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✏How will they react when you’re pregnant?

—Akatsuki and gender-neutral version!


ⅠⅠ Requested by @han seoli from ⅠⅠ



✦I feel like if you told Madara you were pregnant, he would be excited to train the baby to be like him or just excited that the baby would be a mini-me of him.


✦I feel like he would want to stick by the baby and do the best he can to raise the baby. Also, try to do whatever he can do to invest in the baby’s future.


✦For Nagato, I feel like he would try to hide his excitement and have a calm reaction. He would also grow more protective over you and the baby.


✦I think for the snake, he would be scared to be around the baby, but at the same time he would try to make sure nothing happens to you and the pregnancy would have to go safely or else he would like to freak out.


✦For Itachi, I think he shows he’s excited and makes sure that you’re okay every step of the way. Also, like Nagato, he would be very protective of you and the baby.


✦For Black Zetsu, I think he would stick by your side, and when the time comes train the baby to be the very best.


✦I feel this woman would hold you every step of the way and comfort you. Her reaction would probably be the cutest thing ever, just gushing over the fact that you’re pregnant.


✦I think he would he would hide his happiness as well, but pamper you with everything you need. I think he would try to make the both of you as comfortable as you could be.


✦I feel he would try to make you laugh and feel the best you can. And help with anything.


✦I feel like he would try to show you and the baby off. Also, of course, comfort you a lot.


✦I feel he would give you both, the baby and you, all the attention you deserve. Just so you both know he cares.


✦He would do absolutely anything for you guys’ baby, I mean anything.


✦I feel Yahiko would just pamper you when he has the chance. Make sure everyone knows his baby will the best.


✦He would chat with you the whole day, and he would be telling everyone the news. He would try to be a source of joy.


✦He would try to be as cautious around as he can and joke a lot.


✦He’s very hesitant around you as well, though he’ll do anything for an emergency.


✦His reaction isn’t big as well, but he lets you know he cares. Especially when you’re in need.


✦A bunch of kisses to remind you he’s there and loyal.

▬ I hope you liked it! The second part coming soon!

▬ Any requests?

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