a Sultry Land

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Why Enid?


The d’Anise estate was as much Dane’s older brother Denim as it was Dane’s, but Denim refused to live there, when he could just leave. He didn’t not like the rules he had to obey growing up, resented his lovely parents to a fault, and felt guilty after they died. They never asked any more of him, than any other good parent, but Denim had his own ideas, and would not understand how all the grandeur he accustomed took hard work, dedication, and money earned and saved. Denim would not obey the simplest rules, and his parents did not excuse his behavior.

Denim showed no common decency or respect anytime, or anywhere. His actions were another reason they’d not want too much of Denim to rub off on Dane, too young to understand. The d’Anise were a picture of dedication; only their great grandfather, and mother, bit by bit, built better lives which Denim, Dane and Denim’s father, fortified, but Denim saw none of the struggles of his father. As the older son, Denim took no part in rebuilding their home for the family, although he loved his brother Dane, hated the grimace in his look.

The words of their uncle Nathan were worse, as much as his uncle hated Denim. Uncle Nathan, and the rest of his father’s brother’s didn’t belong there, and of luck, Sheridan agreed to Uncle Nathan setting up a suite quarter in their family’s home. Nathan came when the mansion was remodeled across the land, rebuilt, and furnished since he’d become sick off his habits. Uncle Nathan was helpless because of the way he drank. He, the eldest son, couldn’t care less who would tear the d’Anise mansion down, inwardly jealous of his younger brother’s success.

His younger brother had a beautiful wife, and he was jealous of Sheridan, and his silver-spooned sons. Denim used to shake up the servants who were helpless against the viciousness and cruelty of the child, and his friends. The d’Anise opened their doors, but Denim was impossible, and worse when they sponsored charities, or when they distributed crops before the holidays. Denim would be at his worst, and even though he, and Dane had the best of everything, Denim acted a wild heathen, and by law, his behavior was unadulterated.

Denim sneaked his father’s liquor ever since adolescence, and eventually, gotten two young women in town pregnant. Determined not to have children, Denim broke each girl’s hearts, not to mention the hearts of his family, finding out his involvement in such a deed. His having children too soon, doom, and a big mistake. Not only had the two women become pregnant again the next year, those children had not belonged to Denim, after having paid triple to put the incident behind them. Denim had his friends looted the home of his parents many times.

It was a wonder how long they’d gotten away with it before they were found out. They stole to buy not only liquor, but drugs, before one of the servants finally caught hold of one of the boys, who told it all. Denim, seventeen at the time, had a choice made by his father, full of his nonsense. Especially in the face of his uncles, not to mention how badly he’d broken his mother’s heart, to either come up with the stolen cash paid for the stolen items he took, or return the stolen items taken, or else he’d have to leave their home for the best of everyone.

Denim couldn’t bring back the stolen goods to his father, or replace its worth, so his father felt he wanted to disown him, for as badly as he hurt his mother’s heart which bled deeply in disappointment that Denim’s loyalty to the family was astray. Denim wouldn’t understand how he was risking their safety, his friends could have turned on him, and done real damage to his parents, his brother, and many of their servants. Dane, and all his father, and grandfather built, maintained through very hard work, and Denim could have diluted it.

Luckily his friends were in it for what they considered fun, and held high regards for the d’Anise, otherwise Denim invited disaster. After all the wrong Denim and his friends were doing disrespectfully, he showed no shame or remorse to his father. Denim didn’t try to save himself, especially in the face of his loathsome uncle Nathan. and didn’t return home. His uncles, and family were finally too meek to go through the wiles of Denim, and the drama he causes. Without even a highschool diploma, and on his own, Denim caused just as many problems for himself.

He, and his pack of friends were a terror to people, and Denim created gambling debts. He was one with the wild, and wore out their welcome, in his home, and everywhere else, but Denim never went to jail. As he, and his friends got older, some of his old running buddies still caused problems in town, while he worked, working off his gambling debts. Denim was neglectful, and owed someone in jail, but kept betting to try and get up the money for when the man returned, but put himself in another slump which kept getting deeper.

