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On Meridian, and Dane’s wedding night, he took hours, making sure his wife was ready to consummate their marriage. Subtly, Dane knew his wife had not been ready for the penetrative thrust he wanted to give, she would go through panting spells as soon as he touched her, and it was hard not to have her completely. With what he felt for Meridian, she fell breathless as Dane lavished her body. They felt comfortable with their feelings, and were friends foremost, before he could completely fill her core. Meridian became out of control in ecstasy, gripping Dane’s back, his shoulders, and arms, at the feeling of his just penetrating, squeezing himself into her.

He only shifted, and she didn’t want to move. There, she would love to stay forever, but Dane hadn’t begun to love her, and he whispered sweet nothings in her ear, and she giggled, and he took her further, making sounds at the heat of friction emotionally mounting. As he pushed forward slowly, they continued to make love, until they became one. Meridian gasps for their divinity, and in them, repeats their deed of love. Now they know marital love bountifulness, honorably, full, and free. Dane enjoyed taking fragrant oil baths, soaking with his wife, soaking in their oval bathtub of bubbles, fragrant with the colorful powders they bought from town.

They kneeled among prayer’s six times a day in their holy visit, and Dane did not want to leave. In India they would spend a time of bountiful surprises. In hotels, restaurants, streets, angelic sounds played. Instrumental sounds of Dhrupad, a classical music of North India, ingratiates the air, and in the fabulous country Dane enjoyed its beauty for the first time with his bride, as exotic as India itself. They were eager to taste the food’s wafting through the air, on the streets, and in some places cooks prepared succulent, sophisticated meals. The newlyweds will stay a month, and even then, the time was hardly enough. They will enjoy many great cuisines, people, air, customs and traditions.

They ate while they shopped in the romantic cities for all sorts of merchandise, and hardly sat out sight-seeing of the many beautiful marble adornments, and embellishments from centuries ago. In India, Meridian, and Dane were among the most beautiful and colorful skies they had ever seen, and the people, even the men, resembled color. Dane wore Dhoti fabric which covered Hindu men from the lower body. As it is common, women wear sarongs, and jootis, meaning embellished slippers. Dane purchased Meridian several pairs of slippers to match all her beautiful lehenga outfits, and long flouncy skirts in patterns of eras past.

Tie-dye compliments Diktat yarns woven into patterns on all her slippers, and with that, they purchased several pairs of jootis for Enid Rae, and blankets for Gordon, by far the most beautiful in color they had ever seen. The food tasted delicious. Traveling to the resort, Meridian was taught how to wrap a sarong, and looked lovely in the beautiful cultural attire. She spent her entire vacation wrapped in customary clothing of authentic tapestries, and jewelry from the native land. During a stunning supper, they discussed business as partners, and solidified their thoughts. They had quiet dinners on the balcony that wrapped their suite. They received special care with room service.

Breakfast, catered very, was a fresh start by the cool of the sea’s breezes capturing mornings. Dane rented a Land Rover to hover trails to the Lotus Pool mausoleum in Agra. They went during its stunning, and sunny, beauty, and took pictures together at the white marble fountain of white waters. The airy visit at the Mughal palace the etchings focused on the shape of Lotus flowers captured by cool breezes off the water, and a sight to see at night. With the warm late summer sun, they benched with people, and ate very deliciously. They took digital video of waterfronts, visited merchant shops by the sea, and found so many favorite places to be, with many foods.

The sunrises, and sunsets, kept the couple in love. Dane said he’d build a mausoleum for Meridian too, as the emperor Shah Jahan built in memory of his wife. The Taj Mahal mausoleum was huge with depths of color detailed in beautiful patterns of colorful Pietra Dura, flowers, predictably carved on many precious stones of marble, impressed Dane close up. It was built in the sixteenth century, and stood beautifully etched, a pristine part of the Mughal agriculture noted for its majestic greatness. Dane took photos of the hand details veiling the areas surrounding the royal tombs with calligraphy writing masterpieces.

