a Sultry Land

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To Redust


Daniel d’Anise to Meridia from the sky, just dropped into the mansion one day, just as their lawyer Ruben Ephesus, or their mail carrier who conversed with Enid from time to time. She thought he acted too familiar with Gordon, and Miss Enid, and as if he owned the place, he certainly strutted around as he had, Meridian thought, and could be too much trouble for humble Miss Enid and Gordon. It did not seem as if they would be able to control his freedom. Who was he, and better yet, how did he think he belonged?

Never mind, Meridian thought, leaving for the day. Gordon was smart, and strong enough to push a button for the police. After hearing the man a few times, she hoped they must know with his visits what they are in for, hoping he’s not a thief, but then again thought finally, that he must be renting the room at the top of the stairs! No wonder the manor became so disarrayed, with the way Enid and Gordon let people come, and go. In passing, it seemed as if the gentleman would stay, and practically run the place, but Meridian thought she’d be fine.

As long as the renter, or no one tried to interfere with her. When the handsome man named Dane came to the manor, Meridian stayed out of sight, and kept working. His voice carries excessively she thought, and too far, for any guest. Meridian thought him a firm person, almost demanding to a point, in the way he asked questions. Was he fishing for answers, or plotting something? It seemed as though he thought that Miss Enid, and Gordon couldn’t take care of themselves. Meridian thought him rude, and prayed in the massive mansion.

Well now Meridian thought that she too, could be in danger, and not her place to find out anything about the man. That day, “Dane,” passed Meridian on the eastern swirl of the staircase, but she ducked into an inner corridor, and he did not see her. Miss Enid returned to the first floor from the west side staircase, and she, and the man, Dane, finished talking. Enid was speaking to Dane, a very big healthy handsome man of about two hundred sixty pounds of muscle, and great suntanned skin. Meridian did not care that he was handsome, or seemed nice.

She didn’t care that he seemed to worry about Miss Enid, and Gordon. Meridian was not fooled. He was a schmoozer who liked to throw parties, and sold other people’s merchandise, was who he was, or as though he could fix things if they broke, as far as she could hear, sound’s muffling from where she worked. Meridian felt that Gordon, and Enid were meek. He seemed like he wanted to live there for a long time, and although she heard laughter, Meridian noticed that he touched things. On the first time he arrived she heard him mention how well the mansion looked.

The many inquiries she might have heard through the muffle of walls, or floors, annoyed her, and she hoped he wouldn’t ask them anything of her since they regarded him so freely. Whoever he was, Meridian thought that he certainly had a way with Miss Enid, and Gordon’s happiness. They seemed to like him, and had actually been cheery when he’s around, but accepting the stranger so well could mean trouble. Even the third time hearing his voice on the lower level, Meridian stayed out of sight, and busied herself elsewhere.

Meridian didn’t want to meet any new faces, and Dane d’Anise had a voice that echoed through the mansion like no other, that before she left for the day, it sent her out of the main foyer, and into a parlor room suite. He, Miss Enid, and Gordon have happy ordinance. He seemed to be going up the spiral staircase, and Enid Rae summons him from the second floor, before he landed on the base, and again, complimented his surroundings. He asked for Cook, and Miss Enid didn’t know, he hadn’t seen Dane when walking through the servants quarters.

Cook missed Dane anytime he wasn’t there, and was happy to see him. Dane handed him bags of dried spices, fruit, rice, and nuts. Meridian went out back by then to start her car, but noticed Dane in full. He was handing Cook more sacks through the side entrance, and she waited before she backed out of the private stall. Meridian knew his name, and watched Dane hand the cook another sack of wine, and he carried a box of spirits, before she started her car, and thought, well at least he contributed, she saw Cook handling a small crate of corn cobs.

He had other vegetables on top, and then both men were in the house. No matter what his smile is like, Meridian still thought the marauder no good, even if he complimented the place in what Meridian felt that he used as a brothel, he shouldn’t be so allowed to just roam the home. Casually dressed in blue jeans, a white collared Polo, Dane wore a nice brown leather watch, a pair of brown leather Diesel shoes, and brown leather pants jacket, all, her style. Dane had well groomed thick dark red-brown wavy hair, and his facial hair was the same colors.

His eyes flecked brown, they were gold, his eyelashes thick, and he was well groomed, and fabulous. Dane smelled expensively, and had a gorgeous sun tan. The man Meridian did not know seemed to have a warm spirit, but it didn’t fool her. She guessed he used his charming good looks to do what he wanted, and Meridian would not trust being around the man. If she ever had any trouble with him, she’d let him know that she, by no means is anyone’s victim, nor work in anyone’s hanky-panky conditions. Meridian would call the police if things got out of hand.

She finished out her work week without too much thought of that man, but earlier that week, could not ignore his smooth handsomeness. (?) Meridian figured him a businessman of deliveries during the day, since he’d never been at the mansion much, or as one who would have to lay their head each night, but Meridian didn’t work past o’clock. As long as the intruder stayed out her way, things would be okay.

Leaving that day, it seemed that Miss Enid, and Gordon didn’t mind the intruder a bit, and in fact, welcomed him. Meridian hoped she, and the random delivery man never crossed paths, or run into each other outside of work. Just because she might know his face, didn’t mean she wanted to know him, but on a particular day, she worked two hours past her quitting time. She, and Miss Enid Rae were going over plans for autumn’s holiday, in which she. and Gordon, would have to survey the holiday stores. They had to see what they needed to make everything useful, and needed to order the motif’s ahead, to ensure it’s arrival.

That year, they’d settle with Independence Day celebrations only out back, and of the eastern tearoom by the pool. Earlier that day based on the chatter, the delivery man came through. It was strange, his deliveries, since the mansion grounds grew a massive potato, vegetable, and herb garden kept by the men who keep the hothouses. Had he been bartering his expenses for the room he stayed in? Well, it would not be fair, and usually when he came, it was only to pass through, and the manor was quiet that late afternoon.

Meridian walked through the first floor from Enid Rae’s second floor abode to set the lights. It was later than usual, and as Meridian went to lock up, they thought they were still alone in the manor. Miss Enid returned to her chamber suite, and didn’t hear Gordon’s music starting to permeate the atmosphere back where his quarters weighed. Through a hall back off the kitchen, Gordon would not hear a soul, but with alarms and cameras, the mansion was secured. The other day when his voice, and Dane’s rang through the grand first floor for the first time in weeks.

Meridian heard the close connection between them, embarrassed to discover that Dane was actually a family member, an uncle or cousin maybe, and ashamed, for her thoughts of them which did not change the fact, the man was a marauder. His being family did not loosen young Miss Meridian up a bit, who was still too unhappy to meet any new faces. She really just wanted to stay out of sight, and before she left on those days, she’d turn on the tealamps she placed throughout the massive first floor, add the timers for the three days she had off, and finally go home.

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