a Sultry Land

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Gordon's World


Gordon was seeing all their plans come into fruition, wanted Millicent permanently, and was adamant. “Married?” Dane, unused to the idea of Gordon being a man, looked at him as his much younger brother. In a season, Gordon wanted to claim Millicent, and wanted her to know how special she was to him. He wanted to live life with Millicent, who Dane said was perfect for him. In the way that cared, Dane thought Millicent would be honest, true, and loyal to his brother. Millicent, was all about Gordon’s happiness, and Dane knew how close she, and Meridian have become. Millicent was perfect for Gordon. Enid had nice things to say about her, and they were happy, and well together.

“She is a sweet person,” Meridian said to Dane. “She would never use, abuse or under estimate Gordon. I’ll bet, she will make a very cool, and loving wife.” Gordon, very attracted to Millicent, as she is to him. He wondered if leaving the mansion, and trying again for his own good, but Dane didn’t think Gordon’s plan was best.

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