Floral Enchantment

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Jonjoui's ex-fiance Brett Cyan had been cheating on her so the wedding was off! He yelled, "I hope you find Mr. Right!" Her father Caliche' is more than happy to have her back home from L.A. to New York. where he tells her she should not waste her talents, and to stand back high up on her heels, she does, and in the interim calls in love with a man she considers just as tall Brett's been phoning her mother Dakota to say hello, and to see if he could catch Jonjoui at her mother's house to talk to her, and then finally, who would he be to tell Jonjoui who, or when to love.

Romance / Drama
Literally Lisa
Age Rating:

The Essence of Fragrance


For Jonjoui Blue-Ruby West, it was crunch time for a new launch in the fashion, skincare, and cosmetics industries. The job-site they asked Jonjoui to save, very close to disaster, but called because they knew she was an expert. Jonjoui had to finish a job which would wrap on Tuesday, showing up at the signature store early Thursday with a hot cup of coffee in hand, since Adrian’s booking with the previous artist’s had gone wrong. Jonjoui’s boss will allot her full freelance pay for her recovery efforts, and an extra bonus, because of such short notice.

Jonjou’ loved working for the guru, Adrian Emmanuel’s, skincare, fragrance, and cosmetics company. She wore his longer haircuts, and was first recommended to his firm by a major department store, and he’d been satisfied with her work ethic ever since. On other work sets, his hair salons, and makeup studio’s premiered his skincare, with his very prestigious line of cosmetics in all the signature stores in the world. She was warmly welcomed, and as usual, she loved being a part of that show, and her agent Penny, had Jonjoui booked the entire year.

After Brett’s emotional take down, and her love of career, almost no matter what, Jonjoui would probably not let them down. As cosmetics sales increased, Jonjou’s travels advanced out of the eastern region, and so had her salary. For the first time, hearing of a long lost cousin named Meridian, someone she was interested in, Jonjoui needed an ally in her world, because most of her friends were scattered about, so her return from Las Angeles, a bust, and Heather returned to Texas. Jonjou’, a busy girl, was paid top salary, and monetary commissions.

She received bonuses, tips, salary, invitations, nice gifts and a promise of a career. Her intriguing world began to blossom after Brett, but wait, is that?? Why didn’t Jonjoui pretend not to see what she saw over at Starbucks? Since when had he, business in New Rochelle? Teake seemed to be in a stupor. Jonjoui couldn’t decide if she should take the other way out, through the mall, and just leave. Why? Why had she not walked away then, called it quits, called it over? It is not what she wanted, but what she’d been through with last week’s emotions.

She was in plain view of him, while she stood for a moment, scanning the window at the Anne Klein boutique, she just happened not to go into the store, that day was a fluke. Just passing there, had he seen her? Spotting him, and her unmistakable footsteps, if she made any sudden moves, or quick turn, he would notice, and make a scene for sure. Jonjoui left her job site early of all days was a coincidence, as was taking another way home. Jonjoui did not want to share a cab with Gordon Miller, her feelings had not been personal, but intense.

Excessively on that day, Gordon was bad business for what she needed to do for the company, and he, a little too much for her to handle at the moment. There was so much chaos, she wasn’t sure if Gordon for some reason, wanted to throw her off her game, but no matter what, Jonjou was nice to him, the coo-coo lady, and Jessie too, when others weren’t. Something fishy went on in the store’s warehouse, and what a disaster. At the time, it wasn’t Jonjou’s job to troubleshoot on that level, she just needed the product at hand to train her associates.

There were no products. Gordon saw Jonjou’ getting out of a taxicab that day, where he did, leaving work, he’d been on her skirt. Training the beauty consultants of the new products Adrian Emmanuel produced, a mystery. The shelves to stock were empty, and the product’s, from what she gathered, were sent back to the company. Jonjoui, and other executives, went to deal with Gordon. He was the person who was supposed to sign for, and bring the delivery into the store, but it didn’t happen with only a few days before launching.

Everyone wanted to strangle Gordon every second of the short day. If Gordon grasps what really went on, he would’ve stayed out of situations that caused him the embarrassment of losing his job. As far as Jonjoui was concerned, Gordon Miller-d’Anise, was not bad looking, but they said he thought his crap didn’t stink. What went on at the store, another mystery, and unfortunate for Gordon, letting Sean Corpus befriend him. Gordon applied for the position as an electrical engineer, but was administered a position in cosmetics, he knew nothing of.

