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Second Chance

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Alison is one of the strongest Warrior in her pack She had a bright future ahead of her until a war with the rogues took her mate away. She remained strong thanks to her Alpha, who comforted her during this hard time. That was when Alison fell in love with Sean. Sean is the Alpha, mated to his Luna since they were 18 but, mysterious circumstances made him lose his mate. After that, he had a hard time opening up to women again and was avoiding them like the plague. That was until, he found himself confronted to a very stubborn Alison and the Blood Moon, moment were the werewolves were at their highest most primal instincts. "You want to be my Luna and bear my pups? We'll see if you have what it takes." I growled low facing a very naked and determined Alison. She seemed to have made up her mind and she looked as fierce in my bedroom as she looked on the battlefield. Could her wolf make mine surrender? We were about to find out.

Romance / Fantasy
M. Syrah
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It has been five years now since our pack lost its Luna. I, myself lost my mate to the rogues so I understood better than anyone, the pain our Alpha was going through. He had to keep living for us and rule as our leader so it added to the pressure and the Elders were pushing him so he would take a chosen. I was not going to let my chance pass.

I was in love with him. How could I not be? Sean was... He had been there like a true leader when I was at my lowest and that made me fall in love with him. He had been so kind and so present... I wanted to reciprocate and more. I knew when I could pop the question too. The Blood Moon was tonight.

The Blood Moon was the moment where our wolves took more control of our bodies than on any other full moons. It made us more fertile and mating during a Blood Moon would make our bond strong. I knew that he could refuse since I was not his true mate but... I wanted to try. It was now or never since I was 28 and needed to get myself a mate.

There was a knock on the door and I sighed thinking that someone needed something this early. I just hoped it was nothing important.


My best friend, Elijah, entered. He was a tall man with black hair and blue eyes. He looked ready for the Blood Moon tonight because he was wearing ripped jeans and a white tank top, showing off his muscles. We were both warriors working directly under our Gamma even if I was the best.

"Hello, hun." He said.

"What is it Elijah?"

"I wanted to help you for tonight." He said. "I know what you're about to do, and I want to make sure that you're going to be fine even if he rejects you. He's older and you'll have next time to choose another male. We'll even choose him together."

"Bitch." I growled. "You're sure that I'll fail."

"Honey... He's the Alpha and you're a badass bitch just like I like 'em but... I don't want you to get hurt."

"If I fail, I'll let you pick my mate."

"What?!" He shouted dumbfounded.

"You know me better than anyone does Elijah. We have been best friends since childhood so you pick one. I don't want another but Sean so I'll succeed." I smirked.

"Hun… I can't do that. Choosing a mate is for eternity and I want you to be happy. Or are you so arrogant that you truly believe you'll succeed?" He said.

"I will. You'll see." I said with a small smile.

"All right. I'll bring tissues and ice cream in the morning."

Elijah was gay and had found his mate at the same time as I did. When Peter died, he proposed to mate me but I refused saying he had happiness and I would never live with myself if I took that away from him. It was time for us to move on even if I did not think it was possible. Hence me offering myself like a hundreds before me to our Alpha tonight. It had to end and it was the only way.

He helped me choose a black short dress and shoes for tonight. Our Alpha usually tended to stay locked up in his house during a Blood Moon so he would not be tempted. No other female had managed to make him change his mind but I was his strongest warrior, I would not stop until he rejected me to my face.

"You're dressed to kill tonight." Elijah said.

"This is my only chance to be with a man I love so… yeah, I'm putting in all the effort."

"If I were straight, I wouldn't be able to resist you."

"That's because you also know my charming personality babe." I said with a smile.

"I know." He chuckled. "I didn't know stubborn and stalker was a charming trait though."

"You're such a bitch." I sighed. "I'm not stalking anyone."

"Whatever lies you tell yourself." He smirked.

It was true. I never stalked him. I tried to spend as much time as I could with him and he was always happy to see me despite the age gap and our ranks. Sean was already 35 with no mate and heir since he lost his mate at 30 and I was 28. Plus he was Alpha and I was just a warrior. I would not back down to get what I wanted.

It had hurt to see him with his mate but I never did anything out of place. I kept my feelings to myself, well no more of that now. I needed to find out if he was at least a bit interested.

"What does your wolf think about it?" Elijah asked.

"She's all for it. It was hard for her to get over Peter's death but she truly believes that Alpha Sean could be a good mate." I answered. She did not need much convincing because she thought "here is a strong male. I want to fuck and bear his pups." She had a one track mind but I loved her that way.

"Good to know you two are perfectly in sync on this."

"Yes we are."

"I'll go." He said standing up. "I'm going to be busy too tonight after all. Don't do anything I wouldn't."

"Say hi to Tom for me." I smiled at him.

"Sure." He said giving me a tight hug before going for the door.

It was best if he left early because once the Sun came down... All Hell would break lose. Mated pairs would jump each other's bones like dogs in heat and non mated people of age would try to find a partner. This was a dangerous night for weak wolves so they better stay inside and lock the doors tight.

It was sad but there was nothing we could do to fight our instincts. Our wolves wanted to mate more than ever on such nights and females would go into heat automatically. That was why I trained so hard to be on top. I would never let a male take me by force. This would always be my choice.

I waited for the Sun to come down and exited my house. I could feel my wolf under my skin and I knew that my eyes were not blue anymore but a burning yellow. I could feel my whole body heat up and my scent scatter, beckoning the males to me, telling them that I was ready to bear their pups.

Only one male would have that privilege. There would be no other until he rejected me.

I walked confidently to Sean's house as I heard howls in the distance. I was not scared. I could take any of our wolves except for our Gamma or Beta.

"Alpha." I called confidently.

I heard commotion behind the door so I knew he heard me. It must be hard on him to resist since he had not been seen with a woman in all this time. He was so loyal and incredibly sexy.

He was tall and muscular, had copper hair with piercing blue eyes. He had a very neat beard that covered his sharp jaw and was the same rich colour as his hair. He had big hands that would fit perfectly on my body and it heated up some more at the thought. I heard a growl behind the door. At least, I had his attention.

"Please, let me in Alpha. I wish to talk to you."

"Only talk, Alison?" He growled. "You don't know what you're getting yourself into."

"I think I have a good idea." I chuckled. "I choose you. I want to be yours for the Blood Moon and... Maybe for even longer if you let me."

There was no answer on his part but I waited because I could feel him right behind the door. His power was radiating and touching mine, making me shiver and moan softly. I had all the time in the world.

I heard paws behind me and started growling at the male. He would never be dominant enough to fight me.

"You smell so good, Alison." Marcus said as he shifted. "I can't wait to make you mine."

"Feel free to try, so I can..."

I did not have time to finish my sentence that my back was pressed against a hard chest. I looked up to see burning green eyes and big arms wrap around my waist. The Alpha was out.

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