Heal with my Heart

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Chapter 13

Hannah’s POV:

I entered the office with a tired face. It was Timmy’s vaccination date yesterday. Because of that, he was running a temperature all night and did not sleep well. I could not sleep the whole night and hence the tiredness. He was better this morning when I left him with Katie.

I sat on my seat with a steaming mug of coffee. I sipped the coffee as I strolled through the mails. When I started noting down the items that need immediate action, my phone rang.

“Hannah,” I said as I picked the phone.

“Hannah, Can you come to Mr. Perez’s office,” Adam told me via phone.

“I will be there in a couple of minutes,” I said to him. I finished my coffee in a gulp gathered my mobile and laptop.

I knocked on Mr. Perez’s door. Upon the instruction to enter, I opened the door to see Adam and Mr. Perez discussing already.

“Good Morning Mr. Perez, Adam.” I greeted them as I sat on the chair.

“Miss Johnson. I hope you framed the contract for Cyber Gate Solutions.” Mr. Perez asked me.

“Yes, sir. I have already drafted the copy and send it to the legal team. Once they approve it, I will be mailing it to Mr. Martinez.” I said to him.

“Ok. And I want you to transfer all your current projects to Lucy. I want you to get involved in this Cyber Gate Solutions completely.” Mr. Perez told again.

“But, Mr. Perez. I can manage this along with my current projects.”

“No. Miss. Johnson. You need to go to Mr. Martinez’s place to discuss and kick start the project. He had requested for you to come in person for discussion.”

“No,” I said in a sharp tone. Mr. Perez looked at me with surprise at my reaction, and Adam looked with disapproval on his face. Then, I realized the slip of my emotions.

“I am sorry,” I said to them.

“Miss. Johnson, as a customer relations officer, you are requested to deal with projects with our clients. Therefore, you need to have a strong reason to refuse your work.” Adam said in an irritated tone.

I understood that he is angry at my refusal of Mr. Perez. But how could I tell that I did not want to work with Jack because of personal reasons, did not want to see him or talk to him?

“Sorry, Adam,” I said in a small voice. I was surprised that Mr. Perez did not say anything. Did he know about Jack and me? Adam noted that Mr. Perez knows Jack personally, right? Keeping my thoughts aside, I spoke again. “Timmy was not well, and I am tired with lack of sleep. I know I should not be giving such an excuse. But maybe I acted in such a way because of that.”

“It’s all right, Hannah. How is Timmy now? If you want, you can take off today.” I was surprised at Mr. Perez’s words.

“No. Thank you, sir. He is fine now.” I said back to him.

“In that case, you please transfer your projects to Miss. Lucy Davis today. You need to visit Mr. Martinez every afternoon. Hope you will complete this project successfully.” He told me.

“I will, sir.” I nodded at him and Adam and left the room.

I came back to my seat and slumped down in anger and irritation. Jack is cornering me in all ways. He did the last time by playing with my emotions, and now he was cornering me with my job. Why was he doing this? Couldn’t he leave me in peace? I sighed in anger. I set a meeting with Lucy to discuss and transfer my projects to her.

After close to two hours of discussion with Lucy, my head started to split in heavy pain. This female is testing my patience. Words got out that I got to work with the famous Jack Martinez from Cyber Gate Solutions. Lucy was irritated that she had to take up my existing projects. She is showing her attitude throughout the discussion, and at one point, I stated that if she was not happy in this, she could very well go to Adam or Mr. Perez on that. I would be glad to transfer Cyber Gate Solutions to her. Only then she kept quiet and started listening to me.

After completing the knowledge transfer, Lucy got up to leave.

“I will be working in the mornings here in the office. In case if you have any clarification, you can reach out to me.” I said to her.

“Even though I am not smart enough to capture bigger fish or to create an innocent impression to the boss, I can take up my projects myself. Thank you.” She spat her words and left the room.