To take his mind off his troubles, the guy he owed, would spend four more years in jail, and for kicks, Denim even stole his friend’s girl from Stuart. Denim, and Stuart Ellis used to be closer, but Denim became jealous he had more smarts, didn’t come around anymore, and something Denim did not. The possession of how easily Stuart could forgive, obey, love, and see the brighter side of things, taunted Denim, and that Stuart had long since put his boyish ways behind him. Stuart thought he chose a girl to love he thought Denim would never touch.

In town, one of the sultry lands church carnivals went under weigh, and most of the kids from high school, just started seeing each other around town, and Stuart Ellis spotted Enid Rae with her sisters, and hoped he could talk to her, she grew into quite a look since high school, contributed her time to the church, her, and her sister’s had respectable reputations. By then, Stuart achieved a bachelor degree in science, and in September, will go to graduate school, and went to the carnival just to look for Enid Rae. He was going to ask her to marry him, and be his wife.

Stuart found Enid Rae reading books to the elderly by the pond behind their church, or giving books away, either way, and with the short time he left, with good intentions, Stuart was getting to know Enid, and then ran into Denim, not knowing he’d been familiar with Enid Rae and her family, or that Stuart had an eye with Enid in mind. Denim had to admit, Enid blossomed, and wanted to see for himself what Enid would be like, even though he thought the idea of them comical, and then pretended to be happy for his friend Stuart.

Denim rused a complaint of not seeing too much of him anymore, and Stuart fell for it.

“Well, keep an eye on her for me,” he said.”I have to work overtime the entire summer. Everyone can’t be a d’Anise you know,” he chuckled. In turn, Denim thought he might like Enid Rae for himself. He bashed Stuart’s relationship with Enid Rae, and besides vying for her, knowing Stuart did not mean to ignore her, but was working on the road, and in between his dirty dealings, Denim was anywhere he thought Enid Rae would be.

He knew Stuart was heavily into his studies, but Enid Rae changed before Denim’s eyes. Stuart liked her and wanted to plan dates with her here and there when he could, but meetings were usually impersonally church related, and then Stuart would have to prepare for his leave. He was trying to accumulate money that summer, and couldn’t hang out with Denim as he used too, and saw little of Enid, who was unsuspecting of DenIm’s, or Stuart’s intentions, who had a good head on his shoulders, never drank as much as the others, nor cheated, robbed or stolen.

Denim met a girl named Bridget, who cared about material things. He liked her because she was attractive on the outside, shapely, had a little money too, someone he could charm. She liked Denim, but his reputation precedes him, so she never let him get close. Denim was too rough around the edges. Despite his good looks, and family’s fortunes, he was not her type, and he discovered that Bridget Nolan had her eye on Stuart, who’d never been bad looking, he just wasn’t Denim. He too was well built, and finally had a chance to splurge on himself.

In the meantime, Denim’s mind turned into vulgar immaturity, especially when he became jealous, Bridget, and Stuart were of separate class. Later in two weeks, Denim spotted Enid Rae at the record store. She looked just as pretty as last time, hanging out with her sister’s and some friends, and Denim watched her. He knew that Stuart still had an eye for Enid Rae, but he would louse things for him. Denim caught Enid’s eye, and gave her an inviting smile, and then walked over to her. Her sister’s friends were envious when he approached her.

Enid Rae, said how neat it was to run into her there, and Denim looked at their friends, looking at him. Enid’s older sisters, and their friend’s knew that no matter how good his family was, Denim had no one to tango with, and so they stood so very unimpressed. Denim remarked crassly, because he’d exclusively been speaking to Enid Rae, and yeah, they could buzz off. He nodded a sort of smirk at her, and said, “You should tell them you have your own mouth to speak with after all,” he implied, “None of these women are your mother, am I right?”

Enid stood amused, the way Denim handled the situation. He was surrounded, and said, “Yes. I’m right.” Still standing with cold stares, and Denim, their senior, still unhappy with their feisty attitudes, Enid nodded, and they did move. Denim felt he broke the ice with her, and said aloud, “You know, I never did anything wrong to any of them.” Her two eldest sisters knew Denim, and rolled their eyes in the same gesture they had since high school, something he ignored since those days also, shook them off, which made Enid giggle.

Denim was happy, she looked so well in that new haircut of hers, and interested in him, in an enthused sort of way, so all Denim had to do would be to try to win Enid’s heart so that what he is going to do between her, and Stuart, hurt less, by starting this conversation with her.

