Heal with my Heart

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Hannah Johnson is a student in her final year of Master's in Computers. She lost her dear friend Amy in an accident and still mourns her loss. She decided to do a project that Amy dreamed of in respect of her memory. Jack Martinez is a substitute faculty who had come to Hannah's University. He is a substitute for Hannah's project advisor and will now be guiding her in the project. He expresses his interest towards Hannah from day one despite being a lecturer, and the relationship between student and a teacher is strictly not encouraged. What is Jack's motive? Is he genuinely interested in Hannah? Or is he playing with her knowing clearly that Hannah also likes him?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“I want to drive.” said a voice.

“No, you are not sober. I will drive.” Said another voice.

Everything happened in the dark. I could not see any faces and could only hear the voices.

“I don’t want to go home soon. Turn the car.” I hear the first voice again.

“Hey! What are you doing? Don’t turn the steering.” Shouted the second voice.

“Guys! Guys! Be careful.” I now heard one more person, and it sounded like me.

And suddenly, there was a big jerk, and I could feel the vehicle was rotating out of control. I could hear the screeching of tires, scraping and tearing of metals, along with the heavy screaming of three persons. And suddenly there was a big sound, and everything became eerily calm.

I jerked open my eyes, heaving with uneven breaths. One hand automatically went to the water bottle kept on the bedside table, while the other tried to soothe my erratically beating heart. My hands worked on reflex. They had done the same action, after the same nightmare again and again for the past three years.

Completely drenched in sweat, I looked around the room to ensure that I was not in the car but on stable ground. Even though the recurrence of the nightmare reduced, it still created the same effect as the first time.

I checked the clock showing five past ten. Realizing that I could not get any more sleep, I got up and sat on my study table, and switched on my laptop. The least I could do was working on my final project thesis. I was in my last year of my Master’s degree in Computers at Baron University. Four more months, and I would be graduating with good grades.

The shrill of my mobile alarm pulled me from my work. Good that I did not switch off my alarm, else I would not have the time to get ready. With a sigh, I saved my work and closed the laptop.

I was staying in a small flat near the university with my friend Paige. Many of the students from the university stayed here. Even there were a couple of professors staying with their family. Realizing it was getting late, I picked my clothes and toiletries and moved towards the bathroom.


I entered the kitchen for my breakfast and coffee. I need a heavy dose of caffeine to compensate for my lack of sleep. I saw Paige sitting on the kitchen island engrossed in a book with her breakfast. Making a toast along with a large cup of black coffee, I sat next to her.

Hearing my arrival, Paige looked up from her book with a smile. Her reaction changed seeing my face.

“Good morning Paige!” I said to her.

“Good morning, Is it the same dream again?” she asked with a concerned-filled voice.

I nodded my head, rubbing my tired eyes.

“Hanna, you need to talk to someone about this. If not your doctor, at least to your parents.” She said back.

“No, Paige. My parents will be worried and want me to come back home. It is only four more months for us to complete the course. I don’t want any issues arising at the time. Also, the frequency of the dream had reduced.”

“Is the impact reduced?” She hit right on target.

“No! But I can cope up.” I said to her.

“But…” Paige tried to talk.

“Please, Paige. You know that this degree is my dream. I want to finish this course.”

She sighed, realizing that I would not change my mind.

“Promise me at least you will tell me if this is affecting you too much.”

I touched her hand and said with a smile.

“I will.”

To divert her from the topic, I asked her the next question.

“How is your final thesis coming up? Have you finished?”

“Almost, I have submitted it to Mr. Robert. He had asked me to meet him today to discuss the final draft. What about you?”

“I have finished mine. But Mr. Michael is still not back from his break. I will wait for another two days, and if he is not back, I need to request for another professor to guide me.” I said to her.

She looked at her watch. “I have to meet Mr. Robert before the classes. See you in the first session.” With that, she finished her coffee and about to move. She looked at me once again with a severe face.

“You need to come out of that. Three years is a very long time to mourn.” Paige said to me.

I did not answer as I didn’t have one. Paige sighed and left the place.

I sipped my coffee as my thoughts drifted to the events that happened three years back. I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Computers in my hometown and applied for Masters here. Amy, Paige, and I clicked together, and we became good friends.

When I heard that Amy was also from my town, I was very much surprised. I hadn’t met her in my school days or even in college, as we had studied in totally different institutions so far. After the first year, we went back to our homes during the summer break.

My mind jumped to the fated day on its own. It was the end of summer break, and we were waiting to go back to college for our second year. Amy’s sister, Ruby, had got selected for law school. To celebrate Ruby’s acceptance to the college, Amy, Ruby, and I went out. While coming back come, we met with an accident, and Amy lost her life. I remember enjoying ourselves in the club, and after that, my memories were dark. Doctors said that it was due to the shock, and I would get my memories eventually. But it was three years, and still, I could not recall what had happened that night.

I was still in touch with Amy’s Parents, Kelly and Mathew. They were also slowly recovering from their loss. But Ruby stopped speaking to me.

It was Amy, Paige, and I was in this flat initially. But after Amy, we never want another flatmate. I sighed, coming back to reality. Still today, Amy’s loss hit with a pang in my heart. She was such a lovely friend.

I locked the flat and climbed down. Many students are walking towards the university like me. Once entering the campus, I moved towards the main building when a voice stopped me.

“Excuse me.”

I turned towards the voice and stood stunning.

A tall, handsome guy stood in front of me with a smile. His dark hair, neither long nor short, stood attractively. His deep dark eyes can arrest anyone in the place. A sharp nose and his lips curved attractively enhanced the manliness in his face. Did I miss the jawline? No one can be this handsome. It is not possible.

I stood there with just a blink. God! Someone teach me how to breathe again. I came back to reality after hearing a chuckle. Realizing that the man caught me staring at him, redness crept on my cheeks.

“Yes,” I said, finally realizing I haven’t answered him.

“Can you tell me where the administrative office is?” He asked me. His voice created sensations in me that I cannot explain.

“Yes,” I said to him.

“Okay…” He dragged with a confused smile.

Realizing again, I pointed to the building. He looked back at me.

“Thank you. And it should be my lucky day.” He said to me.

“Why?” I asked him.

“To get directions from a beautiful girl like you.” He said with a smile, turned, and walked towards the office without waiting for my answer.

Only then I realized I hadn’t asked his name.

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