Sweet surrender

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Lilly was a quiet submissive with a passion for art. Wayde was a dominate alpha male millionaire secretly in love with her. There was just one problem. Her over baring controlling boyfriend Jack. Will Waydes unethical ways to get Lilly to surrender to him be enough to win her heart and save her from Jack, or will his secret past cost him his only chance. Warning: This story contains strong sexual violence. It is not for everyone. Viewers discretion is advised)

Romance / Mystery
Shelly Gray
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Chapter 1: Ordinary

I was just an ordinary girl living in a fantasy world where true love existed. At least so I thought. I met my fiancé Jack in college. I was studying art while he was majoring in economics. When he landed a job at Kane’s financial just after graduation a year ago, he asked me to marry him and leave our small town of Moscow Idaho to move to the beaches of Laguna, California. It wasn’t really my dream to leave Moscow, but Laguna was a great place for artists. What wasn’t so great were the people. The men he worked with where all a bunch Wall Street degenerates and all seemed to be bad influences on Jack. He was becoming a heartless asshole like the rest of them but no one could top his boss. Mr. Kane.

I had seen him a few times before tonight. The first time was at the Christmas party last year where I learned he was the kind of guy who can insult you with a complement. The last time was at the grand opening of Kanes beach resort in Maui five months ago. Much like tonight, and every time in between I could feel his eyes on me. He held such a cold callused glare that could make even the Devil tremble. Still, not even I could deny the man was the very definition of an Adonis. He was tall and well built, even resembled Chris Hemsworth a little only with black hair, eyes grey like an Idaho winter sky, and he filled out a suit in ways that would make most women swoon. Normally I am not one to judge but between the stories Jack has told me of how Mr. Kane has made many of his employees both men and women flee his office in tears and my own run ins with him. There’s not much room for kind words about him. I catch a glimpse of him from across the room looking my way and it takes me back to the time at the resort.

The way he stared at me from across the bar at the pool was different from the other times. There was a more than usual lust radiating off of him causing my heart to palpate with adrenaline. Jack had a few too many and was being all too friendly with the cantina girls. At some point I had left to use the restroom and found my self running face first into his brick wall of a chest. One large hand gripped my elbow keeping me from falling back. While the other slammed down the glass he had been holding with the contents now dripping down his shirt. Even though it was summer time he was still dressed in a fine dark grey polyester dress shirt and black slacks. Only now he had a scowl that made my heart slam into my chest. For a split second though his expression softened a hair as if seeing me upset could possibly matter to a man like him. When I apologized for running into him and spilling his drink his gentle look was replaced by dark desire.

Mr. Kane: Most women would be offering to clean it up.

He stated with a wicked smirk.

Lilly: Well I’m not most women Mr. Kane.

He towered over me lowering his face to mine.

Mr. Kane: Aren’t you.

He lowers himself even further leveling his lips to my ear. They were so close I could feel the softness of them with his heated breath on my neck.

Mr. Kane: I see the way you look at me Miss. Murphy.

He inhaled deep through his nostrils.

Mr. Kane: I can smell your arousal. Are you wet for me? Or does watching your ignorant spouse openly flirt with other women turn you on.

He whispers in my ear as his hand moves slowly from my elbow down my forearm leaving a trail of goosebumps. I yank my hand from his and rear back to slap him, but his other hand grips my wrist an inch from his face. He didn’t seem the least bit surprised nor did his lustful look dissipate, which angered me. It angered me more at how true his words were. I had been watching him, and with great curiosity, but the curiosity was more from a feeling of familiarity, like I’ve seen him before. My body was betraying me because no matter how angry I was, his forwardness and dominance did turn me on. I was very wet, but his arrogance on the other hand was off putting. Though not as much as Jack had been lately, who had stumbled across us. I immediately jumped back away from Mr. Kane as Jack threw an arm around me with a bit of force. He often had three phases to his drunk ness.

Phase 1: Lush, happy go lucky.
Phase 2: Loud and obnoxious
Phase 3: Anger

Luckily that day, at that moment he was still teetering between 1 and 2. But I’ll never forget the look on Mr. Kane’s face. A sliver of jealousy with a flurry of anger. Something changed in the way I saw Mr. Kane that day. How or why he would be jealous of Jack was beyond me and there it was again a sense of familiarity. Jack pulled me tightly in his side dragging me away with out saying a word to his boss. Jack was a big guy at 6’ even and was well fit. Still a good 2-3 inches shorter than Mr. Kane, but the two of them could probably go a few rounds. Being from Moscow Idaho, Jack and most of the men there knew how to box. We were known for our underground fights.

An arm around my waist jolted me from the memory. Mr. Kane was gone and Jack was breathing down my neck with his hot whisky breath. Tonight’s 007 casino royal themed Christmas party was proving to be hazardous.

Jack: There you are doll face. Come on I need a good luck kiss for the final show down. I made it to round three in the poker room.

His lips crash hard against mine with an awkward and almost painful force. His grip tightened around my waist pulling me further into him as he deepened the kiss with his tongue. My hands landed on his chest as I tried to push him away. He pulled back looking angry as people were staring. Grabbing me by the arm, he dragged me down the hall to the bathroom where he slammed and locked the door behind him. He attacked my neck while lifting my black silk dress above my silk panties which were now soaked.

Jack: You’re so wet for me baby. Take them off.

