Heal with my Heart

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Chapter 19

Hannah’s POV

“Thank you, Rafe. Once Jack wakes up, I will discuss with him and get back to you.” I said to him.

“Sure thing Hannah. How is Jack?” He asked me.

“He is...”

“Annoying?” Rafe interpreted me.



“What? No.”


“Rafe,” I laughed at him.

“What? I am simply asking.” He said to me.

“I was about to say, He is fine, slowly recovering,” I said with a smile.

“Ah. I expected some interesting answer.”

“You are terrible,” I said to him.

“Hannah. My heart hurts. How can you say such a comment about me? I am innocent.” He said in a hurting tone.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. The biggest joke of the year.” Both of us laughed.

“Okay, Hannah. Talk to Jack and mail me. Keep smiling.” He said and cut the call.

I cut the call and sat smiling. I gelled with Rafe quickly when I met him in hospital. He reminded me of Amy. I felt like talking to Amy whenever I spoke with him. So we became good friends easily. I felt easy with him. At times, I thought Jack saw us with jealousy whenever I talked to Rafe casually.

I still could not believe that I accepted to be an associate for Jack. I slightly felt angry at myself that I was still playing at Jack’s tune. Why could I not say no? Somehow, Jack and Joseph both spoke to me and made me accept to work with him. I am now working as Jack’s associate and coordinating with Rafe and Jack’s secretary Abana.

Jack was working on three significant projects, and I had to coordinate with the corresponding teams. But thankfully, Rafe was helping me. And Abana was so sweet to work with.

Jack had been discharged from the hospital last week. He hadn’t recovered completely, but his hospital stay was making him crazy. Additionally, the medications constantly made him sleepy. That made him even more irritating. He refused to talk to anyone except Rafe and me. That was another reason for me to accept this position. Currently, I was in his office room working on his behalf. I looked at the time to realize it was almost lunchtime. I got up to see if Jack woke up for his lunch.

I saw Jack sleeping still. He looked like a lost boy. There are bandages still on his head. They removed the hard plaster from his body and leg and replaced it with the band. He slowly crunched his face and opened his eyes.

“Hi.” He said, looking at me.

“Hi. What happened? Is it paining anywhere?” I asked him.

“No. I feel uncomfortable lying in the same position. I want to get out of this bed. In fact, I don’t want to come near a bed anymore.” He huffed at me.

I chuckled at his reaction. “Let me ask the doctor if you can move around.”

“When is his next visit?” He asked me.

“Tomorrow,” I told him. “Lunch?” I asked him.

“I don’t feel hungry,” He said to me.

“But you have to take your medications. Let me get something light.” I told him and went to the kitchen. I saw Brianna had made some soup. I got a bowl for him. I made him sit slowly with pillows to support his back. I kept the bowl of soup on the small table in front of him. I sat next to him as he had his soup.

“What about you?”

“Ah, I just had a cup of coffee. I will have something later.” I told him.

He side-eyed me and said, “You drink too much coffee. That is not good for your health.”

I smiled at him. “I know. But I could not break that habit. I could not stop drinking coffee even when I was….” I stopped suddenly. I was about to slip that I drank too much coffee when I was carrying Timmy.

Jack looked at me, and I simply smiled and shook my head. “Nothing,” I said. “The soup is getting cold. Drink it.” I pointed to the soup.

He simply looked at me but did not say anything but drank the soup.

“I just spoke with Rafe and Abana. We have the project meeting day after tomorrow. The project launch is scheduled in a month, and we are in final testing. The test results were satisfactory. After that, we have to decide on the details of the launch.” I turned to look at Jack as there was no answer.

He was looking at me with a smile. “What?” I asked him.

“You really love this.” He told me.

“Yes. The feeling when you try to find a solution for a problem, you cannot explain it.” Suddenly we both became quiet, and I remember when I told the exact words to him. Seeing Jack’s face, I was sure that he was also thinking about it.

I cleared my throat and got his tablets. Once he had it, I took the bowl and left the room.

“Hannah,” Jack called me.

I turned to him and saw his pleading eyes. I looked at him, simply nodded, and left.

After cleaning the bowl, I took the laptop to his room. Then, I started talking about the product so his mind would not be idle and he may feel better. And yes, he was feeling better after discussing the product. He was even energetic and did not complain about saying in the same room.

But after a couple of hours, he looked tired and so I closed the laptop. Finally, he lay down and closed his eyes. “Can you stay here for some more time?” Jack whisper questioned me. He looked like Timmy when he asked this.

“Ok,” I said softly and sat there. He fell asleep shortly, and I came back to the office room. I placed the laptop on the table and went to have some lunch.

My phone ringed as I was checking the emails regarding the test results and meeting schedule. I looked at my phone with confusion. It was a new number. I attended the call and said hello.

“Is it Miss Hannah Johnson?” a voice asked me.

“Yes. Who is it?” I asked back. I got up in shock when I heard the answer.

“I am calling from Baron University.”

I was silent for a moment and could not talk about anything.

“Hello? Miss Johnson, Are you in the line?” the lady asked again.

“Yes.” I cleared my throat and spoke again. “Yes. Tell me.”

“Miss Johnson. We want to talk about your project submitted while you were doing your masters and your degree.”

Anger burst out like a volcano inside me. What the hell did they want to talk to me now? Haven’t they done enough? What else they wanted to do?

“I am not interested in talking,” I said in a crisp tone.

“Miss. Johnson, I want to discuss regarding the mail you had sent.”

I scoffed in disbelief. They wanted to discuss the mail that I had sent almost three years earlier. Were they joking? Wait, why should they talk about the mail that was too old? My instincts kicked in, and I asked them back, “What email?”

“The mail you sent last week demanding answers. You see, it was unfortunate that you were mistaken. We shall sit and discuss this.” She said to me.

Mail? Last week? I was now confused. So I decided and answered her, “Give me a day. I will think about it and get back.”

She said OK and also said that she would be reaching to me tomorrow. I cut the call and opened my mailbox. In the sent box, I saw the mail to the university. I opened the mail.

I was in shock after reading the contents. The mail said that I had put a contract with cyber Gate Solutions three years back and demanded answers to why they expelled me. Also, with a serious note that I may file a lawsuit if they do not respond to me.

How did this happen? And only one word popped in my mind after this.


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