“I saw our friend Stuart earlier,” a lie he retained, and when he saw Enid’s face, he concedes, “He, and what’s her name,” he snapped his fingers, and said, “Bridget, yeah, that girl Bridget Nolan...”

Since Stuart said he’d be back in town that Tuesday, and he, and Enid hadn’t seen much of each other all summer, Enid felt a lot of hurt, a little insulted, and resumed him, none of her business when he came back in town. Enid tried to shake off what Denim said, as it inspired him to see disgust hiding in her face, and the ooks on her friends, and sister’s faces when she told them what Denim said, to him, classic! At the time, Denim liked being disliked, and Stuart hadn’t bothered to call. of the ordeal, all Denim did was sit back, and act simply.

That Saturday night would be the last outdoor affair of the summer on many parts of the sutry land, and before Denim asked Enid out.

“I saw them shopping on main street.” Looking at Enid with a straight face, she began to flush, actually taken aback, and hid her feelings well.

“Really?” Enid turned her face, thumbing through records. Denim wanted her to look at him, so if nothing else, he kept talking, fabricating a story to draw Enid away from Stuart, unto him.

“I’m surprised,” he said. Enid, and her sisters just looked at Denim, as he continued the farce.

“I would have thought you knew, or maybe even about them, hell, I didn’t know, but I know that girl. She’s loose, and has claws, that one,” he gestured. “The devil may care. I mean, surely, he phoned you yesterday?” Denim lied, and had done damage by that statement, and Enid Rae would never speak to Stuart ever again, and her sisters would make sure of it. Enid was clearly flushed, furious, tried not to show a reaction, and said nothing. For practically all their lives, Denim d’Anise was one of the cutest of boys, around, but low if it showed he had any sense. Now, giving Enid that bit of information before they thought Stuart would throw her life away, they were thankful Denim came forth.

Through the church, they loved Sheridan, and then trusted Denim, who poured on the charm whenever it suited his purpose. He knew Stuart would not return to town until after the weekend stepped in, and asked Enid if she would go out with him to the outing in town? Enid was almost twenty-one, looked over at her sisters, and said she’d go, and since Enid could consider herself free, and single, her sisters saw no reason she should not go with Denim to the county fair that Saturday evening. Stuart wasn’t due back until Tuesday as far as Denim knew he had things in the bag, and if he had to, make up a story about Enid to Stuart.

He’d set the date to six o’clock he’d pick her up, and set them up for failure, landing Enid for himself, and during their date, they were easy to talk to, started liking each other. Enid was younger than Denim, and he thought she was good company. Enid didn’t ask for anything, and Denim was eager to give, especially since she was so passive. Denim was aggressive, and knew how to show her a fun time. He made Enid Rae laugh at his outrageousness, and while they were high on the Ferris wheel, he spotted Stuart. Stuart actually was home early, and had come looking for Enid at the fair.

Denim worried about the consequences, had just enough time before the ride stopped, to make up a bold faced lie. Denim liked Enid by then too, and sucked Stuart into what Denim said about her contacting him, and he believed Denim, and worse, Enid said nothing to Stuart, and stayed on the side of her sisters, having cotton candy. Enid no longer wanted to talk to Stuart, and felt sour with what Denim told her of him. Bridget’s behavior didn’t surprise Enid Rae who failed to make eye contact with Stuart since he could not be trusted, when Denim in all innocence, greeted Stuart as a friend, after getting off the Ferris wheel, and asked Enid’s sister to keep an eye on her.

Denim said he spotted Stuart, and they watched out for Enid’s feelings.

“Oh, hey man,” Stuart asked, “Are you with Enid Rae?” Denim around Enid Rae, or her sisters, stunned him, because he only knew of Denim making fun of them, since forever.

“Yeah man, you asked me to watch her remember? How can you still be serious about Enid, after what Bridget told her?” Denim had Stuart on the fence. He seemed confused, but didn’t know Enid that well, so he couldn’t say he had big intentions.

Denim, saving his face said, “Enid said that Bridget said that you two will be dating, hell, I haven’t seen you since before you left, and I didn’t know. It surprised me,” he lied, and to his defense said, “Ever since you left last week, she came over to me,and asked me here,” Denim lied. Stuart stood taking it all in. “She started talking to me, I didn’t ask, but I thought you two must not have been talking, and it seemed like you parted ways, so I came here to ask her.”

