Heal with my Heart

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Chapter 12

Hannah's POV:

I waited for Katie, my baby’s nanny. She is the God-sent one to take care of Timmy. Only because of her, I leave him at home and go to work peacefully. Seeing Katie entering my house, I smiled at her and handed over Timmy to him. I kissed him goodbye and left for the office.

On the way, my thoughts drifted to Jack. Did Ruby tell him anything? I could not believe Ruby told such a lie to Jack. But, even then, who was he to punish me? Would he have learned the truth? If yes, why hadn’t he come to talk to me?

I jerked stopped at these thoughts. Was I still expecting him to see him? All the things he did, were it not enough? God! I was such a shameless woman. I was still looking for the guy who destroyed my life. I shook my head to chuck away his thoughts.

I entered the office to see Holly at the reception, who smiled at seeing me. Hearing her cheerful morning wish, I smiled more. I wished her back as I went inside to my seat.

“Hannah, Mr. Lopez was asking for you,” Holly told me.

“Adam? Why?” I asked her.

She shrugged at me. “No idea. He wants you to meet him as soon as you had come.”

I nodded at her and went to my cabin. I settled my bag on the desk and went to Mr. Lopez’s room. He is my manager. I don’t remember any pending activity that had to be reported to him. So with confusion, I knocked on his door.

“Adam,” I called.

He looked up from his laptop and smiled at me.

“Hannah. Come in.” He gestured me to sit. Once I sat on the chair, he removed his glasses to look at me.

“Mr. Perez called today. We got a new client. He is very important and very close to our boss. So he wants you to visit him and get all the details so we can startup working on the company accounts.”

“Oh! Fine. What is his name, and when is he coming?”

“Boss never gave his name but just an address. And he wants you to go there to meet him.”

What? This is new. So far, we haven’t met any client outside our office. Adam understood my confusion; in fact, he looked bewildered at this strange situation.

“Strange. I know. But we cannot say no to our boss. Especially when he is insisting on this personally.” He said to me. Realizing that Adam cannot do anything, I nodded my acceptance.

“Good. And I need your signature on this paper.”

“What is this?”

“Oh! Some confidentiality agreement for the new client.”

“Hmm! I haven’t even met this Mr. Mysterious. Why should I have to sign this already?”

“I am not sure. But based on our boss’s words, he is very important.”

Wow! I was not curious to know about this guy. I opened the folder to glance over the confidentiality agreement. I started signing the first page. When I was about to turn the second page, Adam asked for some details about the client we met yesterday. I looked at him and answered his questions while signing the rest of the papers. I could not concentrate on the documents as Adam was bombarding me with questions. Realizing my mistake, when I tried to read the papers, Adam pried them from my hands.

“Hannah. You can read this later. But you need to meet the client by….” He looked at his watch and said, “10:30 am. I have messaged you his address.”

“So soon?” I asked. He nodded his head.

I got up went to my place. I checked my time. I have another 1 hour, and his address looked quite nearby. So I decided to check my emails once to see if I got any other important task to check on. Once noted, I booked an Uber. The firm will compensate for all work-related travel. I chuck my laptop into my bag. After instructing Holly what to do, if anyone came looking for me, I went out to the car.

Once instructed on the address, I mentally cross-checked the checklist of questions to ask the new client. Finally, the car jerked stopped and indicated to me that I have arrived at the destination. I paid the Uber and turned to look at the building.

It was a cottage-style house with a nice green lawn surrounding it. The house is painted beautifully in grey and white. The owner definitely should be a person with taste. Appreciating the way the yard is maintained, I moved towards the main door and ringed the doorbell.

An elderly lady around her mid-fifties opened the house. She looked at me with a questioning face.

“Hi. I am coming from Perez Associates. I have an appointment with….” I realized Adam never told the name. Oh, God! What would I do?

“Are you Ms. Johnson?” She asked.

Letting a relieved sigh, I nodded. She smiled and let me in.

“Boss will be here in anytime. Why don’t you wait in his office room?” She took me to a room that had a state of art office setup. Wow, I was slightly envious and impressed.

“Thank you. You are?” I asked her.

“I am Brianna. I am the caretaker of this house.” She told me.

Once I sat on the couch, I looked around the sophisticated setup. But, unfortunately, my admiration got interrupted when Brianna got me a cup of coffee.

“Thank you” I smiled at her. I sipped the coffee, and my eyes widened in appreciation.

“Wow, perfect black coffee. Exactly up to my taste.” I said to her.

“I know. I was given clear instruction that you like your coffee black with cream and no sugar.”