They took photos to share with Gordon, and Enid, sure they would love to come to India to capture those special moments, of water, weather, food, and peaceful skies for themselves, for sure, Gordon and his new friend Millicent, would enjoy the food, and customs there as well. Love, and care, is what they would experience most, and food of meat is what Dane enjoyed most. Meridian selected eccentric gifts for everyone, pleasantly overwhelmed by multitudes of people at festivals of culture. Beauty, and wonderful fragrances in many forms were looming, and she made certain to collect as many brochures as they could while deciding to purchase what they liked in bulk.

Never dream less. On a new and exciting day, they among merchants, guides, and people, electing they go boating, in which they did. Meridian with Dane, will cherish the memories in Agra forever. There, they especially loved the spices cultivated in the foods they ate, infused with the tastiest Marsala, and herbs ever experienced. At spice houses, they sampled flavors in food, and it was spectacular. Amchoor sounded too spicy, but the consistency of dried mangoes, crushed, sweet, and stored away in jars, are lightly seared in vegetables. Meridian and Dane bought many dry spices for the foods they ate, with bottles of wine.

Meridian’s interest in making good meals expanded from the food prepared for them. Dane, sure to order India’s authentic cookware, so that at home, Meridian could prepare any of her extra special meals. In hot slated plates, their meals were cooked in front of them in friendly atmospheres of Natives, and tourists alike. Others too, graciously enjoyed food, fun, and music. Meridian is a rice lover, and ate most of her dishes with India’s Tamil curry. Without the addition, rice never tasted so good. She watched the preparations of other dishes, and learned different drops of spice blends.

They experienced textures, many different scents, flavors, and colors new to them in the meals of ancient cuisine. Dazzling foods as if heaven to their taste buds at resort restaurants, or while shopping in town. Vegetables tossed in hot oils sometimes flavored with harsh fragrances, but tasty. Asafetida, for example, has an acquired scent, yet equivalent to the flavor of onion, and delicious. Nine ingredients added to a mix called Chat Masala, is deliciously essential. That mix is hard to grasp, so Meridian pulled out her pen, and paper, and then found many cookbooks of India to purchase before vacation’s end. Masala they learned, is a cultivating blend of different tasty spices makes the flavors of food interesting.

Garam Masala included curry powder from the Caribbean Isles, and from India, the spices brought pizzazz to food, and a warm welcome to the hearts of Meridian and Dane. She had a taste for poultry, made in tandoori. Her dish was made delicately, perhaps a bandore spice captured her senses. with the aroma of steamed rice is scrumptious, used aside any food, or alone in a bowl simply delicious. Fragrant food smells in the market’s were very tantalizing. All day, the mind fixated on food, Meridian sure to show Cook what she learned in terms of flavor. He knew how to whip up Malay curry paste at home, which had to be stored for some time to cultivate its flavor; he used it in a number of dishes.

She would buy coconut milk, lemongrass, and garlic as a base for poignancy in all sorts of stews. In a couple of dishes Meridian ate, the addition of cloves marvelous, giving her dishes, sensual flavor. Their palate, as usual with meat, enjoyed the same dishes. They didn’t cower of new tastes, or things. Meridian purchased many art pieces from artists that year. She’d shaken hands with merchants she would do future business with, in which she and her husband were excited. As much as India is beautiful, Meridian could not wait for bedtime with her loving husband. His strong arms comforted her from long beautiful fulfilling days, making love each night until the sun came up.

Meridian loved her husband naturally, and all they would ask. To Dane, Meridian his world, and he worshiped everything about his beautiful wife, and they are proud to say they belonged with each other. Meridian had some of her jewelry re-appraised, and traded some pieces she would not use. Her jewelry served her a pretty plentiful sum. Before they married, Meridian took Gordon with her, to pick out a watch for Dane, as a suitable wedding present, as the couple could lavish each other with gifts. Dane will take great care of the presidential Rolex watch Meridian gave to him as one of his wedding gifts. Dane loved the gift, in which she engraved, and it was certainly his style.

