The Secret's We Kept

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The story of Aaron and Izzy will be a beautiful Tragedy

Romance / Erotica
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Izzy POV

" princess this isn’t an event you can attend " my eyes water I either wanted to stay with my mommy or daddy or at Sabrina's house I didn’t want uncle Ethan to babysit me " Sabrina’s house then for a sleepover " I beg falling out +my chest tighten and my stomach felt weird tears falling down my face " not this time sweetie plus uncle Ethan has been asking about you he surely misses you dear now go brush you teeth missy" I shake my head no I wanted to tell them what uncle Ethan does to me it hurts I cried but that never helps " uncle Ethan is mean mom" dad chuckles all little girls think adults are mean " he kisses my nose i frown the door bell rings its him my body feels cold I stand behind my mothers leg hiding he has the biggest smile on his lips getting my parents am unable to move knowing what’s gonna happened once they leave "SOMEBODY HELP ME ".
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