Gordon had not been a fool, nor looked like one, and was patient. The reason for his not working the day of the cosmetics shipment, not his fault, even though everyone wanted it to be. Although the position he applied for was unavailable after all, Gordon had not been briefed on the assignment at hand. His dressy clothing made his co-workers think he belonged, so they competed in silence. The employment office didn’t let Gordon know he had not been hired as the electrician he applied for, and that’s when Jonjoui had heard more than an ear full.

“The bosses are fed up.”

“Are they? Well they should be. What went on, or didn’t, is costly.“They were livid Miss Jonjou’,” said the words of a busy body. Gordon would have gotten the concept of time had the addendum been explained properly. Cosmetics had not been his field of work, and assumed he’d been hired with the electricians. He liked time consuming projects, but had yet been given a locker. Penelope was the first of his demise, ran to Jonjoui to complain, because she knew Jonjoui did not like working with men. Period. In her world, Jonjoui felt some men, too over the top, some clueless, and others too lazy.

For her, if she’s at work, and a man is not wearing a tool belt fixing things correctly, and getting it right the first time, then it could not be about anything else for her at the job sites, uncool with the interaction of pleasure, with business, and even choicer about the company she kept. From the outer limits, In just a couple of hours at work, she must have heard Gordon’s name hissed at least twelve times. Because of the problem, and a waste of time getting there, Gordon seemed lost. Jonjoui tried not to categorize him as a bullcrap new hire from whom knew where, too kind to hurt anyone’s feeling.

She needed to dodge the circumstances with the employees, after such an emotionally draining week she had, and hoped she wouldn’t have to babysit Gordon Miller- d’Anise, a well put together man, they said somehow messed things up, Jonjoui did not want nonsense all through her journey. For Jonjou’, that day had not been a day for learning new faces, but wished she had, at the first sight of Teaken Willow. Jonjoui didn’t know why that guy Gordon had a hard time with things, but he looked disheveled. He was out of sorts at quite a fraction, but that happens to people sometimes, so, so what.

Jonjoui did not want to cross lines between her company business, and the business of the department store, and its associates, with Gordon picked on from the start, placing him wrongly, yet had he been briefed,would have set up the new retail even if it had not been his profession. His reprehensible team members were crabs in a barrel. They knew Jonjoui would be running the show, and Gordon, the monkey in the middle. He had not been stirring the pot, but said to have caused all the confusion, when he could not have been in two places at the same time. He is actually a nice person, but not getting it.

At that point, if Gordon is too gullible to try to hang in there, and get the work done, well then, there is nothing she can do to help him. He’d been too far away from home, and too intelligent for the people around him. Gordon should have been on the opposite side of the spectrum. Inasmuch as Jonjoui was in charge of all the products in its proper places for the photo shoot in three days. The props, also her department’s responsibility, and possibly Gordon’s too, but he was not there. Jonjoui caught the gist of the problem, and thought, no matter, as long as the product was there before Sunday’s launch.

In which a problem started long before Jonjoui arrived, the photo shoot is supposed to be located in the front of the company props, and logos, which had accidentally been destroyed. The new innovative products were to be shelved in the background, and all of the glass displays were undone. Jonjoui’s first thought was that the company didn’t want to jam up the shelves, and cabinet spaces during a remodel with dust, but discovered that the props had not been there either.

“What!?” Jonjoui’ did not want to tell Adrian, but she had to.

She made a call, and the product’s, collateral packaging, and backdrops were resigned. The shipment was sent back because Sean Corpus talked Gordon into going out with him, and wouldn't make the early morning shift. Gordon went out for excessively too much entertainment, and too much to drink. Thursday night was an offbeat night to party, but Gordon thought he could use a friend, or two, and Sean felt there is nothing wrong with starting the weekend early. Sure, Gordon thought, but he should have used common sense, enough to know what he might be getting himself involved.

