Heal with my Heart

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Chapter 14

Jacks’ POV:

After Hannah left, my house seemed empty. I sighed and turned to go back to my office. I leaned back in my chair, thinking about our entire conversation. She was never surprised or wondered hearing the level of my company. But I could see that she was scared to deal with so much wealth. That moved something in me. I haven’t seen any female so far who never was impressed with my wealth. I could see genuine emotions in her eyes.

A small voice inside me asked why I did not saw that genuineness in her eyes before. I realized I saw those, but the anger in me filtered those. If only I see her with no prejudice, I would have learned the truth. I am not afraid if it was too late? Especially when I knew that I had a son. I wanted both Hannah and Timmy in my life. But how could I do it when Hannah is not even ready to listen to me?

I shook my head as my thoughts were traveling in a more depressive path. I decided to check my emails to divert myself. After reviewing my emails, I had a call with my brother Rafe. I then dialed my secretary and instructed her with all to-dos. After a couple of hours, I realized the time is well past lunchtime, and my stomach is roaring at me for ignoring it. I got up to see what Brianna as fixed for lunch. After lunch, I called Joseph if he could come over for dinner.


After a quiet dinner with Joseph, we both fixed a strong drink and sat on the couch. After a couple of minutes, Joseph looked at me. “How was the meeting with Hannah?”

I did not reply immediately but just kept tracing the rim of the glass I was holding in my hand. Then, finally, I sighed and looked at him. “She did not expect me.”

“Check,” he said back.

“She was not ready to talk to me, but I somehow managed her to discuss the project,” I said.

“Check,” he said again.

“I am sure she will talk to you to release her from this project.” I looked at him.

“Check,” he said, grinning at me.

I am confused at his reaction and looked at him with irritation. “What are you checking?”

“Whatever you said. We already know that this is what will happen. So why are you saying the same?” He asked me.

“Whoa! You are the one who asked how did the meeting go right?”

He nodded his head. “What I was asking is, were you able to get anything apart from the anger? Did you find a way to convince Hannah to listen to you?” He asked me.

“What I did to her is a huge betrayal. I know she liked me, but I played with her emotions. So, for now, only my betrayal will be in her mind. Even if I say anything, I don’t think she will listen to that. But I have a small hope that I can bring out the old Hannah.”

Joseph did not answer me first but just patted my shoulder. Then we started talking about the work stuff.


Once I got ready for the day in the morning, I came down for my breakfast. I have a couple of meetings today and decided to start the work early. However, I stopped short once I saw the figure sitting in my kitchen.

“Jack,” Ruby called me.

I gave a stiff nod to her and sat on the island chair. Brianna brought me a couple of toast with eggs. I started eating without saying anything.

“Jack, Please,” Ruby called me again. I looked at her sharply, and she kept quiet again. After seeing her miserable face, my anger subsided slightly. “We will talk in my office. Please wait there.” I told her. She nodded her head and left the kitchen.

I thanked Brianna for breakfast and went to my office. I saw Ruby sitting on the couch and sat on the opposite one.

“Tell me,” I told her.

She looked at me bleakly with pleading eyes. “I know what I did was wrong. I am sorry.” She spoke back.

I scoffed at her answer. “Wrong? You had destroyed two people’s life, Ruby.”

“Two?” She asked back.

“Leave it. Why have you come now?” I asked her.

“I want to talk to you. Dad and Mum are very upset with me. But, I thought you would understand. I was very guilty about Amy. Even though no one accused me of her death, my conscience was killing me. I was afraid if anyone would blame me. So I thought if I blame Hannah, people will not question me.”

Anger spiked in me at her words. How much more selfish could she be? Hadn’t she once thought about Hannah? How could she believe that Hannah should carry the burden for the mistake she hadn’t made?

“Haven’t you thought about Hannah once?” I asked her.

“I said about Hannah only to you. I realized my mistake soon, but I could not bring myself to apologize to Hannah. She never knew that I blamed her. So I thought no harm done.”

“No harm done?” I asked her with disbelief. “You have done all the harm. Only because of your words, I went after her.” I said to her in anger.

Ruby’s face became stubborn in anger. “Don’t blame me. Why did you go after her? Did I ask you to do that? Don’t say that you did for Amy?”