“Bridget? Who’s Bridget?” Denim lied with a straight face again, and then pointed her out.

“Oh,” Stuart chanted. He seemed to like what he saw. Denim kept coming up with stories as long as they stood, and saw Enid would not look at him, and that Bridget was.

“I guess Enid got the story mixed up when Bridget approached her that time ago. She was bold, so from what I figure, Bridget told one of Enid’s sisters, that she would be going out with you, and bam!” Stuart had no choice, but to eat Denim’s bullshit.

“That must have done it, you know how girls are. Anyway, I’m just watching Enid, and Bridget walks over, and asks, “So where’s your friend? And I say, “what friend,” and she mentioned your name, and that must have been when Enid mumbled, never wanting to see you again."

Stuart stood in confusion, and half belief at what Denim was telling him.

"It’s messed up, man. What do I know? Besides, didn’t you see that girl Bridget, and all her giggly friends on that Ferris wheel? They're looking at you because their friend wants to meet you.” Stuart had seen the girl, but didn’t even know her by name, and they spotted each other, so Denim asked Stuart to wait where he stood. Enid still stood with her sisters, and did not acknowledge Stuart, so he assumed she was not interested in him, and did not push it.

Denim returned with bubbling Bridget, so forget about Stuart pressing any issues with Enid. Stuart returned from his trip early because he wanted to take Enid to the fair. He wanted to break the good news of him getting a position with pay, in training, and was due to leave in September. He came to ask Enid Rae to marry him, but Denim clearly had Enid’s time sewn. Denim reaped the satisfaction of showing up at the fair to spite Bridget who he knew, couldn’t care less about him, and hooking up, Stuart couldn’t be more stunned.

Enid enjoyed her time with the likes of Denim, and forgot about Bridget, and Stuart, who knew he wasn’t as handsome as Denim, and still had to work for anything he could want out of life. He left the notion of wifing Enid Rae, dated Bridget a few times, and stayed focused, while Denim prides himself on getting any woman he wanted, but Bridget thoroughly shut him down. She wanted to be the only belle of the ball, but Denim tarnished Stuart’s clean belief of Enid’s innocence. He was curious, and went to her house to surprise her with flowers for an excuse, since that early evening she was nowhere to be found.

Enid Rae, gave Denim her undivided attention, and through time, and the delight of Sheridan, Denim got to know her better, and became protective of her good nature, and she remained available to the rich, handsome heir with the cute little kid brother. With Enid, Denim mostly stayed out of trouble. She was too shy of a person to be guilty by association, and mistrusted Stuart who thought they got along. Enid missed the chance of them to travel together, and he was by no means controlling her.

When Stuart heard that Enid was dating Denim, he hoped Denim meant Enid no harm. He knew she was meek in her soul, and she’d never know if she were to accept his proposal of marriage. He’d felt hurt, dumbfounded, and never realized Denim set up his demise. That night at the fair, Bridget didn’t mind meeting Stuart, although he felt meeting Bridget awkward. Poor Stuart, who knew not to cross Denim publicly. Bridget took hold of Stuart’s arm, and Denim returned to Enid.

The sight of Stuart, and Bridget walking away gave Enid an eerie sinking feeling inside, proving Denim’s truth, and from there, Enid assumed the rumor was true of them, watching Bridget walk Stuart into a different direction. Denim returned to Enid, and put his arm around her shoulders, which made her feel wanted, and in fact, realizing he liked her, and never really crossed her like that again. Enid went with Denim from then on. Whether she could keep up or not, Denim cared for Enid, and by then, Stuart’s gestures towards her would be to no avail, but he gained courage, and drove by Enid’s house.

He heard all sorts of rumors so he went to see for himself. Stuart needed to Enid, or to find if the rumors were true. When he saw Denim’s car parked, her front door swung open, and Enid Rae skipped down the stairs with Denim trailing her. Stuart proved the rumor true, and saw for himself, Denim, and Enid really having something together in such a short period of time. He was so hurt, feeling rejected, Stuart had to grasp the idea of when, and how it happened, but kept his mouth shut, deciding he would not spend any more time with Denim, and dated Bridget twice.