Sean caused Gordon to wake four hours late for work, why he missed the delivery person who delivered Adrian’s cosmetics, skincare, props and backdrops. The delay profusely ruined that week’s productivity, Adrian’s promotion is in three days. His set had not been done, because of Sean being sneaky, and switching Gordon’s schedule for his. The signature store had no collateral for the big day, since Gordon had not been there to receive any parts of the shipment. The displays, and all the cosmetic, and fragrance set-ups were missing. Jonjoui finished her call with Adrian, and into the mall. She’d been free for the day.

“Miss West! Miss West!” A voice resounded from behind her, and alarmed her, deciding whether or not to duck away from Teake, in Anne Klein’s boutique.

“Please! Wait up!” Now, she had to wait only a day before the hustle, and bustle of the construction in Adrian’s area finishes, as Gordon called out, and was out of breath, and Jonjoui’ had no choice but to acknowledge him. As if she could help him out of a jam he situated, Jonjoui knew very well how to stay neutral. With store employees, she had to keep her distance. Gordon shouted out her name loud enough. The entire world heard his call before he trips, and slips.

All the papers, pencils, pens, and magazines popped up and out of the briefcase he carried, and he thanked the people who stopped to help him retrieve his things, he was embarrassed, but truly thankful for their kindness. Jonjoui was a big shot in many of the stores in New York despite her young age, and besides the innocence of Gordon, she already knew how to bullshit a bull-shitter, perhaps he wasn’t it.

“Please!” If Gordon reached Jonjoui, his exhaust would have released all over her, in his girth. Let's hope he's smart, he might be able to get away with things, despite what he might think Jonjou’ thought of him.

She was going through a few things herself. To her, there was nothing wrong with Gordon, he just did not know, as Dakota would say, there’s more shit out there than sugar. He was a poor thing, surrounded by many of the same imbeciles Jonjoui had throughout the years. Gordon went to the cosmetics department after he was hired, but he thought as an electrician. Somehow human resources had gotten signals crossed, and stood to be corrected. Meanwhile, Gordon worked best in the cosmetics stock rooms those few days, transferred shipment from the stores warehouse, but headed to an interview, and felt where he presently worked, sucked.

He had not been too far from Jonjoui when he fell, and she turned around, despite what she felt, and gave Gordon a warm, pleasant smile, sas if his fall didn’t happen quite as abruptly, signaled with her thumb, and unmistakably sweet voice would bellow. He wanted to catch a taxi with her, and would not have brought up work at all. Gordon just wanted to travel with someone kind.

“I’m going the other way,” Jonjoui called, as though nothing had gone wrong, and definitely in her relationship. Gordon nodded his head, acknowledging her gesture called, “Oh. Okay! Will I see you Tuesday?” She nodded, yes. Gordon wiped the sweat off his brow, Jonjoui gave him, thumbs up.

She blew him her signature kiss, as she does everyone, and with a cheerful smile and vigorous wave goodbye, walking off, Jonjou’ tossed the dark curly hair off her brow too. Jonjoui exited the area of prestigious shops, and might have shopped which she loved to do, but felt differently. Like a confused child, unsure she should ignore her circumstances, Jonjoui faced a huge obstacle. Money, not her issue, only her fiance Teake. He was an obstacle within himself, she was sure he’d seen her, and had heard all the commotion Gordon caused. Should she seize the chance to duck Teake? Walk away? He might have already seen her from afar. Was showing up there a game?

Jonjoui did not want to cause confrontation. She was almost sure she’d seen his eyes shift over to her, but it was hard to tell from a distance, yet, his eyes had not. Jonjoui nervously asked herself if Teake was there waiting until she approached him, or to see if she had the guts not to. With him unannounced, she could have considered him a stalker, he certainly looked as so, but that wasn’t her way. What ripped her too, was the fact that Teake knew she would approach him, she had too. Teake was unsure if he sort of had Jonjoui eating out of the palm of his hands. Things changed after last week, and that day, Jonjoui wanted to go to Dakota’s house on Long Island, to catch a hug from her mother.

Teake waiting, her visiting Dakota would be out of the question, since lately, they too were at each other’s throats. Jonjoui too, had to extend her work into the weekend because of Gordon, Sean, and his stupid ass cronies. She had not been in the mood for Teake’s crap again that week, even at the other store, store managers, customers, and any passerby asked about Jonjoui, and Teake. She hadn’t taken off her engagement ring. With all the questioning about the wedding, and Teake, Jonjoui happily, and eagerly responded to everyone with her chest out. Jonjoui kept a stiff upper lip, saying things are good, grateful the components to the job were intricate.

