Heal with my Heart

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Chapter 9

Hannah’s POV:

I looked up from my monitor, hearing my mobile. I saw it was my mom calling. I picked up the phone.

“Hey, Mom.”

“Hannah, What? You are still at work. We have the party at the Moore’s tonight.” She said in an exasperated tone.

I smiled at my mom’s tension. “I know, mom. I almost finished my work. I am starting now.”

“Come soon. You have to get ready for the party” My Mother kept down the phone. It is the anniversary party of Kelly and Mathew. They had insisted that I should come. After Amy’s death, I haven’t visited them much often. I heard Ruby was also in town. With a sigh, I closed my computer.

It had been three years since I was expelled from the university. When I came back, mom and dad could not believe what had happened. Dad insisted on filing a lawsuit against the university, but I stopped him. I did not want to face the same people who stabbed my back. I was lost in my shock for months, and if not for my parents, I would have been no more.

But, a bigger shock made me come out of the situation. But I could not overcome it completely. Still, I did not have answers. I could not get a job in the computer field as per my dream, but I could secure a job in an accounting firm. I am a customer relations officer here. I stayed away from my parents but close to them. Finally, I sighed and came back to reality, and left for my home.

I reached the Moore’s around 8. The party had already started in full swing. I entered their house and saw Ruby coming towards me. I smiled at her. Seeing me, she stopped in her tracks, gave a reluctant smile, and went in. I shrugged at her behavior and looked for Kelly and Mathew. I saw them talking to another couple.

I walked straight towards them. “Kelly, Mathew, Happy anniversary.”

Mathew smiled at me while Kelly beamed and hugged me. “Thank you, Hannah dear. Why are you so late?”

I smiled at her. “Sorry I could not start from home soon. Something held me back.”

She smiled at me with understanding. I left them to mingle with the crowd. I looked for my parents to find them in the garden. I took a glass of water for myself and walked towards them. I had an uncomfortable feeling that someone is watching me. I looked around to find no one. I shrugged away that thought and started talking to people.

“Hey, Mom. Hey Dad.” I said to them once I spotted them coming towards me.

“Hey, Hannah. When did you come?” Mom asked me.

“Just mom. I had something to take care of in the home.” I said, and mom nodded back.

“Hannah dear, you look exhausted. Are you sleeping well?” Dad asked in a worrisome tone. I smiled back at him. I am now not getting the dream as I finally found out what had happened. But, I generally lost sleep. Only heavy work that tires me physically and mentally makes me sleep well.

“I am fine, dad. It is the year ending, and we have heavy work in the office.” I told him. He patted my shoulder with a smile.

“Just let us know if you need any help.” He told me, and I nod back at him.

“Hanna dear.” I turned, hearing Kelly. “I want to introduce my nephew to you. He has a big company, and maybe you can get some good job there.” She said and pointed to her right.

As soon as I turned to see the guy, my face paled in shock. The glass in my hand fell and shattered into pieces. My parents and Kelly looked at me with worry, but none of it caught my attention. The voices around me faded away, and my vision zoomed at the single person walking towards us.

It was the same guy who destroyed my life, stole my future, and played with my heart. The same person whom I wanted to meet to get answers, the same person whom I don’t ever want to see in my life, Mr. Jack Martinez. The shock hit me hard, and I could see my vision blurred and voices buzzed.

“She is waking up.” I could hear whispers.

“Hannah, baby. Are you alright?” I heard my mom’s worried voice. I realized that I am lying on a couch. I opened my eyes to see my mom, dad, Kelly, Mathew, and a couple of others looking at me with a worried faces. I turned to see Jack standing close to me. His closeness irritated me even in that state, and I sat up to move away from him.

At my reaction, his face turned hard. And I did not give a damn.

“What happened, mom?” I asked in confusion.

“Hannah, you were talking to Kelly, and all of a sudden, you fainted. Are you alright?” Mom asked me. Ah! I now remember that Kelly was trying to introduce me to Jack.

“I might be more tired than I thought,” I said to her and turned to Kelly. “I am sorry to disturb your party,” I said earnestly, looking at Kelly and Mathew.

“It is nothing, dear. You better take rest. The guests are leaving. I will send them off and be back,” Mathew said to me, leaving from there.

“Oh no. Please don’t bother. I will leave now,” I said, trying to getting up from the couch.

“Nonsense Hannah. You better sit for some time.” Kelly told me sternly.

I saw Jack looked at me with a mocking smile. My irritation spiked more at seeing him. I felt suffocated to be in his presence and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

After what felt like eons, Mathew and Kelly came back. “Are you better, Hannah?” Kelly asked me. I could see Jack feeling angrier at the way people are tending to me.

I nod at Kelly. “I am fine now. It is getting late, and I have to go home now. Timmy will be waiting for me.” I said in a tiresome voice. I saw Jake’s face reddened in anger when I mentioned Timmy. I got worried for a moment. Did Jack know about Timmy?

“Why, will your boyfriend gets angry if you are late to home?” Jack pitched in with a mocking voice.

“That is none of your business,” I said in between my teeth.

“Oh! Does your boyfriend know about you? How an easy lay you were?” Thwack! I realized that I had hit him only after hearing the sound.

“Jack” “Hannah” I heard Kelly’s and my mother’s angry voice at the same time. But we were both busy staring angrily at each other.

“Jack, apologize to Hannah now.” Mathew interrupted in a stern tone.

“Why? Why should I apologize? She is the one who should be apologizing to you. I am amazed at how you are letting her in your house still.”

“What did I do to you, Jack? Why are you chasing me again and again? You already destroyed my life? What more do you want?” I shouted at him.

Jack stood to his full height and shouted to me back, “Me? I did not destroy your life. I simply avenged my sister’s life. You are the one who destroyed Kelly Mathew and Ruby’s life.”

I am now confused at his words. What? What is he talking about?

Jack mistook my confusion. “What? Don’t try to act innocent. I know everything. Ruby told me everything.”

I turned to see Ruby looking at us with a pale face. Guilt and fear were both seen in her face.

“Ruby, what is Jack talking about?” Kelly asked her. Ruby did not answer first. Instead, she started crying with silent sobs, and seeing her tears; Jack interrupted angrily.

“Why are you questioning her? It is her who should be questioned.” He pointed towards me, saying this.

“What should we question her and Why?” Mathew asked him. My parents were too confused to talk. They stood on either side of me.

“You should ask her, why did she kill Amy?” I am shocked at his words. What? What is this new story? Why did he say that I killed Amy?

“Me. Killed Amy?” I asked incredulously.

Jack pulled my elbow and came near to me. “Don’t. Don’t act innocent. I knew you are the one who drove the car killed Amy.” He spitted the words in anger.

I shrugged my hand out of grip. “Says who?” I asked him.

“Who else? The only other person who was there with you two in the car. Ruby had told the entire incident immediately after Amy’s death. And I plotted for your downfall from that day. I knew that it was your dream to finish your master’s degree in that institution. I waited till you are about to finish the course and then sabotaged your future. This will give you a good lesson for taking other’s life for granted.”

Finally, I got my answers. But my mind never felt the peace after getting them. Instead, it became more cluttered in anger. So all his actions were just because of one female’s words? All my life was sabotaged because of this?

I looked straight into his eyes. Then, with blazing anger, I asked him, “How do you know that it was me who drove the car? Did you verify what she said? Or did you just listened to her words with your eyes closed? Did the great Jack Martinez act upon just listening to a female without verifying the facts in it? If yes, I pity you and all the employees working in your concern.” With those words, I left my house.

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