She wasn’t his type, he was turned off by her persistence, and she got the feeling Stuart was all wrong for her too. It took him a moment, but before he left, Stuart saw Denim, and Enid on a few more occasions. They didn’t see him, but he was glad they seemed happy. Denim kept Enid Rae, who projected a smile that could warm your heart. He occupied her time, and the d’Anise adored her, and Stuart would never again see. Enid wasn’t just something Denim did, somewhere he went, but someone he talked to when he hadn’t been out drinking, and she liked Denim, and put up with his gambling, carousing too much, and besides, she made him look good.

Denim dated Enid, they liked the outdoors, and he got used to having her around, and knew his mother was pleased. After they tied the knot, Denim allowed Enid not much of life from where she stood. Enid Rae went to spend as much time as she could with Sheridan at the mansion while Denim went through the beginning’s of a mid life crisis, and still occupies a second floor suite. Sheridan, and Enid Rae spent very nice times together, went shopping, had luncheons, went to the movies, did church activities, and kept each other company, while Denim gambled, and drank too much.

Their life wasn’t about sex, and Enid hadn’t a taste for it since she’d been altered in a bicycle accident, so their relationship hadn’t been savage. Denim loved Enid way too much to just fuck her, and would feel guilty for what his actions towards innocent Enid would impose, and used his hookers as tricks. Enid Rae, and her siblings were motherless, and attended the same church as the d’Anise since Enid Rae was eight years old. The d’Anise, and others were impressed, how well their father kept up with the good of his children. Enid’s father Thiery Davis, had not been a drinker, didn’t chase women, was a hard worker, and made sure his family had what they needed.

Unfortunately Enid’s mother passed away from an infection of the lungs. In marriage, Enid took what Denim gave her, and never complained about his drinking. He kept her pure, and lucky he did not want her to work. Enid never acquired a skill, and some may define her as a numbed skull, so Denim was afraid the world would swallow her up. Enid Rae, too simple to hold a job, did not complain when Denim stayed out nights, but never was not too amused with his drunken spews and rants, and never conceived the child Denim thought they should have.

In fact, Enid was never overjoyed with sex in probability to marriage and just couldn’t do it. Denim, and Enid had a love for each other, but never made love, and Enid Rae never knew what it felt, to love someone back. Stuart, always wondering what Enid, and Denim saw in each other, he was no match for Denim’s brawn, and Sheridan could tell when Enid was troubled. She helped Enid from Denim during harder times, and Enid was grateful for the offer, but knew the thought would bring danger to the d’Anise, if Denim found her gone.

If he told her to stay home, after one of his drunken fits, he meant her to do just that, besides, she made their little shack quite comfortable and valued her little space of solitude, besides, uncle Nathan’s grumpiness scared her. Of Nathaniel, Enid Rae often felt uneven to the tasks, and as time went, he became more sick, ill. and mentally unstable until his death. Nathaniel was the last of Dane’s careless uncles, but Dane on the other hand, saw his home as well, and good. He stayed to respect his parents’ wishes.

Dane became a success, cared for the land, and the upkeep of the mansion, but uncle Nathan found the key in his bedroom a while ago, and sent documents into town, and signed. The clause he wrote ordered the manor dissolved, because he didn’t want to see the estate go into the hands of Denim, who he’d mistaken Dane for. Uncle Nathan had three daughters, and wrote them off will, since they all married. He claimed the d’Anise estate remained in the family as long as a male d’Anise produced a male heir through marriage, but that was a no-go.

Unless the process is fulfilled, the town would be left to inherit the family assets, assets that only belonged to Dane’s father since he earned it. Neither Denim, nor Dane had any children, and at the rate of both of them, they were unsuited, and it looked as though an heir was unlikely to happen. Uncle Nathan’s funeral took place with Dane knowing his uncle was insane.Dane was unaware of what old uncle Nate had done to the estate, until the town’s lawyers sat Gordon, Ruben, and Enid down to read the deed he set.

Those documents had nothing to do with the other documents left by Dane’s father, and Enid could not concentrate, when Ruben, Dane’s lawyer said his uncle would rather see the estate turned into a brothel, even leveled, before he thought he would see Denim back in the house again, which proved Nathan insane. After his funeral, Dane took a vacation, and Gordon went back to New York after college, and Ruben had things to get under control.

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