Meridian’s thoughtful husband, begged the thought hadn’t set her back too personally. In truth, Meridian denied any expense, and knew that surely they could afford many things without considering a budget. He will cherish Meridian, and the gift always, and many years since Dane received a gift outside of Enid Rae, and Gordon, on his birthday, and now, their family rang with expansion and promise, with Meridian the woman who put an end to Dane’s loneliness. Her engraving wrote:

I Love You Forever Dane

-Always, Your wife, Meridian.

Deeg Water Palace is another romantically beautiful place out of many the couple loved in the midst of many. Its elegance of the structure is just as beautiful in the daily sun, as strikingly beautiful during its nightly splendors. Arm in arm, they visited Gopal Bhawan Palace, and photographed the sandstone carvings, with the two small pavilions called Sawan, and Bhadon attached at opposite ends. They’d been through the golden pavilion on carriage cars for a special events. There, music saturated the air soothingly with sounds instrumentally played, called Dhrupad. At that palace on water, it was as romantic as the place they dined, and danced under the stars.

At night, Meridian felt tenderly in Dane’s arms, wrapped in his security of love since after he discovered her, knew Dane would truly love her for life, and every so often they would travel together to other places in the world, purchase art, or perhaps attend interesting dinner parties invited throughout the year. Dane wanted to form stronger bonds, and traditions with his lady. They had already been having happier times at the mansion again, but in India, the sculpture’s of pottery are as magnificent as promised, ordered, and shipped to their home. Directions to art dealers were simple, and they were grateful meeting the people they socialized.

Meridian’s husband was incessantly generous. Money is no obstacle for them, and as far as they are concerned, made a few good connections, and many paths of friendship. Outside on their honeymoon, exchanging business cards, collecting, and distributing brochures of their gallery were foremost. Now people from all over could purchase the many artworks, and decor of India from Meridian’s art gallery in the Sultry Lands. They had all sorts of ideas. The depth and richness in the city of Jaipur to them, just as interesting as Agra. The sky spoke proudly behind its monumental aura, and Dane bought Meridian the most beautiful artwork, and jewelry.

Doing business, they ordered many different works of the most beautiful expressions of India. Meridian, and Dane, took extended tours, amazed at the beauty of the ancient culture. The structure called Mathura in the village of Vishram Ghat, and its colorful ancient domes loomed during the day, reflecting sunlight bursting in prisms of purples and gold, romantic, and in so many ways memorable. The sunset into night radiated with the glow of oil lamps floating on its rivers. Meridian, Dane, and many others chose to spend the night at that romantic place with intricate structures of mastery were tremendous.

The energy in Katha is musically entertaining, and tales are sung behind incredible, colorful musical backgrounds in the mystic of the night as they dined was amazing. The street show’s were epic, and fun to watch where the water rippled warmly, as if to calm the day, and Meridian, and Dane were in love in every way, and again, went to the romantic, intimate restaurant in Agra. They sailed away on a night cruise, and by then, their pallets were accustomed to spices now familiar of black peppercorns, cumin seed, and ground hot chili. They were lovers of seafood, and enjoyed another exciting treat of the chefs specialty preparations.

Cooked on stone platters, food aged marinade in ginger juice seared, and ajwain seeds gave their fish platter’s an even hotter vibrancy, sprinkled in juices on the fish’s fresh flesh, and cumin seed, and coriander heated up it’s flavor as well. Meridian chose many vegetables, and textures in her salad, and Dane ate dried mint seed again with pomegranate. In India, they knew the food was seasoned in curries, and that cultures shared spices along that median isles. Meridian purchased mustard seeds, and turmeric, so that Cook would make great use out of the colorful, fragrant spices. Meridian ate crushed ajwain seeds sprinkled over her vegetables they liked.

They left the restaurants full, and with all the spices they bought. Two weeks into their honeymoon trip they ordered a spice curio cabinet, hand crafted in India. It will be delivered to their home for the spice delicacies, and they will use the artist’s goods in the art gallery.

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