a Sultry Land

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Meridian Michel' d'Anise

Twenty two-

In the beginning of the spring, everyone tried to catch their breaths. Dane, and Ruben spent less time on site, and in their offices, concentrating on the overhead on all the open businesses, and the new businesses that drew in the public, yet, for Dane’s birthday, his wife gave him a surprise yacht party. The look, and location of the d’Anise Plaza Square, was centrally located in the Sultry Land town, a shopping convenience, and visible from the waters. Enid, at la Boutique, had her hand in it all. Beryl took part-time work at the store, and sold clothing, helped Enid dress mannequins in display windows, tag accessories, perform general help, and they hit Sherry.

Each week they featured different clothing, accessories, and perfumes, and Meridian’s cosmetics order finally shipped in, of Pop Line Cosmetics, and skincare. Gordon wasn’t too thrilled with Beryl having a position at the plaza. It seemed he couldn’t be rid of her. To Dane, he mentioned having a funny feeling about him.

“Yo’ bro. If the man wants to wear a woman’s blouse, that’s his day. Get over it. You want me to advertise for a new stylist?” Dane replied to Gordon’s disgust, but was kidding, and in no way allowed Gordon to get rid of the guy, as eccentric as Beryl could be.

“Yeah, preferably female,” Gordon remarked ruggedly.

He shook his head, unknowing how to converse with most of the male stylist’s. In matters of business, men fancying themselves, women, was strange to Gordon, but Dane was right. As long as women liked it, what else could he say?

“No! Women love them,” Dane raised a playful eyebrow, shook his head, and walked out of Gordon’s office. The man’s flamboyance was something else to elude Gordon’s thoughts, and yes, the new male stylist was very over the top. Dane had a prospect interested in buying the salon. In the sultry lands, they’d developed old relationships with people, so practically the entire church congregation shopped at the Plaza d’Anise.

It was the new town square. Meridian, almost three years ago, arrived in the sultry lands and found a life for herself. Young, and virtually alone, she wouldn’t have thought she could have made it thus far. It’s his birthday!! Her new life with a handsome wealthy tycoon husband, loved and supported her every day, in every way, and she, grateful for the changes in life. Meridian thought she’d be stuck alone forever, but now their work kept them busy, and her business boomed. Knowing death wouldn’t have changed things, she wished all four of her parents were alive to see her happiness, so they could know she is safe, and has met such familiar, and wonderful people.

Of her biological parents who meant to live, and love her, Dane kept the secret of her parents true demise, what she didn’t know would not hurt her. Dane’s only hope was that he could keep her happy. Meridian only knew that they passed away, and she grew up with loving doting parents, and a really good friend named Maximal Indigo. On the water with so much fun, food, sun, wine, and spirits, everyone indulged in different conversations all over the yacht. Meridian, hugged in Dane’s arms, said how honored she felt, as cared for as she was by the parents she hadn’t known were adoptive, and to have met such good friends.

In Dane, Miss Enid, Millicent, Cook, and Gordon, Meridian had a great relationship. Moving towards the islands, there was a lush, and beautiful breeze on that warm, blue skied day with her friends, Meridian congratulated Millicent, and her art pieces which sold expensively, and made luscious profits. Meridian said how she would’ve e loved to share Millicent’s love for children, and as Dane sat back, he understood when his wife explained each holiday she thought of other children. Meridian didn’t have siblings, but felt blessed in some way to be alive, but lonely too, and said how teary eyed she’d be over orphans, and how she cried, and cried over, losing the Derck’s.

Dane hugged his bride closely, and kissed the top of her head. They sat silent for a moment on that beautiful day, sipping cocktails, the wind in their hair, and her husband on his birthday, Meridian felt good. It was a culmination of the beautiful warm blue ocean, bountiful breezes, and great conversations among friends. Candidly, Meridian was favored by the Derck’s, and just wanted to give thanks, with praises to the people that raised her, especially since meeting her biological parents through loving notes, and photographs. Meridian said a few words about the parents she loved, who loved her too.

“Whom I thought were my parent’s, I love very much, and I know they have totally loved me too,” Meridian knew.

Dane was supportive, because the subject was heavy. He didn’t know what else would be said, so he was silent. He didn’t know where the conversation would end, but Meridian continued speaking in thanks to all of her parents, and new friends, and husband, whole heartingly.

“If not for their accident, I would’ve never guessed in a million years, they adopted me. Having evidence my biological parents loved me too, is great,” Meridian admitted. “But to have the opportunity to know who my biological parents were, is greater still!”

Meridian mentioned she thought the Derck’s, the most loving couple in the world because, “I wasn’t even theirs,” she tenderly said to herself. She finished sniffling, realizing the Derck’s as genuine angels, and Dane hugged Meridian closely. She said, ”They loved me so much, and I loved them so much. They were my mom, my dad, and I was always their baby girl, but they were angels. Really.” Everyone was all ears, and realized Meridian had never spoken about herself. For the first time, Meridian hadn’t opened up to anyone but Dane since the Derck’s death, and out on the water, everyone had a story that day.

When Meridian, who was their backbone spoke, those closest wanted to know her, and understand her better, or if anything they needed to do in order to love her more, so they listened, with Dane careful not to ask any questions that would cause anyone to bring up how her biological parents died, just as little known of Gordon’s parental tragedy. Meridian toasted to all the great parents in the world, by saying, “We were a family. They were lawyers, owned their own law firm, and I never had to want for anything, and honestly, they almost loved me too much,” Dane smiled, and wiped a little tear off her eye.

“They were really good people, and Dane, and I are going back to freshen their graves, to see them off, since I was their only relative alive.” Dane shook his head, yes, to everyone who thought the gesture was good. “I received everything else I needed to have, and we’ll check out the house where I lived too,” they smiled. “I just couldn’t do it alone.” Dane left for a second, splashed his face with cold water, and then back out to his wife, and friends, for Meridian, there was a lot of love shared on the yacht that day, and Millicent really proved herself a friend why, Meridian was happy that she, and Gordon were together as if slumber party friends. They rise to each other’s occasions.

On the yacht that weekend, many things seemed to come to a head. Miss Enid graced her mother-in-law’s memory with compliments, and toasts. Since the work involved in opening the plaza, Miss Enid was standing up straight, and her light did so shine as her mother-in-law said would, unashamed of herself, or of Denim, and with Gordon, Millicent forgot what happened during college with that slut bum, Steven Bonanza. It was too bad Gordon will have to put him in his dumb-ass place. Dane was in business in his hometown, and without Gordon, Meridian, or Millicent, Dane might have thought that Enid Rae could have gone a little daft.

In time, and with her dream business come true, at least Miss Enid Rae was better. Charles was better healthwise too, and often met Enid Rae for luncheon. They’d become better friends by then, and with all her wits, Miss Enid Rae had the warmest, most beautiful smile, and Dane’s happiness meant the most for her. Of Miss Enid, Meridian was happy to see the woman she once knew bloom. Enid Rae’s eye’s, and face did light when she smiled, and since she smiled more often, her hues shined through, and she looked alive again, which made everyone happy, Enid knowing she was alive in her bones, and for the first time in a long time, felt it, and now, she’s living as an independent woman.

Dane saw that her change’s were good, and Beryl could see nothing that mattered.

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