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Wedding Bells


Dane, and Meridian’s couture wedding in all black, and white and accented green was glorious. Forest green trimming on the bride’s ankle length wedding gown, off-set the room’s fashion as beautifully as the bride herself. Miss Enid selected an emerald, white gold ankle bracelet, and white gold emerald stones necklace to wear with matching teardrop earrings from Sheridan’s collection of jewelry. Meridian borrowed a white gold brooch with forest green stoned leaves, and pale green sapphire flower. Of her parent’s collection in jewelry, Meridian wore the palest forest leaf green flowered stones imaginable. Forest green emerald leaves in her ears, around her neck, and wrist, complimented her eyes.

Meridian would be a sight, Dane would even cry, but of course he knew that, and would compose himself. The sheerest chiffon white lined dress, forest green satin trims, looked majestically gorgeous for the season, and Gordon’s black, and white tuxedo was different from the grooms. Dane looked equally as handsome. He accessorized the depth of the signature colors of leafy tone boutonnieres as deep in color as the trim on Meridian’s fluffy gown of a princess. Her bouquet of wedding flowers were as beautiful as she, the bodice cinched down her tiny waistline, and the gown flowed loosely around her ankles, and was almost the wide width of the clear spiral staircase.

She wore a white meshed leather pearl pump, and sparkled hose too, and looked as if a beautiful fairy tale. Her wedding veil draped through her long, dark hair, and laid past the length of her gown, fastened on the top of her sculpted French twist, and her tiara set around a well designed braided top knot, her headdress was especially made, tastefully, and her beautiful, youthful face was uncovered. Dane looked as if Prince Charming. Meridian’s jewelry was as stunning as her classic look from Sheridan’s collection, it shined elegantly, was simple, antique, and that year was a far cry from the year before.

With the musical serenade, she and Dane descended from opposite ends of the third floor landings, down onto the opposite ends of the spiral staircases, and married on the landing of the second floor where all could see. That day at their event, writer’s wrote about the affair from state, and local newspapers, while cameras flashes, and video taken, they looked forward to the honeymoon of a lifetime, and what was hoped not to be a fluke, Gordon, Dane’s best man, spotted a nice young lady in whom he was interested.

Millicent Mon Cheri’ and her parents lived in town, and she looked very nice despite how she felt. Lately her Gothic appearance gave way to a black, and white raggedy Ann doll, but that day she cleaned up well, wore a flowing peach floral dress, stunning pearled lilac lip gloss, on hair of dark auburn. Millicent had a fresh face, was pretty, had a good look about her, and when she noticed Gordon looking at her, she flinched, and as if lightning struck them, they were all they needed. In their lives they differed very littlely, and respectfully had a lot in common. They spoke in signed language, and despite his age, Gordon was very into comic books, speak- easy rooms, and music too.

That day, Millicent, and Gordon wore contact lenses, later exposing it. Neither of them had the worst vision in the world, but cautiously self conscious, and throughout Dane, and Meridian’s wedding, Millicent, and Gordon viewed one another at least forty times, and their connection was obvious. As if the ceremony was over, since they discovered their tastes for signed language, had learned each other’s names, and made a connection before Meridian and Dane said, I do. Their wedding day was bright, sunny, and decorated fabulously by wedding planners. Fine white bells of glitter, and streamers adorned the property, and Meridian was amazed, arriving in the limousine Dane sent.

The car rode along all the grounds, and around the winding driveway, out of Dane’s sight. It was unlucky to see the bride before the wedding. Meridian took the elevator to the top of the west corridor with Enid Rae, and Beryl, and when the music began, Dane knew his life would be set apart, and he was eternally happy. When the time was right, they descended to the second floor, and met on the landing. Meridian Michel’ was a beautiful bride, and wouldn’t have missed that day for the world. When she smiled at her future husband, all the wedding guest’s sighed, “Aah.”

Throughout the skydome, the crystal chandelier sparkled over everyone, in illuminating prism lights that danced rhythmically, and most everyone, married couples included, cried tears of happiness, and of joy. Outside, the grounds were canopied, and the land couldn’t have been lovelier. Of the affair, caterers arrived to set up the main floor parlors, the gazebo, tea rooms, poolside, and the main floor. Cook, invited to the celebration, brought his wife, and daughter to the affair, and had a great time. Dane made a toast to Cook, and Beryl was relieved of her duties, and took part in the festivities. She, and Enid Rae sort of stuck together, yet Beryl was self-sufficient with their guest’s.

