Heal with my Heart

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Chapter 22

Hannah’s POV

After Timmy’s birthday, I am bringing Timmy to Jack’s home for 3 days a week. Jack wanted to see Timmy every day, but I did not accept it. I did not want Timmy to get used to seeing Jack every day. Then once Jack leaves, Timmy would miss him.

Jack started to walk slowly with crutches and moved around the house. In the mornings he started attending the meetings with me. Whenever Timmy was around, he spent his afternoons with him, else he sit in the office room with me.

We had the product launch in one month I was looking at the final submission report. I glanced to see the test details and everything was correct. I scrolled page after page. Wait! I frowned at one specific result. I rechecked and found it odd. I could not pinpoint the reason specifically. I opened the project’s initial requirement and design document. I went through the entire document and found the issue. My God! This part of the product goes totally against the requirement.

I looked up to see Jack who was checking his emails.

“Jack!” I called him. He looked up and his face became confused seeing my frown.

“What is it, Hannah?” He asked. I took my laptop and went to him. I showed the final observation report and the requirement document. He understood right away. His face became rigid with anger. He took his mobile and called Rafe. Once Rafe picked he put the call on speaker.

“Rafe,” Jack called him.

“Yes Jack,” Rafe answered back.

“Did you check the final report? Check Page 18 in the requirement document.” Jack said abruptly.

And in 15 minutes Jack and I joined the call between Rafe, Abana, and Mr. Walter, the manager of the project.

“Walter, in the final submission report, check the test result on Page 13. This contradicts our requirement.” Rafe asked him.

Walter looked at the observation report in confusion and slowly his reaction changed to worry. His face showed tension.

“Mr. Martinez. This is a minor issue. I don’t think this will interrupt our launch.” He said back.

“Minor Issue or not? How you guys did leave such a big blunder. What is the testing team doing? More than that, what are you doing?” Rafe asked in a rigid tone. Jack was not talking but looking extremely angry. He just kept controlling him by not talking.

“No sir. I assure you, this will not be an issue for the launch.” He said again.

“It will not be an issue for the launch. But what about after the launch. You will not be responsible for the product after the launch as it will be handed over to the maintenance team right?” I asked him angrily. How could he be so careless and now trying to escape?

Walter looked at the screen angrily. I am sure he was looking at my face.

“This has nothing to do with you, Miss Johnson.” He said in an angry tone.

“Whether I am involved or not, this is a big blunder. And you are just trying to sweep under the rug. It is not acceptable.” I told him back.

“Shut up. What is your qualification to question me? Don’t think to be a significant person, just because you are with Mr. Jack Martinez. Who knows how you got this position?” He sneered at me.

I got stunned at his words and their implication. “Walter” roared Jack. “Miss Johnson have all the qualification to talk about this. She is the original designer of this product. Also, she has a Master’s in computers. Besides these, what you did is despicable. You cannot mudsling someone just because they questioned you. I will not accept this in my company. You are removed from this project right at this moment. You will face disciplinary action for what you have spoken.”

Walter stood angrily and left the place. There was a moment of silence in the call.

“Rafe, Remove Henry Walter from the project. I don’t want him in any important position hereafter. And Hannah will be in charge of this product going forward.”

“No” I interrupted with Jack’s words.

But he never listened to me but continued talking with Rafe and Abana. “Circulate this information to everyone in the company.”

Rae nodded his head and cut the call.

“Hannah,” Jack called me.

I looked at him with a mixture of emotions. I knew my face shows anger, pain, and shock. Jack took my hands. “Hannah. Please. Don’t mind those words.” He said softly.

“How could I not? Mr. Walter is just the first person to talk in such a way. Who knows how many will follow? Of course, everyone will think that I have gained this position through immoral ways.” I said with so much pain.

“No Hannah. You deserve this. We all know you are the master brain of this product. I may have developed in these years, but you are the one who created this?” He said softly.

“Who will believe this? Are you going to explain everyone who talks about this?” I said and stood up. “I need to go now, Jack. I need to be alone now.” Saying this, I took my bag and left.

I prepared dinner while Timmy was watching TV. Hearing the doorbell, I removed the apron. Wondering who would be at this moment, I opened the door and was surprised to see Jack standing there.

“Jack? What are you doing here? How did you come?” I looked behind him asking these questions.

“I came by Uber.” He replied.

“Come in.” Once he entered I closed the door. Timmy looked up and smiled seeing Jack.

“Dada,” He said raising his hands. Jack sat next to him and placed him on his lap. He kept the crutches next to him.

“Timmy, my boy. Did you miss daddy? I missed you a lot.” He was speaking to Timmy, but looking at me. I felt his words were aimed at me than Timmy. I

I sat on the opposite couch. “What’s the matter, Jack?” I asked him.

“Hannah. It’s the same as what I said in the evening. You are the project manager for the product now. You will be in charge of that. The memo is sent to everyone.” He said.

I let out a frustrated sigh. But Jack did not allow me to talk. “Hannah, I am not taking this decision out of any emotion. You deserve this. Don’t say no.” He said with finality.

I was silent at these words. What would happen? Would people talk the same way as Walter?

“Had your dinner?” I asked him.

He shook his head and I asked him to join me for dinner and he smiled with a yes.

I fed Timmy when Jack was eating. After that, the father and son duo were talking in the living room. Timmy was saying some stories to his dad pointing to the Paw Patrol cartoon he was watching and Jack was answering back.

After dinner, I brought coffee to both of us. We drank the coffee in silence. Timmy fell asleep on Jack’s lap. I took him and laid him on his crib.

“So?” I asked Jack, not knowing what to talk about.

He looked at me “I need to book an Uber.”

I was worried. It was late. I decided and spoke to him. “It is late. Why don’t you stay for the night?”

He looked surprised at my words. I blushed slightly at his reaction.

“No. I thought… What I meant…” God! Why was I blabbering?

“Thank you. I will stay here tonight.” Jack said back. He offered to sleep on the couch and refused. It would not be comfortable for him. I showed him to my room saying that I will sleep him Timmy’s room.

Jack went to my room and stopped at the doorstep and turned.

“Good night Miss. Johnson.” His sensual words tugged my heart.

“Good night Mr. Martinez,” I whispered and went inside Timmy’s room. Why my heart is galloping so fast?

I lay on the bed next to Timmy’s crib. Turing and thrashing, I realized finally I was not going to sleep anytime soon. I lay wide awake looking at the ceiling.

Why did I still get affected by Jack? I did not want to think about it, for the fear of the answer, but my mind did not listen to me. After shaking my head a couple of times and failing to shoo away the thought, I finally gathered the courage to dwell on that and realized.

I still love Jack Martinez.

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