Her job took precision, and was time consuming for everyone, therefore chatter nulled. During the cosmetic reconstruction, upper management was pleased Jonjoui had not mentioned the things she troubleshot, being almost aware of the problem. She was not relieved about her extended work weekend it seemed because Gordon, who she didn’t want hanging on her shoulders, may keep her away from Long Island. His co-worker's Gordon had a problem with procrastination, but it was a lie they concocted, and also something that would cause Jonjoui to lose her cool, but she saw differently in Gordon. The great, expensively dressed, rugged, and groomed sweet gentle giant was perplexed.

Since his co-workers didn’t know what to do, they left him stupid, and dumbfounded. Jonjoui was sorry, yet had no use for folly. Time crunched on even with the little time she spent at work devising order. Her work was strategic, and one more mention of Teaken Willow that week, and Jonjou’ would cry. Her ex-fiance Brett had his quirk’s, but not like Teake’s. His quirk’s were different, but Jonjoui also loved Teake, the security of his purpose, and the freshness of a new beginning. Teake loved Jonjoui too, and she knew it. From the beginning, he was decent, attractive, and very attentive to her. They were as if silent being’s at times, and Teake seemed ready, and right for her.

Now, he needed to focus. Even with Teake sitting at Starbucks by himself, he stood out, and looked as if something was ticking, but Jonjou did not know what seemed to have him so spaced out.Teake appeared pasty, and almost lost. Jonjoui was a woman any man could trust, and if anything, at the sight of Teake, she’d approach him in friendship, and cared to notice him uneasy. Teake was a hard nut to crack, but since he, and Jonjoui had a loving past, he arrived that far out of town at her place of business, where he has no business. Jonjoui had to assume he was there to see her. Who, or what else drew him, or if she walked away, would Teake have let her?

Would he have left her? Jonjoui was upset with Teake, but not enemies, she’d give him that. That week, Jonjoui had not any closure with Teake, but there he sat, and there she went. Jonjoui works through various agencies that hire special teams to set up, train and promote eccentric cosmetic, skin, facial care, and fragrance products to the public, and so she had to be stress free, and looking well. She was a certified representative for the companies who hired her. With the tricks of the trade, Jonjou’ arrives at work ready to launch! Adrian’s campaign is for big bucks, therefore she did not ignore the invitation, besides, most of the crew hated one another.

Without talking to each other they could get more work out of them in less time. Competition was fierce. With the advisor’s training, Jonjoui is going to pull as much money to the cosmetics counter as she can. She receives a part in commissions, and the store’s crew are often funny to watch. Many times Jonjou’, the glue that holds them together. In two weeks, Jonjoui would have another photo shoot in Manhattan. She thought the work would be nice, since its location outdoors, surrounded by nature, and away from home, since she hadn’t heard from Teake. The extra photo shoot launch will take her mind off the things of her, and Teake.

Adrian’s beauty trend is emerging, and she leads this time representing Adrian Emmanuel, the leader of them all. Jonjoui, Adrian’s promotional model, trainer, and make-up artist, had to instruct beauty advisers how to sell. She demonstrates how it works, and then the beauty advisors applied the concept on each other. Next month, her photo shoot to complete her tour as the promotional artists for Autumn Rain in three major department stores are still on. She accepted another book for a new fragrance launch in the fall of the next year, and didn’t have to worry about where her high pay would come from for a while. Gordon was tall, astute, and a male positioned in cosmetics.

No matter how sliced it for his sake, in the floor supervisor’s eyes, Gordon would come up short, because he wasn’t supposed to be there. Penelope shouldn’t talk, mentioning Gordon sloppy in both his work, and appearance, a slob in the eyes of most in her line of work. Little had most known, Gordon was the runt end of folley when they met. Jonjoui generally stayed out of office politics, giving the benefit of the doubt, but heard something else. Two days ago, Gordon had more interest in Sean Corpus, giving back his headphones, than listening to the morning’s briefing. Having a crush on Jonjoui didn’t matter. She disliked Sean from the day they met.