I sighed in annoyance. I chartered down the highlights of the discussion. I sent the same to Lucy, copying Adam along with the note, stating my office availability if she wanted to clarify anything. If not, she would deliberately slip in any of the projects and say that I hadn’t explained clearly to her.

I chuck down a pill for my headache. I lost my hunger and went for another cup of hot coffee. I then started working on the Cyber Gate Solutions contract based on the feedback from the legal team. Upon finishing that, I mailed the same to Adam to verify to send the final copy to Jack.

I could not stay in the office anymore and decided to call it a day. So, informing Adam, I took my stuff and left the office. Once nearing home, I saw the locked door. I then realized that it was the time Katie usually takes Timmy to the park. So, thinking that fresh air would be good for me too, I walked towards the park.

Once entering the park, I saw Katie and Timmy near the lake and went to them. Timmy saw me coming and ran to me with wide-spread hands and a beautiful smile.

“Hey, baby. Did you miss mommy?” I took him in my hands and tickled him. He shrieked in laughter, and that sound made me smile.

“Hey, Hannah.” Katie smiled at me.

“Hey, Katie,” I said and sat next to her. Timmy started playing nearby.

“You are early,” Katie asked me.

“Yes, Katie. I did not sleep well and got a severe headache today in the office. I could not concentrate on work and hence left for the day. Seeing the locked door, I realized you would be in the park. I thought the fresh air would be good for me too and hence came here.”

I saw Timmy playing with the ball. He is the replica of Jack. When I came back from University, I could not be able to concentrate on anything. I never went out of my room. I lost my appetite, sleep, and any interest in talking to anyone.

Mom and Dad were worried about me. Then, I fainted one day, and they rushed me to hospital. They thought I fainted because of a lack of food. But when the doctor said that I was pregnant, that was the biggest shock I had. I was with no work, no earnings, and no future. What would I do with a child?

But that baby gave me hope to live. I slowly came out of my cage. Rather than wallowing in self-pity, I decided to move ahead of life. So I applied for many jobs. The biggest problem in getting the job was when they asked me why I came out of my college at the end of the course. I could neither tell the truth nor lie. After interviews after interview, I finally got the offer from Perez associates.

When I learned about Timothy, I contemplated telling Jack but then decided against it. Why should I say to the guy who just came for some revenge? What if he hurt my baby too? That thought made me keep Timmy as a secret from Jack.

Suddenly I jerked up, realizing the conversation in Kelly’s home. I told about Timmy in front of Jack. Would he know about Timmy then? Oh, God! What would he do if he knew that Timmy was his son? I suddenly pulled Timmy’s hand and held him tight. I could not lose my son. Never.

Seeing my distress, Timmy started crying. “Hannah! What’s the matter? See, Timmy is getting scared.” Katie shook me to reality.

“Oh, Baby. Nothing. Mommy loves you very much and wanted a big hug from you.” I cooed him. He looked at me for a moment and then stopped his crying. He is too intelligent for his age. And whenever he saw me like that, he reminded his dad. He had the same mannerisms as Jack. I could not think of the day when Jack sees him. Could I avoid it since Jack is here? Especially when he was telling that he wanted to make things right.

But what would he do to make things right? Could he bring back my lost esteem, my lost degree? I did not think so. Then what is the use in trying? I sighed as I was drifting back to my thoughts. As it was getting late, we left the park. Once we reached home, Katie wished me good night and left for the day. At the same time, mom called me if I could come over.

“No, mom, I am exhausted. I don’t think I can come today.” I said in a sleepy voice.

“Oh! You sound tired, Hannah.” She said in a worried tone.

“Yes, mom. Heavy work from yesterday, and I need to sleep.”

“Then let me bring dinner for you both.” She told me.

“Oh, no, Mom. Don’t stress yourself.” But she stopped me. “Nonsense. There is no stress. It was a long time since I saw Timmy. Your dad and I will be there some time.” She kept the phone down

I took Timmy to change his clothes and freshened up myself. After dinner with mom and dad, mom bathed Timmy and took him to bed. I was too tired, and once they left, I succumbed to deep sleep.

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