Heal with my Heart

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Chapter 16

Hannah’s POV:

I reached my home, hanged my bag, and refreshed myself. I prepared a good cup of coffee and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs. I then remembered the office. I took my mobile and texted Adam that I was unavailable today and apologized for the last-minute message.

I put my mobile in silence and thought about Jack. Even though I was angry with him, I did not want him to see in such a state. What would his parents think about me? Did they think that I was responsible for Amy’s death? Or did they know the truth?

“Hannah,” a surprised voice made me come out of my land of thoughts. I looked up to see Katie with Timmy.

“Katie. Back so soon?” I asked her.

“Soon. We are on our usual time.” Her words shocked me, and I looked at the time. What? Was I sitting here for three hours? I shook my head in disbelief. After changing the dress for Timmy, Katie put him in his playpen. Then, she came to the kitchen, fixed a coffee for her, and sat next to me.

“Is something bothering you, Hannah?” Katie asked me.

I looked at her in surprise. She smiled back. “You look disturbed from last week. Even though I see you stressed out sometimes, I have never seen you this distressed. If you could share, then you can talk to me.”

“Oh, Katie. Thanks. I got a new project. The client Mr. Martinez met with an accident yesterday.” I told her.

“Is he your client alone?” She asked me, and I looked at her with shock.

She shook her head. “No. You don’t need to say anything. But the way you behave, it looks that Mr. Martinez is more than a client. But don’t stress too much. Timmy is a sharp boy, and he is observing your behavior and is worried in his own ways.”

Her words made me look at Timmy, who was playing with his pet toy. He is a God sent to me when I was at the lowest point of my life. I smiled, looking at my precious boy. He is astute for his age.

“Thanks, Katie. But I am too confused to talk about this.” I told her. She just nodded her head, cleaned her cup, and left for the day. I switched on the cartoon for Timmy and fixed dinner for both of us. He was babbling at the cartoons. After dinner, we sat together to see some cartoons. He was laughing, looking at the screen.

I sat hugging him, but my thoughts drifted towards Jack again. Did he wake up? I was anxious to know about his state, but something was stopping me from doing so. I sighed in frustration. Timmy stood on the couch and held my cheeks.

“Why sad, mama?” He asked me.

I looked and smiled at him. “Mommy’s friend met with an accident. He has a big booboo.”

“Mommy friend? Bill?” He asked me.

“No. Not Bill. Bill is your friend. He is mommy’s friend. His name is Jack.” I told him.

“Don’t worry, mama. Jack Ok.” He consoled me in his own way.

“Thank you, baby,” I whispered back at him.

After some time, I bathed him and laid on his bed. I read a couple of stories for him, and he slept. Then, I closed the door and came out. I was not feeling sleepy, so I decided to check office emails. The doorbell rang at the same time. Who could it be?

I was stunned to see Jack’s parents, along with Mr. Perez, standing out.

“Hi,” I said and invited them inside.

They came in and settled on the couch. Jack’s mom took my hand and said, “You have saved my son’s life, and just a thank you would not be enough. But thank you so much.” She said softly.

I just nodded my head, not knowing what to say.

“I am Racheal, and this is my husband, Albert.” She said, and I uttered a Hi to Jack’s dad.

“How is Jack?” I asked her.

“He had woken up. Doctor says that he is out of danger.” She smiled at me.

I offered them some coffee. Albert then spoke to me, “Joseph said that you are working in his firm. What are you doing?” I understood he was trying to make some conversation, smiled at him, and told him about my job. Next, Albert said to me about himself.

“Oh! I run a small shop. I sell spare parts for cars.” Albert told me.

“Yes, I know, Jack told once to me,” I answered without thinking.

They were silent for a moment, and Racheal asked me. “How do you know Jack?”

I was silent for a moment and answered, “I met Jack when we were a substitute professor in the University, where I was doing my masters.”

“Masters? You did your masters in computers? Because if Jack was a lecturer means, then you should have studied computers, right?” Albert asked me.

I nodded at him, dreading his next question. Much to my fear, he asked it. “If you have done masters in computers, what are you doing in an accounting firm?”

An awkward silence fell over the room. What could I say? Sensing my discomfort, Racheal changed the topic.

“Are you staying alone? What about your parents?”

What is this? And interrogation? I felt mildly irritated at their questions. But I could understand that they wanted to know about me.

So I answered her. “My parents are just two doors away. My son and I are staying here.”

Racheal wanted to ask something but changed her mind at the last moment. She just nodded back. “It is getting late, and we will leave now.” Saying that, they stood up.

I got up to send them off. Once Albert and Mr. Perez left the door, Racheal turned at took my hands.

“I could not thank you enough for saving him. But, even though he had woken up, he was not in peace. He is looking for someone. I know, it is you.” She stopped me when I tried to answer. “No, please, let me complete. I don’t know what happened between you and Jack. But, please come to see him. He may be out of danger, but he is not having the will to recover. Whoever is at fault, please help him.” She said as she left the place.

I stood silent for a moment and came out of the house. I saw Racheal and Albert getting into the car. I thought of something and called Mr. Perez.

“Mr. Perez…” I hesitated for a moment but then cleared my throat and looked at him. “Do you know? About?” I could not complete it, but he understood.

“Yes,” He nodded his head.


“Jack told me.” I was surprised at his answer. Then, seeing my surprise, he said again, “He told everything, Hannah.”

“Oh! Did Racheal and Albert know?” I asked him again.

He shook his head. “No.”

“Then how?” I was now confused.

“How what?” He asked me.

“The young man in the hospital looks like Jack. He called me by my name as soon as he saw me.” I told him.

“Rafe? He is Jack’s brother. I don’t know how? Maybe you should ask Jack.” He told and then looked at me. “Will you be asking Jack?” He asked.

I understood that he wanted to know if I would revisit Jack. But why was everyone insisting on that? We are not together for me to go and visit him again and again. I did not know what relationship we had?

But much to my surprise, I saw myself nodding at him.

“Yes,” I said to him. “I will visit him sometime.”

“Good night Hannah.” He said.

“Good night Mr. Perez,” I said back.

“Call me Joseph Hannah.” He told.

I shook my head. “No, Mr. Perez, I am only your employee of the company still. I had called you Mr. Perez till now. So if I call you Joseph, it will be of something that is between Jack and me. There is nothing between us.”

“Hannah, you are a great worker in my firm. You can call me Joseph as an employee on whom I have good respect.”

“Thank you, Mr. Perez. If you had told this before I met Jack again, I would have accepted. But, unfortunately, I am not able to. Sorry.”

He saw me with a smile and left for his car.

I came back and cleaned up the mugs and dried them. I then went to my bed. Even though I laid down to sleep, I could not as Jack occupied all my thoughts.

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