His ass kissing only made things worse for him who as it turns, responsible for disrupting the assignments. In Jonjoui’s eyes, his being found out and fired, no skin off her nose. Backbiting Jonjoui had no use, with everyone still thinking the shipment error Gordon’s, Ms. Justine mentioning, Gordon unseemingly cut out to handle his work load. She, and Penelope, the floor manager, stood around watching customer’s walk by. They stood, and bitched psychobabble about Gordon, as if Jonjoui could not see through them. Working in the better stores, Jonjoui knew what the employees could afford, didn’t come out of the stores they worked in, therefore, envious of Gordon.

He was not from New York, but a place quite sultry, Jonjoui could only imagine at the time, but will someday come to know. It should be Miss Justine, and Penelope, who’s heads should roll when Jonjoui wondered why the company had not gotten rid of them, after all, it was Jonjoui who made the call to Adrian. They’d done nothing to rectify a solution, whether Gordon was informed of the promotional launch, or not. So, since Sean no longer works for the company, the scenario was that, if Gordon did not complete the job assigned, but because Sean, Jonjoui, and the rest of the crew have to extend their weekend into a working one, and when things unraveled, Gordon took the blame.

Sean knew whose duties would change with the day, and distracted Gordon who thought he was hired as an electrician for the remodel. It pleased no one, having to rearrange their free time to hustle back to work, and get the job done in time. That week, Jonjoui had only been going through the motions, and laid low in pretense that everything with her[, and Teake okay. With things left unsaid, had Teake thought he would come to hurt Jonjoui’s feelings, calling the wedding off? If that, Teake could’ve phoned, and not made a grand appearance. In the beginning of autumn’s holiday, it was not good to fall short of deadlines, if Gordon got the memo, or not.

He better had gotten wind that his butt is grass in a hole on fire, if he didn’t meet the truck at the precise time that Saturday brunch, for the crew to have all the shelves stocked according to blue print. Opening Sunday, Gordon needed to be there too, or heads would roll on many levels for that slip, and Jonjoui hoped Gordon would not fall short. Lynne Milan, also a part of the trouble. She saved herself by complaining about the new guy too, she, and Sean probably dated, because she certainly covered for Sean, pushing Gordon off balance in play at breaktime. It was why Gordon looked like a wreck to Penelope after he’d fallen through a backdrop, tripped on wires, horsed around by Sean.

It was Gordon’s meatball pizza sandwich that landed all over the drop cloth, where the cosmetic counter is being constructed, badly staining it’s first set of company banners, and none of the mix-up at the store was a reflection on Jonjoui. Of the facts, it was not good for any of the store associates to stop working to make drama in front of company reps. Sean was the real cause of Gordon’s, thus, the department’s problems. Sean was probably the reason the other artist took off. In her line of work, mischievous people hating the game threw wrenches in the agenda, but that was what the reps were for. Trying to shatter diamonds was useless.

Jonjoui was used to perfection. There is only one Picasso, and Adrian Emmanuel was it. Gordon had no clue he’d been hired in the cosmetics department, and did not realize any reason for deadlines, having not a clue from the staff elected to finish the tasks once it arrives. Gordon knew about things electronically, and waited for his position. He rendered peace while eating quickly by the scaffolds, and then headed to human resources to reconsider his position from cosmetics. It turned into three o’clock, and they went home. On his first day, Gordon was asked to do the mundane, bugged him, and since when does an electrician fill in for staff as a cashier?

The show must go on! Jonjoui knowing what all the gloom and doom is about, without Teake’s possessiveness, she is able to work that weekend, and make extra money without hearing his cries of abandonment. Adrian Emmanuel was concerned with the professionalism of the store, outraged having confirmed the shipment’s replacement was a big expense, wondering what type of people, working his cosmetics line, as not Gordon, or Sean anywhere to be found that Friday morning. Neither of them met the messenger’s special delivery, and because of that, the prototype photo shoot switched to another location. They will be with the same company, but not at the signature store.

The mistake ran quite an expense, and inconvenience. Luckily, a manager from another department, there to sign for the shipment, which sat inside the dock until Penelope thought to go save her ass. The following week, Jonjoui will work as a promotional artist for Adrian Emmanuel in another store, and promote his image in a new phase. Three years, several months, and days ago, Jonjou’ launched the first phase of Adrian’s skincare line. She worked behind the scenes as a set up, photo shoot, and skincare make up artist, and he liked her. She’d been the leader in rank, and of any project phase in the northeastern region.

