a Sultry Land

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More than Enough

Twenty five-

In the moment old somber Dr. Zelig painstakingly delivered his good news dipped in molasses, and in no rush, and at the time, their emergency, did not seem to be his emergency. Through all of Dane, and Meridian’s concerns of health in sadness, they went home happy, and in an instant, surprised, and congratulated for the diagnosis of her condition. Meridian transfixed herself into a very healthy, happy woman when she clapped her face with both hands, and even caught Millicent sniffle Millicent went to her friend, and Gordon smiled.

Enid Rae could not be happier, and Dane squeezed Meridian in a hug so ecstatic he wouldn’t care the sexes of their children, and all he knew at that time, was his happiness, and so picked Meridian up, whirled her around, and then shook his old doctors hand vigorously.

“Whew! That was close.” Dr. Zelig made a sequence of appointments for Meridian to visit, and the other news was, Meridian would soon enter her second trimester! Meridian was resilient, and that bit of great news immediately changed things. It was their twins, zapping Meridian’s energy. They were steadily growing, and strong.

She rubbed her frame, and Dr. Zelig showed her where their twins were currently located, much lower than she expected. He explained that they were still very small, when Dane felt the developed baby’s bump, finally realizing her condition. It wasn’t cancer. Now, knowing her condition, Meridian could relax. Her baby bump started to show right away, and with everything lovely in Dane, and Meridian’s lair, he never once mentioned Nathan’s curse, or stipulating a male heir, but Gordon, and Ruben knew what old uncle Nathan did, but with Meridian filling out as fast as she had, she became anxious to know the sex of their twins, and her doctor’s visit’s were great.

The couple glowed as if sun, and moon, and on their next doctor visit, lagged knowing the sex of the children they expected. Gordon, Ruben and Dane kept records of all legalities in business, and home. The stain of Nathan will be lifted with only paperwork, and his doctors proof of his insanity. When the plaza hit record breaking numbers, Dane gave Ruben a one million dollar bonus aside from his normal salary, because he deserved it for all his work, dedication, and non-complaint. Dane deposited two hundred fifty thousand dollars into Enid Rae, Gordon, and Meridian’s account’s, to make sure they were taken care of.

Being in business with Dane had its perks, and rewards. Gordon had a great future in business. He managed well, and life only progressed for everyone. There was room to give, and the fact that Enid Rae, Charles, and Vernon Shelby met Miss Teale Carlisle the designer, everyone found life with someone special, grief peeled off, but would never melt away, and everyone saw a more meaningful future. Meridian gained friendships, love, companionship, and the loyalty, the mansion dwellers kept among them. Being friends, having security, and love in their lives was worth so much more than money, and just as anyone would feel, togetherness was a vital part of life.

Ruben was able to capitalize, and took a suite at the plaza too, a law firm, and his fortune grew, as the man behind Ephesus Law Firm, and became independently wealthy, and it felt good. Gordon was on a triumphant rise, and kept Millicent, happily by his side. In all their lives, they set success into motion, and watched it grow. Enid took the form of Dane’s mother Sheridan in many ways, and was optimistic, more upbeat, accessorized, and kept her hair, feet, and fingernails massaged, and went with Meridian to nail, and hair appointments. Gordon, and Millicent cleaned up nicely again, which sent their heart’s racing.

Her project in the works of that summer camp was begrudging, but Meridian’s art gallery became locally, and focally famous, and they were pulling in numbers that would keep the plaza square afloat. Pulling in revenue had a lot to do with the atmosphere of track lighting which projected an ambiance, and attractive aglow from all around it. Meridian bought beautiful art pieces, Dane only wanted the best for Meridian’s happiness, and told her to, like her efforts, but to love her life. Babies Daniel Wayne Jr., and Denim were identical twin boys except for their eyes. Meridian delivered the twins with no complications,

Their two beautiful, hungry bundles of joy resembled both parents. The twins resemble their parents, yet had a look of their own. With opposite eye color, they couldn’t tell a lie. Denim has hazel eyes with green flecks, and baby Dane has green eyes with hazel flecks, and Meridian became strong in no time. Denim, and Dane Jr. were born with silver spoons in their mouths, and will be surrounded with loving care. Dane will never tell Meridian of old evil uncle Nathan’s deeds, and anyway, he lost. Meridian didn’t know Dane kept a separate account for the art gallery. He waited until a special night out together to show her how well she had become a very wealthy woman.

Dane was great, and generous. He kept his good spirit, and cool temperament. He loved, and cherished Meridian, and their son’s who would later elect calling him Great Dane. Their lives were full of hope, promise, and togetherness, and so they prospered in more ways than money, and in travels the pack of friends were family, and they learned many assets about life both near, and far. They had each other to lean on just in case, and in that, they had not much to cry about, and no complaints. Gordon will find out what happened to his friend Basil Vaughn, but from someone he’d think less likely to know.

His going through changes, and even starting businesses without Basil would have been dismal if it were not for Millicent. Basil seemed gone off into his own world, and it was something Gordon was learning to accept as he shaped into a stud, and kept a great sense of humor. Gordon was having more confidence than conceit, and became focused on the now, and he loved Millicent. He didn’t understand why his best friend snubbed him, and having no other friends around he could depend, could have caused him to lose self control, giving up on all he accomplished. Gordon kept getting stronger, although once the world chewed him up.

He persists, and with a world with bitter people, he spit them out! Millicent was his world now, and he wouldn’t let anything happen to her, thus, himself. Meridian, and Dane’s twins were healthy, and steadily growing. Dane wants their lives to have endless possibilities, especially since he started his adulthood with millions. The year after Denim, and Dane were born, they gave birth to a baby girl they named Sadir. Since Dane inherited control of his estate, he rewrote his will, and in their family, both sexes had future control over the estate, lands, and their d’Anise’ businesses of world, and state, and the manor at the mansion rang with life and love.

The joy in their lives was long, but Victor Cache’ may get out of jail sooner than expected, and probably seek new things to do with his freedom of mischief. Gordon too, had a lot on his plate. He conducted business, and as his and Millicent’s love rapidly grew, he waited for just the right time to propose. All was well in the Sultry Lands, and in the midst of Dane, and Meridian’s legacies, and in their merriment, they were all happy campers, and over all, it was not...

-The End

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