Her flamboyance projected freedom, but her second drink told a bleak story of her life’s past, yet according to the Hunter’s, Beryl’s future would be much the same. She was happy with her salary, and people liked Beryl as much as she liked them, and regardless, she could find fun when, and wherever she went. Dane didn’t want an ounce of unhappiness in anyone’s life, but Beryl was over the top. He felt like, “Unhappy campers never pleased anyone.” Meridian introduced her, to her stylists, and Miss Enid was due another colored rinse through her hair. The wedding was on Saturday, and that Friday, Dane took everyone to brunch, and he, and his bride to be, separated before the six o’clock hour.

It would be unlucky to see the bride anymore that day, hence, only a few hours they had to wait for their honeymoon, and in the midst of all their guests really having a great time, the newlyweds tried to skip away. Anyone who caught onto them leaving spread the word, and before the couple knew it, their guest’s fed, and full of cheer, was ready to send them off, holding handfuls of birdseed, since rice chokes the birds, with Meridian set into position to throw her bouquet. Over her shoulder the bouquet went, but since Millicent was too occupied with Gordon, and did not catch it. They giddily amused, and happily entertained each other.

Wedding gifts never crossed the bride, and groom’s minds, but they saw their front parlor upon their exit. Gifts wrapped in white, pearl or silver, in all textures, and sizes lined the parlor tables. They’d never seen so many gifts in one room, and packed in pretty bows, stacked by the wedding planners, shaped into a tree. They saw all the good luck wedding cards gathered beneath the gifts. That early September, the parlor of gifts truly resembled a holy holiday. French glass doors slide open to pull the party out onto the patio, and pool decks, where Gordon set music to play throughout the mansion, and grounds, that were set up for horseshoes, pony-rides, and other outdoor activities.

Of the highlights of enjoyment, Meridian, and Dane endured a good three hours with their guest’s toasting at dinner. Gordon, and Millicent’s wonderful raspberry desserts, was when Meridian, and Dane noticed their backs to them, the entire time. His guest was captivating, and seemed the type to engage Gordon. They seemed to compliment each other, both smiles ear to ear, and Millicent Mon Cheri’, and her parents stayed at the wedding reception until the fountain on the back lawn lit, as the mansion grounds, into a glowing wonderland, and all the guest’s had a great, and mesmerizing time. Both tearooms were luxuriously set and the glass greenhouses were dimly lit, and looked romantic.

Meridian and Dane had a romantic distinction of their own. Both fabulous individuals, shined as magnificently as the points of their wedding rings, and how very smoothly they repeated their vows. Meridian spared no expense on the tokens of her appreciation to Beryl, and especially Enid Rae, choosing the best of what they liked most, wrapped, and sent with love. Meridian felt secure in her future. She was surrounded by good people, had the peace she needed, and her husband had financial backing for their support. Enid’s stoned barrette was elaborate, and Beryl’s favorite perfume as a gift, they liked enough to cherish.

In the menagerie of Meridian, and Danes’ wedding, Beryl wore a one shouldered pale pink frilled thigh lengthened dress, which showed off her gorgeous thick, and shapely calves. She too, fit the dress she wore well, but did not receive compliments. Meridian, and Enid Rae were the only two women who said she looked nice. Most of the men came respectively with their wives, so noticing Beryl, had not given her any effect overwhelming. Beryl was single, but after a few drinks, her crystal trimmed shoes, and purse went with her sparkling personality, in which she paraded as a peacock. Beryl looked nice, but not for that pre-autumn affair.

Anyone who knew her, admired how Meridian’s hairstylist’s polished Miss Enid Rae. Her once drab, mousy brown hair hennaed, suited her warm brown eye color, and for the first time, was able to see golden flecks in them, that twinkled. Charles, and Vernon looked as handsome as Enid Rae was beautiful. A makeup artist finished her look in light burnished colors with deeper lipstick which brightened her natural smile. Enid smelled of women’s Burberry perfume, and elegantly for the affair. The entire manor glittered in shiny white bulbs, glistening, so one could see there was a special affair happening.

The affair was seen through the sky dome where the crystal chandelier sparkled over anyone dancing on the main floor. Two hundred people fit comfortably inside the structure, without passing the outer parlors off the foyer before the tearooms, with a lovely crowd outdoors as well. The gardens of the land could not be lovelier, and the chefs, and bartenders set the afternoon and evening entertainment. Magnificent, were the headlines. Catering servants scurried around faster than the party lights, bouncing off the white, marbled floors that glowed luminously. Dane, and Meridian looked fantastic, and their guests were well into celebrating

They were eating, laughing, talking, socializing, and would probably dance the night away. Both tea rooms were opened for guests, and the French, stained glass doors were slide open to pull the party onto the patio, and pool decks, but all four corridors of the manor were locked. The second, and third floors were linked off, the key to the elevator was removed, and the three chains up the spiral staircase were latched. The wedding reception dinner delighted Meridian, and to Dane, there were no complaints from their guest’s. They toasted before their first dance, after they thanked everyone for coming, and when they cut the wedding cake cameras rolled, and light bulbs flashed.

