Heal with my Heart

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Chapter 15

Hannah’s POV:

I got up feeling fresh after a good sleep. But why was I having an odd feeling from morning? On a hunch, I called my mom and found both mom and dad were okay. But, something was nagging me, and I could not find it. So I pushed it aside to prepare the things for Timmy before Katie comes home. Timmy is now 2. I should start looking for some daycare for him to be easy for him to adapt to school when he starts.

Once Katie had come, I kissed goodbye to Timmy and left home. And now the nagging fell came back with a vengeance. What was happening? I stopped short thinking about Paige. Did anything happen to her? I immediately took out my mobile and dialed her.

“Hey, Hannah,” I sighed with relief hearing her casual voice.

“Hey, Paige. How are you doing?”

“Good Hannah. How are things for you? How is Timmy?” she asked me.

“Yeah, Timmy is fine. He is a sweetie as always.” I told her. Paige laughed at my answer.

“How is Duke? Have you guys set the date yet?” I asked her. Duke is her boyfriend, and they were planning for their wedding.

“Hmmm. We are planning around Christmas.” She told me.

“That great to hear.” I smiled.

“What’s the matter, Hannah? You would never call this early?” Paige asked me.

“Nothing Paige. I am on the way to the office and suddenly thought about you. It has been a long time since we spoke right. So thought of calling just to say hi.” I said to her. Realizing I had reached my office, I said bye and cut the call.

I smiled a good morning to Holly as I went to my seat. I checked my emails and saw that Adam had not replied to Jack’s contract. I called his extension. “Hey, Adam.”

“Yes, Hannah.”

“Had you checked the contract with Cyber Gate Solutions? Is it good to go?” I asked him.

“Regarding that, can you come to my cabin?” He asked me.

“Yes, coming right away,” I told him and got up from my place.

I knocked on his door, as I called him. “Adam”

He looked up as signaled me to come in. Once I sat down, he looked at me. “Hannah, Mr. Perez called me today morning. He instructed to hold the contract.”

I was puzzled at this answer. “Hold the contract?” I asked him.

Adam nodded his head.

“Do you know why?” I asked him back.

“Mr. Perez did not say anything. Instead, he told that Mr. Martinez would not be available for some time.”

“Oh! In such case, can I take back my old projects from Ruby?” I asked him.

“That’s what I am confused about. Mr. Perez told me not to give the old projects to you as of now but to wait for a week.” He said in a puzzled tone.

A week? Why? What happened? I could not be able to understand it.

Adam’s voice brought me back to the present. “So. In the meantime, I have mailed you three proposals. I want you to check those and give me the report.” I nodded at him.

While leaving his room, I remembered something. “Adam, we have scheduled an interview for two new staff members today. We have called for five candidates. They will be here at 11:00,” I reminded him.

“Yes. Thanks, Hannah. Please tell Holly to make the conference room ready for that.” He told me back. I said Ok and left for my place.

Even after reading the first proposal for the fifth time, I could not get a single word in my mind. Finally, I closed my laptop in frustration. What happened to Jack? Why was he not available? Had he left since he could not convince me to listen to him?

Why was I feeling the pain at that thought? Didn’t I want that? Not to see him in any future? Did my heart still long for him? My head split in headache at these thoughts. My anger at him increased furthermore. Why did you come back, Jack? I could neither live with you nor without you. Finally, I stood up to take a break and went to take a hot cup of coffee.

After an hour, since my thoughts, again and again, went towards Jack, I decided to know about him. After contemplating calling him after the tenth time, I took my mobile and dialed his number. The call went straight to voice mail, much to my confusion. What happened? Why was he not reachable?

After some time, I gathered the courage to call Mr. Perez. Maybe once I get to know about Jack, I might concentrate on my work. Mr. Perez took the call after the fifth ring.

“Mr. Perez,” I called him.

“Hannah.” He answered back.

“Mr. Perez, Regarding Cyber Gate Solutions, I have some pointers to get clarified in the contract. Unfortunately, I am not able to reach Mr. Martinez.” I said with a hint of hesitancy in my voice.

He was silent for a moment and responded. “Hannah. I am at St. Mary’s hospital now. Come over. I will look at your doubts.”