“I had my reasons. OK?” I shouted at her. I stood up as I could not sit further in anger. I walked towards the window and gazed at the lawn. Both of us were quiet for some time. Finally, I sighed and turned to her.

“Only I know the reason to go after Hannah. Even though you never asked me to avenge for Amy, your words are the catalyst for my actions. We both could not deny that. But as I already said, I am upset with you. But I forgave you. Because only if I do that, I can expect Hannah to forgive me.”

Ruby looked at me. “But why? Why do you want Hannah to forgive you?”

I looked at her with disbelief. “I destroyed her life, Ruby. I snatched her education, job, a good life. What would you do if you are kicked away when you are just in the distance within reach to achieve your dream? I did that for her. I cannot be able to forgive myself till.” I stopped and sighed. “Look, I don’t know why you don’t like Hannah. But do not come between us, please.” I told her.

She kept quiet for a long time. “I was jealous of Hannah.” She whispered. “Amy was my best friend. But once she went to college, she started spending more time with Hannah. And whenever we talk, she was always like Hannah that and Hannah this. I felt she snatched my sister from me. Hence I did not like her.” Tears streamed down her eyes as she finally let out her heart.

I felt bad for her and sat next to her and hugged her. “Hey,” I whispered. “Amy loved you more than anyone. She always saw you as her baby sister.” I told her. She started sobbing telling sorry again and again, and I could not be angry at her anymore. I hugged her and patted her back. After she stopped crying, I gave her some water.

Ruby got up to leave. I hugged her and said, “You are the kid sister for Amy, Rafe, and me. We loved you and always love you.” She just nodded her head and left the place. I sat back, sighing at the turn of events. My mobile ring brought me back to reality. It was my secretary Abana.

“Abana,” I called her.

“Mr. Martinez, your meeting with Rockwell Manufacturers is in another 15 minutes.” She reminded. I said OK and cut the call, and rubbed my face with both my hands. I called Brianna to bring me a strong coffee and started my work.

After series of meetings and calls, I closed my laptop with a sigh. I looked at my mobile to see Joseph calling.

“Hey, man,” I said as I picked the call.

“Jack. Hannah accepted to work on your project.” He told me.

“Thanks, Joseph,” I answered earnestly.

“And, it looks like Timmy was not well.”

I sat straight at this news. “Why? What happened to him? What is Hannah doing in office if he is not well? Can’t you give her a day off?” I asked in a tensed tone.

“Whoa. Stop man. I said was, not is. Timmy was running a temperature last night, but he is fine today.”

“How do you know?” I asked again, not believing him.

“Hannah told me. I asked her to take off, but she said he is fine now and hence she is in the office today.” I cut the call and looked at the time. It is way past lunchtime. I decided to go to Hannah’s house and without further thinking I left my house.

As my car reached Hannah’s place, I stopped nearby. How could I see Timmy? What would I say about myself if the lady in the house asked about me? I was thinking these thoughts, and I saw Hannah walking towards her house. I saw her seeing her door, checking her watch, and then walking down the road. My face scrunched in confusion, and I checked the time. Ah! I saw Timmy playing in the park yesterday same time. It might be, it is a regular activity for him.

I followed her inside the park. I saw Timmy running towards Hannah, and she is picking my son, tickling and laughing with him. My heart swelled to see my Hannah and my son. I wanted to go and hug them both. But I stood out of their sight and just watched both of them.

I saw Hannah sitting next to that lady. She looked exhausted. She was watching Timmy, and her face suddenly changed with tension. She pulled Timmy and hugged him tightly. Why? What happened to her? Timmy started crying, and I could simply stand here. Then, the lady said something, and Hannah composed herself. She said something to the kid, and he stopped crying. But Hannah never left him out of her hands. What was she thinking about?

I sighed at them and walked out of the park. I took my car and drove towards my house. My thoughts clouded with Hannah’s worried face and how she hugged Timmy as if someone were going to snatch him away from her. Why Hannah? What are you thinking about? I drove without seeing the road and heard a big blast that shook my car. When I tried to look around, I was spinning around, and I could see the front of a big truck. And last I heard was a big boom and then succumbed to darkness.

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