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After Every Winter comes Spring


Returning to school after another great winter break which Rebekah, and her friends experienced inclimate weather, and the Derck’s would not allow Rebekah, and her friends take the short plane flight back to school, or risk a lower grade handing papers in late, so Bethany and Darren took a road trip to drive Rebekah and a few of her friends back to school, on a six hour trip across the icy winter plain. They had gotten the snow they expected over the holiday, but turned brutal. Sleet disabled mostly everything, and snowstorms prevailed.

Even though the girls were back to school, by the end of the week, the weather would have worsened, canceling most everyone’s winter plains. Rebekah, loaded with most of the latest clothes, shoes, purses, coats, perfumes, and shopped well that season, was not a know-it-all, but couldn’t wait to get back to classes. The car she drove was used, and practically died over the holiday season, so they didn’t trust it. While she was away, Bethany and Darren saw the car she loved, and planned to give it to her that summer.

Rebekah was ambitiously forging ahead more than any other girl cared to, and not worry about her looks. She accepted the fact that even though she and her friends grew up together, they all did not get along, and knew all too well how fickle fancy they could be. Bethany and Darren admitted “Rebekah’s” beauty, and told her that her beauty, and attractiveness was no reason to dilly dally.

“Good looks may not last forever,” they believed, and that the love inside Rebeckah’s heart, and head counted. She realized love, and that friendship you can’t buy.

She’d been taught, money didn’t grow on trees, yet the Derck’s, and the people who surrounded her lived in comfort all their lives, and even lived in the best dormitory all through college, where during the week, Rebekah locked onto her studies in peace, and quiet, and never let anyone pick her friends. Max’s family moved out of the country, and he will be away training in the military for some time, and promised to write, so that Beckah would know where to write back. By five o’clock on Bekah’s first cold day on campus, an administrative assistant summoned her to the offices.

She went skipping, unexpecting, her principal, guidance counselor, and school doctor, at the same time, and greeted them with a smile. Mrs. Benjamin, headmaster, gave Mr. Jennings, the dean a reassuring nod of her head, and to Rebekah, Dean Jennings was going through more than she could imagine. In his face he seemed terrified, possibly what he was about to say, and the very sight of him no matter what, read some sort of doom. He looked horrified, his face was riddled with regret, yet knew her grades were up to par.

They should know, she had nothing to do with teasing the freshmen that year, or any other. Rebekah waited, and then Dr. Reddy entered the office, and closed the door behind him. She’d not been sick, and it felt awkward sitting with them at the same time. She didn’t want to seem nervous but was.

“Miss Derck. I’m glad you came right away. I’m afraid I have to tell you something that I think is very difficult.” She, with a positive attitude towards life, certainly sure her grades passed above average. She felt perplexed, and Dean Jennings did not know how else to say what he had to say, so he just winged it as soon as he could, but with sorrow.

“Rebekah, your parents died in a terrible car crash just today,” and she could not believe her ears! By the sight of his face, she could tell he was telling her the truth. Dr. Reddy sat in another corner of the office, heart wretched, and equally full of sorrow for Rebekah, unaware of her past. Only Dean Jennings would know of her financial situation, once the semester ended. Tuition, and costs had not yet been her problem, and from the hands of Dr. Reddy, to Rebekah’s, a packaged envelope was handed to her, mailed in by the Derck’s. All through her life, stored in Rebekah’s files, were given to her.

She’s been a good student, respectable, and many of her peers thought the most of her, as students passing through the office, knowing something had gone wrong. Gossip and speculation spread right away, and some were willing to lend support. At her time of need and sorrow, by the end of the day, the girls who the Derck’s also drove to campus told many students what happened. Her campus peers showed Rebekah support, and realized she carried a heavy burden, and offered comfort, but the friends she grew up with showed resentment of her circumstances, because their parents were employed by hers, and she never felt so lonely.

Not offering any antidote to her sorrow, but asking rather rudely, where their own parent’s positions in the Derck’s law firm would be. The Derck’s had lawyers that would handle the facts of their business, but when Rebekah needed her “friends,” she had none. Her childhood friends have shunned her, and even the college staff saw how she’d been cold shouldered.

“Apparently on black ice, their Jeep slipped off the road, and slid through the side railings, down onto the canyons.” Rebekah played over, and over in her head what happened to the parents she thought were her own, whom she loved very much. Everyone in the closed office stood, staring in disbelief.

“Another couple saw the entire accident, and stayed to report it to the authorities, but the damage was done,” the Dean said. Rebekah too, just sat, and stared at Dean Jennings who said, “I mean, before the truck hit the lower cliffs, they had already gone.” The report said that they never knew what hit them,” and Dr Reddy added, “With the snow, and clouds all white, it’s easy to lose equilibrium.″

“I am so, so, sorry Rebekah.” Dean Jennings stood up, and said, “If there’s anything we can do for you at this time, please don’t hesitate to ask.” He ended by saying, “My office is always open,” excused himself, and left his office open to the principal, the doctor, and a nurse.

Rebekah stood crying in the bosom of her college principal. She felt badly for her parents, and Dr. Reddy suggested she stay in the infirmary, and rest. Rebeckah had a headache, and the Dr. gave Rebekah a couple of sedatives. She slept, and when she woke up, a lot of time passed, and campus activity dummed. The doctor had gone home, but the night nurse offered her an overnight stay since it was late, in which she accepted. Trudy Horne from her cheer squad was working in the offices that day, and had empathy for Rebekah’s situation, who asked if she’d seen any of her dorm mates from home, and she hesitated.

“Rebekah, trust me-in truth, those girls are not your friends.” None of the people from home asked about her, or her parents, and bad vibes circulated. Rebekah took it personally, felt abandoned, and cried. She sniffled, about them, the Derck’s and since no one else came, Rebekah truly felt alone. She splashed her face, freshened up, and opened the envelope. Inside, she thumbed through a mound of documents, and discovered things about her life she never knew. Bethany, and Darren Derck were parents that adopted her, completely threw her off, and practically blew her mind, seeing her birth certificate, and then a certificate of adoption.

The manilla package came with keys, and an address to a very special place of her inheritance. She was confused, but the names of her adoptive parents proved who she really was. Rebekah left the infirmary before daylight, and went to her dorm room to collect her things. She retrieved all the money out of her account from the student lounge, and then saw Dr. Reddy early, and seemed better to him, and she asked if he would go over the documents with her. Rebekah shared she didn’t know she’d been adopted, and that they include her birth name, in which in her current woes, she’d use. Rebekah A. Derck was now Meridian Gwendolyn Michel’, and her birth certificates proved it.

With the shun of her friends, and the death of the Derck's she was without hesitation, or any regrets. Rebekah Derck forever became Meridian Gwen Michel’ , thanked Dr. Reddy for his help, promised she would call in case she needed anything, and traveled to a place she didn’t know she would call home. She ended up in the bosom of her principal weeping uncontrollably, and as Rebekah Derck had not yet realized her deceased parents were adoptive, her life began to flash before her.

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