I was wet, but it wasn’t for Jack. I shivered at the images of Mr. Kane staring at me. The thought of him ravishing me had me breathless. Why was I thinking of him. What was wrong with me. My college boyfriend current fiancé was trying to fuck me in the bathroom at his work place and I was thinking of his boss.

Lilly: No

I half laughed at my reply. I admit I was even more turned on by his sudden spontaneous actions. Never would I have thought he’d take me in a public place. We both were pretty ordinary when it came to sex. I had been a virgin when we met in college. He had only been with one other before me. Let’s just say he wasn’t the most experienced and was not very in tuned to my bodies needs. Like now. He was drunk and I guess I don’t turn him on like I use to because he was having a hard time getting a full erection. It didn’t stop him from yanking down my panties and lifting me on the counter to fuck me. I suddenly felt empty inside. Barely feeling his cock inside me I tried moving my hips, grinding my clit against his pelvis but he was being too quick and sloppy.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and squeezed my walls in an attempt to feel something. Just then I noticed a small blinking red light up in a corner. Suddenly I felt dirty and extremely turned on at the same time. I stared at the small camera thinking of someone on the other side watching. I imagined Mr. Kane with his dark hooded eyes watching us from a screen on his lap top in his office with his huge cock straining against his suite pants like it had at the resort. I kept my eyes focused on that small black circle in the corner of the ceiling and fantasized him unzipping his pants, releasing his massive hardness and stroking it in his massive strong hands. The thought of it was turning me on. My pussy was wet, my clit was hard. I needed to cum. I needed to feel friction of skin on skin. Just as I was finally getting close, finally feeling that tingling sensation that starts before climax Jack stops. His body goes rigged as his head falls to my shoulder.

Only then do I close my eyes trying to hide my frustration. He catches his breath and starts kissing on my neck before pulling out and cleaning himself off, leaving me to clean myself of his cum dripping down my leg. There’s a loud banging on the door with a mans voice shouting.

Voice: Anderson. Let’s go. They’re starting round three.

Jack: I’ll be right there.

Voice: The boss man himself is sitting in on this one.

Jacks eyes bug out before turning into a scowl.

Jack: Shit.

Lilly: What’s the matter baby aren’t you way ahead of everyone.

All the employees where given 10grand house money to gamble with. Any winnings you make would be donated to charitable causes. That was one thing that did intrigue me about Mr. Kane. As aloof as he was with women, and crass as he was as a man, he seemed to have a soft spot for certain charity’s and donated a lot to them. Of course it could all just simply be for tax right offs. Though I didn’t really believe that. I kind of felt bad for even thinking it. As far as the losers well, If you lost it was no big deal, that money would get split up and given away as bonuses. Jack kissed my cheek and grabbed my hand pulling me down the long dark hall way to one of the meeting rooms. It was smoky from cigars, and reeked of alcohol. The dim light over the huge green poker table made him stand out like a Greek god. His grey eyes pierced through my soul. He looked indifferent. Ashamed. Oh god! Embarrassment crept up as my cheeks reddened. He knew. He saw us. I quickly turned my eyes down as I stood behind Jack who took his seat directly across from Mr. Kane.

My embarrassment quickly turned to anger when a cocktail waitress dressed in a red Mrs. Clause lingerie paraded her ass in front of Jack who handed her a $50 dollar token while smacking her ass. I risked stealing a glance at Mr. Kane who stares down Jack with fire in his eyes. I think of retreating when Jacks hand grabs my thigh and pulls me closer. By the third poker hand it seemed to become a personal battle between Jack and Mr. Kane. Jack is down to his last $1,000 chip. Another player folds. Mr. Kane tosses in $10,000 grand. Jack has nothing left. He has a really good hand. Possibly a winning hand.

Mr. Kane: It’s been a good game. Call or fold.

Jack looks at my hand and reaches for the engagement ring. I yank my hand out of his reach.

Jack: Baby doll come on I got this.

Mr. Kane: You expect me to believe that ring is worth $9,000 grand.

Jack: I’ll toss in my Lincoln.

Mr. Kane: You take me for a fool.

Jack: What can I offer to stay in.

Mr. Kane: Your fiancé.

Jacks face turns beat red. My heart leaps into my throat waiting for him to respond.

Jack: She’s worth a lot more than what you have on the table Mr. Kane.

Am I suppose to feel flattered or irate.

Mr. Kane: Shes worth more than you’ll ever deserve. But I’m guessing you have a fairly good hand. Possibly a winning hand. Everything on this table is yours.

Jack: And if I lose?

Mr. Kane: Your fiancé accompanies me for a business meeting next week.

I looked curiously at Mr. Kane who doesn’t take his eyes off Jack.

Jack: One week?

Lilly: You can’t seriously be considering this.

I snap looking down at the man who I’m suppose to mary. The man who is suppose to love me and protect me. Not bargain me like a god dam poker chip.

Jack: What do you expect her to do for you.

My jaw ticks with anger. Yet I watch Mr. Kane eagerly waiting his reply.

Mr. Kane: I need someone with Miss. Murphy’s expertise for a business deal.

A raise a brow not expecting that response.

Jack: Well if you can beat a flush she’s yours.

I immediately tear off my engagement ring and throw it on the table in front of Jack not even caring what hand Mr. Kane put down as I run out of the room.
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