St. Mary’s Hospital? I became concerned. “Mr. Perez. Is everything alright?” I asked him.

“Yes… Yes… Can you come right away?” His voice was so stressed.

I said that I would be coming immediately and cut the call. What happened? Did anything happen to Jack? Was that why I was feeling funny from morning? My thought ran faster than the cab. Once I reached the hospital, I settled the cab fare and entered the hospital.

Entering the hospital, I took my mobile to call Mr. Perez again.

“Hannah,” a voice stopped my action and looked up to see a young man coming towards me. I was shocked to see he looked like Jack.

“Hannah?” He asked me again. I nodded at him.

“Come with me.” He said.

Whoa. Wait. “Sorry, I am here to see someone else,” I told him.

“Are you trying to call Joseph? Come with me. I am going there only.” He asked me. I nodded and followed him.

Once we entered the floor, I saw Mr. Perez talking to a man. A lady was sitting next to them. The man and lady looked like they were in their mid-fifties. All were looking very grave.

“Mr. Perez,” I called him as soon as I saw them. He looked at me in the middle of their conversation and got up to come towards me.

“Hannah.” He said in an anxious voice. I was getting scared every minute.

“Is everything right?” I asked him.

He sighed and looked at me. “Yesterday, Jack met with an accident.”

I dropped my bag in shock hearing this.

“Jack? What happened? How is he now? Where is he? Can I see him?” I bombarded him with my questions. Tears started to flow at hearing this shocking news.

“He ran over a red light. It was completely his fault. He collided with a truck. He…” Mr. Perez cleared his throat and looked at me again. “He has two fractured ribs and a crack in his leg. But what worries everyone is he was hit badly in his head. He hadn’t gained consciousness since the accident. The doctors say that he should be awake by now. And if he is not waking up by today, we have a serious possibility that he might slip into coma. That is not good.”

“Oh, God!” I whispered in fear.

“We all tried to talk to him, but he is not responding. Can you talk to him? Let us see if he is responding to you.”

I nodded at him. “Where is he? Can I see him now?”

He pointed to the door at our right. I went to see inside and whispered in shock, “Oh my God!” Jack was covered with bandages on his head, body, and leg. He was lying without any movement.

“Please go and talk to him, Hannah.” Mr. Perez said in a low voice behind me. I nodded, looking at Jack, and went slowly towards him. I sat next to him and took his IV free hand in mine.

“Jack,” I whispered to him, but no response from him. Finally, wiping my tears and spoke in a determined voice.

“Jack. It is me, Hannah. Can you hear me?” realizing that the couple waiting outside should be his parents, I spoke to him again. “Jack, your parents are very much worried about you. Please wake up. Even Kelly and Mathew will be worried about you. Please wake up. They already lost Amy. Please don’t make it hard for them.”

He was still not responding. Then, a thought struck me, and I looked at him with more determination.

“You told me that you want to make things right with me. Don’t you want to do that? If you want to correct your mistakes, come back.” I whispered to him. I jerked up in tension when a sudden beep sound emerged from the machine that was hooked to him. I hit the help button next to his bed in fear.

A doctor and nurse rushed inside the room. The doctor checked the vitals and looked at me with a smile. “Whatever you said, he is responding. Continue talking.”

I let out a sob at his words. I looked back at Jack. “Jack, Can you hear me. I need you to show my anger. I need you so I can fight with you. I need you so that I can demand answers. Please, I need you. Come back.”

I could see movement inside his closed eyes. He grabbed my hands weakly. I chuckled with tears.

“Oh, Jack!” I whispered in joy.

“Good job, miss.” The doctor said and gave some instructions to the nurse. Then, he went out, and after a moment, people came in.

“Jack,” The lady came near him and whispered. She then looked at me and said a soft Thank you. That made me realize the surroundings.

Does everyone know about me? Why did Mr. Perez ask me to come here? Why did he ask me to talk to Jack? Wait! How did that young man know about me? He called my name once seeing me and took me here.

I looked at them with a mortified look. Then, I saw my handbag kept on the table, grabbed it, and rushed out of the hospital. I never stopped when the lady asked me to stop, nor when Mr. Perez called my name. I stopped a taxi and went to my house right away.

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