Adrian Emmanuel’s work did not interfere with other cosmetic bookings, yet presently, Jonjou’ wanted to get through the project for the week, and needed to clear her mind, unwind, and change. If not for wanting to pop into Dakota’s, she would spend time alone, since Teake was MIA.. If not Anne Klein’s, Jonjoui was heading to the Exotic Bath shop to buy Ben Andre bath crystals, and soak, since she was out of fragrant bubbles, had gotten over the scent of peony, violets, or jasmine, although never, ever could Jonjou’ get enough of the scent of sandalwood, or patchouli. It was as clean, and refreshing to her, as if a new awakening. It was the season for sultry warm amber.

It was the bass of moss, the romantic rose she loved, entwined, and wore sandalwood oil in the summer, allergic to lavender. In some of Jonjoui’s favorite places to shop, carried exotic arrays of candles, and incense. Eucalyptus was the only plant to balance her, and she’d recently bought a bushel, shopping, something she, and Teake would do often. Before anything that week long without a peep from Teake, Jonjoui just wanted to go home. The cool, clammy air made her look forward to a nice soup bowl of New England clam chowder soup. That, salad, and a small glass of wine called to her. She bought the latest Candace Bushnell novel. Jonjoui just wanted to cuddle up, and forget about Teake.

She hadn’t seen, or heard from Teake in a week after he shouted at her. She was convinced that he no longer cared for her, or their relationship. Before before their disaster struck, he’d been disagreeable, and a week later, she’d no longer been in the mood to see him, yet there he was, and much less, did she want to argue over the past week’s issues. She thought not, but in spite of everything, Jonjoui still loved more of Teake than not. He knew what the truth about her was, but any argumentative talk would be a waste of time- he would see her walk away from him, for sure. Quietly kept, Jonjoui is not argumentative. She may be a boss, but Jonjoui is not bossy

The backdrop had better be up for the opening, otherwise, she sensed serious trouble. The site was unmanned for two weeks, allowing saw dust to settle badly before the walls went up, and the wires Gordon tripped were replaced. Feeling confident, everything would come together before the launch, and in time, the floor was laid, backdrops lit, and everything operational for the photo shoot. The only setback was the product. The intricate photo shoot will be time consuming, a lot of work. It was stressful having to move to a different location, and Jonjoui hoped the photo shoot models were going to be cooperative. Adrian Emmanuel flipped his lid!

He did not want the smell of pizza sandwich, lingering with his cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances. The company went through a lot of trouble getting his materials back to the store right away, although taking time away for his businesses internationally. Jonjoui knew Adrian Emmanuel did not have time for goof ups. His beauty salons are known all over the world, and he could not risk putting up with lazy, tired, careless people, for their petty mistakes. Gordon had independent work to complete. The photo shoot is for all the trade, fashion, brochures, style, health, women’s magazines, and newspaper editorials for promotional magnifications.

For that shoot, Jonjoui is in charge of hair, and make-up, great, the other stores were well in place for the launch, and a good thing. Everyone else will just have to pull it together, hustle, and shuffle when the replacements arrive. Jonjoui was concerned, but didn’t get involved in the politics of store employees. They are her business, but unless outrageously, outlandish, or rude to each other, or the customers, she lets things work their way out, thinking of other creative, talented, and qualified special effects artists. Adrian’s company could use those people. Jonjoui thought she might give him the heads up. She could bring them in with a phone call, and had the authority to fire Gordon.

She could've fired Sean too, but would seldom wasted her time. There was such a buzz, she knew Sean would get his. Unlike Gordon, Sean worked for the cosmetics department, and was goofing off for some time. In no time, Sean screws himself if the accusations of his altering schedules, true. Jonjoui could be mistaken, but Gordon didn’t appear in any way, they complained. The spare units, and products were on its way, he just had to receive them. It’s been said that Gordon has a, nothing’s that serious, attitude. Time would not tolerate the crunch, and it couldn’t tolerate another slip of laziness. Time wasted costs the company too much money.

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