I was not confused. Who instructed her? How did they know my taste? My eyebrows scrunched in confusion, but Brianna left the place before I asked her any question.

I sat back on the couch. Now I could not enjoy the place because of the new confusion raised in my mind.

“Who could it be? How did they know my taste?” I asked myself.

“What is to confuse about? Won’t I know your taste in coffee when I know all about you, Hannah?”

I kept the cup on the table so that I won’t drop in shock. I looked up to see Jack standing at the door, leaning on the frame with crossed hands.

“What are you doing here? Who let you in?” I asked him.

“Who should let me in? After all, this is my place.” He said to me.

What? What does that mean? Jack understood my question and spoke again, “Yes, I am your new client.”

I immediately stood up, taking my things. My hands were shaking badly in anger. I looked up to see him still at the doorway.

“If you move aside, I will leave now,” I said in a clipped tone.

“Leave? Aren’t we here to discuss taking up the accounting work of my company?” He asked me.

“I am sorry, Mr. Martinez. I don’t want to work with you. I will check with my boss and assign you another CRO, and I mean Customer Relations Officer.” I told him.

“Sorry, babe. I insisted especially to send you.”

My anger spiked up at the way he called me.

“It is Ms. Johnson,” I said to him with clenched teeth.

“Fine, Miss. Johnson.” He called me. “I have insisted to Joseph that I want only you.”

“Why, Mr. Martinez?”

He simply shrugged. Oh! The nerve of him.

“But I am not interested in working with you,” I said in anger.

“Why? Miss. Johnson?” He asked me.

Why? He was asking me why? Didn’t he know? Oh, God! He still has the habit of playing with me. The anger gave some clarity to me. If he can act as if nothing happened, can’t I do it?

“Fine. Mr. Martinez. Can we start discussing how you want to take up the accounts?” I asked him in a formal tone.

His eyebrow raised slightly at my reaction, but he did not say any. We sat on the couch and started to talk about his company and accounts. I am a bit amazed at the amount of work we will be taking up. After hours of discussion, I realized this is a massive project for my firm. But something nagged me inside.

“Ask away, Miss. Johnson?” I was stunned at his words. Was I still that open to him?

I cleared my throat and asked him. “Mr. Martinez, why suddenly you wanted us to take up your job. Your company is not placed here. Why here?”

He kept silent for a moment and looked at me. “I have some personal issues to take care of here. I am not sure how much time it will take, so I want to set up my office here for the time being.”

I became silent at his words.

“Do you want to know what my personal issues are?” He asked me.

I stiffened at his words and looked at him. “Why should I know about your personal matters? We are here to discuss your company and its accounts.”

He shrugged and looked at me. “Even if you don’t want to know, I feel like telling. You see, I made a grave mistake to a girl of my heart just by hearing some lies. So I want to correct things between us.”

I stood up at his words. “Mr. Martinez, it is time for me to leave. We will discuss further after I talk with my boss.”

I took my possessions and moved towards the exit. Unfortunately, my foot stuck in the carpet, and I was about to fall. Suddenly two hands caught me by my waist. Jack held me close. He looked into my eyes and said, “You are a dangerous woman, Miss Johnson.” His husky voice caressed my ears.

I remembered the day I met him in the classroom. I pushed him away and looked at him in anger. “Know your limits, Mr. Martinez.”

“Why Miss. Johnson, I simply helped you from falling.” He told me.

I turned to move out when he called me, “Would you like to join me for lunch?”

My thoughts suddenly went to the coffee shop in the university. I remembered the way he asked ‘Miss Johnson. You intrigue me. I would like to know more about you. Will you have dinner with me?’ My face hardened in anger.

“No,” I said and went out. After that, I could not think about anything else till I reached my office and went straight to meet Adam.

“Adam,” I called him.

“Hannah. Did you meet Mr. Martinez? Have you discussed all the terms?” He asked me.

“You know his name,” I asked him back.

“Yes. Boss called me about your meeting ten minutes ago, and I learn the client’s name then.” I nodded to him.

“Yes, Adam. I discussed with him, and we framed the terms of the contract. But Adam….” I looked at him. “Do I have to take this project? Can’t Lucy take this one?”

Adam was surprised at my question.

“No, Hannah. Mr. Martinez specially requested for you and boss also insisted the same.”

I sighed at his answer. Of course, I knew this would be the answer, but there was nothing wrong in trying, right?

“Why Hannah? Anything wrong?”

“No, Adam. I was just asking.” I told him.

It is going to be long and torturous, two months.

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