lights on. Dane was passing through the kitchen, and Gordon just happened to be going in.

“Hey man!” Gordon was cheerful.

“Hey!” Dane, happy to see Gordon too, face to face.

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing man. I’m just putting some of the pieces of the business together.” Dane was in, and out of the house with Ruben that late afternoon, setting up, and discussing business, but Dane couldn’t help himself, and had to ask. “No man. I mean, what’s up with this afternoon man?” Gordon at did not quite understand what Dane was getting at, and had forgotten what happened with him at the manor, before he went out that afternoon. His confusion showed all over his face, which made that conversation with Dane, all the more sweeter. Gordon backtracked that afternoon, thinking only of his quest for his friend Basil, and knew not what Dane meant.

Dane thumbed back at the servants quarters, and smirked a smile, but to Gordon’s demise, he still didn’t understand what Dane meant, but knew something brewed. Gordon meant to ask Dane if he just got in, and why home so soon?

“Oh.” Gordon confessed. “Oh, THIS afternoon.” They laughed. “Oh-oh. Nothing man. I’m still searching. I Can’t believe my friend is so careless after all these years,” he shrugged. “Just one of those things... I guess. How did you know I went to look for Basil?” Dane stood, shaking his head. He was holding a bottle of soda in his hand, and knew Gordon thought he’d been talking about something else, but he wasn’t it.

Dane took that sip of Ginger ale.

“Man,” he said, “I walked in through the back of the house this afternoon, and thought it was the wrong place.”

“Oh, no man.” Gordon said laughing, wondering how he could possibly not recognize his own home, unknowing what Dane may, or may not have seen. The situation was funny to Dane, and once Gordon started coming together, and feared what Dane could’ve possibly meant, he already started snickering at Gordon, but not too loudly, and knew Gordon would catch the punchline. Having a sense of humor that could win an award, Dane got him!

“Oh. My eyes!”

Dane saw something. So much for not laughing out loud, but the situation was funny, and Gordon thought Dane’s guts would burst from trying not to laugh. What made Dane laugh even harder was Gordon’s denial, and the look on his face.

“You don’t mean... You saw?” Dane shook his head, yes, and then moved his body because he knew Gordon was going to punch him, possibly in the arm. He had that big brother teasing look on his face, and really, really tried to hold his laugh in at the same time, holding onto the soda in his mouth. Dane shook his head, yes, at Gordon, swallowed, and continued to try not to laugh aloud.

The giggle sounded as if Dane razzed Gordon for his boner that afternoon.

“You saw?!” They had to move from the back corridors, unlikely Beryl could hear them, and Gordon still didn’t get it. They moved farther from the service foyers where no one could hear them, and Dane made his voice intense.

“She wanted it!” Now Gordon knew what Dane spoke of,and then he, and Gordon started laughing uncontrollably. That situation, in memory, they knew would be life long. As if having a Kodak moment, Gordon, after all, became rather embarrassed. The expression on Gordon’s face, was a big question mark.

The way he looked puzzled made Dane laugh, and found the scene with Gordon, and Beryl humorous.

“How? How?” Gordon asked Dane how he knew. Dane said that when he came back, he saw him leaving his chambers with a smile on his face, so he checked for Enid Rae who never answered her phone, and saw where Gordon headed, holding a tube of lotion.

“So I became unknowingly curious. At first I saw you shaking up something in your hand. I opened the back door to see what you’re up to, but by the time I caught up, from what I saw, I figured it out for myself.”

“You saw?!” Gordon realized he was repeating himself.

“No Bro. All I saw, one bare leg up in the air, and that was enough for me.” Gordon gasps, and Dane continued, “You looked busy, so I politely scooted out.”


“Yep. I scooted over to Meridian’s, and then scooted back home again, and now, I’m here.” Dane started walking back towards the kitchen, and started messing with Gordon, who started following him all around, and said, “Walking into that, I would not want to be me again.” They laughed, but Gordon couldn’t believe his ears! Dane saw him! Gordon could not believe his little secret was exposed, and said, “You should talk.”

Dane looked at Gordon confused until he said, “I don’t even want to be me again.” They did all they could do to keep from laughing, but to no avail. Dane told him, “Well, that’s what you get for “screwing” with the help ... No pun intended.” Beryl threw herself at Gordon for the next six or seven months, so Gordon kept sowing his wild oats, and she effortlessly satisfied him. The older woman at the mansion made life interesting for Gordon, who would do things to arouse her, and then have his way. Beryl, and Gordon were dirty little things, and he thought her not too old to not know their motives. Beryl would not give up, and for a time, seemed that her passion for him would never fade.

Gordon shared no loving kisses with Beryl, and if she didn’t approach him, he’d feel no love lost. Beryl came to her senses and realized young Gordon was just that. He took her body because she offered, and nothing else. After months of the affair that took place anywhere in the mansion, Gordon satisfied his wiles, learns a few things, and of Beryl, after a while, she came into herself, irritated with his unloving performances. He was not in love with the housekeeper, and ignored her most of the time. Beryl had long realized Vernon wouldn’t touch her, why she chased Gordon who didn’t care, but heck, she’s willing, and something about Beryl kept Vernon at bay.

In her fantasies, making a fool of herself, only heightened Gordon’s pleasure. His enthusiasm pleased Beryl, unrealized he was fake, and stopped at almost nothing to please him, and at times, she was too much for him to bear. Signing off, Beryl asked why he was so standoffish? That day, Gordon simply said that his fantasies were a lot different from hers, and so instead of riding Beryl in the affair, Gordon never put his mouth on hers, and that annoyed her too. Seeing Vernon who wasn’t interested, bid his time, and hoped she’d met someone else, She turned him off.

Life was just as busy for Meridian as it was for everyone else. She crammed her business exams ahead of time, aced all her classes, and completed assignments while Dane was on business. She dropped off her sketches, and all she had to do was await her college finals, and Sunday dinner that spring, she and Dane announced their wedding plans to date, which was good, and while Dane was away on business, Meridian stopped by the manor, and noticed how well Miss Enid, and Beryl shared Sherry, and excuses herself by the time Meridian turns her time with Enid, to retire for the evening.

She’d been given instructions how to prepare Enid Rae’s room in which she carried out. Meridian swatted Gordon on the muscles in his back, noticing how he beamed when he saw Beryl bouncing around. Enid Rae thought she was good company, and they seemed to stimulate each other. Despite her employment, Beryl felt slighted by Gordon when last they hooked up, so she ignored him if their paths crossed. Gordon would never pass Miss Enid up no matter what Beryl felt. He kept his Enna occupied, and looks for her any time he leaves his suites. If he does not see her specifically, he at least comes in contact with her at breakfast to give her a daily kiss on her cheek.

Any time during the day, he’d call her on the telephone, or visit her suites if he had too. In reality, Gordon and his Enna Rae in essence, were each other’s sun and moon, and essentially had been Dane’s world. Meridian did not include Beryl, nor had she known anything personal of Meridian, or the d’Anise, other than she is paid well enough to buy a car. Beryl was not included in their interpersonal affairs besides, no one could change the circumstances of Gordon, or Meridian’s biological, or adoptive parents if they wanted to. Meridian, and Enid were as happy as two chatty birds in a nest, where Beryl dare not enter. She had no business, or say of their world, and lucky Gordon had a whim.

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