a Sultry Land

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Millicent and Gordon


Each day after Meridian and Dane’s wedding and reception, through telephone or computer, Millicent and Gordon kept in touch. They played video games against each other from their homes, Gordon carried her books, and a backpack of joysticks, gadgets, and other electronic devices when they hung out together, in speakeasy’s, and coffee shops very often after Millicent studied. Beryl, still peeking around the corners, careful not to aggravate Gordon. He was still her employer to keep her job. Gordon did not pay the woman attention which she reluctantly noticed. To him, she was an object to whom he felt no guilt.

He knew that the woman was a sexual freak, and treated her that way, yet as he, and Millicent felt comfortable in their correlation, they were shy, and giggly, and their acquaintance developed a true fondness in friendship, a bond, a link true, and an understanding, having gone through similar scenarios in the past. Millicent’s interest in Gordon was obvious, but Beryl wanted to barf. Millicent hung onto Gordon’s every word, and they dated, exercised, swam, and worked out, together, and reshaped in no time. Since they met, Millicent cared for Gordon, and they got along well.

He started to learn Millicent’s likes, and dislikes only to please her, and felt that since Millicent liked him, their bond would be as special as the many projects they have in their lives. They were supportive of one another and through the test of time, respected each others space. They could have been the blind, leading the blind, but Gordon was her King Kong, and Millicent his Jane, a smaller, soft, sweet smelling feminine version of Gordon, young, and equally attractive. If ever there was a match for them, they were it, and dated at the cooler happenings in town. Enid, Meridian, the Mon Cherie’,and Dane wanted Gordon, and Millicent to experience life, not run from it.

Thankful they found each other. They were first loves, and needed to experience life on their own. Essentially, Millicent, and Gordon were as exciting as the intrigue of Meridian, and Dane. She complimented Millicent’s long thick auburn brown, wavy hair, cascading from her widows peak, down her back, her beauty, and everyone thought her a delightful girl, who matched the handsomeness of Gordon, and besides graduate school, she was studying to help small children with afflictions, she was an artist, Dane thought her a gem, and everyone thought Millicent quite charming for Gordon.

Besides possessing natural beauty, and a femininity true, the couple possessed the same wit, and had similar beliefs in common. They learned from each other, and opposed some of their dealings with the bullies of their past. The couple was true, and lucky to find one another. Gordon trusted Millicent’s modesty, and never felt himself more open as how he felt with her. They spent quiet times, or times listening to loud music with headphones, and very much began to steal kisses. Millicent, almost due her collegiate endeavors, introduced her best friend Padimye, who’s studying internal medicine.

Millicent’s world with Gordon, and Padimye, was alright, and for children, Millicent Mon Cheri’ has devoted her time. She string’s beads to make beautiful jewelry, and gives her creations to many hospitals for children to enjoy. In hospital’s, once in a while. Millicent teaches the young, and the old how to draw, paint, and create works of art with yarn, crocheting patterns for sweaters. Millicent’s designs for handbags are phenomenal! She could crochet huge Afghans in a week’s time, and owned a menagerie of clothed dolls she was making her entire life. Her collection represented people from all walks of life.

Although dolls are not Gordon’s thing, he thinks her hand made doll collections are impressive. Millicent’s dolls represented every corner of the earth, and to her, not hard to make. In her youth, she has made more than three dolls a day, and their clothing on any rainy day. Millicent used to stitch by hand, but sewed, crocheted and weaved different outfits for her dolls, in ranges of twelve to sixteen inches long. In private, Millicent lived in the spacious and lovely guesthouse of her parent’s home. Lately, more than ever, Gordon was interested. In Millicent, and wanted to get serious.

Everyone was impressed with her art studio, full of dolls she’d made over the years, drawings of all sorts, art, crafts, and paintings, Gordon was sure to tell Meridian about. He wondered if Millicent had any plans or ideas for her works of art, and longed to kiss the area on Millicent’s face between her eyes, or above her lip. There, the tiny cute heart-shaped birthmark lived, as perfect as if cupid placing the mark from heaven. Millicent is purely gorgeous to Gordon. Her eyelashes were thick, and as dark as the depths of brown in her thick wavy auburn hair. Her hazel eyes of chestnut twinkled more so when she smiled, her face lit, and Millicent came around as often as Gordon liked.

She, and Gordon ran through the mansion as if they were small children in a playground, and had the kind of fun Enid Rae didn’t mind. It was way too long ago since she heard sounds of happiness there, and Beryl should have been through with her antics. For months Gordon had nothing for her, lusting lonely in the mansion. She was in denial that neither Vernon, nor he, was interested. Gordon’s wild fantasies with Beryl, was nothing he cared about for Millicent. Gordon would never use her in that way. One night, a week before Dane, and Meridian’s return from their honeymoon trip, Gordon came out of his shower room to discover Beryl, in his nakedness.

She’d been holding a clean towel for him from the cabinet right next to the shower, and had quite a nerve, he thought, for her to stay, even if she did compliment his wet body. Beryl wanted to get a rise out of Gordon, but he was more pissed off than not, and tired of her chasing him around every corner, she was a distraction at best. Hypothetically she said, “If you weren’t so busy, I could spend time.” Gordon had a date. He wrapped, and walked right past Beryl, but she offered smoothing scented oil on his body, and Gordon had had some day.

Beryl wanted to get touchy, and tried to help dry him, but Gordon, without saying a word, warned her not to get started at play, and noticed she already had more alcohol than she needed to drink that late afternoon, and would not remember a week from then what happened. Beryl after weeks of nothingness from Gordon, even before he met Millicent, and was taken aback. Beryl wanted to play regardless, and easily had gotten over his rejection. He knew Beryl scuffed at him about his little girlfriend, after he stepped out of the shower room, Beryl went passionately down on her knees to satisfy the last craving she would ever perform for him again.

In the face of Beryl, Gordon ended up satisfying his urges, as he and came into fruition. Gordon looked Beryl in the face, and then asked her to leave. He was out all day, but home just in time to get dressed to meet Millicent at her parent’s house for dinner. He brought Millicent, and her mother separated flower bushels, bouquet beautiful, and they thought the gesture lovely. All the d’Anise liked Millicent, and the Mon Cheri’ saw how wecomed she was in their home. Only Gordon knew Beryl did not like Millicent’s visits, and she was smart enough not to let Enid Rae in on her jealousy.

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