Their wedding will be memorable to all, and was as if a heavenly light shone upon them. The wedding of Daniel d’Anise, and Meridian Michel’ made Gordon bold as never before. He switched Millicent’s place setting next to him, and acted innocently. Gordon shook the hands of both Mon Cherie’ with vigor, as he was dressed in his charming suit, and introducing himself .The Mon Cheri’ seemed to like Gordon. He had good mannerisms, and after all, in Dane’s absence, he was master of matters at the manor. The Mon Cherie’ watched Gordon with their daughter for the past two hours. She was a different beast than before they left for the affair, they knew it would be grand.

The Mon Cheri’ mentioned Millicent achieving her master’s degree, and Gordon, thought Millicent’s parent’s kind. Bernadette had a certain reality about her, even whimsical. She was upbeat, and had a sparkling personality. Alike Dane, and Meridian, Bernadette, and Phillip Mon Cheri’ were a match made in heaven. Gordon had six years, and nine months on Millicent, and at that affair, they seemed highly compatible. Champagne, wine, food, and dance became endless, but Gordon, and Millicent exchanged telephone numbers, and even set a date for the following week. They sipped rose wine, and club soda with cherries, enjoyed each other’s company, and the crowd.

Meridian, and Dane gave Gordon the thumbs up about her. They thought they had distinction, and got along well for the amount of time spent. The sun settled, and then started to drop. Entering the seven o’clock hour. Happy couples danced around the pool deck, as the water floated lit candles in glass. Millicent, and Gordon were surrounded by many, but were off in their own world at the gazebo. Music rang throughout the mansion, the beautifully romantic adobe furnaces in the tearooms lit with scented candles. The glow of love was atmospheric, and contagious in the air, and children went home with smiling faces for the gifts they received for celebrating the wedding affair.

Gordon rigged the entire affair, and its grounds with cameras to catch the day’s events, while the photographers took posed portraits and memorabilia. They captured great photos of Meridian accepting the casing to her beautiful engagement ring, their first kiss, first dance, the cutting of the wedding cake, and pretty much every moment they could, for the bride, and groom’s matrimony. Dane received his beautiful wedding band and thought it gorgeous. His marriage to Meridian is a total commitment, and therefore, no other woman could come forth. Dane would not feel badly wearing his wedding band. It bats the predators off, and sorry for their mistake.

Not trying to prove any points, but Dane was very much committed, and in love with Meridian, and nothing could change that. He was freed from dating, and matchmaker games. Single men at the wedding chanted for Dane to throw his wife’s garter. Dane looked pleadingly at his wife, whom he knew wanted to avoid the moment. Meridian rose with bashfulness, and thought not to be a bad sport, and knew Dane would have her best interests at heart, so she submitted. Dane of course was huge enough to cover her body, and suave enough to enjoy the very moment, and the crowd cheered!

“Kiss!, kiss!, kiss!, kiss!”

That is all the happy couple heard, hurriedly wanting to leave the crowd, who went crazy. After the bouquet, and garter toss, their guest’s became full of feast, dance, and cheer! Dane blushed, but happily took his wife in his arms. In his embrace, they carried a deep warm sacred love for each other, feelings deep enough to swim in. Their guest’s held their drinking glasses up, and in high congratulating spirits, “To Meridian, and Dane! A match made in heaven!” Embracing, the extremely happy couple, and as if they could read each other’s minds, felt a strong undying love, and in their union, how special it was they could communicate their thoughts, and actions without saying a word.

Each time they were close, even kissed, heartfelt bonds electrified, that could unfold any mystery, and together, unravel any secret. Meridian, and Dane’s lives together could do well for people. Happiness spoke to them, telling a tale they knew, and their love was unmistaken, and full of assets and plans. They grew together, and since they had a lot in common, they dreamt together. Dane promised his wife a honeymoon of a lifetime, and it will be. He asked if she would bring only a few personal items, because if there was anything she needed, Dane said he would provide. The chauffeured limousine took them to Meridian’s house.

They spent almost an hour in the cottage, changing clothes to start their honeymoon, and packed lightly. Their driver took them on a slow drive to the airport, where Meridian purchased two novels of interest, A Sister’s Peace, for her, and, Rewards of a Broken Heart, for Dane, and then they flew off into the friendly skies.

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